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Voltron + favorite character

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aaand here’s my preview for the @shinsouzine

A huge thank you to @loth-gato for putting this amazing Zine together, I had so much fun doing this and I hope everyone enjoys the zine when it comes out!


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Here’s the comic I’ve been working on for five days! even tho it’s just sketches ^^; Age au is one my favourites aus and I wanted to draw something for it so long ago! 

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So on Monday my brother asked me to teach him how to crochet so he can make himself a case for his switch. I fully expected him to get frustrated after 10 minutes and I’d have to finish it for him (which isn’t really a problem for me) but he not only persevered but told me he really enjoyed it!

Here’s his final project. I only helped him with the first few rows and sewing on the buttons/attachments. There were a few stitches that were a little bumpy but he did an overall outstanding job in my opinion!!

If you start to fall, I will catch you
When you need to cry, I will hold you
If you get lost, I’ll go and find you
I’ll be your lighthouse, your lighthouse

And when life becomes a darkened ocean
Never doubt, you’ll conquer the sea
Look for the light, it’ll lead us back to save shores
Where stories tell the greatest victories
I’ll be your lighthouse
Your lighthouse


      「   THEME #020 : CORONA CELESTIS by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview & codes  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the sidebar description.

      Continuing a trend of mine I desire to transition into tradition, I am celebrating my twentieth theme milestone with another pack. This time, we’re taking off to the stars with an ingenious theme-and-page combo that only appear to be minimalistic.

      [ + ]  option for 300px / 400px / 500px / 700px posts;
      [ + ]  slot for a main title & subtitle, which you can opt to hide;
      [ + ]  when content (posts) is active (displayed), you also have a slot for a secondary title
      [ + ]  …an avatar (80 x 80px)…
      [ + ]  …and a short description slot;
      [ + ]  no less than fifteen constellations to choose from: the twelve of the zodiac + cygnus, lacerta, and ursa minor;
      [ + ]  the number of links you have depends on which constellation you have enabled — they range from five (Cancer) to seventeen (Pisces);
      tip : play around with them until you find one that you like and suits your needs. :)
      [ + ]  posts are styled after the new dashboard format, so reblog chains are untangled;
      [ + ]  post title backgrounds can be either plaincolor or gradients;
      [ + ]  ditto for audio posts backgrounds;
      [ + ]  post backgrounds can be either opaque or transparent;
      [ + ]  option for a gradient background;
      [ + ]  option for a fullsized wallpaper background;
      tip : disabling both will reveal the background color, which means you can have a plaincolor bg.
      [ + ]  option to overlay the background with a transparent texture;
      tip : uploading a solid texture or pattern means you can also have that type of background.
      [ + ]  all of the color options and then some;
      [ + ]  option to invert tumblr controls.

      「   ALL-IN-ONE PAGE #001 : DELPHINUS by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview & codes  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the about section description.

      This being an all-in-one page, the code is, as you can imagine, quite long. I advise extreme caution when editing; some knowledge of css/html is also recommended. I’ve left instructions inside, but if you have anything you want clarified, message me. I will reply as swiftly as I’m able.

      [ + ]  about, ask/faq, tags & blogroll sections stylized as pop-ups to conserve space;
      [ + ]  the about comes with: an avatar (168 x 168px), a slot for your name, a “keyword” or tagline slot, header & footer titling slots, three “traits” that you can customize using fontawesome icons, social media buttons, an ample description slot that is set to overflow;
      [ + ]  the ask comes with: question & answer stylings and your embedded askbox;
      [ + ]  for the tags, you have panels consisting of section title + lines of tags. I recommend swapping them around and keeping columns of similar length on the same row so they line up well;
      [ + ]  the blogroll is manual — meaning you have to insert each blog yourself. i chose to do it this way so it’d work for sideblogs as well as main ones. you will need an icon for each blog (80 x 80px), but that’s about it! ^^ you can have more blogs than I do in the preview, as well.

      Do NOT:
         —  remove the credit
         —  use as a base code
         —  repost/claim as yours
      Respect the maker’s work, please.
      This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
      It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.


Shoutout to all my babes out there kicking ass with their studies. You’re doing so well and benefiting your future tremendously. Keep it up; all of you should be so proud of yourselves! 💌