i'm proud of this tbh i worked hard on it

thinking about how hard sicheng works on his korean makes me so proud of him like he’s improved so much in such a short span of time he probably spends a lot of effort studying and just the thought of him going up to other members and saying “can you check if I wrote this correctly” 21 times today fills me with so much love for him tbh he’s so pure and earnest everyone please support him

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Prompto was SO EXCITED to meet Lunafreya (and Pryna again too!!) She was his motivation to meet and befriend Noctis, he took her words to heart and worked SO HARD to make it a reality and finally after all these years he’s on his way WITH NOCT, HIS NOW BEST FUCKING FRIEND to meet her. But it never happens, he never got that. He never got to thank her for helping him pluck up the courage to befriend Noctis. He never got to give Pryna a scratch behind the ears and a tiny ‘thank you’ to her too for happening across his path. His voice at the Cartanica train station “I finally get to see Lady Lunafreya’s home…” It’s probably the last “highlight” he has to look forward too on this journey, given their present circumstance. He probably dreamed about it for years aND HE DOESN’T EVEN GET THAT B/C ARDYN IS A DICK.

Paper hearts  Chapter 1/???

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Description: After many years of hurt from Jungkook you decided enough was enough.

Warnings: Swearing, self-harm, trigger warning, suicide talk


Comments from author: I really hope ya’ll like this I worked real hard on this. This is my first angst and I’m most likely gonna turn this into a series. So let me know what you all think by asks, reblogging, likes or messaging you choose :). This man is such a bias for me and i’m trying to make room for others but clearly he won’t let that happen. Sorry I have been gone for such a while school is just kicking me in the butt right now and I have been working on getting my grades to be better. Anyways I do apologize so please do enjoy.

          It was all good in the beginning of the relationship, cuddle sessions, late night calls, passionate kissing but, since you caught Jungkook passionately kissing another girl. His makeup artist specifically who you thought were just good friends but were clearly more than that. The relationship had turned south and just gone sour. He tries to show his affection to you but you can’t help but thinking of the two of them making out right in front of you as you walked in to wish him good luck in his performance like any good girlfriend would. His hands holding her neck in place and his tongue going deep into her mouth. Until he noticed you out of the corner of his eyes and pulled away from her in shock that he had been caught. After that it’s all a blur something your mind probably wanted to just forget the yelling and pain he had caused your heart.

          Today however you were going to go over to the dorm because he said he had it alone today and you were going to tell him it was over. Being with someone who you couldn’t trust but loved deeply was just a toxic relationship you couldn’t deal with. You were even beginning to self-harm because you didn’t know who else to talk to the hyungs would just tell him which led to meaningless sex that apparently Jungkook thought would fix everything. However he was wrong it didn’t fix the pain in your heart and the scars that were beginning to form on your wrists. Nobody ever noticed them before not even Jungkook because you were pretty good at hiding them and didn’t want anybody else to worry about you. It was time to face what you have never wanted to do and you were going to do it you were done with all of it. It all just hurt way too much. You got in your car and called Jungkook to let him know you were on your way.

Jungkook: Hello.

You: Hey, I’m on my way/

Jungkook: Ok. Are you okay you sound different?

You: Ya, I’m just tired.

Jungkook:Okay you know you can talk to me about anything right?

You: Ya I know, but I’m on my way so i’ll see you in a bit.

Jungkook: Ok, I lov-

          You cut him off before he could say those last three words as you knew it would just make it harder on you to break up with him. Those three words coming from him used to mean something but now it felt as if they were nothing more than just words he was forcing out. Almost like he was pushing them out almost like a stutter. Before when they actually meant something they came out of his mouth like silk. But now it was a boulder trying to be pushed off a cliff by one man it was hard to do but when it finally happened to fall off is was a relief until he had to do it again.  It was like he wasn’t even trying to be sincere he just felt bad for you and you weren’t going to be part of this pity party any longer.

          Soon you arrived at the dorm and took a deep breath preparing yourself for what was about to happen. Though you knew you were never going to be prepared for what you were about to do. You took the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car pulling your long sleeve knit sweater down past your wrists to cover the scars so he would not see what you had done to yourself. You knew if he saw he was going to make a even bigger issue in the fight and somehow manage to woo you again with his caring abilities again. Not again though not this time you were done with this torture on your fragile heart. You had gone through this too much in the past enough was enough.

          You went up to ring the buzzer and soon a smiling Jungkook was standing at the open door with open arms that brought you into an embrace.You smelt the cologne on him, the one that you had boughten him.The one that was nearly intoxicating. The one that when you were crying into his shoulder you could smell and you were instantly comforted. Not today though you didn’t want his comfort you didn’t want any of it you just wanted this whole thing to be over. You had been hugging him for a tad too long.That was when he knew something was up. “Are you okay?” he said lifting your chin up seeing the tears starting to well up in your eyes.  “I’m fine, I just think we need to talk.” you said. “ You’re clearly not fine if you’re crying. Did somebody hurt you?” he asked concerningly.

          “The only person who hurt me was you.”  you said almost angrily. “ Oh please, not this again. I told you it was a mistake she came onto me.”  he had given that excuse a billion times. You had no time to keep believing all this. “JUNGKOOK I’M TIRED OF ALL THESES EXCUSES ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! WE ARE BREAKING UP I’M DONE!” you screamed at him. “If you really don’t think you hurt me why don’t you look deep into my heart think back to the day when I caught you. Think about it. I was crying I was begging you not to do this to me and here you are making the same damn excuse!” you said in rage. “I knew you were hurt you don’t think I was. I didn’t like seeing you like that. Hell if you were to leave me that day I would have probably went home and killed myself.” he said on the verge of tears. “Don’t worry Jungkook I almost did too, in fact I have already thought of it more than once.” you said bursting into tears showing him your wrists.

          He looks down at them in complete and utter shock. He grabs one of them and examines it very carefully. Then he looks up at you turning your head away in shame and breathing heavily from all the yelling you were doing. You couldn’t believe you actually showed them to him. You promised yourself you would show no one, obviously that changed. “Why?” he said crying. “WHY?!?! IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?” you said in a frustration. “I DON’T KNOW MAYBE BECAUSE THE ONE PERSON I THOUGHT WHO ACTUALLY LOVED ME BROKE MY FUCKING HEART!” you say. With that sentence he pulled you by your wrist into a deep kiss one so passionate you have never felt him kiss you like that since you first started dating. You couldn’t help but sink deep into the kiss as tears still streamed down your face but much slower and more calm now. You tried to pull away but he only pulled you deeper into him. You tried pushing him back as this was his way of trying to get you back but like you said to yourself earlier you were not going to fall for it.

          You were finally able to break free from him by giving him a hard push. “Does that not show you that I care for you Y/N?” he says panting trying to get back the air from the heated kiss. “No Jungkook and you know why?!” you said angrily. “Why?” he said with a raised eyebrow in confusion. “It’s the exact way you kissed your whore-of-a-makeup artist!” you said running out of the dorm with loads of tears streaming down your face, with Jungkook screaming your name running after you. You were running and crying so hard you didn’t think of what was in front of you as you were wiping your face of tears that you had bumped into somebody. You bowed your head and apologized before you heard a familiar voice. “Y/N?” they said lifting your chin up to see the tears running down your face as they wiped it with their thumb. It was Jin the most motherly and caring person you knew at the time. “Why are you crying?” he says being truthfully worried.

          Soon you heard a panting Jungkook behind you and you started to try and run away again before Jin grabbed your wrist and shoved you behind his back to protect you. Throwing his arm in front of you to protect Jungkook from getting to you. Jungkook was trying to grab you from Jin but Jin kept shoving him back until Jungkook looked Jin deep in the eyes with anger. Then Jin finally spoke “What the fuck is going on Jungkook?!” he said demandingly for an answer.

one direction deserves artist of the year. they lost a member of their band. they toured the world, and had one of the highest grossing tours of all time. they put out two amazing albums. they’ve worked so, so hard, and they’ve had to deal with so much this past year. they deserve this, right before they go and take their well-earned break. they deserve to go on vacation at the top of their game. i’m just proud of these boys and everything they’ve accomplished.