i'm proud of this ngl

Jehan runs one of those “Date a ____” blogs and keeps calling out their pining friends in a ~subtle~ way when the tension gets too much to bear:

  • @mothboi: “Date a sunflower who looks at you like it’s the first day of summer”
  • @citizenred: “Date an artist who thinks you’re the finest masterpiece the world has ever seen”
  • @fannelfeuilly: “Date a gentle giant who will carry the world on his shoulders, because you’re his whole world.”
  • @cestdugrandart: “Date the exhilirating feeling of looking at fireworks on Bastille Day”
  • @courfeyyyyrac: “Date an insectologist and let the bed bugs bite”
  • @brawlrel: “Date the bright colours of autumn on a fine October morning.”

“In every episode of our cartoon (yes we mean every episode), we’re gonna start with the A plot, featuring two step brothers doing something loosely related to the main plot. The younger step brother says his catchphrase that, again, will be repeated in every single episode of our show. The boys invent something that’s probably too complicated for their age. The aforementioned younger brother will ask where his pet platypus is (yes, a platypus, and that’s another catchphrase that will be repeated throughout the show) and unbeknownst to anybody else on their family, it turns out that this platypus actually works for a secret agency filled with animal secret agents. The B plot features said pet platypus trying to stop a bumbling scientist for taking over the country with his outlandish inventions, all of which have -inators at the end of their names. Oh, but wait there’s a C plot too! It features the older sibling trying to show her mother what her stepbrothers are up to, only to find out that through some inexplicable reason, the B plot has interfered with the A plot and made the boys’ invention disappear, not leaving a single trace of it behind, therefore making the sister look like a lunatic. Oh and also there’s a song in every episode. Again, we will repeat he same formula in every episode, but we will find new, hilarious, heartwarming and inventive ways to make it seem fresh in the eyes of our viewers and make them remember these great characters for many years to come, bringing them unforgettable experiences.”

Happy 10th anniversary, Phineas and Ferb.


rise u p.

SU critical could’ve been really useful, like bringing some insight and analysis to the show’s problems, that’s good! But like everything else on this fucking hellsite it got taken too far, and now it’s a cesspool of nitpicking and hatred, where if you don’t agree with them you get labeled as a racist homophobic stan.

What I’m trying to say here is…