i'm proud of my gay son

in perspective, a timeline of dan's growth:
  • 2009: he was affectionate with phil, had low self esteem though and got little views
  • 2010: makes innuendos, only about girls though, laughs and jokes but still has obvious low moments of self loathe
  • 2011: ignores anything regarding his sexuality, very guarded as his subscribers grow
  • 2012: even more retreated, gay is not a word in his vocabulary despite all the phan shippers
  • 2013: careful not to get too close to phil, still wears dark "men's" clothing, nothing feminine, doesn't want to stand out
  • 2014: makes gaming channel with phil, still reluctant to bring up any topic regarding a relationship, constantly in all black but doing better
  • 2015: "im phil trash #1", acknowledges and writes a borderline romantic phanfic, owns haru pillow, goes on holidays with phil and seems happy
  • 2016: wears black nail polish, openly talks about his man crush, explores fashion, happier than ever
  • 2017, four months in: wears black ripped skinny jeans, paints his nails with glitter polish, makes a pastel themed video with phil and posts several coupley photos, makes gay innuendos every sentence, radiates confidence, personal space what's that???




Also this is my best drawing yet so fucking behold


A+ parenting from alex 1
  • Alex: Philip your mother can't take another heartbreak
  • Philip: .. um I'm pretty sure me dying might break-
  • Alex: here take my guns
  • Philip: .... umm
  • Alex: be smart :)
  • Philip: ....
  • Alex: * shoves out door*<b>MAKE ME PROUD SON<b> *slams door*
  • me talking to Ronan Lynch: LOOK AT YOU you're a tiny baby. You are so strong but so soft. Tiniest of sons. A good boy. You've been through so much wow I'd die for you. Such a handsome special boy. Good job on being gay and magical I'm proud of you keep it up A+ 10/10. I would kill for you
  • Ronan Lynch: get out of my house????????

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Morality gets called to Anxiety's school because Anxiety has detention for texting on the phone and then refusing to had it to the teacher. He was texting princey.

Morality was pissed, he had gotten a call from the teacher, letting him know his son would need to be picked up. He couldn’t believe his son ended up in detention. Something was up, yeah he was awkward and rude, but he never got detention before.

He could see Anxiety texting as he drove up to the school, he had a smile on his face.

Morality honking the horn twice, wondering what he was looking at. Anxiety jumped as he looked up and slowly walked towards his dads car. The ride was silent. Morality was angry, but he knew if he started yelling they’d never make it home. Besides it wasn’t like he did something horrifyingly horrible. He just ignored his teachers request and refused to be part of the class.

Once they got home he could see Anxiety nervously walking into the house. Morality shut his door. He needed to stay calm. He didn’t know Anxiety’s side of the story, he needed to hear him out, even though he had no clue on why he would do that.

Anxiety was walking towards his room.
“Anxiety where are you going?” Morality asked folding his arms and giving his dad scowl. Anxiety stopped and turned around, nervous.

“Who could you possibly be messaging during the middle of class?” Morality asked.

“Nobody.” Anxiety lied.

“Nobody? Interesting, I’d like to meet this nobody.”

“It’s fine don’t worry about it, I’m sorry you had to pick me up.” Anxiety sounded sarcastic but he wasn’t sure why.

“That’s not why I’m mad, Anxiety.” Morality answered.

“Yeah, I screw everything up and make sure things go wrong everytime, I make things harder on you and everybody else just by existing.” Anxiety closed his eyes and his mouth holding back tears and failing.

Morality felt horrified and confused. What just happened? When did Anxiety start feeling this way?

“An, that’s not true at all! What’s going on?” he asked.

“No-nothing.” Anxiety shook his head, trying to hold back a sob. Morality went up to his son and hugged him, letting him sob into his shoulder.

“Hon, its okay I’m right here.”

They stayed like this a while, Anxiety sobbing into his dads shoulder as he held him in his arms. Morality decided it was time to pull back.

“Whats going on? I’m scared Anxiety, I always give you information about my world, but I want to know what’s going on in your world.” Morality said.

“I-I’m sorry, I just, I want to tell you but I’m just so scared you wont love me anymore.” Anxiety was sobbing, Morality came closer.

“Sh, babe, no. Even if I’m mad at you I would never stop loving you!”

“Would you-would you kick me out if- if you hated me?” Anxiety asked shaking. Morlity was horrified.

“Ann, nothing in this world could ever possibly make me hate you! The most I’d feel is disappointment towards you, and that’s all I’m feeling right now. Did something happening? Do you feel depressed?” Anxiety just sobbed, “I want you to feel like you can talk to me about whatever. If you don’t want to talk about the person you’re messagging then that’s okay, there are somethings you want to keep to yourself, but please don’t let it ruin, your health, our relationship or your education!” Morality whispered. Anxiety sniffled. Morality could tell Anxiety was torn and just held Anxiety closer.

“I-I want to tell you, but I’m scared you wont like me anymore.” Anxiety whimpered.

“Hon, its okay. Do you want to talk about it?” Morality asked. Anxiety let out a shakey breath.

“I cant-” Anxiety continued sobbing.
“Shh, I’m here” Morality hugged him again rubbing his back, he was scared, did someone hurt him and threaten him?

It took a while after Anxiety managed to stop crying- he was hiccupping but he wasn’t sobbing. He took a deep breath in.

“I-I think I’m gay.” Anxiety blurted out. Morality froze, not rubbing Anxiety’s back anymore. Anxiety started breathing heavier.

Crap, Anxiety noticed his frozen state.

“No- An no! I didn’t mean it like that, I just didn’t expect to hear that come out of your mouth- its okay, really. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I promise I still love you, I’m just surprised to hear that’s your bad news- not that its bad news, I just thought from your state it would be bad news, okay I need to stop talking I’m sorry, you-you need a chance to speak.” Morality said. Morality noticed Anxiety began to relax.

“You-you aren’t mad?” Anxiety asked slowly pulling away.

“No! Ann, there’s nothing wrong with that!-being gay, I just, I- I did not expect to hear this from you- I mean, I just didn’t uh, I’m sorry I dont know what to say.”
Anxiety leaned away, “How- how long have you known?” Morality asked.

“About a year.” Anxiety mumbled. Morality nodded his head.

“That’s great! Are-are you seeing anybody? I mean, are you trying to see anybody?”

“Yeah, his names Roman.” Anxiety smiled.

“He-is he a nice guy?” Morality asked. he wasn’t sure how to react, but he knew he had to support him.

“Yeah hes great, a bit of an egoist-but not bad enough that he dosent care about me. He always tries to send me notes and dosent judge my dark humor.”
Morality smiled, glad to see Anxiety light up like he did. No wonder he never talked about girls! Morality came up with a pun.

“Is he Roman-tic?” Morality grinned. Anxiety groaned. “What its a valid question, I’m your dad, I want to know these things.”

“Shesh dad. Why are you always looking for puns?” Anxiety asked, wiping his eyes, but smiling.

“Because puns make me happy and I want my gay son to be happy-always.” Morality opened his arms for a hug and Anxiety smiled, before leaning into the hug. “I love you Anxiety.”

“love you too.” Anxiety said.


“So, you’re dating my son?” Morality asked, trying to appear tough. Roman was sitting on the couch wearing a Prince costume, trying to be polite.
“Yes sir.” Roman answered, obviously nervous. Morality decided to tone down his protective look a bit.

“You don’t have to call me sir! I’m Morality, but everybody calls me dad!” Morality grinned. Roman was about to answer before Anxiety came out of his room wearing his usual attire.

“I’m coming!” Anxiety called out walking towards them.

“You’re not dressing up?” Morality asked frowning. This was the schools Halloween party and it was the first party Anxiety had told his dad he was going to.

“Nope, I’m going as myself.” Anxiety said, pulling up his hoodie.

“And that’s the best person you could go as.” Roman said standing up and leaning forwards as if to kiss Anxiety, but pulled back, scared.

“Oh you guys can kiss if you want, no problems here.” Morality said.

“Yeah, but its considered rude to kiss in front of the parents if the couple hasn’t held hands in front of the parents yet.” Anxiety said before grabbing Romans hands and smirking, “now we can kiss.”

They both smiled before leaning in for a quick peck. Morality awed.

“You guys are so cute together! Do you mind if I take a picture?” Morality asked, pulling out his phone. Roman looked hesitant.

“Just a picture of you and Anxiety together standing side by side if you want. I wont post it anywhere, I promise.” Morality said. Roman smiled gratefully before pulling Anxiety closer, hesitantly looking over at Morality for his approval.

Morality just smiled and nodded, knowing that Roman was probably just scared that Morality would react in a way that would hurt him. (He was also happy to se that because it meant he cared for his son.)

“Say cheese!”

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jungkookie had everyone shook today, i'm proud of my son

jungkook is my child and i support him and his gay ass 100%. he not only  left everyone shook, but he’s probably sitting there laughing at everyone being shook while jimin like strokes his head and they make out or something. like i’m just saying, but jungkook knows what he’s doing when he says stuff like this. he’s planning. to out him and jimin.(i’m kidding lol). but for real, jk literally left EVERYONE shook.