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The argument of “bodily autonomy” when it comes to abortion is purely hypocritical, because everything that is so claimed to be hated - abuse of the body, acting without consent, harmful to the condition of living - is EXACTLY what is being done to the unborn child.

So a friend of mine decided she wanted to take her family (her + husband + 5-yr-old boy + 2-yr-old girl + baby boy) to our local Rally for Life on Saturday. The newborn and baby are obviously too young to understand what’s going on, but she knew she would need to explain it to the 5-yr-old.

This kid is very sweet and sensitive, and had a good understanding of what was going on when his mom was pregnant with his baby brother. So when his mom told him what abortion was, he took it pretty hard. He asked for details (lots of “why”s and “how”s), and his mom said it was the worst moment she’s ever had as a parent.

However, when the conversation was finished, his conclusion was that he wanted to protect the babies.

They’re picking out a cape for him to wear on Saturday, so he can be a superhero for the babies. 

Ten/Rose AU: Triboelectric {2/10}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen.
Summary: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / AO3.

Chapter Two: Contact Electrification

It was a bit ridiculous, at the ripe age of twenty-three, to have gotten herself separated from her father and become lost in a silly old Museum, but here she was. The smiling private tour guide had said, “If you’ll come this way, Mr. Tyler, Miss Tyler,” and Rose had had every intention to follow, but a pregnant woman with two small children standing close by had suddenly come over faint. Noticing her sudden pallor, Rose had hurried over to steady her.

Now she was wandering about the place, trying to spot a slightly balding (“It’s distinguished, Dad, it means you’re confident in yourself, no combovers or silly toupees needed”) ginger tycoon in an Arsenal jacket, Pete’s idea of casual weekend wear. How could they have gone so far in such a short time?

It was supposed to be their father-daughter bonding day, with a little bit of work thrown in because Pete could never really go five daylight hours without checking in with the office. He had ulterior motives in bringing his daughter to the Science Museum - Vitex’s charity foundation, spearheaded by Jackie Tyler and a gaggle of accountants, had recently been courted by a prominent council member for a hefty donation to the Sciences.

Dad wasn’t picking up, even though she’d rung him twice. Reception was terrible inside the building. Rose found one of those YOU ARE HERE maps, stared at it for thirty seconds, felt even more confused as she was totally hopeless with maps, and finally located a Guest Services desk.

Just her luck, no one was manning the station. There was a bell on the counter, an oddly quaint touch, something you’d see in an old shop and not in a cutting edge museum showcasing humanity’s greatest scientific achievements. Rose tentatively pressed it.

A head popped up from behind the counter. “Hi!”

“Holy sh-!” she bit off the curse, aware of a family with children passing behind her. The face that looked back at her broke into a wide, unmitigated smile of recognition.

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