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Steven Universe Theory: How The Gem’s function

In this theory I am going to attempt to explain how the Gems of Steven Universe could potentially function in real life. This theory is based on a relatively superficial understanding of things like Quantum physics, so a more knowledgeable person in such fields would likely be able to tear this theory a new one. In fact I encourage such critiques, as I find debates like this rather entertaining.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s try to answer how, with my woefully rudimentary understanding of quantum physics, that The Gems could potentially function in real life.  

First we need to answer, what are the Gems? In the internet short called Classroom Gems, Pearl explains that Gems project hard light structures from their gems that comprise of their physical form from their gems. These Gems contain all of what they are, and their body is, as Steven puts it, “just an illusion.”

An illusion with Mass.

Is the concept of Hard Light possible? Actually yes, and in fact we’ve reputedly already made headway in this department. Princeton University has reported that they have begun Crystallizing Light. 

How have they achieved such a thing you ask?

Well what they did was they created a super conductive structure where the billions of atoms inside of it worked in tandem to create what they call an “artificial atom.” Photons that come in contact with this superconductive artificial atom take on the properties of said atoms, and they begin to interact with each other like particles. These photons, now entangled together like particles, began behaving like the states of matter, assuming qualities of liquids and crystallized solids.

In these experiments at Princeton, they reported that they were able to make light slosh about in a contained area like a liquid, and they were able to “freeze” this light into a Solid as well, all thanks to this superconducting “artificial atom” structure.

So we know now that there are potentially circumstances in which light photons can be made to behave like particles, thus creating hard light structures that are entirely malleable and able to shift between liquid and solid states very easily (assuming all this data is viable and laudable of course.) This sounds eerily similar to the Gem’s “physical” bodies. Much like with the results of these experiments, they are able to alter their physical forms at will, and as solids they behave just like regular physical bodies, if not much more durable.

So this begs the question, could a Gem potentially function as a superconductor?

A Superconductor is what is known as a Macroscopic Quantum effect, or something in quantum physics that is observable in large scale, as supposed to the atomic scale that quantum effects are normally associated with. A material becomes a superconductor when it reaches a temperature that allows energy to have zero resistance while traveling through the object. Normally an object’s conductivity is subject to resistance, which will cause the energy traveling through the object to be expelled via heat. This is why batteries run out of power when you put them inside something, because that energy is eventually expelled out of the wires via heat instead of continuing to circulate in the circuitry. In a Superconductor, the energy never leaves the circuitry and continues the circuit indefinitely until it no longer has its super conductive properties. 

This is consistent with Gems in Steven Universe, as all the energy they will ever need is inside their gems. While real life super conductors require intensely cold (or hot) temperatures in order to achieve this quantum state of conductivity, the Gems themselves appear to be a highly sought after theoretical state simply referred to as a “room temperature superconductor.”


A room temperature superconductive material would change the world of technology forever. Extremely advanced technology that is theoretically possible, but require an intense amount of energy with conventionally conductive materials, would be able to achieve the same effects with a room temperature superconductor with very little or no energy loss. As long as the equilibrium of Superconductivity is maintained, anything that utilized such materials would be able to function indefinitely.

This as well is consistent with Gems from Steven Universe. While each gem has variations on how much power they can exert at a given time, as long as they maintain within their boundaries and limitations, their gem forms will hold and sustain themselves for thousands of years with no sign of deterioration. This would also explain why maintaining larger hard light bodies than their Gems are equipped for is taxing for them. By pushing themselves beyond their equilibrium, they are losing their superconductivity and are losing energy from their gems via heat.


 When a gem is poofed, they retreat inside of their gems restore the equilibrium that superconductivity offers before reforming their bodies.

Can a Gem behave as a Superconductor? Gems, Diamonds and the like are composed of Carbon. Carbon can most definitely be used as a superconductor, especially as shown with experiments with a substance called Graphene. 

Graphene is essentially a 2 dimensional diamond, a lattice of carbon a single atom thick that is intensely durable (many times stronger than steel) and is a step in the direction of finding that coveted room temperature superconductor. Part of the process that takes place in the Kindergartens therefore, is changing the gem from a conventionally conductive substance to a room temperature super conductor, and feeding the energy that is drained from around them into the gem so it can achieve equilibrium inside of it and they can pop out fully formed. 

This would also explain why better formed gems like The Era 1′s are able to create things like Gem Weapons, while Era 2′s can’t even shapeshift. Gems like Garnet have energy to spare, so they can use it to create other hard light structures besides their bodies without affecting their equilibrium, while a gem like Peridot cannot afford such exertion. 

So far we’ve explained that, theoretically speaking, the Gems are a room temperature superconductive structure made of carbon, which house within them an equilibrium of energy that can be used to manipulate photons into behaving like particles, which they use to comprise their physical forms. Next is to explain where the intelligence and personality comes from. This is decidedly easier to explain. 

The Gems are artificial intelligence.

 Each atom inside of this room-temperature superconductive gem is a transistor, the thing that sends those 1′s and 0′s that are the building blocks of any and all computer programs and languages. We already have single atom transistors, so applying them in an intricate structure in the form of a seemingly ordinary gemstone is both plausible and practical. In fact we are currently working on a device that uses graphene (that afore mentioned 2 dimensional diamond) that uses light instead of electricity to compute things. In the lattice of graphene there is a single atom which operates as an “optical switch” 

Or a switch that can be flipped on an off at the speed of a photon. 

To put it in more simplistic terms: Its a computer that does its computing at the speed of light and is woven together at the atomic level, not with visible circuit boards. The kind of processing power such a structure would have would definitely allow for an artificial intelligence comparable with or even significantly smarter than the average human. 

So to recap: A Gem from Steven Universe, in real life, would theoretically be an Artificial intelligence, programmed into an atomic, superconductive-supercomputer (which computes at the speed of a photon/light) made of a type of carbon, has an equilibrium of light based energy within itself that won’t deplete as long as they stay within their boundaries of how hard they can exert themselves, and can manipulate photons into behaving like particles which comprise their physical forms. 

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Hey Tink I still dont get the whole Amara and Cas thing in S11, I still think they were sorta trying so hard to connect Dean to Amara, even when Mildred mentioned his heart pining for someone else all I could think was writers probably meaning Amara (don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Destiel shipper), I know you might've explained it before, can you link me to ine if your metas about that?!


My friend you have come to the right place I LOVE AMARA’s ARC.

Originally posted by casclaire

They didn’t “try so hard to connect Dean to Amara”, it was purposefully done that she was set up as the ANTI CAS. She establishes a forced bond on Dean which is beyond his control and desire, she is trying to take away his agency though it’s not through bad intentions, she thinks she’s helping (WAVES AT ALL THE ANGELIC/JACK/PARADISE PARALLELS). In theory he cannot say no to her, that’s iterated again and again, yet he does, and every time it’s because of CAS, his chosen bond. This is set up right from the beginning.

As soon as Amara is set up as a love interest for Dean she is paralleled to Cas. IMMEDIATELY. Before this even she tells Dean that he REPRESENTS HUMANITY while we get a scene between Metatron and Cas interspersed with it TO REMIND US THAT METATRON SAID THAT CAS IS IN LOVE … WITH HUMANITY. 

She then proceeds to use Cas to get to Dean and it works.

Then she only contacts Dean through touching Cas’ heart and when Dean hears the word “Angels”.

Dean goes and puts himself in harms way with Amara to save Cas.

Dean reconciles Amara and Chuck through distinguishing familial and romantic love and what she actually wants.

Amara tells Dean that something is stopping him from having it all, what he wants and that she will give him what he needs.

Even the Amara shaped love monster and the ‘wise woman’ Mildred know Dean’s heart.

Then Amara resurrects Mary, enabling Dean to follow his path to self acceptance and starting to believe that he deserves good things, that he is allowed to have what he wants and coincidentally starts giving Cas mixtapes, telling him he is devastatingly handsome, worrying about him unashamedly and outloud for 6 consecutive episodes and acting like hunting husbands then worried husbands all season.

*Nothing to see here*

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Here’s my long meta’s that I wrote that were some of the first things I ever wrote on tumblr so be kind :p

Screw it here, just have freaking all of them! 

Main ones on Amara:

Amara and season 11 overall just don’t work without Destiel

Chuck/Angels expose Cas’ feelings for Dean and desires and Amara/humans expose Dean’s feelings for Cas and his desires

Mary is the best mother figure they could wish for

Dean and self worth in season 12: also has my spec for s12 finale in here

My season 12 finale spec and confirmations which is relevant to Amara through Mary 

My shameless post about all the speculation I made that was right at the end of season 12 because jeez, it was amazing, I loved it, they’re doing what we desperately want them to do for the characters and I’m so extremely ecstatic!!!

Other meta on Amara:






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I agree that we should accept Whizzer's death, though it is really painful, but may I ask why you support that idea so strongly?? I totally get it, and agree to some extent, but I'm just wondering why you feel that way 💖💖💖

even though whizzer is an original, fully developed character, he’s also representative of your stereotypical gay man in the 80s (their culture and the struggles they went through), and thus it feels kinda wrong to be like “au where he didn’t die” because to me it seems like trying to erase a huge part of gay history (even though i know that’s probably never the intention) bc so many men just like whizzer died the same death as him. and because the aids crisis is so often erased by our society (ex. we never talked about it when i was in high school), i feel like it’s super important to face our country’s (painfully recent) history through stories like falsettos.

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Suz I'm dying for some spones. Spones anything please

hahaha, you got it.

  • Something is wrong with Bones when they beam back up to the Enterprise after a mission. Prior to Scotty beaming them up, Leonard was ranting to Jim and Spock alike about how the lack of their planning ahead is going to get one of them (”Probably myself,” Leonard argued at that) killed. Spock calmly argued back that if anyone here was unplanned, it’d be their highly sensitive doctor. Though he had a point with Jim.
  • Beaming back on the ship, though, Bones is instantly different. “Better luck next time,” he says, and then he leans in to kiss Spock. Just like that. Spock is so stunned at that, he just stands there for seconds after Bones walks back to the medbay. “What was that?” Jim asks, both curiously and shocked at the same time. “I have no idea,” Spock replies.
  • Spock decides to ignore it for now, and instead, he decides to go back to the Bridge. For the first time in a while, though, he actually struggles to focus on his job, and although no one notices he gets only 95% of his workload done instead of the usual, Spock gets increasingly frustrated over it. "Hey,“ Jim says, so suddenly that Spock nearly jumps, and when he turns around the other eyes him suspiciously, “you okay?” “Yes,” Spock replies, “just fine.” “Okay, well anyway, I just received a report from medbay about ensign Johnson dying.” “Dying? He wasn’t even on the ground with us.” “I know,” Jim says, “can you check it out?“ 
  • “Doctor McCoy?” Spock asks when he makes it to the med bay. “What’s up, darlin?” Bones asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “I’m just here to discuss the status  of ensign Johnson.” “Oh, he’s dead,” Bones replies. “I don’t understand,” Spock replies, and Bones frowns. “Are you not feeling okay? You would never admit you don’t understand something,” Bones says, and Spock frowns a little when Bones leans in to cup his cheeks. “Why are you-” Spock starts, though cut off when Bones just leans in again to press another gentle kiss to his lips. “Leonard,” Spock breathes when he leans away, “have you lost your mind?” Instantly, Bones tenses, and that feels more like his old doctor, anyway. “Excuse me?” “You’re not you,” Spock replies, “you’re unaffected by the sudden death of a crewman, you’re not going out of your way to argue, and you just kissed me. Twice.” “What are you talking about?” Bones asks, “have you just forgotten the last 6 months of your life? Let me run a full diagnostics check on you,” he says, and Spock lets himself be sat down on one of the beds while a worried Bones checks him out. Fascinating.
  • “So there was a transporter malfunction,” Scotty tells Jim and Spock after they go investigate. “Of course,” Jim says, “when isn’t there one.” “You try and work these transporters if you think it’s so easy, Captain,” Scotty replies, “anyway, according to my calculations, it seems as though this Enterprise beamed up the three of you simultaneously with a different existing version of you in a different universe. Your particles got mixed up, and I picked up Doctor McCoy from that alternate universe.” “Fascinating,” Spock replies. “Wait,” Jim says, “you’re telling me there’s a universe where Bones is in a generally good mood? Can we keep this one?” “No,” Scotty replies (very much ignoring Jim’s: “I was kidding!”), “we are not supposed to be in each other’s universes. If we can’t get McCoy back, both he and the McCoy we have here will simply cease to exist.”
  • When they explain the problem to Bones, or Bones-2 (or Not-Bones, as Jim calls him), it suddenly makes much more sense to the doctor. “Oh, are you saying in this universe you and I are not together?” “Yes,” Spock says. “That explains the look on your face,” Bones says. “Why are you so happy?” Jim asks, and Bones slowly narrows his eyes a little, in a way that reminds Spock about the Bones he cares so much for. “Unless you want a hypo in the neck,” Bones says, “I suggest you shut up now.”
  • They find the solution basically on dumb luck. Scotty suggests that, considering the events on both timelines are more or less the same, so should their interactions be. So they would know their Bones isn’t the Bones they know and love, and so all they have to do is beam each other up again at the exact same time. It sounds too stupid to work, but for some reason; it does. Spock knows instantly when Bones is beamed back aboard the ship that this is their own. Jim knows, too. "Bones! How was the other dimension?” he asks. “Very organized,” Bones replies, “and you- a very mature captain. Miss him already.” “Rude,” Jim replies, patting Bones’ shoulder, and then he’s off to record the events in his log.
  • "Welcome back,” Spock says, and Bones huffs. “Thanks.” “I’m curious, though,” Spock starts, “in the dimension you found yourself in, were you and I…?” “Dating? Yeah,” Bones says, shrugging lightly, “but we’re not. Right?” “No,” Spock agrees, “that would be illogical.” “Hmm,” Bones agrees, and Spock catches the way the other man’s lips curl into a small smile, “do you want to come by my quarters later?” the doctor asks as he walks away. Spock reaches out, grabbing Bones’ arm to pull him in closer, and he leans in to press a quick kiss to the other’s lips. “Absolutely.”
How the Vrains OP and ED might be hinting at Kusanagi’s betrayal

In light of @pendulumprince’s post about the “Kusanagi is evil” theory, I wanted to also add my two cents about it (I was just adding on to the post itself but realized it was getting long and also has more to do with the OP/ED and only kinda has to do with the foil between Kusanagi and Akira.)

I feel like lighting in the Vrains OP and ED is used in a sort of simple but clever way. We see both Yusaku and Go running against a bright blue sky - for Go, it represents his bright ambitions that are so different from the others. Although Yusaku has a more secretive life than Go, his conviction is clear and he walks forward without hesitation (the same with Go). In contrast, Aoi is standing still and looks away from a setting sun. She hasn’t reached her key motivation yet. Guess who else has a still shot during twilight.

It’s a harmless kind of cute shot honestly, but it’s also the only shot we get of Kusanagi in the OP. He’s a pretty major character so you would think that we would see him supporting Yusaku from the sidelines at least. Instead we have just this to work with. Here we don’t even see the sky - it’s just Kusanagi completely confined in his truck and the night time starting to fall on the city in the background. We see him at the “in-between” period of the day. He’s not fully lit, not like our protagonist Yusaku. It gives an indication that Kusanagi may also be “in-between.” And in fact, in the OP and ED he is NEVER fully lit.

This image can easily give an indication that he’s working hard in the night toward his goal (his brother), but we also don’t see the screen he’s working on. It’s likely none of the hot dog truck monitors because those are usually blue and he would be looking up at them. Even if it’s intended to be the hot dog truck, it has a completely different vibe of secrecy, and we don’t have eye contact with him. Moreover, he is once again somewhere between light and shadows.

The last shot we’re given is Kusanagi standing dramatically in the rain, this time no visible light source to be found. On top of that this shot is right on beat with the lyrics “Never give up” which match with his determined, defiant look here. He’s put himself in darkness and is not even attempting to shield himself from the downpour. It’s similar to the darkness that always shrouds Akira.

We know that Akira’s not necessarily evil, just that he feels that he’s thrown himself in darkness and made himself a hellhound for the sake of Aoi.

My point is that, given all of these hints, I think Kusanagi is going to be given a choice somewhere down the line where he’ll have to choose between his loyalty to his brother or his loyalty to Yusaku, and the choice he ultimately makes may be one that puts a strain on his relationship with Yusaku. 

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What do you think Dark's relationship with Ethan and Tyler is like? Could you maybe write a short fiction or a list of headcanons on it? (Love you btw)

You know, I hadn’t thought about that. Wade and Bob would be an entirely different situation since they’re not in proximity to Dark, but Ethan and Tyler get the full effect.

  • It’s a very difficult balancing act. Dark has to figure out what things Mark would say, how Mark would act, while still retaining some sense of self.
  • He hates it, honestly. Mark acts a lot more immature than Dark would like to, but it’s necessary.
  • Ethan and Tyler still notice something’s off. “Mark” doesn’t smile as much, and when he does, it seems weird, or it’s at a strange time.
  • Ethan is constantly asking if he’s okay, but Dark has to realize where he went wrong before he responds, lest he seems like something is wrong and he’s just saying he’s fine so Ethan won’t worry.
  • Tyler also asks, but not as frequently. He watches closer to what Dark does rather than what he says vs Ethan, who pays more attention to words.
  • The two of them probably try to hang out with Dark more frequently than before to see if they can either figure out what’s wrong, or to see if the weird problem clears itself up.
  • They’re both very suspicious, and Dark isn’t too happy about it. But it’s not like he can do much.
  • Dark’s walking on eggshells nearly all the time.

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what's wrong with the chicago queer scene? i just moved to boystown near roscoe's and so i'm curious about your experience

If you’re a gay or bi man you’ll probably have a decent time of it but it’s full of lots of lesbophobia, annoying queer politics around ~women and femmes uwu~ and how everyone’s sexuality is fluid, etc. Depends what you’re calling the scene too- bars and clubs are usually fun, though very heavily male, but parties and interpersonal relationships with radical in the city when everyone is fucking/dating everyone and everyone is poly and everyone is pan and everyone is an ancom and everyone dresses the same and everyone is into punk are rough and if you’re not into that exact scene it’s gonna suck for you. And half that scenes hates women and they almost all hate lesbians.

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Hi! Okay so I was thinking about black holes and I was wondering if they're hot since they were suns? But I was also thinking that they might be cold because the whole nothing can escape thing (even heat I would imagine) but my thing is, if all that stuff is going in there.. then how is it's energy being converted because it can't just be destroyed right? (Sorry if this is all wrong I'm only in highschool)

Black holes are actually quite cold! Inside the event horizon the temperatures are (very probably) nearing absolute zero. (.000006 Kelvin to be more precise) Though black holes were stars at one point, that doesn’t really have anything to do with their “active” temperature.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t any heat around black holes; in fact directly outside the event horizon temperatures can reach hundreds of millions of degrees due to the particles being accelerated to speeds near the speed of light.

Also, don’t let anybody ever let you think that just because you’re in high school that you’re inherently wrong! (I’m only a senior myself)

I hope this answered your question, and please let me know if I need to clarify or correct anything! :)

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As someone who is mutuals with a lot of ex-larrie Louies on twitter- there are a tonsss people who aren't buying Harry's album/SOTT. And it really doesn't have to do with babygate (though they're livid about Louis' situation,) it has to do with their dislike of Harry himself and a warped vision they have of him. Basically the point I'm trying to make is that they aren't in the minority at all. People waiting for it to end in order to support Harry is small, but people not buying his album isn't

Anonymous said: I think Sony didn’t expect us to take Louis’ side. They probably thought “yes, they’ll be pissed because of Louis’ situation but they love Harry just as much so they’ll support him regardless”. Well, wrong. Yeah, I do love Harry just as much but I’m tires of being played! I’m tired of all the shit they pulled with the fandom being just “whatever!”. I’m not doing it now. I won’t give a single cent to Sony from Harry’s album until they end it.

Anonymous said: Louies are the most passionate fans in 1d (louie larries) and I am sure it’ll effect on numbers. I won’t buy it because I just can’t sit and eat this all shit. I promised myself that I won’t buy the album or the singles because of sony. I love harry with my whole heart, he is my baby but louis is my fave and sitation is so fucked, I can’t say oh at least there is harry’s album. With this het promo? No, thanks

Anonymous said: I agree with you i know people dont like to say they feel bad for harry bc louis is the one actually having to go through this but i really feel bad for harry bc a lot of anger is being unnecessarily targeted at him and even if some people aren’t directing their anger at him its still going to affect him career wise


@ sony, the people have spoken. 

the question is, will you actually listen?

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Is samurai jack an example of born sexy yesterday trope with Ashi?

I would say kind of, if Jack ends up with Ashi romantically (which I hope that will not happen). But even then, I think it would be a milder example of this trope, since Ashi already had an entire character arc dedicated to her in which she discovers by herself who she really wants to be and what the world is really like. 

I mean, I don’t think Ashi’s innocence was played as something to be admired, honestly. The only instance I can think of that it was played as something cute was when she asked Jack if the stars were Aku’s creation, which led to that cute scene where Jack remembers the story his mother used to tell him, but even then, I think it was more supposed to highlight how brainwashed she was by the cult of Aku.

But yes, if this is supposed to be romantic, I can see shades of that. Actually, it’s kinda funny that this video was released just now, because it helped me realize what actually bothered me about this particular ship. Even though Ashi is now on the path of self realization and independence, she still is highly inexperienced and never really socialized with anyone before very recently. Jumping head-on in a romance with a much older person is… probably not the best choice for her, imo.

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Its 17.25 and I'm thinking about the scene where Robert says "you're both awful. you deserve each other" and wonder if he said that cuz he's jealous because he's in love with Joseph since they had a thing in the past.

He’s absolutely jealous. Robert is the kind that probably falls in love easily, and sometimes maybe with the wrong people. He loves hard and whenever those feelings aren’t exactly reciprocated, he swallows it back and pretends he’s fine. Sometimes though, he lashes out and oh, when he does? It’s at the people he honestly came to care about the most.

  • Fandom Max: gay gay gay gay. so gay for chloe everyone else is shit i love chloe so much.
  • In game Max: Chloe is an important friend and I care for her deeply. Though, I care for other people too. I try to help people by doing the right thing as much as possible. I may or may not love Chloe in a romantic way.
  • Fandom Chloe: really hella gay for max caulfield only im gonna slap a bitch if there was anyone else for her. she loves me i love her.
  • In game Chloe: Yeah Max is my friend and I probably like her but man I wish Rachel was here right now. Whenever I die, Max becomes a hero and saves me so it's okay if we screw up. I just really miss Rachel.
  • Fandom Kate: can not sin did you just say a bad word God please bless these not nice people
  • In game Kate: People are so stupid. Ugh. Why can't you just understand me. Pls stop doing what you're doing and just apologize smh
  • Fandom Nathan: sigh im such a nice person why does this happen to me.
  • In game Nathan: I just killed a few people and fought a lot but I really feel guilty about it. I didn't think about my actions and I am just an abused but spoiled kid.
  • Fandom Victoria: kate should forgive me and we should hook up bc i would change for her and do anything for her i just really love kate
  • In game Victoria: I took a video of Kate on the roof about to jump and I really don't think it's my fault she was up there. I laughed at her and called her names whether she was there or not. I'm sorry though but I didn't do anything.
  • Fandom Rachel: goddess, princess, im everything bow down to me im your main bitch
  • In game Rachel: I'm actually dead but I was flirting with people secretly and probably used Frank and Chloe for reasons

For @robininthelabyrinth for the @dccwrarepairswap.

Overwave, Mermaid AU.


Mick tried to cough up the water he’d swallowed when he’d gotten knocked into the ocean, but the waves and rain made it nearly impossible to do so. Squinting, he tried to look around but couldn’t find any trace of the fishing trolley he’d gotten hired onto for the season.

Letting out a string of curses as he kicked his legs and moved his arms as steadily as he could. He should’ve listen to Snart, gotten hooked up at the butcher shop again, he shouldn’t have ignored Lisa’s bad feeling, but the heat had been to much to try his luck at his usual haunts.

They were never gonna let him live this down…not that they’d get the chance to mock him for it, Mick thought as a huge wave crashed over him, dragging him down underneath the water, where he got caught in the under current.

Coughing, Mick rolled over and promptly got a face full of sand. Scrambling to his feet, he felt his eyes widen in disbelief as he realized he was on land and not dead. Looking around, Mick tried to find who ever had saved his life, but only caught what he thought was….a tail?…going into the water.Blinking rapidly for a moment before shaking his head, Mick started to bring his hands up to rub at his face, when suddenly a blond head was popping up out of the water, smiling blindly brightly over at him, small delicate hand shooting up from the water and waving at him excitedly.What the hell had he gotten himself into?

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Got any more car stories, fam? I'm getting super interested now.

ALRIGHT! hmm let’s go with a popular one then that everyone should know. Alright anyone can correct me if i’m wrong on some info which i probably will be but i’ll talk about Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans. It was one of the greatest manufacturer rivalries in motorsport history. Ford knew if it wanted to be the king of all racing it’d have to win the only race that mattered. The 24 Hours of Le Mans. It didn’t know how to win though even though it was a huge player in the automotive industry but knew that Ferrari was the undisputed champ of the race. So Ford swooped in knowing that at the time Ferrari was in financial trouble and offered to buy the company, and Ferrari agreed. They came together to finalize the deal but when Ferrari read over the contract, he refused to sign it as he still wanted to have control over the motorsport part but Ford wanted it, and he simply said it was no good, got up and went to go eat. He left Henry Ford’s lawyers at the table shocked that all this was for nothing. Back in Detroit, Ford was incredibly angry at Ferrari and issued the order, “Build me a car that will crush Ferrari at Le Mans.” But in order to win a European race they needed European expertise, they employed a small team that produced this

The Ford GT, it was shaped like a missile to be aerodynamic but the problem that Ford learned the hard way was that it was very unstable. They didn’t know if it was aerodynamics or suspension issues but they couldn’t find out because the prototype crashed, then the next day the second car crashed as well. Le Mans was 2 months away. They got their act together though in time but it was heavily rushed, they brought 3 cars to Le Mans but they all either caught fire or broke down. It left Ferrari to laugh in their faces as they won the race in a 1-2-3 finish once again. Henry Ford trying to keep his pride intact announced to Ferrari that they’ll be back next year. Ford’s options were pretty thin but he turned to Carol Shelby to help with their new car. Shelby brought in his best man to test it out, Ken Miles. Miles tested the GT40 and noted how awful the car was, so they tried to fix the issues. Brakes, aero, high speed stability, suspension. But there just wasnt enough time. The 65′ race came, Ford brought the GT in, none came out. Once again leaving Ferrari to make another 1-2-3 finish, humiliating Ford yet again. It was especially horrible on Ford because they spent millions of dollars on this program but nothing came out of it, they lost twice in a row with all cars not even finishing. So Ford had two options, he could try again or just quit and accept utter defeat as it is. But he decided to try again sending a message to all his team, simply put “you better win.” So the team went to work, more money was put into the project. They fixed the aero issues, the car was finally rock solid at 200 mph, the reliability was dealt with as they simulated their engines running through the entirety of the 24 hours to ensure they would finish. Miles gave the ok and was satisfied with this

the GT40 Mark III. It was finally looking good for Ford as now they were 200% determined to shut down Ferrari. But Ferrari had plans of it’s own, he knew Ford wasn’t backing down and was learning from their mistakes. So they heard Ford’s call, and this was their answer.

The Ferrari P3, while the GT40 could reach speeds of 200 MPH, the P3 could only hit 190. Ferrari did this as a strategy, they wanted to trade top speed in the Mulsanne to make it up in the corners. The 66′ race finally came and Ford brought an armada of Ford GTs, tons of spare parts and many world class drivers including Ken Miles. Ferrari only brought 3 cars to the race but brought John Surtees, the best F1 driver at the time. Though it was starting go down for Ferrari as internal disputes as the race was about to start forced Surtees to walk away. It was a fatal move as he was the undisputed fastest man they could’ve had. The race started with Ford in the lead but as night fell it was starting to become a repeat of the past 2 years for them. 4 of the 8 GTs were out of the race as Ferrari with their superior agility took the lead. The GTs were under strict rules to not push the cars as they were afraid to break them once again. But Ken Miles didn’t want to listen as he pushed his GT40 to the limit and retook the lead forcing Ferrari to pick up the pace, as morning came none of the P3s made it out of the night. They all either broke down or crashed, Ford finally ended the 24 in their first 1-2-3 finish finally beating Ferrari at their own game. Ford spent the next few years winning Le Mans. The exact number of how much Ford spent to beat Ferrari isn’t known but the hundreds of millions spent on the program was a big ticket to pay just to show up some Italians that disagreed with them. But all that effort spent made this one of the greatest rivalries in all of motorsport. Even today they’re still going at it in their own way. Recently winning last years Le Mans in a 1-2-3 finish with their new Ford GT GTE PRO cars in a historic similarity to their 1966 win

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Could I get some h/cs for hijikata, souji and kazama and how they would act after having a rather serious fight with their s/o? It's the guys' fault, so would they apologize at all? Thank you! I'm so glad I found your blog <3 and for the sleepover: may I ask how you day went? I hope you had a nice time :)

Thank you for the request!!


-He may be stubborn, but he’ll admit when he’s wrong.

-He’ll apologize, but probably look annoyed about having to do it

-He doesn’t usually apologize so………………..you’re special


-ha. hahaha. yeah fat chance dude

-he’s not apologizing unless he did something catastrophically wrong

-he will do something sweet to make up for it though (anonymously of course, but you know it’s him)


-nope. lol it’s almost FUNNY to think he would apologize

-he would think it’s stupid if you got super fumed over whatever it was you were arguing about

-he would wait for you to get over it. if you held a grudge he would get annoyed because he would think you were being extremely childish  

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Top 5 Dir en grey PV!!!!

Yikes, okay, one time my sister and I did a proper rating of like all of them, but I don’t have the results on hand, so, not necessarily in order:

1. Jessica - a whole lot of nonsense and a weird animated cyclops and little 2-dimensional spinning around kind of band members and I don’t know I’m into it ok

2. Unraveling - Seriously that’s just a great PV aesthetically and there is so much of Kyo’s flaily dancing in it and he’s got the frickin’ undercut and it has a plot, that one’s really good

3. [kr] cube - the Dir en grey, like… spy… drug dealing… con artist… sting operation in a club AU we never knew we needed?? I would watch a whole movie of that. Probably several. Classic. Gum-chewing Matrix Die. Weirdly beautiful sketchy af Kyo being crawled all over by people. Androgynous scalpel wielding Shinya. Wtf is on Kaoru’s head. Toshiya strangely in his element. What’s not to love??

4. Uroko - A lot of the newer PVs don’t work very well for me because they’re all kind of the same? There’s a lot of green screen and maybe they’re trying to be gross or something but the concept just isn’t that strong. This one I think the concept was pretty good. They’re all in boxes! There’s mermaids! Kyo’s abs are like in 3D popping out of the screen! Plus I thought the making-of for it was actually kinda neat, even though I still found it weirdly quiet and depressing.

5. Three-way tie? Between Kasumi (cinematically it’s a good PV I think, and I enjoy questionable-haired Kyo down in a well with the slimy people, even if I think I wish the band was actually together during any of it…?), 304 Goushitsu Hakushi no Sakura (tbh I quite like a lot of their older PVs (like wtd and earlier) because they’re really doin’ something, and this one is just a very clear concept, and it gives a lot of screentime to various band members instead of like KYOKYOKYOKYOpassingshotoftoshiyahunchedoverhisbassKYOKYOKYO etc, and because I mean. Tiny, round-faced Kyo in those little glasses, so easy to love), and Drain Away (I really, really love their looks for this one, that’s one of my favorite photo shoots, and I’m just super into it, and I love how the whole band is together being a band and being very cool and very obviously in the same room, not green-screened in; my only real criticism is it’s a bit busy sometimes with all the kind of… filters and layers and stuff on top of each other).

You did not ask for thorough explanations and reviews of these PVs, I’m sorry. You got them anyway. I could have been much MORE thorough.

Thank you for the ask, it’s fun to talk about things I have spent time thinking about before hahahaaa

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Were Kakashi & Obito actually friends before the plot boulder and eye transplant made everything tragically rose-colored? I'm probably remembering it wrong and Kakashi was just being a traumatized tsundere about his bonds, but with all the retcons of plot and character in the series (side-eyes the gaidens, Itachi, and "childhood friendships" that weren't there before) I don't really trust any of the relationships as they're presented after the VotE.

I think it kind of depends on interpretation? They definitely didn’t have a standard friendship, seeing as all they did was fight and insult each other, but I tend to think there was at least some closeness there. Obito’s ‘death’ definitely started Kakashi calling Obito his friend outright, though. 

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The whole "like a brother" discourse now seems so funny to me because when I first heard Keith say it I was like "yeah that's so Keith". I always thought he probably didn't have much experience with any kind of love through his life, so having affection would quite natually seem familial to him - the thing he never had. With the whole team now though this could change over time. "I was wrong the whole time. I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner", "What do you mean?", "I love you, Shiro".

God, that last bit—*CLUTCHES HEART*


But honestlé what you said about familial affection is so true! Like Shiro has probably been the closest thing to family he has, so of course he would say that! (not to mention, like what @agent-sapphire said here, that’s how Harry felt about Ginny too. Harry has known no other “true” family his whole life until he met the Weasleys) – AND NOT TO MENTION, EVERYONE in this season talked so much about being family to each other. (ie. Allura, to Keith; Hunk, about Lance/Keith, Pidge about all of them, Keith and his “so that means we’re all kinda related, huh,” etc.) So if we’re gonna go by the “family” argument, ALL the ships would be dead right now. In my eyes at least, Sheith could have been in a relationship this entire season and you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. What’s more important is their deep bond and trust and how clearly important they are in each other’s lives and that’s what makes them so beautiful. 😭🙌🏼❤️💜

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I finally understand the pain that any Ichiruki blog faces. I recently made a post about ichiruki based around the movie Fade To Black and I already have people commenting and reblogging saying I'm wrong and that the canon couples are everything. One person even told me I need to look up what canon means even though I used it correctly within my post. So, I understand that you probably deal with a lot of idiots who try to argue that their ship is better. You have my respect for dealing with it.

Aw thanks! But luckily since I’m just reblogging stuff 95% of the time I don’t get it as bad as other IRs who are artists and fanfic/meta writers do. They’ve awesome ways of handling stupid people though. I forgot who it was, but someone replied an IH anon with graphic IR erotica. It was hilarious.

I went to see who were the pests butting in on your correctly-tagged post and no surprise, it’s the same people again. Do isasplendidwhatever and irgreatfriends/kubogodofbleach live in the IR tag?? And the person who told you to look up “canon” needs to learn how to read (as do a lot of them). 

But [dramatic voice] lo! The Three hath gathered on your post. Together with zotmo*n, they are the Four Horsemen of the Orange Apocalypse. Their number is the anticanonical 686, and their work is to make everyone bow to the Anticanon.