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simblr halloween edit challenge  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

october/simblreen is almost here! so i thought i’d throw together a short list of prompts for those who want to do a challenge without having to create a post every day. because of this, there are no time constraints, and you can interpret the prompts however loosely you want. tag your edits with #simblrhec if you’d like me to see them! ✨

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hi! just wanted to say thank you so much for making a movie about a gay innocent crush, gay people are very sexualised in today's time which is probably why that last anon was concerned whether the characters were too young!! I'm so excited for this! <3

:) <3 thank you!



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Theory time!

So, I don’t know if anyone’s made a post about this yet, but I couldn’t help but notice Mark’s thumbnail today:

Notice how the astronaut on the left is looking perfectly normal. The one on the right, however… He has the same 3D effects that Darkiplier has. 
Not only that, but even the sides they’re on match a certain video we’ve seen before…

Not to mention the other easter eggs he’s been putting on his videos:

And some pretty suspicious lines scattered across some of his videos too.

Now, I don’t know what this all means (or if it even means anything), but I think we can all agree by now that Mark’s probably planning SOMETHING (he even said it himself that he’s working on some projects for April Fools). It might be related to Dark (or it might not), or he might just be planning something with Dark for later on.
Just thought I’d put this out there :D

Some Mob headcanons

I wrote these a while ago and forgot about them, might as well post them now I guess

  • Poor sense of direction
    • he has no idea where things are in relation to each other
    • always sticks to the streets he knows, which makes him take enormous detours to get to places sometimes 
      • ((It’s not so bad, he likes walking and looking at the sky for a few hours anyways))
    • when walking with others, he lets them lead the way and barely pays attention to where he’s going
      • this gets problematic when they go to a place together but then leave seperately. Reigen figured this out after he called Mob 3 hours after a job, all “sorry for calling you twice in a row but can you come over again?” and Mob says sure he can, but it might still take him a while to find his way out of these woods
        • there weren’t any woods near that job. How the hell did that happen. Also he isn’t sure, but that might be a bear in the distance
          • ((Reigen has never tracked down Mob’s phone signal this quickly. They always go back to the office together after that))
  • Very, very bad with numbers
    • not only when it comes to math, but with numbers in general
    • sometimes reads the time wrong or just immediately forgets it again after looking at the clock, is frequently surprised by how late/early it is
    • actually doesn’t know people’s birthdays. You’re insanely lucky if he remembers the month
      • he is painfully aware of this though. He forgot Ritsu’s birthday once when they were very little. Since then he makes sure to mark everyone’s birthday in every calendar and to set a few thousand alarms on his phone to remind him in time
    • can’t estimate numbers for the life of him
      • Reigen wants to call in for one of these TV games, like Guess how many paper cranes are in this jar, you can win 100k Yen! and Mob just looks at this jar for a while and goes “5 billion.” Because there’s gotta be a lot in there right, and that’s a big number, and no he isn’t joking, not on purpose anyway, why would you think that Master?
        • ((Reigen grumbles unhappily and finally strikes clairvoyance from his secret list of possible Mob powers that he keeps in his desk))
  • Eats spicy food like a badass
    • as in, really spicy
    • as in, Ritsu’s eyes are already watering just from looking at that habanero sauce and Teru is desperately pretending to be okay after trying just one tiny bite, but he’s glowing red and tears are streaming down his face and he actually cannot breathe, somebody help him
    • Mob doesn’t really get it, tries another spoon full just to be sure and admits that “it does tingle a bit”
    • Shou tries to turn it into a youtube challenge, the Eat what Mob eats without dying challenge, but it doesn’t really gain traction
      • ((mostly because nobody can see what’s going on in the videos, he’s way too excited and they turn out all shaky. Also Ritsu keeps pushing the camera away))
  • Someone: What's your myers briggs personality type?
  • Me, extremely excited someone asked: OMG you know about MBTI? I'm an INTP!!! What are you?
  • Same person: Oh I'm a mix between a ENFJ and INFJ because sometimes I get introverted but I also think I'm an ENFP too as sometimes I'm not as judgy.
  • Me, biting my tongue really hard as I know that's not how it works but I just met this person and if I correct them now they'll probably get offended that I'm talking to them like I know their personality more than they do, plus cognitive functions is a big concept that I can't really explain in a short conversation, although I know it's important for the facts to be correct however, I might lose a potential friend so: OK.....neat!

WIP for some up coming merch~ I wanted to try and make beach towel;; haha;; Sorry my merch is so stupid and self indulgent L O L

I’m trying a new printing vendor…but if it comes out well then I will probably do Shiro too. And Lance if I don’t tire out of rendering abs (it will never happen don’t worry)


 The only thing that excited me in Nico’s Event Route was the idea of this pair in a duel.  Too bad it doesn’t have a CG

Will probably upload another batch of messy sketches from the event (IF I DON’T FORGET) to commemorate my return to otome gaming LOL 


Characters belong to cybird. Please DO NOT repost anywhere.

Announcement Time!!!

My Store

AHHH I finally got a Redbubble store up!!!! I’ve been trying to get it set up for soo long

I know I’m not exactly the most professional artist, but I still figure my art is decent enough to put up for sale. All of the above pictures are available for purchase. It would be absolutely lovely if you would take a look <3 <3


Namjoon: MB (middle blocker)
Seokjin: MB (middle blocker)
Yoongi: S (setter)
Hoseok: OH (outside hitter)
Jimin: L (libero)
Taehyung: RS (right side)
Jungkook: OH (outside hitter)

Thank you for asking! :0

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i’m still writing it, anon! i promise :D. it’ll show up eventually ;). 

here’s a little snippet though, in the mean time. dehydration is dangerous. 

Yuuri’s still not sure how he’s ended up surrounded by a veritable sea of former classmates. 

“Yuuri!” a voice—Mark?—practically screams in his ear as he’s caged into a bear hug—literally caged, he’s never felt quite so trapped by a pair of arms, which is saying something considering Phichit once had to restrain him from punching a guy who said Victor dyes his hair. He wasn’t about to let that kind of slander stand. 

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OMG!!!! I'm starving for more headcanons on that galra bby au?! it's so cute and adorable!!! now I just imagine shiro actually crying when Keith invites lance over to play?

I think Lance would probably invite himself over, especially when he hears that Keith’s dad is a super cool pilot!! Lance probably invites Hunk and Pidge to go with him too lol. Shiro would be so excited and probably go a little overboard on the fun snacks :3c

Ten/Rose | Call of the Void: Ch 2

Ship: Ten/Rose
Rating: teen & up (emergency medical stuff & TARDIS in danger)
Genre: Reunion fic, dimension-hopping rose, hurt/comfort, romance
Summary: The Doctor and Rose reunite, but of course it can’t be that simple. An ancient TARDIS entraps them at the edge of the newly formed universe, and is determined that only one of them can escape alive. A sacrifice must be made, and this time it’s the Doctor that has to give up everything to be with the woman he loves.
Beta@lostinfic​, who is as dear of a friend as she is valuable as a beta.  

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

The Doctor whisked Rose’s unconscious form straight to the TARDIS medbay. Her body burned against his chest. Every step of the way, he assessed her pulse and breath rate. To his horror, they grew incrementally worse. Jeans-clad legs swayed and her head rolled as he made a sharp turn into the room.

He laid her gently on the medbay cot, reluctant to feel the weight of her leave his arms. She moaned in distress, so he made sure to arrange her limbs as comfortably as he could. He brushed the sweaty fringe from her eyes. Incredible new timelines with her had unfurled the moment he opened the TARDIS doors earlier, and as tempting as it was to close his eyes and let them flow through his mind, he had to focus.

Read more on AO3

some thoughts on Kirishima’s character development

Let me just start out by saying, I’m so happy to see Kirishima finally getting some time in the spotlight.  He definitely deserves his own arc, and after this last chapter, I’m so excited to see what development Horikoshi has in store for him.  Already we’re getting to see a new side to his character, and it really hit me hard to know that Kirishima thinks he isn’t on the same level as his classmates.  This one line in particular really stood out to me: 

So I started going back through some of Kirishima’s previous scenes to see how either those events influenced this mentality, or how this mentality would have influenced those events.  And the obvious place for me to start was with the two specific scenes that Horikoshi chose to place in the above panel: Bakugou’s kidnapping during the training camp, and the first round of the hero license exam. 

In the case of the field training camp, Kirishima took matters into his own hands after the fact, risking his entire hero career on saving his friend.  We got to see exactly how he felt after the whole ordeal: 

We know that Kirishima felt awful that he couldn’t do anything to help his friend, and he most likely feels partly responsible for letting Bakugou get taken.  Even though there was truly nothing he could have done, it’s a natural reaction to take the blame upon himself and want to make things right (especially when it’s someone he’s close to and cares about a lot).

But we never had any fallout from the second scene Horikoshi posted.  This:

This was probably a very traumatic experience for Kirishima, having his body completely mutilated and being unable to stop it or reverse it on his own.  But we were never given any indication of the effect this had on Kirishima after he was released from this guy’s Quirk.  It happened, he was freed, and it was never mentioned again.  Kirishima was able to move into the next round of the exam and received his license as a result.

However, taking all this and the recent chapter into account, I saw this scene in an entirely new light:

When I first read this I thought it was really sweet how Kirishima cared about Bakugou’s results just as much as his own.  After the latest chapter though, I now think Kirishima may almost feel guilty here about the results.  Had it not been for Bakugou (and Kaminari, of course) Kirishima never would have made it to the second round, let alone gotten his license.  He hadn’t been able to pass the exam on his own, having to rely on others to get through, which probably contributed to his feeling uselessness. 

Anyways, I’m very excited to see him fight in the upcoming chapters and I really hope it will restore some of his faith in himself.  Now that Amajiki is potentially down, it will be even more important for Kirishima to step up and prove (to himself mainly) that he can become the hero he wants to be.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?  Or any other scenes you think are important in Kiri’s development?  I’m probably looking way too hard into this, but I just found it interesting. 

Everyone’s excited for Defenders coming out on Netflix on the 18th but you know what else is coming out that day?