i'm probably still asleep

Tagged by @joker-ace! I’m glad I did this because I’d forgotten that I owned pink pants and I’m thrilled to have found ‘em. 

I tag @berylallee, @iceteen, @gilmotoongee, @seamarieart, @spacevegetables, @claradudleyillustration, and every PNCA classmate who sees this. (It’s 4am and I can’t remember everyone’s blog names but you’re all pure and wonderful and should draw ya damn self)

my dad and my sister visited me today! :D we had fun until i sent them back home because i was about to fall asleep….. and then i slept. so like - good news: i caught up with my sleep deficit. bad news: it’s almost 11pm now and i need to go to sleep again so that i won’t fall asleep in tomorrow’s classes. but now i’m not tired anymore D:


A Watery Death from “High Treason in the Holiday Season”

hnnng i was playing on my ds late last night (or early this morning) and hinoka told me it was her cake day !!!! aaah my precious favorite sister I had to draw her some art ~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥ it was 18th in japan yesterday, but 18th in the us today !! so I’m not late !! ahah

i only got two hours of sleep last night so i was falling asleep while sketching this ; u ; gonna take a quick nap and answer requests later !

More from Pablo on the pre-TFA timeline revealed by Bloodline

…or not revealed, I should say:

Gotta say, if Bloodline was meant to imply that Leia and Han haven’t been out of contact with Luke and Ben for more than a few weeks, it really failed in that respect. I’d think Leia would be more worried about not being able to speak with her son (and her twin brother) for…years maybe?

Two main takeaways for me:

1. Kylo may have been showing serious darkside tendencies for a long time and Leia would be unaware. Which makes me wonder wtf Luke was doing, but I guess it wouldn’t exactly be out of character for him to be convinced that he could pull Kylo back to the light. Until the temple massacre finally pushed Luke past his breaking point.

2. Luke, Leia, and Han may not have been nearly as close as most of us had assumed they’d be post-Endor. Which makes me sad considering I adore the Skytwins. And because Han and Luke may not have seen each other for longer than we thought before…that thing…happened (what is this sudden ache in my chest). But it also sets a bit of a precedent for Leia possibly not knowing about important parts of Luke’s life *cough* Rey *cough*. Not that I think Luke has been out of contact for ten years (i.e. as long as Rey has been away from her family), but maybe he wanted to keep his life private from even Leia while away on his quest to understand the Jedi, and their communication was sporadic and spread out enough for him to manage that.

Obligatory caveat that this is pure speculation based on intentionally cryptic statements - obviously a winning formula. But hell, what else is there to do in this fandom these days.

i would put money on roadside attraction being moved around in the schedule by disney
  • disney: alex why are all these serious episodes together? you need some levity!
  • alex hirsch: well, that's just how the plot works out-
  • disney: what if we slot this light-hearted road trip episode in between these two? that'd lighten the mood a bit!
  • alex hirsch: but that makes literally no sense, see, they're not supposed to leave the shack for any reason at this point, let alone one that minor-
  • disney: kids can't handle that much consecutive seriousness, right? yes, this is a GREAT plan! no flaws that i can see!
  • alex hirsch: not to mention that the absence of ford- are you even listening to me?
  • disney: haha nope. you've gotten away with too much lately. time to remind you who's in charge around here~

i literally have no idea how to write this essay, it’s two in the morning, and i’m dead inside

happy new year!

yeah, yeah, i know i’m horrendously late, but every single one of you made 2013 a fantastic year and i’m looking forward to 2014 surpassing it. to those i’ve spoken to and gotten to know, thank you for putting up with me, and for those i haven’t, feel free to drop by sometime because i’d love to annoy the living hell out of you, too. ♥

with the start of a new year, i figured it was about time to organize my stories into a coherent list (and change around some other things on my blog too), so i revamped my fic masterlist. if ao3 isn’t your cup of tea and you’ve got a desperate craving for some joelay/other pairings i’ve dabbled in (which do exist, i swear), the list (albeit short) is officially done

real talk, though: for all the support i’ve received from you, ragehappy fandom and tumblr, i can’t possibly thank you enough. thank you thank you thank you for everything you do.