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inktober 2017 - 19

Only had time for a sketch again today :\

But here is an In the Shallows Commander Clarke where she ended up looking a bit younger so let’s call it the time period right after she became Commander

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Headcanon on types for the boys? Specifically Akira and Goro but anyone else you want to :o(also thanks for turning on Anon >w<)

hokay since i’ve gotten a huge influx of asks over the past. like. 24 hours, i’m just gonna do akira and goro here but if y’all want more feel free to ask me!

(also: unless i get a bunch of asks telling me to kill myself or some garbage like that, i’m never turning off anon. i know what it’s like to be shy & want to stay anonymous for requests like this.)


  • ok so akira would never really claim to have a type like
  • honestly if you were to ask this question to his face he’d just look at you funny
  • “type?? what r u talking about??”
  • he really loves p much all kinds of people, there’s no physical or personal trait that’s really a deciding factor for him or that tells him “yes that. that is the kind of person i want to be dating.”
  • it just kind of happens.
  • there are CERTAIN trends tho like
  • he really loves to fluster his s/o so there’s a good chance he’ll go for someone who’s easy to rile up like that
  • someone who can fill long silences between them, also, because he can be kind of quiet but he can sit and listen to people talk for ages. he just likes listening, likes the fact that people trust him with their words. even if it’s nervous chatter, it’s still their thoughts.
  • people who are passionate also grab his interest like, even if he’s got no idea what they’re talking about he’ll still listen and be like entirely enraptured because they’re just so ENTHUSIASTIC about it.
  • LOOK i know it sounds kind of generic but i see akira as someone who can really see the beauty in everyone so
  • say what you will


  • so i’ve said before that this kid cares about his public image
  • and that also kind of carries over into his “type”
  • (this is more talking about b4 spoilers occur, folks. he’d be a lot more genuine to his own feelings in an after-game scenario)
  • generally he dates people who are…conventionally attractive to japanese media?
  • fashion-forward, generally, pale, dark hair, etc
  • honestly if this boy follows his heart god knows where it will lead, but as long as he’s got a choice about it he’s probably going to pick someone who will look good with him on camera
  • he most readily goes for someone who is confident, who can handle the media backlash that happens whenever he’s rumored to be dating someone
  • but insecurities aren’t a turn-off, honestly, because he knows how that goes. intimately. way better than he should.
  • kindness goes a long way, also. he just can’t stand to be in the presence of someone who is hateful for longer than he absolutely has to
  • someone who has a life of their own, also, who can be busy and doesn’t need to cling to him constantly

Time slows down before an accident, you know. My last ten years were pretty slow.

“Chloé, you are not nice!”

She knows that. She can’t be nice, she didn’t say back. She’s not allowed to be nice. She’s been targeted enough times because of her Papa.

Her poor Papa. He loves her, she knows, will do anything for her— and it makes him weak. She’s lost track of how much money she has cost him, through ransoms and through gifts he insists on showering her with. Still, he has wealth and power, and though he may dote on her, he is at least as cunning as herself. Who could expect less of the man who raised her?

Still, she cannot do that to anyone else. No matter that nowadays she’s such a brat that she has a reputation for not being worth the money— she wants to worry as few people as possible whenever Problems happen. If she can limit them to her father and Sabrina and, questionably, Adrien, she’s fine with that.

She loves Sabrina, her oldest friend, and so sly. Sabrina knows everything, of course. Sabrina understands what she’s doing, understands that Chloé is best kept shallow and cruel and hated, understands how Sabrina herself can assist with that image.

Chloé wonders how anyone can believe how mean she is, how shallow Sabrina is. Chloé was tutored just like Adrien, and everyone else grew up with Sabrina. How can it be so easy for their classmates to believe in caricatures? This one’s not crying enough, she remembers hearing herself say, and she wants to laugh, or maybe to cry.

She “loves” Adrien because he’s convenient to love: wealthy, handsome, and utterly disinterested. He knows what she’s doing, she’s sure— how he gets away with being as kind as he is, she has no idea. Something to do with being a boy, probably.

She’s so jealous of Marinette, lucky Marinette, who gets both of her parents and a bakery and kindness, how easy and thoughtless it is for her to be kind. Marinette doesn’t have to worry about going missing.

So she’s not nice, poor Chloé Bourgeois: she can afford everything else, but she can’t afford kindness.