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Jaromír Jágr on being named to the 100 Greatest NHL Players list with fellow former Penguins and Sidney Crosby.

Oh, it's pretty special. Very special. I have to say thanks to those guy, I made it. They've been big help for me. Mario, Ron Francis, Bryan Trottier, Paul Coffey, you know. Even luck. I believe I've had a little bit luck. So it's... I never played with Sid. I would have probably more goals by now. But, it's special. (X)

Classic Literature Bad Boy Crushes, A Ranking

Level 1: Mr. Darcy. Strictly entry-level. Really just awkward and kinda rude, hasn’t killed anyone.

Level 2: Lord Byron. Significantly edgier, with a laundry list of real and fictional misdeeds. Probably killed someone at some point.

Level 3: Rodion Raskolnikov. Welcome to Russian literature. You’re definitely lusting after a murderer now, but at least he’s repentant.

Level 4: Nikolai Stavrogin. You’ve graduated to Dostoevsky’s Baddest Boy. He kills people and doesn’t even feel bad after. You’re equally repulsed and turned on (as was everyone in the novel, it’s OK) and beyond all help.

Level 5: Satan.

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I'm probably a little ignorant but... About the list of writers you would punch: why?

dude don’t worry you’d probably only read most of these pretentious fucks if you were a pretentious english major like me lmao

  1. charles dickens: too many characters. ridiculously long books (like an average of 500+ pages) even though most of his shit could have had half the word count if he wasn’t so fucking longwinded. his plots are creative but at what cost
  2. f. scott fitzgerald: overrated imo. also became an alcoholic later in life, probably stole a lot of ideas from his wife, used her as his ‘muse’ but didn’t like. support her when she had mental health issues. fittingly, most of his female characters are weird unattainable trophies instead of actual people
  3. john steinbeck: this is more of a personal opinion but he’s so boring. i actually like his writing style (it’s pretty easy to understand), but he deserves a punch for making me read grapes of wrath
  4. william faulkner: reading as i lay dying is what i imagine having a stroke feels like. i’ve been informed that i should dislike faulkner more for being a cheating bastard than his actual writing though
  5. percy shelley: ‘edited’ frankenstein by swapping out common words for pretentious alternatives and making it 200% harder to read. i’ll never forgive him for what he did to that beautiful book
  6. ayn rand: blah blah blah helping people is bad blah blah blah capitalism is good blah blah blah altruism is a plague. that’s the plot of every single one of her novels and she’s a longwinded fuck, so she’ll hit you over the head with that social darwinistic bullshit for 700+ pages. racist and pretentious and i think i actually want to fight her the most

honestly i feel like i would punch most 19th-20th century writers at least once though


Basically, I’m just making an excuse where people assumed Genji’s a playboy cause it’s like he’s got a date daily, but in reality, he just meets up with his brother somewhere in Japan that’s NOT in Hanamura so they could date in peace.

Their usual routine would be finding the best Ramen and waste their time at the Arcades… Whaaat? Who says Hanzo doesn’t play in Arcades! He’s quite a gamer whenever he wants to beat his brother’s High Scores.ヽ(´▽`)/

Card Suits AU - King of Hearts, Ouma Kokichi

Ok so I came up with the idea for this au at like 3 in the morning and it stuck with me for the entire day, so now here I am. 

I’ll probably post something separate explaining a little more about this au, but basically all of the ndrv3 characters represent one of the four card suits and hold a position of either King, Queen, Jack, or Ace.

I mean the funny thing is I don’t remember selling my soul to Marvel? It just sort of happened…
—  Me to a therapist probably in the near future

I have these plane tickets. They were for Amsterdam Vidcon in April. I was going, but since my hotel room and food and etc isn’t covered anymore (and now I’m broke as shit), I was going to try to turn them into vouchers and do something else later, which, lets be honest, probably wouldn’t happen.

So last Friday I had “call United” on my to-do list. That morning my friend texted me asking if I still had my tickets and what were the dates. He and his girlfriend were planning to go then too for the tulip festival. They were staying at a friend’s apartment who lives there and I could have the couch if I wanted. !!!!

Turns out, something came up and they can’t go at that time now. But! Said Dutch friend is still willing to host me for the week. He’s out of the country for 7 of the 9 days I’ll be there.

Free room, already paid plane tickets… I can swing food and a couple train fares, museum entries etc. Guys, I think I’m going to go to Amsterdam by myself in a couple weeks. The kids are going to hold down the fort while I do. So if you’re going to be there, hit me up!!!

This actually terrifies me and is the most exciting thing ever.

Reblog if you'd read a story about mythical creatures helping people with disorders and disabilities that doesn't end with them simply being "healed"

I want to see what the demand for this would be if I write this.

1. You shouldn’t have apologized. You should just stay away from now on.

2. You are the closest I’ve come to loving someone and the closest I’ve come to hating someone.

3. We were a mistake I had to make.

4. The least you could’ve done is finish the apology you started. You can’t leave a message unopened for forever.

5. Miss me. That’s my last dare to you.

6. I hope you have to watch me fall in love with him. I hope you start to regret everything.

7. When I see you, my heart doesn’t jump anymore. There’s nothing here for you.

8. I’m trying not to be angry, because I haven’t figured out what I’m angry at yet.

9. I miss two things about you. You probably know what one is. Is that cruel?

10. I don’t care if it’s cruel. I haven’t been selfish enough.

—  The last ten things I will write to you– Lily Rain

With now less than ten books to go with Animorphs, I felt like making an arbitrary list of the surprisingly dark moments this series has had so far:

  • The horror the Animorphs feel at completely losing their individuality and almost being killed as ants, that was so traumatic they vowed never to morph them again
  • The graphic detail of Tom’s previous Yeerk, Temrash 114′s death by Kandrona starvation
  • Cassie kills the termite queen so she could gain her individuality back
  • The pacifistic Chee Erek King’s trauma following his violently killing the Yeerk controllers
  • Visser Three’s cannibalistic brother, Esplin 9466 Lesser
  • Alloran conducts biological warfare to kill the Hork-Bajir so the Yeerks can’t use them
  • Jake almost being killed in fly morph
  • The affect Instant Maple and Ginger Oatmeal has on Yeerks and by extension their hosts
  • Cassie voluntarily traps herself in caterpillar morph so Aftran 942 will free her host
  • Marco almost getting stuck in flea morph
  • David kills Jake’s and Rachel’s cousin who had just survived a car crash by tossing his body down an elevator shaft to assume his identity
  • The Animorphs force David to trap himself in rat morph
  • Ax’s trauma while he was in cow morph trapped in line to be killed at the slaughter house
  • Marco having to try and rationalize how he might have to kill his mother
  • Visser One forcing her old host to drown herself right before she moves into a new host
  • Despite loving her, Essam 293 basically commits suicide rather than help Visser One set up plans for the Yeerk invasion of Earth. The botched attempt of Visser One to save him leaves his host insane. 
  • Jake gets a bullet in the head during one of their time travel escapades
  • Tobias is tortured in graphic detail by Taylor
  • The Nartec are revealed to preserve humans like taxidermists do animals, and almost embalm the Animorphs
  • Rachel’s recklessness leads to the death of an old man by heart attack
  • Arbat tries to use biological warfare against the humans as the Andalites did against the Hork-Bajir so the Yeerks can’t have them
  • The Buffa-human
  • Tobias’s morph into Taxxon and the description of their insatiable hunger
  • The Animorphs (sans Cassie) rationalize blowing up the Yeerk pool, which would kill thousands of Yeerks and hundreds of humans and Hork-Bajir, to try and claim a major victory
  • Marco and his father having to fake their deaths 
  • Visser One’s torture before her scheduled execution, and then her completely unromanticized death
  • Ax threatens to drop a bomb on the Yeerk pool, which would kill not only all the Yeerks there but also thousands of humans in the area (including the Animorphs’ families), to convince Visser Two to call off a nuclear attack against the Chinese and instigating a potential World War III.   

                                          SCARREDANGER’S  BIAS  LIST

                     it’s  been  less  than  a  month  since  I  revamped  &  I’ve  already  reached  100+  followers ,    something  I  truly  wasn’t  expecting .   I  just  wanted  to  thank  you  all  for  following  me  &  supporting  me  &  loving  Cassia .   she’s  a  character  I’ve  been  developing  for  years  now  &  to  be  quite  honest ,   at  first  I  didn’t  think  anyone  would  like  her .   she  was  also  one  of  my  very  first  experiences  with  indie  rp  &  I’m  immensely happy  that  I  started  it .   I’m  so  grateful  that  I  get  to  write  with  all  of  you ,   to  grow  as  both  a  writer  &  a  person  with  your  help .   I’m  trying  to  keep  this  short  &  simple  so  I’m  not  gonna  ramble  anymore .   just  thank  you  &  I  love  you  all !

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On the list of things that were seriously considered but not done because a companion was in the room at the time, we have Fisto.

If it were just ED-E or Rex, or if the companion of the moment were Arcade or Cass or Veronica or even Raul, then maybe he would’ve gone for it. But poor Boone’s brain doesn’t need to be scarred that badly.

Interesting fact. The name “Harrison” is currently the most popular it’s been since the late 1880’s. It is rapidly climbing the popular names list in the US. Not in the top ten and probably never will be (not even breaking the top 100 yet), but a dramatic uptick still. I’m kinda fascinated by names and naming practices. If I were to go to college now rather than over a decade ago (let’s not say how over), I would totally be a sociology major looking at naming practices and trends. One thing you hear from a lot of people when there’s a character with a popular name is complaints from new parents about how “Everyone thinks we named her/him after [Popular character], but we picked the name before [the movie/book/TV series] even came out!”

This is almost always true. Characters whose names are super trendy are almost never responsible for the trend. Instead, they are a result of the trend. Take Isabella, the name forever cursed to be associated with the main character of Twilight. The book came out in 2005. The name first made the top 100 names for girls in the US in 1998 and first made the top 25 in 2002. All without the help of sparkly vampires.

So it’s probably not shocking that the main original character in the Flash TV series has a first name that started to trend upward just before the series came out. “Harrison” starts its upward trend around 2010/2011. Again, it’s not super popular. The girl’s name “Paisley” is more common. But, other than Joe, it’s current the most common first name on the show. 

For the Anon that asked about appropriation

A good rule of thumb (for myself, anyway. It’s worked to far) is to just automatically assume that if it’s labelled ‘Indigenous’ or ‘Native’, then it’s probably closed to you unless a) you are part of that culture, or, b) people of that culture have stated that it is not closed.

And now, a list of closed religions off the top of my head:

  • Anything Native American
  • Shinto
  • Voodoo and Santeria
  • Hawaiian
  • Judaism
  •  Wicca (Gardenarian and Alexandrian)

-Mod S

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ew do me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

HEY YOU GOT CHARAS EX HUSBAND ANDREW FERENCE. I love him he’s really nice and hot and the best but he’s like also not…really in the NHL anymore so he barely counts but the oilers still have him listed on their roster so he’s still getting paid by them. but also he’s been preparing for his post nhl career for years now so you’re probably set.

You know, between the highly popular “Stan’s attempts at flirting constantly attract cryptids” headcanon and theories about Bill there’s a lot of post-finale fic involving Ford protecting or rescuing Stan. Which I’m sure does happen, y’know. Stan stumbles into his fair share of trouble and when he does I’m sure Ford is quick to go after him.

But with a  617.19% distress quotient holy cow clearly we need more post-finale scenarios of Stan rescuing Ford. And now that I’ve brought it up I feel personally obligated to make a list or something.