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I'm probably gonna kill myself. I don't know what else to do.

don’t kill yourself now, tomorrow, tonight, or in anytime because you are worth living with thousands of reasons to be happy, i feel bad for you in what you’ve been through but trust me these thoughts are going to fade away sooner, i love you, people around you loves you and they do appreciate you no matter what. please stay strong because there are plenty reasons to live and i’ll just list you as many as i can okay?

  • you have forever to be dead
  • for that comforting feeling when a cat finally allows you to pick them up and sticks by your side
  • life can be beautiful
  • everything will balance out
  • new music
  • books you can’t put down
  • theres still so much to discover
  • you are needed
  • sleep food
  • a hot cup of tea
  • how awesome it feels when class gets cancelled
  • kittens
  • hearing a song that has been stuck in your head all day
  • the smell of cookies in the oven
  • when your parents are proud of you
  • when your favourite song comes on the radio
  • there are beautiful places to see
  • bucket lists to complete
  • rules to break
  • art to see & create
  • to fade your scars
  • to find something you believe in
  • to help someone
  • falling asleep to rain
  • smiling at strangers
  • 7 billion people you haven’t met yet

okay i know Hardeen was a Terrible arc for everyone involved, but what if Obi Wan had told Anakin about faking his death? Anakin’s like no worries dude I Got This, except he really. does not,,

the only reason his “acting” is remotely believable is because almost no one has seen him like this before, so it must be due to all the grief and loss and heartbreak and anger and whatnot

he starts by sobbing over Obi Wan’s supposedly dead body for a solid two hours when Obi gets shot down. “LOOK at him, so cold and Lifeless. D: HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE WARM AND FULL OF LIFE, SNIPS. I know last week I checked his pulse because he was meditating so calmly I thought he passed away in his sleep, BUT HE’S USUALLY SO WARM AND FULL OF LIFE.”

It goes on until Anakin has finished everything on his painstakingly written Outline from last night. At least half of Coruscant hears part of this speech. Mace sends Obi the security footage later, at a time he knows Anakin will be there to sit through it with Obi, because if we had to suffer then you do too, Obi Wan. 

then at the funeral, Anakin pulls out a twenty foot scroll of real actual paper, because he would appreciate this, I think, and clears his throat loudly and messily before telling the council that he has prepared a few words for the greatest jedi this order, nay, this GALAXY has ever seen, and will ever see, no matter how long any of us live—

five hours later,, he’s still going strong. half the eulogy is Terrible and V Cringeworthy, but the other half is actually v heartfelt and moving. even Mace and Yoda have to blink away some tears. 

it becomes easier after Anakin starts going into Unnecessary Details about obi wan’s life, like how he’ll miss holding onto those heavy 327 thread count woolen robes when he’s saving obi’s ass (curvature 48.5 degrees) for the 23094th time, and how he’ll never see a more sincere expression of Compassion than he saw when reading line 83 of Obi Wan’s eighth letter to Duchess Satine last month, quoted now as follows— 

Ahsoka enlists Plo Koon’s help and they finally shuffle him over to the side, promising him they can finish his fake eulogy at the council dinner tonight. Obi Wan’s death may be fake, but MY WORDS ARE REAL, SNIPS, HOW DARE YOU. says Anakin, before he (a little gleefully) starts destroying the walls to show how Emotionally Compromised he is over this 100% real death. 

he takes the 212th drinking, after having told all of them, too. so now there are 293637 men crying about Obi Wan (relatable af, y/y), all of which have the acting talent of a wilted blade of grass. there are 283747 toasts, and every single person there cries for each and every one of them, despite everyone knowing obi is still alive

Deaths Barry Allen has directly witnessed

In order….

  • Nora Allen
  • Clyde Mardon (Weather Wizard 1)
  • Danton Black (Multiplex)
  • Unnamed man killed by Leonard Snart
  • Bette Sans Souci (Plastique)
  • Tony Woodward (Girder)
  • Farooq Gibran (Blackout)
  • Hannibal Bates (Everyman)
  • Jake Simmons (Deathbolt)
  • Nora Allen (take 2)
  • Eddie Thawne
  • Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash)
  • Ronnie Raymond
  • Al Rothstein (Atom Smasher)
  • Eddie Slick (Sand Demon)
  • Joe West (Earth 2)
  • Ronnie + Martin (Deathstorm)
  • Cisco Ramon (Reverb)
  • Eliza Harmon (Trajectory)
  • Griffin Grey (no alias)
  • Numerous members of the police force
  • Dante Ramon (Rupture)
  • Henry Allen
  • Hunter Zoloman (Zoom)
  • Wally West (? did he die in Flashpoint? seems ambiguous)
  • Nora Allen (take 3)
  • Edward Clariss (The Rival)
  • Iris West (future)
Classic Literature Bad Boy Crushes, A Ranking

Level 1: Mr. Darcy. Strictly entry-level. Really just awkward and kinda rude, hasn’t killed anyone.

Level 2: Lord Byron. Significantly edgier, with a laundry list of real and fictional misdeeds. Probably killed someone at some point.

Level 3: Rodion Raskolnikov. Welcome to Russian literature. You’re definitely lusting after a murderer now, but at least he’s repentant.

Level 4: Nikolai Stavrogin. You’ve graduated to Dostoevsky’s Baddest Boy. He kills people and doesn’t even feel bad after. You’re equally repulsed and turned on (as was everyone in the novel, it’s OK) and beyond all help.

Level 5: Satan.

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Hi Hiller- when I was younger I loved to draw. I'm an adult now and for some reason when I sit down in front of a piece of paper I don't know what to do. What advice do you have for a grown up who forgot how to draw?

Oooh that’s a tricky one. Sitting in front of a blank piece of paper is probably the most intimidating thing and has always been kind of scary for me. I’ve come up with a list of things for you to try to make drawing a bit easier.

A. Work on old paper/materials. End papers from discarded books, craft pads from second hand stores, a notepad from grandma’s junk drawer, a cool piece of wood you find in a dumpster, stuff like that. It takes away the pressure of having to create a perfect thing if the material you’re working on is already flawed or smells weird.

B. Draw a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Only a small fraction of things I draw end up being shared, maybe every one out of twenty things will be decent. What people don’t see is the heap of not-so-great things I create in the process of making that one thing. If you’re drawing different ideas all the time, and thinking of how to make those ideas better when you’re not drawing, eventually you will get better and the good ideas will come more easily and more frequently.

C. It’s incredibly hard to draw when you are overly prepared to draw. Sitting down with the intent to create a perfect drawing adds a terrible amount of pressure and is the thing that trips so many people up and makes it hard to even start creating in the first place. Draw informally, when you’re watching television or listening to music. Watch a movie and draw a picture of something you hear that would be interesting when taken out of context. Try to not think too much about it. Approach drawing from an angle, not head on, if that makes sense.

D. Finding your subject matter can also be difficult and may be what you’re actually talking about here. A few things influence the content of my drawings:

  1. Inspiration from the world around me. Other artists’ work, books I read, music, conversations I have while waiting to buy groceries, things like this.
  2. My feelings and internal dialogue, what I’m thinking about or am moved by or want to express to others. Daydreams, real dreams, imagined conversations are all good sources for drawing material as they are things that no one else would ever know about unless you expressed them.
  3. My ability as an artist. I am less of an M. C. Escher and more of a David Shrigley. You have to find the right spot on the infinitely wide spectrum of art in which you can create work that you like and you think is good. I like drawing amorphous shapes and faces and fun things, so that is where I’m currently situated. Agnes Martin drew lines and dots and is well known because she was super good at it.

Hopefully, at some point, 1, 2, and 3 will come together and allow you to create something that you consider great or good or even okay will do sometimes.

I think those are four good things to think about. The very beginning is the hardest part when it comes to making art, I wish we could all just skip it. Hopefully this will help you, and maybe others, get started again.

So I've had the Gaston song from "Beauty and the Beast" stuck in my head so now I'm imagining it for Jason

Roy: gosh it disturbs me to see you Jason, with your sad looks and hunched head
Most people probably want to be you Jason, despite the fact that you’ve been dead
There’s no one around with a kill list like yours
You’re my all time favorite guy
Vigilantes are awed and inspired by you
And it’s not very hard to see Whyyyyyyyyy-YYAAAAh
No one’s sick like Jason
Can throw bricks like Jason
Nobody can catch on as quick as Jason
There’s no batboy around half as muscly

Starfire: Perfect, this boy, our Jason

Roy: you can ask any hero or villain
And they’ll tell you whose side that they’d rather be on

Batboys: No one’s dead like Jason
Looks good in red like Jason

Roy: No one looks as good of a man as Jason



Jason: I needed encouragement, thank you, my Roy


Batboys: No one fights like Jason
Shoots out lights like Jason

Roy: Batman’s even been put in a fright by Jason

Starfire: for there’s no one as handsome and vengeful

Jason: as you see I have guns out to spare

Roy: not a bit of him looks less than perfect

Jason: come by and I’ll show you what I have to share 😏😏😏😏

Batboys: no one’s fit like Jason
Takes bigass shits like Jason

Roy: no one can aim cherry pits like Jason


Batboys: more guns for Jason!!

Jason: when I was a boy I was beaten to death by a clown who was crazy as hell
But then I came back and I’m sort of an ass, but to be honest I turned out real wellllllll

Batboys: my what a nut that Jason
No one shoots like Jason
Wears nice boots like Jason

Roy: As a kid nobody could loot like Jason


All: my what a guy, JASONNNNNNNNNN

This parody is 100% my original work :)

I’m a bit blown (DOINKED) by how well timed and amazing this milestone is for me. Thank you so much for following!

I have to mention a few names. There is a multitude of talented FFXIV blogs I follow and reblog from, as well as amazing mutuals that have influenced me with their own final fantasy blogs. I love final fantasy, it’s no secret, so when I joined tumblr and followed these blogs immediately and they’ve given me entertainment ever since. 

I love you @cactuarqueen, @ethernalium, @newty, @steffydoodles, @kukurubean, @themeifantasy, @snurbleberry, @solfreyr , @wyrmforge , @sylvan-rain , @quartercirclejab , @korpokkur-kid , @mcstronghuge , @necrologos@ladyrivienne , @devalentione I know I’m missing names and I hate it, but you account for a good chunk of my content (reblogs) and that’s everything I love. 

I can only do so much content, that’s why I absolutely enjoy showcasing content of interest on my blog. More than that, I’ve reached out and bothered all of you with final fantasy, metal gear, nier, or anything of interest going on with games! And I love it!

I look forward to bothering you guys more about final fantasy/nier/metal gear/whatever else sinks it’s claws into me. 

I know you guys are super excited about stormblood (and so am I) but I wanted to get this out of the way before I get sucked into stormblood so, thank you for following, I hope to continue to give you guys entertaining stuff!

  • Sith Warrior: So here's who's on the list so far - Vemrin. That one might not even count because that's what acolytes DO. Am I right, Lana?
  • Lana:
  • Sith Warrior:
  • Sith Warrior: Anyway...Nomen Karr, Lord Draagh, Darth Baras, Quinn - shoutout to my boy Quinn for surviving that!
  • Quinn: Thank you, my lord!
  • Sith Warrior: You're welcome, buddy! Don't make me regret it!
  • Quinn: I won't, my lord!
  • Sith Warrior: Then we have Darth Malgus, Darth Arkous, The Hand, and the Sith Emperor. Revan doesn't really count, but he was a massive pain in the ass so he's on here.
  • Quinn: The caliber of the people on the list...I'm impressed, to say the least!
  • Sith Warrior: A man is measured by his enemies, damn right, Quinn! Stop interrupting me.
  • Quinn: Apologies, my lord.
  • Sith Warrior: Moving on. Then there's Arcann, Senya-
  • Senya: Hey, that's not fair! I shouldn't be on the list! I just wanted to save my son!
  • Sith Warrior:
  • Sith Warrior: ...Ssssssenya, Koth, Saresh, and Valkorion again. Definitely not surprising. And lastly - Empress Acina, probably the Scions, and whoever the asshole is that tried to fry me on a doomsday chair.
  • Sith Warrior: SO, does anyone else feel like betraying me? I'd really like to know beforehand because I'm getting too old for this shit and I'm only 30. Just let me know now.
  • Theron: I'd like to-
  • Sith Warrior: SIT!
  • Theron:
  • Sith Warrior:
  • Theron:
  • Sith Warrior: DOWN!

Darkiplier getting upset with how none of his attempts to seduce his person of interest (POI) are working, so he decides to speed up the process by leaving his POI in a pocket dimension where only the void and endless nothingness exists. The POI starts to slowly lose their mind as the nothingness seemingly engulfs them entirely. With nothing to process, their brain starts imagining terrors beyond their most horrifying nightmares, and haunting sounds coming from nowhere but their own head. They get so desperate to feel or see something in the endless void that they start clawing at their skin, just so the pain can distract them from the maddening nothingness and they can experience any sort of sensation. Even pain is better than emptiness. When Dark finally goes to retrieve his POI, they’re a blabbering, shaking mess. They hurl themselves into Dark’s arms, begging for forgiveness as they sob loudly. Dark spends the rest of the day with his POI, hugging and kissing them, running his hands through their hair, listening to music with them, sitting in the sun, whispering in their ear. Dark’s favorite thing to do is try to leave the room only to have his emotionally broken POI break down sobbing because they can’t stand to be left alone again. Even if his POI recovers physically from the experience, the threat alone of being sent back is more than enough to warrant their immediate obedience.

Title: First Fight
Pairing: Analogical
A/N: i’m…not confident about this one lol hopefully it doesn’t suck and hopefully it’s not complete and total garbage like I think it issss @undertakershairline

It’d been about twenty minutes since Virgil left, and Logan was starting to wonder what happened.  When the anxious side had stormed off, they’d simply been talking about a few of Virgil’s concerns.  Logan, never the one to quite understand Virgil’s immediate emotional reaction to certain things, tossed out the concerns and reminded Virgil how irrational the thought process was.

Which was when Virgil stormed off.  Logan sighed and sunk out to find his boyfriend, having a good idea to where he might have run off.

Sure enough, at the end of the hallway upstairs was a window seat. And that window seat was covered up by a large dark sheet with what looked like phone light being the only thing to shine through.  “Virgil?” Logan called as he pushed open the makeshift curtain.

The anxious side sat in a ball, the stuffed bear he loved so much kept balanced on his calves.  As he locked eyes with Logan, Virgil clicked his phone to sleep and put it down at his side, flipping his hood up and burying his face in his knees.

“Virgil, what are you doing?” Logan asked as he sat down, letting the curtain fall back against them.

Virgil huffed and mumbled into his knees just quiet enough that Logan couldn’t make out what he said.

“What was that?” Logan asked, leaning in just a bit closer.

Which was when Virgil threw his hood off and got to his feet, shoving the curtain away and tearing it down.  “Being irrational, apparently!” Virgil shouted as he stormed off towards the commons room.

Logan sat frozen, unsure of what to make of the situation at first.  What in the world was Virgil talking about?!  As he went after Virgil, he found him once again curled up, this time on the sofa.

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Choices Made Me Want To Be Better.

No little notes this time, just a bunch of thoughts typed into a small box. 

#ChoicesCreates Round 23

Hosted by @texanhusker @hollyashton 

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this, because I wasn’t sure if I could find the right words. It’s sort of funny, coming from someone that writes a lot to have words fail me. 

The thing is, I am so used to putting my thoughts and feelings really deep, hiding them and remaining silent - only allowing smaller ones to the surface. Because I operate on a certain level; whenever I’m feeling off, depressed, moody, alone - I funnel it all into writing. (Not so much anymore before this fandom) and perhaps that’s why they sometimes come off sort of emotional to some when I do write. It’s therapeutic in a way.

I think what first drew me to choices was its pleasingly aesthetic look. I am honest and shallow enough to admit that. At the time, Choices allowed me to sink out of my reality, and I needed that break. I gravitated towards The Freshman, before I started playing the other books and by the time Endless Summer came out - I was pretty committed to this fandom. And to be honest - all of their books have varying degrees of appeal but the reason why I brought up the freshman specifically because at the time it was pretty relatable.

I had just finished university a few short months ago, while wrestling through a really dark period of my life. Just to go through this really quickly, I was pretty sick for about a year (probably even before that because of symptoms) and had to be in and out of the hospital for treatments. I didn’t write much then, (I’ve written on and off for years) because when I wasn’t really depressed about my circumstances, I had school to focus on. Sometimes, the whole year still kind of feels unreal - sometimes I think about it; wow I really went through all of that? In any case that year in all my brief years on this Earth was really awful and crappy. But it was a little after that period that brings me here; when I had only just found out about choices. I was okay back then, and it was better to be okay than not okay.

At first I was just playing through it really quickly, trying to picture myself and what it was like to a freshman again without all the burdens of five years (at the time I think the freshman had only two books).  But then I began playing it more and more, until I invested a lot of time and money into it. I found myself falling in love with how well developed the characters were from not only that specific book, but the others as well; stretching genres until I was convinced I wouldn’t delete the app from my phone. Then I started going through tumblr (my tumblr which I barely used at the time; ironic because I check this so often now) wondering if there was a fandom for it. Then I found Holly’s blog and began stalking in silence LOL before seeing and reading from other blogs too. Eventually I started following said blogs until I decided I wanted to become a part of this choices fandom. It’s the first only fandom I’m really in.  I fell for the captivating story of Endless Summer - it’s frustrating yet satisfying plot, adored the characters of The Freshman, found my hidden passion for angst from The Royal Romance, and found myself nearly the edge of my seat of wanting to solve mysteries with Sam and Dave in Most Wanted. 

I’m sure some of this sounds familiar. This simple app had started it all for me - until that simple app meant more, a lot more to me. Then the people in this fandom began meaning a lot more to me too.

All of a sudden I was looking forward to what people thought after chapters, discussing and partaking in tasteful discourse - and making friendships. I started to believe in me again. I started believing in writing again. And I was channeling my emotions in a way that was starting to feel healthy - if not therapeutic (coincidentally I was sort of doing what my therapist at the time told me to do).

Being in this fandom gave me a purpose again. I wanted to write fanfiction (something I’ve never done before this point), wanted to make people cry and laugh with little scenarios and ideas I’ve had cooped up inside my head. I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to break out of those stupid chains I placed on myself, and reached out to make friendships. I wanted to give my ideas and discuss fandom discourse while respecting other people’s rights to have different opinions too. I am still struggling on that last bit recently but give me time. 

I guess what I’m really saying is - thank you fandom and @playchoices for giving me a safe outlet to feel like myself again. Thank you for making me feel like my voice matters.

stereotypical-bitch  asked:

Hi! So I've been wanting/interested to major in Anthropology, not sure if I want to do specifically a cultural or physical branch, but my parents have been worried about jobs and what I'm going to do after college. I've been researching but I figured it was probably good to also ask someone who actually has a degree in it :)

I took the academia track, but there’s LOADS to do that’s not research/teaching. Here’s a couple of good lists!

In my experience, I’ve seen anthro majors get pretty good jobs in advertising and marketing- my sister’s sorority sister was an anthro/marketing double major and now she’s on the marketing team for Urban Decay. One major I sort of know ended up at Google, working on the User Experience team- they love anthro majors. Phys anth people do well in medical or science fields- a gal in my program now manages a youth nutrition/health initiative at Lurie Children’s Hospital here in Chicago, for instance. Anthro also works super great as a minor or second major, regardless of your primary!

Hope you don’t mind that I published this- it could be really useful for other people thinking of majoring!

Things Gin would call his s/o and why
  • Chickadee
    • Gin likes birds, i guess
    • fond and light. domestic.
  • China Doll
    • they don’t know why
    • ????? 
    • he just did once or twice
  • Honey
    • and all variations thereof: honey nut, honeybunch, honeybabe, honey flower, honeybee (this one his s/o did like), honeybutton, honeybird, honeybun, etc etc etc
  • Sweet 
    • Same as above. Sweet Thing, Sweetheart, sweetcheeks (a flat no), sweetums (also a no), sweetness, sweetbrittle (???), sweet bun, sweet tea, etc
    • kind of degenerates into food items with ‘sweet’ in front of them
    • how you know he’s out of it
    • “Y’re v’ry pretty, sweetchicken.” he says, bleeding out.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    •  because it makes them paranoid about him watching them while they sleep
    • (he does sometimes. it’s actually sweet.)
  • Babycakes 
    • (once and he got kicked in the balls for it)
  • Heaven-sent 
    • made them blush a lot
    • sex name? sex name.
    • sort of floats between adjective and name
  • Roll cake 
    • (???????)
    • came out of nowhere
  • Cherry blossom 
    • Byakuya thought it was referring to him. Gin did not have a fun time
  • Muffin
    • his s/o was not into this one. kinda cute though.
  • Tulip
    • Actually, flowers do fairly well with his s/o. Rosebud, lily, blossom, tulip, peony, etc etc.
    • he likes tulip though. 
    • “You need to wake up, tulip. Missed your alarm.”
  • Mouse
    • probably a favorite of his. Both snakes and foxes eat mice, and Gin is definitely into the idea of ‘playing with his food’ so to speak. Also, if his s/o is shy or quiet he’s definitely going to latch onto this one.
    • makes him think of them as something small and gentle he can protect
    • his s/o doesn’t mind it as much as they should 
    • probably fond of things like ‘bunny’ or ‘rabbit’ and ‘fawn’ for the same reasons.
    • s/o:”please stop calling me prey animals it worries me”
  • Bluebird
    • more birds. Gin honestly pulls these out of his ass.
    • Robin, swallow, sparrow, finch, maybe falcon if they’re angry. 
  • Flutter
    • ??????
  • Butterfly
    • “enough with the opera references, Gin.”
    • “You don’t even like Madame Butterfly.”
  • Heartbreaker
    • fond and kind of wistful
    • every now and then when he gets the feeling his s/o could maybe do better but he knows he’d never let them
  • Sunshine
    • he’s fond of it, but his s/o could take it or leave it.
  • Stardust
    • he tried ‘asteroid’ first and it just didn’t go well
    • a soothing one
    • uses it a lot during aftercare 
  • Kitten
    • Grimmjow wouldn’t let him
    • “that’s not yours.”
  • Babydoll 
    • he could swear he heard Shinji from two worlds away hissing about ‘stealing his names’ and never said it again
    • didn’t quite fit anyway
  • Love 
    • and all derivatives thereof: 
    •  Lovelylocks (nobody told him there was a cartoon princess named this, but if he knew it wouldn’t stop him), Lovebird, Lovely, Lovespark (????), lovebug, lover, etc
  • Beloved 
    • an exceptional success despite it’s archaic sound
    • he’s only got to say it once in their ear and they know he’s angling to get them into bed
  • Mine
    • He’s probably said, more than once, “that one’s mine” and gotten kicked in the shin for it
    • still. true.
Reblog if you'd read a story about mythical creatures helping people with disorders and disabilities that doesn't end with them simply being "healed"

I want to see what the demand for this would be if I write this.

Anyway the term “Mary Sue” needs to die in a goddamn fire, especially since people apparently can’t stop using it as a catch-all term for:

  • “female character that is more capable/skilled at A Thing than at least one (1) male character”
  • “female character that is capable/skilled at more than one Thing”
  • “female character that isn’t a love interest”
  • “female character that is a love interest”
  • “female character that isn’t written perfectly”
  • “female character that is well written but isn’t pandering to me [especially when ‘me’ refers to a male reader/viewer]”
  • “female character I just don’t like Because Reasons”

I’m back!! Not really lol I’m still bedridden but I’m home~

And some scanlation group already gave me a good laugh by calling me indecent and rude because I pointed out they stole my scans. That laugh really did do me good lol But still, you wrong~

But they did kinda kill my motivation to keep on working on Tadaima Okaeri… so much went wrong with Vol. 2 already… like me literally cutting pages in half or accidentally doodling on pages. And not to forget the missing cleaner -.- But if anyone wants to help translate it, let me know. As I’m finding out recently, it’s difficult to type on my keyboard lying down. My poor neck…

I’ll rest some more tomorrow and than get back to scanlation~ And I’ll update the project list soon, too.

And I probably should go to bed now It’s almost 4 am… again -.- But I wanna watch some more Netflix :/