i'm probably just getting sick again

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quick! post the last thing you've drawn that you haven't already posted!

someone bathe this boy. (what a spontaneous ask you’re lucky i had something presentable haha!)


coraline, paranorman, and the boxtrolls aren’t tim burton movies

tim burton does not own the craft of stop-motion and not every stop-motion film is made by him

he has only been involved in the production of four stop-motion movies and those ones i just listed are not included

claymation is a form of stop-motion and is not an accurate description of all stop-motion ever, only the stuff using clay

all claymation is stop-motion but not all stop-motion is claymation

claymation is actually a trademarked phrase belonging to laika/house special (the company who made the above three movies) however none of those films are clay animated

the puppets in those movies were anything but clay

give credit where it is due and pls stop using the term “claymation” for all stop-motion thnx

Phone Calls

Word Count: 668

Warnings: None

Summary: baz wanted to let it ring longer to make it seem like he had a lot going on. he couldn’t wait.

[sorry if it sucks, i just started writing from a random sentence i thought of and this is what happened]


When Simon Snow called Baz, he picked up after the third ring. He wanted to wait longer, to make it seem like he had a lot going on. Maybe he would answer, maybe he wouldn’t. He definitely would, he just didn’t want Simon to know that. But it felt like minutes between each ring and he was afraid Simon wouldn’t wait, so he answered and tried not to sound excited.

“Hello?” Baz asked, as if he didn’t know who it was. As if it could have been anyone. He knew who it was.

“Hey, Baz?” Just hearing his name out of his mouth was enough. Even if he just asked for the homework assignment and pretended like yesterday didn’t happen, it would be ok. At least he’d still know it happened.

“Hi.” He was sitting on his bed, legs curled up under him like a baby deer. Simon was trying to imagine him. He was always out on the football pitch in Simon’s head, sweating and running, but right now he was trying to imagine him at home, curled in his bed like a cat.

They were quiet, just listening to each other breathe. The entire world felt so small, like everything was tripping on the moment that they would talk. Baz felt hot all over, just like he did before, their lips and bodies crashing into each other, grabbing for anything to hold themselves up. They were tearing each other apart.

“I-I'm…” Baz was worried Simon would say that he wasn’t gay.


He would probably hang up if he did. Just throw the phone across the room and let it smash against the wall. He was so sick of those words, over and over again as their teeth clinked and his skin tingled. It was tingling now. Just hearing Simon Snow alive and on the other end of the phone was enough to send him spinning.

Simon took a deep breath and swallowed, trying to get the words out. He had been saying them to himself since he went home yesterday, and now he wanted to say them to Baz.

I love you.

“I miss you.” He said instead; he was so nervous and his skin tingled and his shirt was too tight. How was he ever going to talk to him if he couldn’t even think?

Baz didn’t even try to stop the feeling that shivered down his spine. He let it wreak havoc across his skin, blooming goose bumps, flushing his cheeks, turning everything cold and hot all at once, finally letting it settle in his toes. He was so happy. “I miss you too.”

“I wish I didn’t leave so fast yesterday. I wanted to stay.” Simon felt like a tap. He was finally learning what word vomit was. Usually he couldn’t get the words out, now he couldn’t get them to stay in. “I wanted to…” He wanted to do a lot of things. “I wish you were here.”

Baz could feel his adrenaline soaring, like he was sitting on a cloud. “I wish I was there too. Just to…I don’t know. I wanted to talk to you yesterday.” Now he was stumbling through his sentences. Him–the boy who could talk circles around any teacher, any parent–stumbling and bumbling. What has he done to me? "I always want to talk to you.“

"I don’t know…” Simon mimicked and Baz smiled. They both stopped again. And then quietly, almost so quietly Baz wasn’t sure he heard it or hallucinated it, Simon whispered, “I love you.” It was almost too much. He sounded scared, like he thought Baz wasn’t going to say it back. It felt like his heart was going to explode. Maybe it was.

“God I’ve wanted you to say those words for so long.” Baz whispered back. Simon grinned until his cheeks hurt and the panic pulling at his chest subsided. “I love you too.”

“Can I see you tomorrow? Please?”


Rainy day

 Super long chapter, I couldn’t seem to find a good place to cut it so I kept going. Real sorry about that.

Special thanks to ladytitanium for requesting some rain fluff <3

But apparently I cant just make happy chapters so make sure to blame kitsunaii and dinkywitch for the pain.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [Previous] [Next] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Warnings: Bad weather, self indulgent fluff, scares, swearing, threats, body horror? (Yeah you already know what’s going down ahaha I’m so sorry)

Update: Look there’s fanart for this chapter! And here’s some more! 

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  • Person: why are you crying?
  • Me: Krystal Goderich was a precious innocent baby and they fucked with her, Paul is dead, Cophine is fighting again, I'm probably never going to get my Rudy/Helena brotp, Sarah Manning isn't with her daughter, Elizabeth Childs is dead, we haven't seen Tony Sawicki in an entire season, Rachel Duncan is gone and she's the only one with the key, Angie DeAngelis isn't around, we've only had Luisa in one episode, Cosima is sick, Gracie lost her baby, Coady is still alive, we don't know if Charlotte is okay, Cosima made it sound like Beth's death meant nothing, which it did because she's not actually dead, she's just faking it, Coady has the Island of Dr. Moreau book, Jennifer Fitzsimmons is dead, Delphine and Cosima don't look at each other the way that they used to, Mrs. S hasn't met Tony, Alison hasn't met Tony, Kira hasn't met Tony, Cosima hasn't met Tony
  • Me: So take your pick.

i can’t do it

i can’t ls

i’ve had everything open but i keep feeling like i’m going to fall asleep

~__~ i’ve been up for so long and i’ve been exhausted all day why am i so run down i hate being so unproductive when i say i’m going to do something

i’ll try to livestream tomorrow if i can gather the energy i’m really sorry if you were looking forward to it ;__; my batteries are emtpy

emotionally / physically drained whine whine whine

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ok but what if levi had some really bad headache, stomach ache etc? would he still not bother? or at least would it be visible that he is sick and would anyone want to help? I'm just curious

He’s more the type of guy who likes to deal with this stuff himself. So he’d probably get a tea, lie down and try to get some sleep until he’s better. Or until he can ignore it again.

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SEEEENPAAAAAIII~~~!! So I watched the live stream. Again. It was awesome. AND AAAAAAAH. I dunno if you've seen it yet. But I can't do much besides scream about it it was just so sweet. I probably might spoil you for this so I'm sorry. Anyhoo it seems Makkachin did get sick. It was clear from the get go when they showed Makkachin eyeing the manjuu placed on the altar for Vicchan. Hope Makkachin gets well.

TSUKKI!! *hugs tightly*! Yes I saw it! I tend to avoid tumblr a few hours before the newest ep to avoid spoilers now so it’s fine!

Such a sweet episode omg!

About Makkachin, I’ll  tell you now that I am almost certain about this but I think Makkachin will be fine!!

Because look at this face:

Viktor is so shook up by having to choose to leave his skater or be by his dog’s side. Especially considering what happened to Vi-chan, it’s clearly a big deal, and would have plot repercussions. So if something worse were to happen to Makkachin I don’t think the creators would trivialise it with this:

Besides I feel the need to point out Mickey’s skate for his sister Sala, and how she said he needed to learn how to skate well not just when it’s for her or they’d both fail. This is most likely to be used as a contrast of some sort, and we need to see how well Yuuri can skate when Viktor’s not there. He does his best when it’s for Viktor clearly, but can he do his best for him on his own? Without Viktor being there as physical proof of his support? 

I think he certainly can! But Yuuri needs to do it to believe it, and he can only get stronger from this. I envision a happy end to Russia’s tournament with Yuuri qualifying, strong once more, and a happy revelation that Makkachin is okay!

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Listen bitch, the ASPD Community is sick of you and your unnecessary commentary on matters that don't concern you. We're high-functioning sociopaths, don't you get it? We could really hurt you if we wanted to but, then again, you'd still probably argue that we are not sociopaths after all that. I was diagnosed when I was 14 so I think I know what I'm talking about. I have ASPD and you can't tell me I don't, you're just some silly little cunt with a stupid blog. You don't deserve oxygen.