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still not Scott’s worst idea

@wonderavian i saw your TAG texts post about little alan being scared by a haunted house and things got a little out of hand.

John knew from the start that the haunted house was a terrible idea. You never thought they would get to you, until you were standing in a darkened room, strobe lights assaulting your optic nerves and strangers jumping out at you. He’d warned Scott, but his brother had already fallen way too deep down the rabbit hole of Halloween spirit, and there was no talking him out of it. And of course Alan was at that age where he wanted to do everything just like his big brother, and he’d insisted on going in as well.

Which meant that John had little choice but to follow the two of them away from the safe, welcoming activity of the state fair and into the haunted house, casting a dubious look at the sign that warned of live actors and an “interactive experience.” John may have been more into science and math than English, but he knew that didn’t bode well.

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Watching, Waiting

It was a cold winter night when he had found himself outside her window. Snow covered the fire escape and his neck was sweating from the scarf around it, but he didn’t mind. Both hands were busy holding bags full of baking ingredients, so he used his knee to tap the glass. Moments passed with no answer, so he placed the bags in the snow reluctantly and used his knuckles. Three knocks to the window and a few seconds later, she was standing in front of him looking more beautiful than the snow covered trees in Central Park.

“What are you doing here?” She asked while putting a diamond earring in. Her lips were painted more red than usual and her eyes were bluer than the ocean. He had seen Maya dress up before, but he couldn’t help but stare in awe.

“I brought some stuff,” he muttered after too long. He reached behind him for his bags and showed them to her with a grin. “Figured we could bake cookies and decorate them for the New Years party tomorrow!”

A smile settled on her lips, but it wasn’t enough to show the dimple that he had grown oh so fond of, nor did it reach her eyes. “That’s sweet Huckleberry, but I’ve got plans tonight.”

His heart sank, but he supposed he should have guessed that by the pretty black dress that she was wearing. He couldn’t help but notice how it hugged her in all the right places and was just long enough to leave a little bit to the imagination.

“I’m going out with Josh,” she smiled after he took too long to speak. This time, the smile showed brightly in her eyes.

“On a date?”

She rolled her eyes and turned away from him to continue getting ready. He stayed outside of her room, the snow picking up behind him. “Yes, Lucas. I’m going on a date.”

He was glad she had turned away so that she couldn’t see his frown. He knew she had always had a thing for Josh, but since when was it reciprocated? Just a week ago at the Matthew’s annual Christmas party he had been sucking some other girl’s face. Why did he decide he wanted her now?

“Would you shut the window?” She called over her shoulder. “Its cold out there and I don’t feel like dying of hypothermia before I even go out tonight.”

Lucas felt as if his heart had just been stomped on, but he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Have fun tonight, Maya. And be careful.”


It was a cold night when she opened her door to see Josh on the other side of it. His hair was gelled back and his brown eyes reflected a mischievous look that she knew could be found in hers as well. Her heels were high, so she found herself to be almost eye level with him, something that she wasn’t used to.

“Miss Hart,” he bowed in front of her. “You are looking lovely this evening.”

She laughed softly and grabbed the ends of her shawl since her dress was too tight to curtsy with. “Why thank you Mr. Matthews. You are looking quite dapper yourself.”

He cringed at the way she said “Mr. Matthews” and she felt her own nose wrinkle. “Mr. Matthews is my brother,” he chuckled. “Are you ready to go?”

She nodded and accepted his hand as they left her apartment. This was the night she had been waiting for ever since she was ten. Even then, when he was an awkward teenager just hitting puberty, she had hoped to walk with him hand in hand someday. She wasn’t sure what had made him change his mind about her, but she was not stupid enough to question a miracle. Perhaps the difference between seventeen and twenty was less drastic than all of the other years. No matter the reason, she was grateful that he had finally looked at her the way she did at him.


It was New Years Eve and they were at the Matthews house for their party. Maya was wearing a sparkly red dress and Lucas couldn’t take his eyes off of her no matter how hard he tried. Zay nudged him a few times, telling him that he was being far too obvious, but Lucas didn’t care. She was beautiful and she was draped all over him like they had been in love for years despite the fact that they had only been on a single date which happened to have been the night before. Josh was a nice guy and Lucas wanted to like him, but there was always something preventing their friendship. Even when Josh looked at Maya as Riley’s little friend, Lucas got a bad vibe from him. Everyone told him that he was being silly and that Josh was a Matthews so he had to be a nice guy, but Lucas wasn’t convinced of it.

When she met Lucas’s eyes from across the room, she gave him a small wave before returning to her conversation with Josh and a classmate. It burned a little to be blown off so easily, but he swallowed the pain and took another swig from his flask of whiskey. Farkle had scolded him, telling him that if any of the adults saw him that he would be kicked out, but Lucas only laughed in response. Let them, he thought. It would be better than this self inflicted torture of watching her with him.

The countdown began and he found himself still staring at them across the room. Everyone around him was yelling out the numbers with the tv, but they were whispering giddily to each other. At seven he was leaning down to say something into her ear. At six she was laughing and covering her mouth with joy. At five he was pulling her hand away and bringing it to his shoulder. At three she was looking at him as though he put the stars in the sky. At one their lips were connected and he was holding her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Happy New Year!”

The phrase echoed through his brain as he watched the two of them kissing in a way that made his stomach ache and his throat itch. He felt the urge to punch something, but a hand found itself on his shoulder before he could.

“Breathe,” Zay instructed. And Lucas tried, he really did. Zay saw the fire in his eyes still burning and decided they should leave before he did something.


It was Valentine’s Day and she found herself gagging at the couples in the hallway being way too affectionate for her liking. There was a fundraiser for the basketball team where people bought roses to send to their significant others and her female classmates were taking it way too seriously if you asked her.

“It’s because your boyfriend is in college,” Missy told her while shoving the dozen or so roses she had received into her locker. “You already win at life, there is no need for you to worry about trivial high school roses.”

“Maybe,” she sighed. Josh was at college a lot and didn’t always have time for her childish requests such as going on a Valentine’s date. She had texted him that morning to wish him a happy birthday as well as Valentine’s Day, but she never received a response.

“Hey Shortstack,” Lucas called from a few feet away.

She turned and looked up at him walking towards her with a rose in his hand and a lazy grin on his face. He held the flower out to her and she took it cautiously. “You got me one?” She asked carefully and curiously.

“Yeah,” he shrugged. She could tell he was feeling awkward by the way he scratched the back of his neck. “You seemed a little bummed that you didn’t get one in home room so I thought I would get you one.”

She smiled at him and hugged him tightly. She heard a slight gasp of surprise escape him which made her laugh. “Thanks Lucas.”


It was April when Lucas found himself grinding on some sophomore at an empty warehouse party. He had drank quite a bit and her skirt was pretty short and he’s a hormonal teenage boy so what was he expected to do? Just because he was in love with a girl who didn’t seem to bat an eye at him anymore didn’t mean he couldn’t have a few random hookups. The girl had a nice ass and she was short and blonde, not that he was comparing her to Maya. But if he was, Maya’s hair was much prettier than this girls because Maya’s hair was the color of sunshine and fell around her like a halo and this girl’s was too yellow and clearly unnatural. Maya had any nicer ass too.

He looked across the room to find the girl who he wished he was dancing with only to be annoyed when he found her. She was talking on her phone and she appeared to be upset by whatever the other person was saying. It didn’t take Farkle’s intelligence to figure out that it was Josh on the other line. He watched as she threw her free hand up in frustration and made her way to one of the exits. He knew he shouldn’t go after her and he more importantly shouldn’t even care, but he couldn’t help it. The sophomore grabbed his neck and pulled him down to kiss him, but he couldn’t find it in him to lead this poor girl on. He apologized halfheartedly to the girl before hustling over to where he had last seen Maya.

When he found her outside, she was looking up at the sky and holding herself tightly. The door slammed behind him, startling her, but she relaxed when she saw it was him.

“What are you doing here?” She asked after turning back to the sky. “Shouldn’t you be in the bathroom hooking up with that girl I saw you dancing with?”

He was a bit taken aback by the fact that she had noticed, but recovered quickly. “I could ask you the same question.”

She smirked at him and shook her head. “I’m more into brunettes. She’s not really my type.”

He rolled his eyes and stood next to her, holding onto the railing protecting them from plummeting to the city street. “I mean, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at a college party with your boyfriend instead of a high school one?”

She scoffed at the word “boyfriend” and he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of hope. “Josh is off at a study session with his tutor. Apparently calculus gets even harder in college.” He tried to laugh, but it sounded more like a choking noise. “He’s not really okay with me being here either.”

He tightened his grip on the railing and looked at her. “What do you mean? Why does he care?”

She sighed and looked back at him. “He thinks that high school parties are dumb and that all people do at them is get trashed and hook up. He’s mad that I even want to be here and he thinks I’m being immature.”

He rolled his eyes at the older boy’s stupidity. “But it’s okay when he goes to college parties? Where there are even more people and more booze and more places to hook up? How does that make sense?”

“Beats me,” she sighed. “He doesn’t realize that I have friends who I like to talk to. Friends like Riley and Missy and Zay and you and Farkle and Billy and everyone else in our fucking school.” It stung a bit when she grouped him with their other friends, but he knew that was all he was to her. “Its just exhausting having to try and explain it over and over again.”

He nodded and wrapped an arm around her shoulder comfortingly and she instinctively rested her head against his chest. “I’m here for you. I always will be.”

A week later she came into school beaming and told everyone that he had said the three magic words the night before and Lucas was left wondering how she could forgive him so easily.


It was a Saturday and loneliness was aching in her bones. She sat in the bath tub, letting the freezing water run over her feet. It had been hours since she decided to try and wash away his touch, but somehow she still felt it seeping into her pores. Her arms were raw and her hands had bled, but it wasn’t enough to be free of him.

He had promised her forever. He promised he would always stay and she stupidly believed him. His words were venomous but she was convinced that his kiss was the antidote. She let herself believe that he loved her because it was what she craved more than anything. She convinced herself that he was the sun, and perhaps she was right. What she failed to remember, however, is that the sun can burn and staring at it to long will blind you.

He told her he loved her and if this is what love felt like then she could never wish it upon her worst enemy. She had given him every part of her, mind and body, and he had let her, knowing that he would leave her in the dust. He was all she had ever wanted for as long as she could remember and now his scent made her sick and burned her throat as she gasped for air. He had planted himself deep within her lungs and now he was suffocating her. No matter how loud she screamed, no one could hear.


It was a Saturday and his fists were cut and his knuckles bleeding. The stone wall of the fireplace in his basement showed no sign of the beating it had just received, but his hands did. How could he do this to her? How could someone who called himself a man ever be such a coward? He had watched them together, selfishly wishing it was him for months, but it turned out he was right about the boy all that time.

Riley had called him because Maya couldn’t bare to. Riley told him that if she had called, Maya knew he would try and find Josh and end up killing him. She was right. He still wanted to and the thought remained in his brain even now, but he knew she would never forgive him. Riley told him how her uncle had been using Maya as somewhat of a rebound and Lucas didn’t hear anything she said after that. Something about Maya walking in on him with his ex. Lucas couldn’t process any of what Riley was saying because his blood was pounding in his ears and he was actually seeing red. Josh had told her he loved her, how could he treat her like this? Josh was all Maya ever wanted and he abused that and took advantage of her. With the already fragile outlook she had on love, he used her as a pawn.

He had tried calling her about thirty times already, but she never answered. He paced his basement in a fit of fury and contemplated finding Josh again. She may never forgive him, but the world sure would be a better place without that scum bag. Without another thought, he picked up his keys and headed to his car.


She’s not sure when she finally got out of the bath, but she was somehow on her bathroom floor now in an old tank top and shorts. Her heart still ached and her lungs were on fire as she gasped for air in between sobs. She gave him everything she had and it still wasn’t enough.

“Maya,” a familiar voice called from her bedroom. “Maya, where are you?”

She didn’t answer because quite frankly, she couldn’t. He must have followed the sound of her cries because before she knew it, Lucas was holding her in his arms and whispering that he was there for her.

“Maya, why are your arms all cut up?” He held her at a distance and examined her torn skin. “Please tell me you didn’t!”

She shook her head furiously and sobbed even louder. “Had to…. Still felt him…….. Wash away.”

His face contorted into a scowl and she knew somehow he understood what she was trying to say. She hadn’t told him when she had slept with Josh, but she was sure he could guess that it had happened.

She grabbed for his hand and he winced. She looked down and saw his bloodied knuckles before returning her gaze to his in horror. “Lucas!” She yelled. “No!”

It was his turn to shake his head. “I picked a fight with the fireplace and it won.” She didn’t quite believe him and he could definitely tell. “I know you would never forgive me, Maya. He deserves to feel some pain, but I won’t do that to you.”

Lucas was right, he did deserve to feel some pain, but she also knew that she didn’t want him to get hurt. Despite the fact that he had just broke her heart, she couldn’t bring herself to wish him harm. If she were completely honest, she was more mad at herself for letting him do this to her than she was at him for doing it.

Lucas broke her out of her self deprecating thoughts by lifting her into his arms and retreating into her room. He picked her up as if she were a small child and to be honest, she kind of felt like one right now. He laid her down on her bed and followed right behind her, holding her tightly and stroking her hair. “I’ve got you, Maya. I always do.”


It was May and prom was just around the corner, which meant he was working up the nerve to ask her. They had been hanging out more than usual (if that was even possible) since the whole Josh Incident and they had basically become attached at the hip. No one had asked her yet because he had made sure that all of the guys knew that she was strictly off limits, but he still felt nervous to ask her.

They were walking together to lunch and she was wearing that blue dress that made her eyes stand out with a belt around her waist and he knew he had picked the right day to finally do it. She was probably going to kill him for this, but it would totally be worth it. They reached their usual table where the rest of their friends were waiting and Zay looked at him with a knowing grin.

On cue, the school choir stood up and began to sing her favorite song. Maya looked over, a bit confused but also amused. A moment later, the band kids joined in with their instruments on the other side of the cafeteria and her head shot to them. The dance team was next, heading to the direct center of the room and dancing to the music. The football team came out with a banner with Maya’s name written on it in pretty writing done by Riley. He looked at her and saw her face turn bright red as everyone stared at her, waiting for what was coming next. Five guys from the baseball team followed, each holding a letter or question mark to spell out “Prom?” Farkle quickly handed the bouquet of roses to Lucas and nodded encouragingly. Gasps came from multiple girls and hollers of approval from guys when they realized what was happening. Lucas stood up from his seat next to her and knelt on one knee before her, holding the flowers out to her. She looked like a tomato she was blushing so hard and he couldn’t help but laugh at her.

He held up his hand and the music and dancers stopped, making sure that everyone could hear him. “Maya Penelope Hart.” He earned a glare at the use of her full name, but he ignored her. “Would you do me the great honor of accompanying me to prom?”

Two banners fell from the second floor with each answer written on them. Maya looked in shock and he waited anxiously for her answer. “You are such a dork,” she laughed, accepting the bouquet. She looked at everyone who was holding their breath awaiting her answer. “Yes, Lucas. I will be your date to prom.”

Cheers erupted from the entire school and Lucas felt like he had just won at life. Maya Hart was going to be his date to their prom. What more could he ask for in life? She yanked him off of his knee by his collar and pulled him into a tight hug. He heard her mutter something into his shoulder, but he couldn’t make out what she said. Lucas Friar was going to prom with Maya Hart and that was all that mattered.


It was halfway through prom and Maya was dancing with Riley to some horribly bubblegum pop song that she would never listen to if it wasn’t at a dance. Lucas had gone to pick her up to take her for pictures at Farkle’s house about an hour before the event started, and when she opened the apartment door he was too busy staring at her like a huckleberry to say a word.

“Thanks, Sundance,” she laughed before pulling him inside. “You look great too!”

He shook his head and began rambling about how amazing she looked before they were cut off by Shawn. He pulled Lucas aside for a “man to man” talk and she couldn’t help but role her eyes at the man’s overprotectiveness.

Since they had gotten to the dance itself, Lucas had seemed to be just as nervous as he was when she opened the door. He wasn’t much fun when he was nervous, so she may or may not have spiked his punch a little. He didn’t seem to notice luckily, but he was beginning to loosen up so it seemed like it was working. She looked over to see him at their table, arguing with Zay over something. The horrible song turned into a much slower one and she watched as his face went pale. This was the first slow song of the night surprisingly, and he seemed to be dreading it. His eyes found hers as she began to walk toward him at the table and he took a giant sip of his drink to avoid any further eye contact.

“Get up loser,” she instructed when she reached him. “We are dancing.”

He set his drink down and looked at her hesitantly. “Are you sure? I think I actually have to pee so how about the next one?”

She grabbed his ear as he tried to walk away and led him out to the dance floor. “If you didn’t want to dance with me, then why did you bother asking me here in the first place?”

His eyes widened and he shook his head. “It’s not that I don’t want to dance with you! Trust me, I really really want to dance with you Maya.”

“Then why are you avoiding me?” She rested her arms around his neck and looked at him questioningly.

He looked down and she swore she saw him blush. “I just… I don’t know how to dance. Not like this at least.”

She tried to bite away her smile, but by the look on his face she knew she failed. “It’s easy, I promise. Here.” She took his hands and set them on her waist. “Now all we do is sway slowly and avoid stepping on each other’s feet.” He nodded and looked down, trying to make sure he didn’t squish her feet. “No,” she scolded, lifting his chin so that their eyes met again. “You have to look me in the eye. Trust yourself.”

“I don’t,” he murmured so quietly that if she hadn’t seen his lips move she wouldn’t have known he had spoken at all. After a few moments of silence and concentration, he spoke again. “I’m sorry about earlier. I wanted to tell you how beautiful you look, but I couldn’t find the words.”

She laughed. “Well thank you. I must say, you do look decent in a tux.”

“Just decent?” He teased. She wanted to tell him that he looked very handsome, but she couldn’t bring herself to. She might ruin things if she did, and she did not want to ruin this. Dancing there with Lucas was the first time she had felt the light behind her eyes switch on again in a long time and she couldn’t risk ruining it. Instead of answering, she looked around at the other dates dancing.

“Riley and Farkle look like they’re trying to swallow each other’s faces,” she chuckled. He followed her gaze and joined her. “He’s going to ruin her makeup that I worked so hard on.”

“I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t ruining it now he would still be messing it up pretty badly later,” he smirked. “You know they’re going to end up in a closet or a bathroom at Billy’s later.”

She snorted and his smile grew wider. “That’s true. I’m just glad Mr. Matthews wasn’t allowed to chaperone. Riley would be home in Amish clothes if he saw the two of them right now.”

The music changed again, but neither of them noticed. They were in their own little bubble and it wasn’t until Zay tapped Maya’s shoulder that they returned to reality.

“Sorry Lucas,” he apologized insincerely. “I’m stealing your date to dance with.”

Lucas frowned and she was sure she heard him growl, but Zay was yanking her away before she could even say goodbye. “What was that?” She laughed when they were a good distance away.

“I couldn’t let him hog you all to himself,” Zay smirked.

Maya felt herself frown a bit. “I am his date. He kinda gets to hog me if he wants me.”

This made Zay’s smile grow even wider. “Oh trust me sugar, he wants you. I’m just showing him how much.”

Before Maya could ask what the hell he was talking about, Lucas was back and handing Maya a glass of the spiked punch from their table. “You haven’t had anything to drink in a while,” he pointed out. “Why don’t you come back to the table and rest for a bit. I’m sure your feet are killing you.”


It was at Billy’s house that Lucas found himself sitting on a couch with Maya on his lap and a red solo cup in each of their hands. His senses and reflexes were slowed from the spiked punch that Maya thought she was sneaking him and he was using it as a total excuse to be as affectionate with her as he wanted. Since arriving at the after party, he and Maya had both drank their fair share of beer and vodka, so it was no wonder that she was acting so giddy. Riley and Farkle had disappeared almost an hour ago as was expected and Zay was no where to be seen, so it was just Lucas, Maya, and a bunch of their classmates.

“I need another drink,” Maya had said, standing up rather wobbly off of Lucas.

He caught her before she tumbled onto Sarah and pulled her back beside him. “I’ll get it for you.” He was much sturdier on his feet because of the lack of five inch heels and he didn’t want her to fall and break something.

She beamed at him. “You’re the best Lucas.” He tried really hard not to let that go to his head, but he failed miserably.

The kitchen was empty when he got there and poured her a tiny bit of vodka and filled the rest with orange juice. When he returned to where he had left her, she was gone. “Where’d she go?” He asked Yogi.

“She went upstairs. Said to have you follow her.”

Lucas thanked him before heading up with her drink in hand. Billy yelled something about making sure to lock the door behind him, but Lucas ignored him and flashed him the finger. He found her in the guest bedroom sitting on the windowsill.

“You know that’s not a bay window, right?” He taunted. “It’s not as easy to sit in.”

“Are you saying I have a big ass?” Maya accused playfully, accepting the drink from him.

“I plead the fifth.” She was smiling so brightly and the streetlights from the window behind her were making her look ethereal and it took everything in him not to take her face and kiss it. “Why’d you come up here?”

She shrugged and took a big swig from the cup. “Things were getting loud down there and I wanted some alone time with you.”

He blinked a few times, trying to determine if this was some drunken fantasy or if it was actually happening. When she looked at him expectingly, he laughed. “Why do you want to be alone with me?”

Her eyes became hooded and her smirk was taunting him. “Why do I need a motive? You are my date after all.”

He scratched his neck nervously and sat on the bed across from her. “Yeah, I suppose.”

She set the drink down next to her on the windowsill and stood in front of him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked at him while biting her bottom lip. “Besides, I really want to see what the tie looks like around my wrists instead of your neck.”

He gulped loudly and before he knew it she was straddling his lap and her lips were on his. He reacted automatically, his hands finding her hips and his lips moving hungrily with hers. She bit his bottom lip, drawing the tiniest bit of blood and he felt what little was left of his control slipping. It wasn’t until he tasted the vodka on her tongue that he realized what was happening. He pushed her shoulders away carefully and broke the kiss. “Maya, stop.” It was very halfhearted and she knew it, so she ignored him and let her hands roam his hair. Her grip was tight and his will power was weak, especially when she tugged his roots. She moved her hips against his and this time, he lifted her off of him completely. “Maya, stop it.”

She looked at him with a hurt expression and her swollen lips in a frown. It was almost enough to make him forget about the fact that she was piss drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. It was almost enough to convince him that this wouldn’t be as wrong as it was and that clearly she wanted this as much as he did. Almost.

“You’re drunk and so am I and this isn’t a good idea,” he forced himself to say. He knew he was doing the right thing, so why did he feel his heart breaking?

Her hurt expression turned to a neutral one and she stood up quickly. “You’re right. I’m going to go get a ride home with Darby.”

He tried to stop her, but she was gone before he could.


It was a week after prom and Maya still felt like an idiot. How could she think that Lucas would want her that way? Just because he had asked her to prom in such a grand way didn’t mean that he felt the same way as her. She should have known when he didn’t want to dance with her that they didn’t see each other the same way. Things had been weird when they saw each other Monday and they were still weird now. He kept trying to talk to her, but she refused to acknowledge what had happened. He had told her that they were both drunk, but he didn’t realize that she knew exactly what she was doing. She pretended to have no recollection of the event, but he refused to let it go. Riley kept asking what was wrong, but she refused to admit her humiliation. She had ruined everything between her and Lucas, but maybe if she ignored it long enough it would go away.


It was June and thing were still weird between them, but at least she was talking to him again. He had realized that she didn’t want to speak about the incident, so he figured she was mortified that even for a moment in her alcohol induced haze she had wanted him. It hurt to know that she didn’t feel the same, but he knew that he did the right thing that night. He couldn’t let her do something that she would regret. People had noticed that things were off between them, and they were too nosy to mind their own business.

“What’s the matter with you two?” Missy asked one day at lunch. Lucas looked to Maya and if looks could kill Missy would have been dead and Maya in jail for murder.

“Nothing’s wrong, Missy,” she growled. “Drop it.”

“No,” Riley fought. “The two of you have been acting icy towards each other since prom and I want to know what happened too.”

“I think all of us do,” Zay chimed in. This time it was Lucas’s turn to glare.

“We are fine,” he insisted. “Right Maya?”

She looked at him and he saw her lip tremble the slightest bit. “Yeah. We are fine.”

“Thats bullshit,” Farkle huffed. “When Riley and I left you, you were both happy as could be.”

“Yeah,” Billy joined the conversation. “You were fine when you went upstairs, but then Maya came running down and made Darby bring her home. I had warned her that she shouldn’t drive because Darby had drank quite a few, but then you were gone Maya.”

Lucas felt his fists ball up and he turned to the blonde next to him. “You let Darby drive you home drunk? What the fuck Maya?”

She glared at him fiercely. “Well I sure as hell wasn’t going home with you after what happened, now was I?”

“And why not?” He boomed back. “I told you to wait and you stormed off without me! You know better than to get in the car with a drunk driver!”

“Why the hell would I have waited, Lucas? To hear you reject me again? I don’t think so!”

“I wasn’t rejecting you, I was stopping you from making a decision you were going to regret!”

“Oh, so now you know what I will and will not regret? You know what’s best for me, do you?”

“You were drunk, Maya! You weren’t thinking straight and I didn’t want you to do something you didn’t think about the consequences of!”

“I thought about the consequences you fuckhead! I thought about them for years and when I finally got up the courage to act on my feelings, you shot me down! You pushed me away and let me look like an idiot. I knew what I was doing Lucas, and I knew what would happen if I did it!”

Lucas sat in silence and just stared at her. She had thought about him for years? She had feelings for him? He was trying desperately to process the words that she had just yelled, but his brain wasn’t working fast enough and his heart was too used to the ache that it couldn’t accept anything else.

“Great,” she huffed. “Now the entire school just heard me saying I want you and the best you can do is sit there and look at me with that dumb look on your face. This is just great.”

He didn’t let himself think this time. He didn’t care about the consequences and he didn’t care who saw, he just knew that he needed to kiss her. He stood up and pulled her with him before leaning down to capture her lips with his. She tensed in surprise before relaxing and responding to his movements. He held her tightly, as if she would disappear if he let her go. A loud roar erupted from their peers and even a few teachers, but they were in their own little world consisting of just the two of them. It felt like both only seconds and many hours before he had to pull away to breathe again and he was met with her hooded lids and swollen lips for the second time in his life.

“It’s about time, Huckleberry,” she whispered so that only he could hear.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for quite a few years now.”

Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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This is probably really bad considering I’m tired and missed dinner to finish it.

Anyway, I had the idea last night and really felt like writing it. It was supposed to be some hurt/comfort I suppose, and I guess it still is, but it’s also just…angst. Also, mind the warnings - I didn’t make this nearly as dark as my headcanons would allow me to, but that doesn’t mean it’s all cupcakes and dandelions

(My two moods when it comes to art these past few days have been “Anti angst” and “Bing and Chase fluff” and now they’ve just merged into “Bing and Chase + angst” in this)

Characters: Bing, Chase, mentions of a few other egos

Word count: 1.2k

Warnings: self-doubt, self-loathing, possible implications of suicidal thoughts and past abuse (only depends on you how hard you have to squint to see it)

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Misconception - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is here! Thanks to everyone who read, reblogged or liked. I appreciate all the feedback more than I can say.

Once again @papofglencoe worked her magic. She really is the comma hunter because lord knows I don’t know where they belong. 

Summary: Katniss gets the project of a lifetime at work but what happens when the one person she never expects is also working on the project?

Katniss dropped her bag and slumped against the door of her apartment. She was exhausted both mentally and physically. The project was about a month in, and Haymitch certainly hadn’t been lying when he had said it would be long hours. She had been working sixty-plus hour weeks to stay on top of everything.

She moved away from the front door into her kitchen and grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, leaned against the counter. Even though she was exhausted, she had to admit she was learning a lot from this project. Overall, she really enjoyed the team of people she was working with. Finnick was an absolute blast, but also an intelligent guy who knew exactly what he was doing—the perfect person to coordinate the entire project. There was also Mags, who was in her sixties. She worked in the same department as Finnick, and together they relayed the executives’ wishes for for the brand concept . Then there was Beetee and Wiress, who both worked for the budgeting department. They were a bit odd, but maybe that’s why Katniss was instantly drawn to them. They ran the numbers to determine if the marketing project would actually be feasible put into practice. She only saw the two of them about once a week at the update meetings, since their main focus wasn’t the creative side of the project.

Which only left Peeta.

You can read the second chapter over on AO3 here.

Dracula House Party (this title is vaguely misleading) - John_Q_Sample - Dracula - Bram Stoker [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Dracula - Bram Stoker, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Count Dracula, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde, Vampire Brides
Additional Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, house crashing, cool castle, unfortunate travelling, Drug Addiction, weird science, (OoO)

Hyde and several supernatural creatures end up crashing at Castle Dracula.

anonymous asked:

head canon that naruto had at some point between the end of the war and the last had long hair. Like under his shoulders long hair. He was so busy with everything that he had no time to cut it. Sometimes he would wear it in a ponytail. Hinata cuts it for him(hinata says that his hair is pretty long and she offers to cut it) but because she was so nervous about touching his hair she went to short. She said sorry so many times but naruto actually really likes it.

Hinata knocks once, twice, three times on his door before slowly letting herself in, a routine she is familiar with. A large bag of groceries- mostly vegetables, which she knows Naruto would skip out on if he could- balances perfectly in her arms and a smile curls on her face as she spots him sitting sleepily at his kitchen table. 

They exchange quiet good mornings as he gets up to help her store the food in his fridge. They move in easy rhythm within his tiny sun-soaked kitchen, the air warming up to be hot despite the early hour. 

Naruto’s hair shines golden bright in the light and Hinata is keenly aware of the long, unruly strands when he leans in close to her. He pushes the spiky fringe back with his only hand and her fingers itch to tie it back for him. When they’re done, he settles back in the kitchen chair with practiced grace. 

He talks to her in an easy chatter as she helps him slip out of his t-shirt, leaving his upper body bare except for the wrapped stump of his right arm. Hinata eyes him with a clinical eye until she watches him stretch, his tanned skin pulling taut across his chest. A flush blooms on her cheeks, and she acknowledges the lost battle within herself before grabbing her medicinal cream. 

“It still hurts,” Naruto admits during a pause, and he blows his hair up from his face as he watches her unwind the bandages with delicate precision. Hinata looks up at him, her expression encouraging and curious. “Sometimes I forget it’s missing. I went to pull my hair back the other day and ended up whacking my head against the mirror.” 

He grimaces as she applies the cream over the raw edges of his healing skin, her touch light, gentle, and methodical. 

“If you want,” Hinata begins after a beat, the words slipping out before she can tuck them back in, “I could cut your hair for you?” She double checks to make sure she’s covered everything before wrapping new bandages around his stump. She looks up to see his reaction, and his startled, wide-eyed stare gives her pause. 

She forgets sometimes, that Naruto isn’t used to being offered the easy kind of touch that many take for granted. When she first started coming over to change his wraps, he’d been immediately open and obliging, but she’d catch his glances and the hesitant turn of his body at times, as if he didn’t quite know how to respond to her touch. 

A split second later, a hopeful grin lights Naruto’s face up, and she wonders if she almost imagined his look before; but she knows him better than that, knows not to dismiss those fleeting cracks her eyes see.

Hinata ties the bandage off and utters a gentle, “Wait.” She can feel the weight of his gaze on her as she rummages through his drawers until she finds a serviceable pair of scissors. 

She steps close behind him and her fingers tremble ever so slightly as she slowly brings them up to run through his long hair, glinting gold from the sun. She takes a moment- several- to just sink her hand between his thick, soft strands, her fingernails lightly raking across his scalp. In the silence, she hears him sigh deeply. 

“Your hands are magic,” Naruto groans and she flushes, glad he can’t see her face. She only chuckles lightly, a little embarrassed, in response. 

For a time, only the quiet snip snip snip of the scissors, interrupted by the combing through his hair with her hands, speaks between them. But the kitchen is warm, hazy with the golden morning sun, and the quiet settles over them like a soft blanket. 

“Hey Hinata,” Naruto murmurs, his voice low, utterly relaxed. “Tell me about your day?” 

Her fingers pause, a noticeable hitch in her movements, before she starts up again. She begins to speak about sparring with Hanabi; lunch with Kurenai-sensei and Mirai; gardening with Shino and Ino; visiting Neji. The words slip out easily, smoothly, and it takes Hinata a moment to realize Naruto hasn’t been talking much at all. He grunts and hums encouragingly instead, but Hinata knows he is listening attentively to everything she is saying. She is touched, rather than daunted by his complete attention. 

She realizes too late how caught up she became in her narrative as her fingers meet the prickle of very short hair instead of the long, soft locks she’d been enjoying before. It’s not bad; different, but likely much too short than what he wanted. 

Apologies rain from Hinata’s lips as she hurriedly steps away. She watches nervously as Naruto rises up with a languid roll of his shoulders before heading to the bathroom, his left hand running curiously over his new haircut. 

“I love it,” Naruto announces without hesitation, grinning widely at himself in the mirror before whirling around to face her. He sweeps her up in a one-armed hug, holding her close and washing over her apologies with delighted laughter. Her arms immediately lift to embrace him back and soon she’s sharing his enthusiasm. His happiness, she knows, is infectious. “Thank you, Hinata.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll always help you,” she assures him, her voice bright and airy from her laughter. She thinks she feels a slight press on the top of her head, warm and fleeting, and she steals the lightest ghost of her lips against his chest, feeling the pulse of his heart. “Always.”

marvelouswhovianfairytales  asked:

fitzsimmons wedding day kiss?

Rated G. Future AU.
[Other drabbles.]

Putting on her grandmother’s earrings while she was bouncing on her toes was something of a challenge, but Jemma Simmons wasn’t going to let that stop her. She’d been up since five o’clock this morning, helping with early set-up and drinking large quantities of tea. 

Now it was only half an hour until showtime, and she was feeling somewhat antsy. Not about the wedding, of course, but about missing one particular someone who she hadn’t been allowed to see at all since the night before. Their rooms shared a wall and a doorway, and she couldn’t help the way her eyes kept flickering towards it, knowing that Fitz was puttering around on the other side and being desperately ready to share the day with him. They’d been apart for longer than this before, but for some reason these fifteen hours felt practically infinite to her. Jemma was so used to sharing everything that excited her with Fitz, and having to wait to see him was driving her somewhat batty. 

(When she’d shared this thought with her maid of honor only a few minutes before, Skye had just rolled her eyes and muttered something about “too precious to be real” before heading out to help Bobbi corral guests.)

A hesitant knock sounded on the door between the bride and groom’s suites, and Jemma’s heart gave a brief patter. 

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