i'm probably gonna be murdered for this

Me: Welp, that’s the last episode of the show! Again. Now that I’ve finished my rewatch maybe I can start on that other thing–

My ADHD brain: watch it again

Me: I mean sure but I’ve already seen every episode three times now and there’s this show I’ve been trying to watch for a couple months–

ADHD: no, watch it again, I like it

Me: … a’ight, I guess I could go for another rewatch.


Ewan “I am supposed to be an actor and be able to lie but I can’t because I’m too excited about Star Wars and my Obi-Wan Kenobi movie” McGregor

Sometimes I try really hard to talk myself out of such intense feelings about Anakin Skywalker, like, SELF, HE CHOSE TO MURDER A ROOM FULL OF CHILDREN WITH HIS LASER SWORD and all those other really horrible decisions he made, he is responsible for those choices and all that shit he did for 20+ years, but also I just think of how intensely he cared and how much he probably low key wanted to die for all those 20 years but nobody who could kill him would do it already and how he was the shining star that fell so far, how he was so beautiful and that beauty was ruined by his fall, how he loved so passionately and he genuinely wanted to do good and he’s such a disaster, he’s so awkward and obsessive and whiny and need and so emotional and he really did try and he spent so long feeling like he wasn’t doing anything right, he wasn’t the Jedi he was supposed to be, he wasn’t the husband he was supposed to be, he wasn’t the best friend he was supposed to be, he lived with such awful demons and they consumed him and he made his own choices and yet, in the end, he still wanted to do good, he wanted to come back, and I understand why Obi-Wan accepted him again, because he’s Anakin Skywalker, he was so full of light and life, he just shone to look at, that so many of his faults stemmed from being haunted and he was adorable and charming in his awkwardness and I, too, have forgiven him for murdering the Jedi and the roomful of children with his laser sword because there’s not a single bone in Anakin’s body that’s capable of not 100% feeling everything he feels, including the desire to finally come home again.

I’m starting a “Miss Quill’s Sapphic Harem” (”Miss Quill’s Wives Club”? I’m open to name suggestions lmao) for all sapphics who love their chaotic neutral freedom fighter/terrorist murder wife and are dedicated to writing/reading sapphic Miss Quill fic and supporting each other in this most sacred endeavour

hit me up to join, all sapphics welcome (including nb peeps ofc) 

I know everyone is busy talking about how bad episode 5′s animation looked and how it shows the state of Japan’s animation industry needs to change cause poor working conditions and time restraints are hurting the art- but can I just take a moment to say that episode 6 of Dragonball Super was full of some of the best nerdy awkward Vegeta moments, and brought back kid Vegeta’s bangs! I loved it, okay. So here’s some rough sketchy screenshot redraws I did as a drawing warm up this morning.

hey good morning guys!!! I have jazz festival today at school till around 19.30 so ill probably be super inactive today …… but ! hey! highkey got an evilde hc coming out today so yeah you got that to look forward to!


Even in the midst all the excitement… Doodles. Older Ezra and Sabine, and Dawn! I feel like Sabine won’t change in looks much, but I really haven’t decided on her older design yet. Ezra’s hair changes, and he gets new clothes. And Ezra and Dawn always get into shenanigans, and Sabine’s always there to tell them that Kanan’s probably gonna murder Ezra. Art belongs to me!


Day 6: Friends / Lovers

Aoba: Okay, so the suggestions for the name of the band are …

Aoba: “Noiz and the Bunnettes”, “I dont want to be a part of your fucking band”, “JELLYFISH”, “Koujaku and the nerds”, and “I love aoba”… you guys suck at this….

They decided on calling the band the d-club. Also songs I want them to sing {X} {X}

Idk why I watch these kinda shows anymore. They always end in disappointment.  

Australian Survivor: Phoebe was robbed pre-merge and Brooke was murdered in cold blood. 

Survivor Millennials vs Gen X: Mari first out of Millennials. 

BBOTT: People want to keep Monte… And evict Danielle.

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2: Roxxxy in final 4 because of Rolaskatox. 

Big Brother 18: MESS MESS MESS

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Eisuke Ichinomiya has two types of Fans:

  • Those who hate him with a burning and undying passion, and want to murder him in his sleep and think they can run the hotel/auctions better than he can, or just want to steal his money
  • And those who would give up a leg, hand, and arm probably just to get him to spit on them hug them

You either hate Eisuke Ichinomiya or you think he’s a Sex God, there is no in between