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Sibylline Song

(Alright, here it is. The unedited, unfinished mer!Stiles fic. Warnings include: assholes, angst, violence, people being specist, and references to canon deaths.)


Their journey begins with the usual amount of pomp and ceremony expected for a trade ship.

It’s the Triskelion’s forty second voyage from the colder, northern channels of Bæyan to the warm waters of Coca-Machu, and the crew means to make it a good one. Nothing too dangerous—they’re going to actually try trading this time—and everything will go smoothly. Even the weather has been fair to them since they left Port Duke with the morning tide. Many of the crew had waved goodbye to the few friends they’d made over the years, and perhaps a few enemies too. Others were more than glad to leave the port as quickly as they did.

“Are you still moping?”

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A Good Listener

(Oh hello what’s this oh right it’s a little sort of kabby drabble thing I wrote today because I have a lot of feelings about Marcus hanging out with his mother’s tree, I’m just gonna go hide now because I don’t really do fic ahhh)

Title: A Good Listener
TV Show: The 100
Ship: Marcus Kane/Abby Griffin
Rating: general

The place where the Eden tree is planted isn’t far from the Arkadia camp, but far enough that Marcus always feels vaguely guilty about going there. The trip has a strange sense of pilgrimage, an idea which makes him a little uncomfortable, and he knows his time could be better used in a hundred different ways.

But today he has the time, albeit not much of it, and he has…purpose, of a kind. So here he is, and as he approaches he feels the familiar wave of relief to see that the tree is still there where he left it. He kneels down beside it, presses his hands gently against the earth that surrounds the base of the trunk, reassuring himself that it’s firmly rooted. Then he sits back and just looks at it for a while, unsure how to begin. No matter how many times he comes here, it’s always like this at first.

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