i'm probably going to hate it tomorrow

Yeah, exactly. Like vacation, for example.

That’s why I decided to let Greed wear a cringe-worthy star pattern shirt (I wanted it to be flowers first, but I didn’t find a pattern I liked) to fit the topic. He has questionable fasion-sense anyway. 

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-do not repost-

it’s 5:30 in the morning & i’m probably gonna dream about these losers.

(for delicotwilight​ and worick-archangelo​, aka the deligang pffffft)


Title: Cramps
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): If you look really hard, you’ll probably see Natan here.
Warnings: Periods, Cursing
Summary: There were certain “injuries” that Satan never thought would be shared between him and his contract holder. Like the kinds of injuries that occurred in organs he didn’t have. Oh boy, was he wrong.
Word Count: 848
Author’s Note: I started my period today and decided to make Satan suffer. I have no other excuse for this.

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Margaret was only seven when she was first stung. It was the only time she could remember being in a hospital. Her entire face was swollen, and she was having trouble breathing. She woke up a day later in the hospital, and since that day she had been afraid of bees. 

Margaret was a junior in college the second time she was stung. She was walking alone in the park on a warm summer’s morning. She leaned down to look at a lone rose along the side of the path, pulling up the camera app on her phone. While she was taking pictures, a small honey bee crawled up over the rim of the rose. Startled, she took a step back, but quickly regained her senses and went back to taking pictures as the bee took off. She moved to another set of flowers, a small collection of orchids. She was bothered by a small itch on her neck, which she quickly scratched, returning to her work. The itch reappeared, this time directly underneath her right ear. She swatted at it. A small but angry buzz responded. Realizing what she had done, she made a dash for her car. Not before making it 20 feet, a hot pain, not unlike a doctor’s needle plunged into her shoulder blade. Halfway to her car, her breath became short, and difficult. She started wheezing, and she could feel her throat closing up. She dials 91- but was interrupted by the taste of mud, and the hard ground against her face. She is too tired to get up. She finishes dialing, and passes out. 

A small honey bee floats gently to the ground, settling into it’s final resting place, most of it’s abdomen missing. 4 minutes pass. A paramedic’s shoe crushes the bee’s small body.