i'm probably a horribly bad person for doing this


R o o t   x   S h a w  - The Pretender AU

“I run, you chase. And whoever finds out the truth first, wins.”

why can’t i just make a venting post where people actually understand what i’m getting at, why do my negative opinions come across as pretentious just because i get a moderate amount of attention i both can’t control and didn’t ask for in the first place?

i’m not some celebrity on a huge platform, this is still a personal blog. i’m still just a little person leading my own stressful life and sometimes i need to let off some steam about the tiny things so the bigger things become more manageable. i’m not ungrateful for the attention i’m getting but i was given it, i didn’t demand it, and i don’t think it’s right that i’m expected to have no emotions aside from positivity just because a lot of people have decided they’re going to look.

i’m a real person. sometimes i just want to talk.