i'm printing

I’m going to post something in the next few days but I’m so exited that I need to say something about it.

So I went to Paris for two days and, of course, there were a few photos that I HAD to take (I just need to go home to edit them a bit and then I’ll post them.) I was there on Sunday and Monday, and I was sad because Galerie Vivienne is closed on those two days. BUT. When we went there iT WAS OPEN!! I was so happy XD so I managed to take the photos there and got see it.

I can’t wait to post the photos, I really hope you guys will like them! Also, I finally got one of my friends to read the manga (first three chapters)!! I cornered her on the plane since there was nowhere to hide I’m such a good friend. 

Here’s a sneak-peak/behind the scenes:

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You know what I’ve been thinking about? For my next follower milestone, if I can ever figure out the logistics of finding a person to commission from for a front cover illustration, I’d like to do a legit giveaway of ‘Here We Are, Two Strangers’ (and maybe other fics too) in print and bound. Iouno if it’s like a good idea or not but it’s a thought

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3


I could make a post for each of them but… I like them together, that’s how I thought of them! I have been wanting to draw this for MONTHS I even made a playlist specifically for the oikawa one! I might make that one a print too….. (it’s my personal favorite!) (and if you feel that individual posts are needed you can always send me an ask!)