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Seventeen keep updating us with pics of bongbong but don’t let this distract you from the fact that they’re only doing that because they can’t post pics of themselves with their new comeback hair pledis I see right thru ur tricks



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I hate to ask, but school is kicking my butt and I'm really stressed out, do you have any headcanons with the batfamily being "smart"? Like, doing detective things or something? Please only respond if you want to/feel like it. I don't want to be a bother. Thank you.

Hmmm I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for, but I’ll give it a shot?

  • So Damian didn’t know who his father was until pretty late in the game, BUT I think we can assume that he did hear Ra’s and Talia talk about his dad a few times when he was little. Thing is, they don’t generally use Bruce’s name. They call him “The Detective.”
  • That being the case, I always figured lil Damian ran around thinking “I too will be a detective” and playing at investigation, which would probably boil down to sneaking around in order to overhear as much as possible. For the record, I don’t think he ever dropped that habit.
  • I also think that lil Damian was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, since Holmes is probably the most famous literary detective around. I happen to know that when Tim was fourteen, he was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society (Detective Comics #618), so I figure they’ve got that bit in common. We are, however, talking about Tim and Damian, so when I say “something in common,” what I mean is “something to compete over.”
  • On top of the expected squabbling about the merits of different media adaptations, odds are they have contests where they both try to observe somebody and deduce as much information as possible. It’s not the kind of thing Bruce would discourage. They are supposed to be cultivating those skills, plus Bruce loves Holmes too. Another thing Bruce enjoys is showing up his children, so it works out well for him. He’s very, very good at that game.
  • So is Dick. Cass is a specific kind of good at it, because of the body language thing. They don’t make their guesses to their subject’s face, so Babs (also a talented player) fact-checks electronically as much as possible. It’s a decent way to pass time on slow patrols. They call it a training game.

“Love isn’t brains, children, it’s b l o o d . Blood s c r e a m i n g inside you to work its will”

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i can’t believe i had to watch him die twice

  • Yakov: There'll come a moment when you'll have a chance to do the right thing, Vitya.
  • Viktor: I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.

Off visiting family this weekend and cooking more than you would believe me if I tried to tell you.  Will likely be nonexistent tomorrow, scarce at best on Sunday.  Normal service will resume Monday, barring any travel difficulties.

a birthday gift that took me a lot and that i am kinda proud of :)

Between the like four days without actual sleep and the serious head injury, there’s stretches of the Defenders that Jessica just doesn’t remember. At all.


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“When I started working, I didn’t know my own personality well, and forced a version of “Kitagawa Keiko” that wasn’t me. I got depressed when I couldn’t get the jobs I wanted…I thought, “I lost my way”. But no matter how hard it was, I always got up the next day in front of the camera again. And as the days go by, suddenly you turn around and realize: when you’re most exhausted, that’s exactly when you must move on to the next stage. Now I know who I am better, and I don’t have those troubles anymore…doing what’s natural for you makes you who you are.”

Happy 29th Birthday, Keiko Kitagawa! ♡ 2015.08.22

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Why do I have a feeling that Amelia doesn't really like playing the part of a pretty princess? Like, she seems rebellious. Correct me if I'm wrong, tho.

Alfred:You’re right!Amelia isn’t really into being the “pretty princess” which is totally fine!

Alfred:Amelia is more into being adventurous!Arthur says she takes after me.