i'm pretty sure you're never going to read it but

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The odd thing is, you're being degraded because of the heteronormativity of the world. Het until proven innocent, if you will. You're being lumped with the het who go to gay bars at peak hours to ogle the wildlife, having an unintended impact on the habitat. Lunch is different, but uncomfortably close. You've got a park ranger's perspective on preserving things from the inside, but stop being annoyed when the animals ask what right you have to be there. You can support w/o intruding, friendo.

What did I just read? I just took a painkiller for a headache, but I ibuprofen has never made written words incomprehensible to me before.

Calron's Easter
  • Aaron: Okay Call open your eyes
  • Call: What am I looking at?
  • Aaron: It's an Easter egg hunt, you have to find the eggs
  • Call: Okay
  • Call:
  • Call: Um I'm pretty sure I got them all, why do they all have letters on them
  • Aaron: It spells out something, figure it out
  • Call:
  • Call:
  • Call, reading: Will.. you.. go.. out with me?
  • Aaron: Oh I thought you would never ask!
  • Call: You're such a dork Aaron
  • Aaron: So that's a..
  • Call: Yes, that's a yes.