i'm pretty sure you're never going to read it but

Calron's Easter
  • Aaron: Okay Call open your eyes
  • Call: What am I looking at?
  • Aaron: It's an Easter egg hunt, you have to find the eggs
  • Call: Okay
  • Call:
  • Call: Um I'm pretty sure I got them all, why do they all have letters on them
  • Aaron: It spells out something, figure it out
  • Call:
  • Call:
  • Call, reading: Will.. you.. go.. out with me?
  • Aaron: Oh I thought you would never ask!
  • Call: You're such a dork Aaron
  • Aaron: So that's a..
  • Call: Yes, that's a yes.

yzzansssim  asked:

Since I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that you're also a glutton for all Tony Stark shipping... Consider: Sharp/Soft Tony interacting with Bucky/Winter o.o



I mean FUCK now I wanna sit down and crack out a story for you but I gotta be up in six hours to go buy a very expensive bottle of bourbon for my dad’s change of command so like…. yes!!! Yes Okay???

Yes to soft Tony never showing around winter or buck until sharp Tony finally realizes – and irony of all ironies – that they’re SAFE with winter more than anyone (other than their platypus). That sharp tony gives way to soft Tony BECAUSE winter is dangerous and skilled and can kill you with a well placed boot but winter won’t lay a damn finger on Tony because of a variety of things.

And BUCKY. Sharp Tony doesn’t trust Bucky with soft Tony, not an inch, and not because he’s a physical danger (tho yes that too) but because Bucky is a charming little SHIT and sharp Tony is just “put that grin back where it came from or so help me…”

And I just… I want the slow build to trust on both sides. The recognition. The understanding. The SASS.

Somebody give me permission to run with this or I might damn well lose my shit (like I needed another damn fic to write, I still have to finish my strangeiron, my ironthunder, that one where the whole team is seducing Tony, SOP, cyberhusbands, and fuuucccckkkkk that 5n1 ot3 fic where Tony spends a lot of time running from his problems only to end up fucking them instead, PLUS two new ones based on the song from the black panther trailer and that song “high” by sir sly) but I wanna write it nowwwwww

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