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I Won't Say It

Requested by an anonymous flubble for their birthday. They wanted an Eleven fic based off of the song “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” and I’m pretty sure I nailed it (I even managed to incorporate some lyrics).

And for those of you wondering why Jack Harkness is here - first of all, Jack Harkness is too good to not be here, and secondly, he’s the best person I could think of to be a sassy singing Greek Muse in a toga whose most pressing interest is matchmaking. (Except for maybe Donna, but I don’t think she’d put up with all this nonsense.)

Also, look at this gif. Look at those lips. Just look at the lips. Look at them.

“I’m not doing this with you, Jack.”

“Like you have anything better to do than me.”

You glared at Jack Harkness, Captain of the Innuendo Squad, and wondered how long it would be before Jack got distracted by something shiny and ran off. That’s basically what he did last time. Alright, so last time, the “something shiny” had been a blue alien woman in very revealing clothing (what she was revealing, you weren’t sure, but that was not one bit human at all), but the point stood that Jack could be distracted from this current line of discussion. But, considering the lack of revealing aliens in this situation and how intent Jack seemed to be on having this conversation, you doubted it would happen like that again anytime soon. Shame.

“You’re disgusting,” you said plainly, playfully tossing a grape at him so he would know you weren’t quite as angry as you sounded. He leaned back and caught it in his mouth.

“You love it," Jack said around the grape. He chewed it with a smirk on his face.

You picked up another grape and stuck it in your own mouth. "No. And we’re not talking about this.”

“Oh, so we’re not talking about your very mature, reasonable crush on a really sexy Time Lo-”

“No, we’re not!” you snapped. Now you were angry. Or at least very, very frustrated.

This conversation happened a lot. Every time the Doctor left you and Jack alone in the TARDIS (which the Doctor seemed a little uncomfortable with because he always tried to take you with him and leave Jack behind, but you and Jack weren’t having any of that), Jack hounded you about your ‘crush’ on the Doctor. It wasn’t a crush, though, and you knew that, and you were pretty sure that Jack knew it too, which was why he was pushing it so hard. Because it was more than a crush, way more, and Jack wanted you to say it.

“And we’re not talking about it,” you continued, angrily chomping down on another grape, "because there’s nothing to talk about.“

"Who d'ya think you’re kiddin’?” Jack drawled. “You like him…”

You rolled your eyes. “What are you, four?”

“Nah. I’m six, at least.” Jack gave you that grin, the you-can’t-hate-me-because-I’m-so-cute-and-sinful grin, trying to take the edge off of the conversation. It didn’t work. "Honey, I think the world of you, but this is ridiculous. You love the Doctor. Can’t you face it like a grown-up?“

Hurt stung you. He hadn’t actually said anything offensive, but there had been a veiled accusation of immaturity there, and you couldn’t defend yourself and tell him that it wasn’t like that, not without saying exactly what you didn’t want to say. So instead, you said:

"Get off my case, Jack, would you?”

Jack scoffed irritably. Jack rarely got angry, as far as you had seen, but this was obviously getting to him. You didn’t want to see what an angry Jack was like, but you weren’t going to give in just because he got huffy. There was no good reason for him to get to bully you like this and you weren’t about to let him do it, either.

The grapes were left forgotten on the granite countertop of the island in the TARDIS’s oddly compact kitchen. You had stood up in an effort to regain the upper hand by making yourself taller than Jack, but Jack was leaning forward in his seat, halfway to standing up himself. Oh, he wasn’t going to turn this into an actual fight, was he? You had never fought with him. Why did he have to push this?

“You can’t keep denying this. It’s unhealthy,” Jack hissed. “You’re too proud to say it and you’re making yourself miserable.”

“Oh, please.” You put as much biting sarcasm into your voice as you could, trying to stave back the sting that was making your eyes water. You were going to cry. You didn’t want to cry, not in front of Jack or in front of anybody, but especially not in an argument like this.

“You love him.”

“No way. Nuh-uh.”

“And he loves you too!”

Now that was taking it too far. That hurt.

Jack!” you snapped. A single hot tear welled over and made a scorching path down your cheek. You aggressively wiped it away, trying to save face despite your complete loss of control.

You knew your face was red - you could feel the heat of blood rushing up to your face. Your ears were hot and your mouth felt full of cotton. You weren’t sure how this had escalated so quickly, and maybe it wouldn’t have under normal circumstances, and maybe you wouldn’t have let tears fall so easily, but this was a wound that had been festering for years and Jack had poked at it in all the ways that hurt the worst.

Jack stared at you, stunned by the way you had broken so quickly. He didn’t know what to do - he knew that you needed to face up to this, but he hadn’t realized that it was so bad that you would… well, this. He had never made you cry, not once in all the years since you had met. The Doctor, who could sometimes be extraordinarily insensitive, had made you cry multiple times, and Jack had never failed to give the Doctor hell for it, but this wasn’t the Doctor. This was him. Jack had made you cry, and he didn’t know what to do about.

“I-” He swallowed, trying to find the words. He stood up from his seat, slowly moving to comfort you. “Aw, Sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Just stop, Jack. Okay?” You shuffled towards the sink, purposefully out of Jack’s reach. "Just stop.“

You grabbed a scrubbing brush and began to clean dishes that had been left to soak in soapy water. The TARDIS could do he own dishes very well and didn’t mind doing them, but you liked to extend her the courtesy of doing it yourself. Not to mention it was a good distraction. With your back to Jack, you couldn’t see him and he wasn’t saying anything.

Finally, you heard the scrape of a chair and the quick footsteps of Jack making his escape from the kitchen. You sighed in relief even as another traitorous tear slipped from your blotchy cheek and into the sudsy water. You looked at your murky reflection. Your eyes were already red and puffy, just for two little tears, and your cheeks were terribly flushed.

"Get a grip, girl,” you told your reflection, and then you splashed it away with frothy suds and a tea-stained mug.

Since bringing Jack back onto the TARDIS, the Doctor had been torn about the decision. On one hand, he really liked Jack and was glad to have the man back. On the other hand, you really liked Jack and Jack really liked you and that meant that the Doctor didn’t get you all to himself anymore, which he didn’t like. Since finding you, he hadn’t really bothered bringing other companions aboard for very long, mostly because he liked it best when it was just the two of you, as it should be. But on the other hand, Jack was sort of a good security measure. The Doctor wasn’t a fool - he had lost companions before and he wasn’t so arrogant as to think that he wasn’t in danger of losing one again. Jack was like extra security for you, which was good. But on the other hand, you were spending more time with just Jack when the Doctor wasn’t around, and that made the Doctor terribly nervous, because Jack was handsome and charming and tempting and romantic and a man and you were- were- well, he was a boy and you were a girl and the Doctor didn’t like what his brain came up with when he wondered what went on when you two were alone together. But on the other hand, Jack was trustworthy and the Doctor knew that you were safe with the captain. But on the other hand, you had very pretty lips, and Jack couldn’t resist a set of pretty lips, and the Doctor couldn’t recall seeing you kiss anyone ever in all your travels, so perhaps you were letting Jack kiss you, just because humans got lonely without kisses. But on the other hand-

Oh, goodness, that was more than enough hands. That was at least six hands and he didn’t have nearly enough, even if he used his feet.

But the point was, in the end, that even though the Doctor knew that you were quite safe with Jack, the Doctor hated leaving you with him, because the Doctor would spend his outings thinking of Jack kissing you and you kissing Jack, and the very idea of it made him feel frantic. So he would do whatever errands he needed to do and then scurry back to the TARDIS as quickly as he could, often entertaining the thought that, maybe, if he asked nicely, you would get your kisses from him instead of Jack. The Doctor was lonely too, after all, and it seemed more than fair to him that if you were both lonely, you could be unlonely together. Jack could and would get his kisses from just about anyone else in the universe. The only person who the Doctor wanted was you. Wouldn’t it be fair for you and the Doctor to be together while Jack had the rest of the universe? Yes, that was perfectly fair.

This, of course, was all very ridiculous, and the Doctor knew it.

He had no proof, or even the barest bit of evidence, that you and Jack were anything other than good friends. And he wasn’t so silly as to think that he could just ask you for a kiss, or that he could woo you like a Gallifreyan might, but it was a beautiful fantasy that he liked to entertain. And it was true that humans got lonely. Your species was meant to be in pairs. There were some of you who didn’t need it or want it for some reason or another, but the majority of human beings were much better off when they were in pairs. Romantic pairs, that is, and devout pairs, not the casual sort. And you didn’t weren’t part of a pair, which meant that you could have all the friends in the world, but that would not stop you from feeling that loneliness. The Doctor empathized, to a degree - Gallifreyans didn’t feel that pressing urge to find a bond-mate until much later in their lives (the second puberty, if you will), so the Doctor had gotten through many of his regenerations with some curiosity towards the idea but no sense of loneliness or hurt in his lack of partner. Then he had hit the age when that changed, and since then, there had been a terrible gap that he wanted someone to fill. That he wanted you to fill, if he could have his pick, but he doubted you would agree. So, knowing what it felt like, to be missing the other half of something so dear and yet not knowing how to find it… the Doctor couldn’t find it within himself to be angry or blame you at all if you were interested in Jack

The Doctor opened the door to the TARDIS, arguing with himself over whether or not to find you immediately or leave you in peace with Jack. As it turned out, there was no answer to that debate, because Jack was sitting in the console room, looking awful, and you were nowhere to be seen.

Jack looked up at the Doctor with an odd expression on his face. The Doctor stared back even as he shut the TARDIS door behind him.

“… Jack…?” the Doctor ventured to say. “What’s the matter with you, eh?”

Jack grimaced. “I screwed up, Doc.”

The Doctor blinked in surprise. Jack wasn’t terribly proud, not compared to many of the Doctor’s other companions, but rarely admitted to failure before he was absolutely sure that he couldn’t fix his mistake or at least give another attempt to do better. 'I screwed up’ were not words to be heard from Jack Harkness’s mouth.

“What happened?” asked the Doctor, dreading the answer.

“It was…” Jack sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I was just trying to get her to admit it to herself, y'know? It’s been hurting her. I can tell. I thought that if she could say it in front of me, maybe she could tell you, and then you’d both stop dancing around it like it’s not there… you two would be so perfect, and you don’t even…”

The Doctor’s nose wrinkled in confusion. “Jack, what are you talkin’ about?”

Jack scoffed. “Both of you are hopelessly oblivious. Doc, she loves you.”

No. No, no, not this. Jack wouldn’t pull such a cruel joke.

“I mean, she really loves you. She is in love with you. She has been for ages. Maybe even before I met you guys. I dunno.”

Stop. Stop, it hurts. Don’t lie. Don’t tease. It hurts.

Then Jack sighed again, heavily, and pursed his lips. “I tried, and I screwed it up. She got upset. Cried. I’ve never made her cry before, Doctor. And what did you do that has her so convinced that you don’t love her, huh?”

I never said anything. Actions speak louder that words, but I never kissed her, either, and I never gave her a flower or shiny thing or a note full of love words. What I’ve done for her, she could logic away to concern and friendship and the protection of a companion. I never said that I love her in straight words or unquestionable actions. How was she to know?

“Where is she?” the Doctor asked when he finally regained his voice.

“Kitchen,” Jack grunted.

You furiously scrubbed away at a pan that you had already scrubbed twice. You were soaked all down the front of your shirt from splashing yourself. There were suds on your face that itched and your fingers were starting to prune, but you didn’t care. You were too upset to care. You usually knew better than to take anything Jack said too seriously, but this time, that was impossible.


You paused. When had the Doctor gotten back? “Hey, Doctor. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I love you.”

The pan you were scrubbing slipped from your grip and splashed loudly into the sudsy water in the sink. You turned around so that you could face the Doctor, scrubbing-brush still clenched in your hand.

“I love you,” the Doctor repeated, green eyes large and pleading, "and I… I know that I’ve never said anything about it, or shown you how I care, and I’m sorry. I was… scared. I haven’t, I mean, felt this way, not since… well, Rose, really, but this isn’t about Rose. It’s about you. And me, but mostly you. Or, um, us. Because Jack said, and I- I- I want… I want what he said.“

You swallowed, trying to make your voice come out steady: "And what… did Jack say, that you want?”

“That you love me,” the Doctor whispered, stepping closer to you, “and that we would be perfect.”

“I bet we would be,” you agreed, and the Doctor’s eyes lit up.

“I was thinking the exact same thing!” he exclaimed, and he swept you up for a kiss, soapy clothes and pruned fingers and all.

Okay I’m gonna be a sambucky ho for a second and I apologise but

In aou it was pretty much implied that Sam had been out on his own trying to track Bucky down while Steve did avengers stuff right so imagine if Sam actually found Bucky but was all “the minute I tell Steven ‘dramatically overreact to every situation and make everyone’s lives hell’ Rogers where he is shit is gonna hit the fan so I’ll just keep an eye on his assassin pal and make sure he’s not murdering people” and would just sort of low key spy on him for a few days. Except obviously Bucky would notice he was being watched and when he eventually goes up to Sam like “bitch tf do u want” Sam panics and his first excuse is “I JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE CUTE SO I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING YOU”. 

Essentially I’m proposing an alternative fake boyfriends thing where instead of them faking being boyfriends Sam is faking having a crush but it backfires because Bucky’s like “nice do u wanna go on a fuckin date then instead of just watching me buy plums every day” and yeah this should be a fic does this fic already exist. 

can everyone just stop with the “rowan is shading sabrina” thing please?

look, i’m not picking sides because it is pretty fucking ridiculous that we should or to feel like we have to pick sides.
remember, sabrina has a lot of management behind her career. yes, i do think she could speak up about issues a little more but looking at her as a person, not just an artist, if she decides to not speak up about political issues on social media platforms, then, so let her be. it’s not like she isn’t aware of them. she’s an extremely smart and mature young woman and she’s best friends with 2015’s feminist of the year for fuck’s sakes. i have people close to me that because of their position in what they work have to be extremely careful about what they say and how they say it if they do.
i am more than sure that if rowan wanted to say something to sabrina, she would say it straight to her face considering the level of maturity those girls have.

both of these young women are extremely smart and great people to look up to. they are both talented in their very own ways and the level of respect i have for both of them is off the roof.

overall, rowan stans that don’t like sabrina, stop targeting sabrina and talking down about her because it’s not worth spending your time talking about something that you don’t really like. same exact thing goes to sabrina stans that talk badly about rowan. i know that most of us love both girls and respect them a lot but there’s still people who do this.

rowan’s tweets could be about any celebrity or social media personality. stop assuming and let people be. live and let live.

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I always have problems with characterisation when I'm writing imagines and I really like the way you characterise people. Do you have any tips?

i was actually just talking to someone about this the other day, how weird. also thank you for the compliment, i’m really anal about characterization, though i would like to state that my views on characterization are just that, mine, and not everyone agrees with them or sees the situation in the same light! which is fine (for me, anyways) because in writing pretty much everything is subjective, lol. ALSO LOL THIS GOT A BIT LONG AND A BIT SERIOUS, SO I’M SORRY IF YOU WERE JUST LOOK FOR SOME QUICK&DIRTY TIPS. ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO WARN THAT I’M PROBABLY NOT THE BEST PERSON TO ASK ABOUT THIS BECAUSE I’M HYPER VIGILANT TO THE POINT OF PROBABLE PARANOIA? ANYWAYS. LET’S BEGIN.

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I don't think that Versus garnered as much attention as they thought it would. Like it didn't trend, the articles surrounding it weren't read. Simply because just no one cares anymore. They're going to have be extra, whether fake or not, because they're boring now. They've done everything but show dick and labia. At this point they're just doing it for the kids. The gag is that kids don't buy shit. Lmao


LMAO!! Nonnie, you got me rolling! But don’t give them any ideas! I don’t want the next Versus video to be the Zigi sex tape. *shudders*

But you’re right, nonnie. People are over Zigi aside from the kiddos who still think just being pretty together equals goalz!! So extra is what we get and boy oh boy! Yolanda is going all out for sure.

Honestly, it reeks of desperation. They’ll clearly stop at nothing to try to convince us that, dammit, they’re in love and do shit together like real couples do!

Sad and quite embarrassing. Just end this circus.

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Would Konoha be of any interest without Sasuke (and Itachi) living there?~

(@eeliiii I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me on this haha)

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I know I’ve kinda lowkey been trying to support everyone who wants to do KS cosplay and my main point as been that it’s pretty doubtful antis would literally try to do anything in public because imo they’re probably not that assertive when not behind a computer, but the more I see them hating on cosplayers, the more stressed out and anxious I get about my own KS cosplay plans. Part of it is that the con I’m planning to cosplay Bum at is a “for queers by queers” thing and I’m really anxious that people are going to like… accuse me of being cis/straight and more than that accuse me of being a cis woman which I am not but like I’m sure antis don’t give a fuck about triggering my dysphoria because they’ll make snap judgements about whoever……


More examples of my art can be found here!

I will pretty much draw anything, just be sure to specify what exactly you’d like when you email me! That being said, if I say no to a commission because I am uncomfortable drawing it for any reason, please don’t harass me for it! I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason!

If you would like a speed draw video on my YouTube channel done alongside your commission, I am willing to do so, but I will require a bit of extra payment, as the videos are tedious to edit and put together and take a few hours to upload as of right now. Please include this in your email!


  • Prices are usually negotiable! I have tried to make them as fairly priced as possible, though, so keep this in mind when making payment plans!
  • Please, please, please provide your character references in your first email to me about the commission! If you don’t have a reference, try to make one before you email me, otherwise I won’t accept the commission! The only exception I’ll make to this rule is if the character you want me to draw is canon (i.e. Finn from Adventure Time or Garnet from Steven Universe), as I can find my own reference for characters of that nature.
  • I must receive half of the payment up front. This is to ensure that, if something happens and you cancel your commission or you can’t complete your payment, I still receive something for the work that I am taking time out of my day to complete for you, or for the work that I have already done towards the commission.
  • There are no refunds. I apologize in advance, but I have to start making money for the time and effort I put into my work. 
  • No matter what you think about the image when it’s done, I still own the copyright to it. It’s my original work and I would most certainly not appreciate people trying to claim that they own the image. It is watermarked for a reason. You may have purchased the art from me, but that doesn’t make it 100% yours. I reserve the right to upload the art I create to my social media for others to see as well and use it for examples for future commissions, so keep this in mind when you ask me for a one.
  • When you ask me for a WIP (short for Work in Progress) of your commission, I will send you a low-resolution, thumbnail-type image. I am working on the actual image, and will only send the full-resolution image after I have been paid in full. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • I will only accept payments via PayPal!

Email me at azuresketch@yahoo.com with the subject line “Commissions!” and I’ll respond as soon as I can! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS MY PAYPAL EMAIL, AND I WILL ONLY GIVE THAT TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE SENDING THE REQUIRED PAYMENTS.

If you have any questions regarding commissions, such as what I’ll be using the funds for, how long something takes me, or something else, feel free to ask me!

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day! 

… What can I say? It was my drawing tablet’s pencil! It made me do this! But ugh I so badly would like to say Mikey’s line; “I can feel my shell tightening.” but I can’t :’D But hey, these are teenagers who are also mutants and who lives in sewer. There’s no girls who they could kiss / girls who would kiss them, right? I’m pretty sure sooner or later they all get too curious about it how a kiss would feel so… I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t go kiss Splinter :’D

PS. Raph’s finger isn’t cut or anything. It’s either turned against his palm or then he have push it under Leo’s bandana. You decide how you want to see it in your mind :)

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Hi!! Same anon as before. You said that you know some bloggers who make good content in your reply? Id love to know them. Thank you! Have a nice day!

Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been thinking pretty hard about it.

For art: @asaethiel, for sure. 

For fanfiction: @punishandenslavesuckers (they have amazing joan bright characterization!)

For edits and such: @pryce-and-carter. They do lots of edits for a bunch of different fandoms but you can request for bright sedsions!

And, people who like to discuss their thoughts and reblog stuff (like me): @lizstanton @styrofoamcoffee @espressonist @williamanderly @aihera are all good places to start. They may have varying degrees of bright sessions posts, so but I have talked with a couple of them and it’s fun to look through their tags!

And as always, the gold mine that is @unofficialbrightsessionsquotes.

If you’ve been tagged or if not, and you know of someone else who posts about tbs I’m sure anon and i would both appreciate it!

Thank you!!

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❤ To Lila: If I we're dating you, I'd tell you to stop worrying about your body because you look completely normal and excuse me but I am jealous of your muscles and flat tummy. I would tell you to accept the fact that you are pretty or at least stop calling yourself ugly. And I would tell you how I appreciate you very very much and I cannot even begin to imagine a day when I am no longer close with you. Finally, I would tell you that I LUV YOU. Thank you for being an amazing human being. ❤

Broooo (in Moni to Ben voice) ;_______________; 


Lmao thank you so much though for this second Appreciation Day card >o< Let’s get married so we don’t have worry about our epic otherworldly looks anymore! We both better get into Auckland Uni so we can do the dance club together and stay together for ages more~ And consider this sweet heart message sent right back at you! 

  • someone: so, which Lightwood sibling are you more attracted too, Alec or Izzy?
  • me: oh.. oh gosh *starts sweating* I guess I would say... I mean... I think that I'm. ummmmMMMMMMMMMMM
  • someone: woah okay don't stress it's just a simple question, Alec or Izzy?
  • me: oh yeah of course for sure for sure you're right it's simple i guess if i had to pick ONE out of the two i guess if i had to do that i would pick i would definitely choose-
  • someone: ...
  • me: *just runs away*

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Nathan ;0?

//MY DEAR @ask-the-warden-tos

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life | I love him so much Lume you don’t understand

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: His willingness to do anything to protect others. God. Need me a guy like that.

worst quality: He has no flaws???? Who said that?

ship them with: This asshole right here (Nick, I mean, although mun too) and Dexter

brotp them with: Freddy, Nikita, Leo and maaaaaaybe Florian

needs to stay away from: Adaline and Camille

misc. thoughts: Husband material

i’m doing the Destroy the Kett mission on Eos, but-

- it doesn’t let me save post disabling the consoles and listen i have only reached the Ascent boss fight like once after like 1 and a half hours of trying and I died immediately. it then took me all the way back where you have to get to the security console. i’m past frustration into outright despair.

- i’m pretty sure there was an endless spawning bug on one of my attempts because i’d deactivated the three points and i was running around trying to clear them out and i saw hem literally spawn into life in front of me like 4 times and that attempt took like 30 minutes until i went ‘you know what? no. this is bugged’

- i still cannot figure out profiles. i have clicked every button on my PS4 controller but i can’t bring up the wheel where you’re meant to select the three powers in each profiles. Am Unsure as to whether it unlocks later on, but would REALLY like to know.

- i am surviving through a Carnifex pistol, my melee attack, and three (3) carefully selected powers. don’t get me wrong i am doing GREAT because Incinerate/Overload/Energy Drain are my babes. but the saving issue. im dying. my crops are also dying. bioware, holy fucking shit. please i’m begging u. pls fix this. let me manual save.

Oh man. I want to like Cora, and she seems pretty cool most of the time, too, but all this hostility towards aliens (so far most prominently seen when Jaal gets aboard the Tempest) makes it incredibly hard. Like, *we* got into *their* space, so if anything, it should be *them* distrusting us (which they do, and with every right). Stop treating one of the few Angara ready to help us instead of shooting us like he’s a dangerous animalistic burden or something. I would have expected some more openmindedness by a woman who was trained by and lived with Asari for years, so get your head out of your ass, girl.


Okay. Let me get something straight because this seems to be the general consensus tonight. I have always been taking HCs. I started taking HCs pretty much in January of last year (from my earliest recollection - they were for Bear. Not many of us were doing HCs at the time because the fandom was still living off regular fics). I have never stopped taking HCs. I just don’t get any sent to me anymore.

I’m not down for begging for them. I won’t post in the tag ‘someone send me HCs’ because I’d like to think you guys can come to me for whatever/whenever/however.

When I went overseas I made sure to post that although there would be no completion of prompts, that you could still send me HCs. At least, I thought I did - I might have deleted it in an aim to not sound needy. But, guys, I’m always here. I get a HC and I will literally stop whatever I’m doing to answer them ASAP.

I had to address this because a few comments have come up in the last 3 hours. It’s just felt like people didn’t know I was taking them??? Or thought I had stopped?? Or just didn’t like the realisim??? i don’t know. i honestly, i don’t know. But, I’ve always been here, guys, and I will continue to be unless stated otherwise (which’ll appear on the little bio box on my blog). I answer everything you guys send. Even the stuff I don’t agree with, fair warning, though, you don’t get much out of me if I don’t agree with it. Because, well, I don’t like lying. 

@marblebelow​ || AU SC

“If you want me so bad, first you’ll have to save me.” A grin flashed in spite of the pain, or perhaps because of it. There was a certain cruel irony to this that really came as no surprise to the burglar— that was the world for you. The two of them needed each other in this moment. Once it was over, they would return to their prior roles; Valjean would reverse the magistrate’s decision and let himself out of prison, Javert would be back on the chase. Until then, he was trapped and even his strength wasn’t quite enough to effect his own salvation.

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waves storm fog <3

I was so confused for a second lmao bc I didn’t expect anyone to send me stuff bc overtime I post an ask theme people just reblog it lol

waves: favourite season and why?

I’m so indecisive I can’t even choose a season lol!! the problem is we don’t get seasons here lmao, we get ‘burning hell’ and ‘hot af’, maybe sometimes we get ‘a little chilly’ so I think it’s between winter and fall bc fall has pretty colors and stuff and is not that cold but winter is cold and you get blankets, idkidkdk

storm: do you like piercings and tattoos? Why or why not?

I’m personally not a piercing person, but I do have to earring holes ion each ear (I think one of the left ones closed, not sure) bc when I was born the lady in the hospital made them uneven so my mom took me to a salon where they made a new set of holes, so I think more ear holes would be ok, but I’m not all for other body parts I guess. Now tattoos, I think I’m probably getting some when I’m older tbh bc I really like the idea of tattoos and how they look and yeah :P

fog: describe where you think you’ll be in five years.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hope I’m in London in 5 years (hopefully graduated from Systems engineering and living somewhere nice with a super fun times program developing job and walking up and down the streets with no worries whatsoever eating french fries with seasoned salt and drinking vanilla coke with my friend Natalie, the way God intended my life to be)(and watching netflix)(and Gravity Falls bc I’ll still love it and Nat will still remain Gravity Falls knowledge free to that day bc she’s awful)

ocean asks

flower crowns and pastel boots- chapter nineteen

pastel punk au

tw: mentions of kidnapping

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dinner is just about as awkward as simon had assumed it would be.

he eats to keep his mouth busy, and when baz’s mum offers him extra servings he feels like he has to oblige (even if he’s pretty sure she’s just doing it out of politeness). he sort of meets baz’s younger siblings- they exchange nods, and he can feel them staring at him through the rest of the meal. he studiously avoids eye contact with baz’s dad

mostly, he just wraps his ankle around baz’s own and scoots his chair a little too close because all right, he’s just a bit nervous. and baz is comfortable, and safe, and he smells like cedar and oranges and just a hint of vanilla. 

baz walks him home, after, and they linger at his doorstep for longer than strictly necessary.

“love you,” simon whispers as baz walks off, and watches him turn and grin.

“i love you too.”

baz isn’t at school the next day. and he’s not answering simon’s texts, which is unlike him.

he talks to the teacher in their one shared class, miss possibelf, and she frowns at him before telling him that yes, his absence is unexcused. simon feels his stomach twist, and forces a smile for her.

“thank you, i was just wondering.”

at lunch, they all sit at their usual table, although the whole dynamic seems off. simon’s unusually jumpy, always reaching for a steadying hand that isn’t there. penny notices.

“what’s wrong with you?”

simon shakes his head. “i dunno. baz is sick.”

“yeah, but it’s not like that’s weird. baz is kind of frail. he’s sick a lot.”

“baz isn’t frail,” defends simon loyally. “and anyways, this is weird. he won’t text me back, and miss possibelf said that he has an unexcused absence. baz never has unexcused absences.”

“there’s a first time for everything,” says agatha. she sounds bored. “lighten up, simon. seriously.”

“i’m just worried, is all,” simon grumbles. the girls give him exasperated looks.

“baz is fine. calm down.” penny turns back to her food.

simon approaches the heavy black door with some trepidation.

he uses baz’s window because he finds the front intimidating- there’s a literal drive, lined with trees, and a heavy black gate, and a forest swooping around it. it even has walls (which simon climbs almost daily).

but he’s going up to his front door anyways.

he tentatively lifts the gold knocker and lets it drop (why can’t they just knock by themselves? rich people). there’s complete silence for maybe a minute, until the door creaks open slowly.

the elderly lady standing there ushers him inside when she sees who it is- simon thinks she’s either baz’s grandmother or his nanny. he smiles politely at her.

“hi, is baz in?”

her smile stays up, but her eyes tighten. “no.”

simon has a bad feeling curling in his stomach, but he doesn’t let his expression change. “right, then- where is he?”

she sighs. “we don’t know.”

“what do you mean you don’t-”

“baz didn’t come home last night,” she says, softly.

simon’s fingers go cold. “what happened to him?”

she gives him a long look, in the silence of the hall. simon feels rather like he’s stepped into some sort of action movie. “mr. grimm is a very important man, you must know.”

simon nods. he’s seen baz’s dad- he’s scary, all sharply pressed suits and flinty eyes and snow white hair. simon’s father hates him. they’re business rivals.

“he has enemies,” she says, and simon almost laughs- that’s not something real people say, at least not anymore- but she looks utterly serious. simon feels in over his head.

“so you’re saying that baz was kidnapped.”

“i’m saying that’s a distinct possibility, yes.”

“no,” says simon. “that’s ridiculous. no, people don’t get kidnapped-”

“they do. every day.” she sighs. “we warn him to be careful. we’re a very wealthy family, mr. snow. we have political power-”

“are you blaming this on him?” simon’s suddenly angry- or terrified, maybe. his hands are shaking.

“of course not.” her lips tighten, and simon sees a flash of worry, pain- of how much she cares about baz- break through her icy facade. then he blinks, and it’s gone.

“is he going to be okay?”

his voice is small. she looks at him.

“do come in.” she considers him, and her face softens somewhat. “i suppose we can tell you some of what we know. thus far.”

baz is cold.

that’s all he can focus on, for some reason. his aching fingers and toes and shivering arms and legs and stiff neck and-

maybe he’s focusing on it because he’s terrified.

it’s pitch black in the room they locked him it- there’s shuffling, every once in a while, coming from the corner. maybe rats. maybe something else. (he keeps seeing a figure loom up in the dark. there’s nothing there, he knows, but it still makes him huddle backwards into the wall.)

they’ve not talked to him since they threw him in here. (he has no idea how much time has passed- it feels like days, but it might have been hours.)

he wants to get out.

“he’s been what?” agatha hisses, eyes wide and shocked. beside her, penny gapes.

“are you kidding? if this is a prank-”

“of course i’m not kidding,” says simon. he’s close to tears- maybe that’s why they don’t argue with him. “god, they- they’re called the ‘numpties’, they’re a fucking gang or something, and they sent baz’s dad a ransom note.”

“for how much?”

“i don’t know, they won’t tell me- oh, god, this is bad, i don’t know what’s going to happen to him-”

“you’ve told the police, right?” says agatha, looking horrified. simon slumps.

“baz’s dad won’t, he says he can handle this by himself- i probably shouldn’t be telling you about this, i just-” he makes a strangled noise, half sob and half quiet scream. “we don’t know where he is, and they’re too damn stubborn to go out and look.”

they both look at a loss for words. penny shakes her head.

“this doesn’t happen in real life.”

“it because baz’s family is apparently famous in the business world- i guess i knew that, my dad complains about it when he bothers to talk to me- but i just didn’t think-”

“of course you didn’t think this was going to happen,” penny says vehemently. “this isn’t remotely your fault, simon, don’t try to say that it is.”

simon’s face crumples. “i’m scared they’ll hurt him.”

they each take one of his hands.

“hey,” whispers agatha, “c’mon. it’ll be fine.”

“and if it isn’t…” penny tightens her lips. “i can talk to mr. grimm.”

it sounds like she’s promising something. 

simon doesn’t ask for specifics.

@obludas hi okay so based on yr answer I’d probably recommend you the following, which I think has a good stylistic range so you can get a sense of a lot of different ways of coming at similar questions:

Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson

Schizophrene, Bhanu Kapil

The Compleat Purge, Trisha Low

Death and Disaster Series, Lonely Christopher

Life in a Box is a Pretty Life, Dawn Lundy Martin

Dream Machine, Sade Murphy

Book of Frank, CA Conrad

Pleasure, Brian Teare

So many Dickinson poems are on mental health that’s a whole seprate list I’d have to make but going through Dickinson is always fun and challenging

Lots of Eileen Myles I think would appeal to you, I have her big selected poems.

I think I have all of these books at the apt so just like do some googling about them or text me and ask me about them and if you want to borrow any just say the word