i'm pretty sure that's what it's called!

Random Sentence Starters:
  • "Any time I say "asking for a friend" you know it's fake because I have no friends."
  • "God bless that ass."
  • "In eight hours I will have been awake for twenty four hours."
  • "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple."
  • "You can't snort Captain Crunch. That's what Cocoa Puffs are for."
  • "These skinny jeans are stifling."
  • "Are your pants made out of Fruit Loops?"
  • "Yoga pants are the reason corporations go bankrupt."
  • "Your mother would never lie to me."
  • "I'm pretty sure Ren and Stimpy were werewolves."
  • "It's like he has chicken pox but like... on his dick."
  • "Call the government."
  • "Everyone has that one emo band that got them through puberty."
  • "Between you and me I love her shoes but I hate everything that she stands for, if you know what I mean."
  • "The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist."
  • "I don't speak German but I'm pretty sure that dude just said go fuck yourself."
  • "I'd sell my soul for a cheesy snack."
  • "I can't date guys who look better in eyeliner than I do."
  • "I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was sixteen and three quarters."
  • "If you know that vampires exist it's your civil duty to report that shit to someone."
  • "I'd really like to smack a bitch."
  • "Who gave you permission to breathe my air?"
  • "Would you rather fuck Edward Cullen or Peter Parker?"
Calron's Easter
  • Aaron: Okay Call open your eyes
  • Call: What am I looking at?
  • Aaron: It's an Easter egg hunt, you have to find the eggs
  • Call: Okay
  • Call:
  • Call: Um I'm pretty sure I got them all, why do they all have letters on them
  • Aaron: It spells out something, figure it out
  • Call:
  • Call:
  • Call, reading: Will.. you.. go.. out with me?
  • Aaron: Oh I thought you would never ask!
  • Call: You're such a dork Aaron
  • Aaron: So that's a..
  • Call: Yes, that's a yes.

inuthekitsune  asked:

Hi! First off, love your ocs! This may be a dumb question but are bunny Shifty and cat Shifty two different characters? I thought the cat was named Shifty but someone call the bunny Shifty too so I'm not sure. Both are still pretty cool characters!

OvO thanks for your interest yo! OnwO Shifty is a shapeshifter, the cat and the rabbit are both him! He’s very rarely in his rabbit form

(Its mainly when he’s under a great amount of pain/stress/ or aggression and MAINLY aggression. Rabbit Shifty is not a friendly Shifty). If you arent sure if one of my OCs is Shifty, look for the neon blue teeth. His teeth remain the same no matter what form he’s in.

anonymous asked:

I'm possibly being really stupid but I don't get it? I've just read one of the fics by Dale Pike (the one called 'People Will' published 01.07.2016 ) and its REALLY GOOD, but other than that...!?!? Is there something to meta in there? Is it because it mentions a line about oysters? I don't have the time to read all of them right now so I read this short one, and that's all I can tell. What are you guys thinking? The answer is probably obvious but I'm genuinely asking.

I’m pretty sure these fics were made by Mofftiss. And if not Mofftiss, then someone involved, because they predict things months in advance, they break the fourth wall constantly and they’re literally meta stacked upon meta. It’s… honestly quite ingenious. 

My mind is blown. I don’t understand anything anymore. John is very relatable to me atm

Scandal Inspired Sentence Starters
  • "Tell it to me straight. What do you want?"
  • "I was willing to give it all up for you."
  • "You didn't save me. I'm on my own."
  • "I was pretty sure somebody hacked you into pieces and burned your body. I'm really glad that's not true."
  • "You are precious to me. Do you understand?"
  • "You can take your flowers and daisies and your hope, and you can choke on it!"
  • "The question isn't what I want. It's what you want."
  • "Do you hear me? No one is going to help you."
  • "I'm fine dancing alone."
  • "It is your life that is sad. It is you who cannot be normal. It is you who has no comprehension of love."
  • "You only know how to lie and call it love."
  • "You're not leaving. You were never leaving. You can never leave me alone because you have no place to go."
  • "Say the word. We will pack up and leave all of this behind."
  • "You could write a book. Sell it to Hollywood."
  • "Ironic, isn't it? It's always the ones closest to us, the ones who say they care. They're the ones who do the most damage."
  • "You can cry if you want to."
  • "We both know in the end you're not going to choose me."
  • "You are poison. And everyone who touches you pays the price."
  • "We have to stop doing this to each other."
  • "I just wanted you to be happy. That's all I ever wanted."
  • "I'm going to hug you now. Don't tell me not to. You're going to stand here and take it."
  • "After everything I just needed to be alone."
  • "You make me feel...small."
  • "I yelled at you. I owe you an apology for that."
  • "You ever get lonely? I'm freaking lonely."
  • "Call me later if you want me to do that thing to you."
  • "Somehow everything is different. Everything is...colder."
  • "You're not even a little concerned?"
  • "Don't you think you owe me at least this much?"
  • "I am now broken. I'm not me. I'm forever changed."
  • "You make me angry, you make me mad. I want to kill you and have sex with you at the same time."
  • "I can never trust my gut when it comes to you."
  • "I have looked at it from every angle, and I have hoped and prayed that I was wrong."
  • "How did we get like this? When did we stop being people?"
  • "Try and protect your soul if you still have one."
  • "I am going to marry you. We are going to have babies. Two babies, I think."
  • "Tell me you felt it, too. Tell me I'm not crazy."
  • "But then a moment like this comes around and it makes me feel like it's all worth it."
  • "I asked you to save me, and you said no."
  • "You don't tell me to do anything, because I'm not your bitch."
  • "Can you just — I don't know — be nice to me for a minute?"
  • "You should've never given me someone to love."
  • "Girls like to be kissed first, right? Romance them a little before you dive right into their pants."
  • "You think you don't have a weakness. But you do. Me."
  • "Don't patronize me like I'm some hysterical teenage girl at the beginning of my cycle."
  • "You've been coddled and cared for, pampered and hugged. For you, it's always summertime and the living's easy."
  • "It hurts until it doesn't. You think it's going to break you, but it won't. You will be fine."
  • "What's that stupid thing the kids are saying? YOLO?"
  • "You're just a bundle of dirty little secrets."
  • "I'd say this is a new low."
Dirty magazine

So, instead of working on the Cloud-sharing fic, I spent an hour scribbling out a kink meme fill instead. Which kinda fails as a kink meme fill cause there isn’t even any smut, but I just found it rather entertaining to write. X3

And now it’s way past my bedtime, whoops.

Prompt: During a surprise bunker inspection, General Sephiroth discovers Cloud or Zack’s hidden porn—featuring “him” on the front page. Obviously the cadet in question needs to be punished, how Sephiroth decides to do this is up to the writer as long as it’s fully consensual.

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In Wal-Mart With Boyfriend
  • Me: *told him that apartments we were looking into were sketchy af*
  • BF: We almost moved into a meth lab.
  • Me: I mean, we could've made some money off of it.
  • BF: *rolls eyes*
  • Me: Just don't eat your methamphetamine.
  • BF: What?
  • Me: I wouldn't eat meth.
  • BF: ...I'm pretty sure that's not how meth works.
  • Me: How would you know?
  • BF: It's meth.
  • Me: You eat meth?
  • BF: Eating meth MIGHT be bad for you.
  • Me: I think meth in general might be bad.
  • Wal-MartEmployee: *looks ready to call cops*

Weak and pallid city girl (me) goes to not city and doesn’t know what to do with what I believe they call “the sea”. Rubs hands in it, looks like a twat

anonymous asked:

one of the things that annoys me is i'm pretty sure rick doesn't even know how the prophecy worked out. 'to storm or fire the world shall fall' did that ever get explained properly? how could it have been storm???? i mean usually it's clear, and clever, what the prophecy ended up being, but i didn't get that. i sorta felt that rick hadn't planned it when he started hoo, and that's why it felt like a weak ending

  1. Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
  2. To storm or fire, the world must fall,
  3. An oath to keep with a final breath,
  4. And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

  1. Okay so seven half-bloods shall answer the call, tick, you’ve got that. It was a poor choice, but it’s done.
  2. To storm or fire, the world must fall. Uh… Well. Sort of. By ‘world’ it actually meant Earth, aka. Gaia. And it was a mystery of whether it was going to be Jason (storm) or Leo (fire) who defeated her. And I guess technically it was Leo. So this was satisfied.. barely, but it was.
  3. The oath to keep with a final breath was Leo’s promise to rescue Calypso, which he ‘died’ for. I’m not really happy about that, a minor side quest, being an entire line of the Great Prophecy. But whatevs, I suppose we can tick this one off. (Alternatively, this could be Bob’s promise to keep Percy and Annabeth safe and his and Damasen’s sacrifice in Tartarus? I think I like that better, tbh.)
  4. And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death was Annabeth and Percy teaming up with Bob and Damasen in Tartarus. 

So.. it’s not in chronological order.. I don’t know if that matters when it comes to prophecies but it annoys me, haha. And it’s all a bit vague and the second line particularly was a total let down, but. Technically I suppose he fulfilled everything.