i'm pretty sure that he was in character for all of these interviews

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can you make a checklist on how to get into the gorillaz?? It seems like there is a lot out there and its hard to follow when i'm getting into it late.. thank you!!

Sure!!! I personally got into them by watching their G-bitez and music videos and it all kinda spiraled from there.

The band itself was made by Damon Albarn (Lead singer of Blur, does vocals and writes lyrics for Gorillaz) and Jamie Hewlett (Co-creator of the comic book “Tank Girl”, draws and animates for Gorillaz) after they were both watching MTV and they were like “hey music today sucks you know what’d be cool?? if we made an animated band” “cool we could call it ‘gorilla’ because we were both born on the year of the monkey!!!” sadly animal planet had already copyrighted “gorilla” so they just added a z to the end of it to make it cooler.

Here’s a playlist of all of their music videos/unfinished storyboards i put together (they’re all in order according to the storyline, but keep in mind that “do ya thing” isn’t canon): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mRz_uqFp8BiLuEZ3-ZUjJZB

Here’s a list of all of their interviews I’ve been able to find (You can learn a lot about the characters from these babies): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mT1RKRtEIu2RA4AraQnGnqu

Aaand here’s a list of all of their songs (there’s a bunch). Every one of them sorted from oldest to newest, every song after “We’ve got the power” is either a demo, rare or unreleased: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mTeUgeN3TVDF1kUgM11wlFI

Something to know about Gorillaz is that they have “phases”. Phase 1 was in 2001, when they released their albums “Gorillaz”, “G-Sides” and “Laika come home”. Phase 1′s art style was cartoonish and used very thick lineart. Phase 2 was in 2005, when they released “Demon Days” and “D-sides”. Phase 2′s art style was a bit dark and looked more realistic. Phase 3 was in 2010, when they released the albums “Plastic Beach” and “The Fall” in 2011. Phase 3′s art style was almost the same as phase 2′s. Then we have Phase 4 in 2017, their new album “Humanz” is coming out April 28th. It’s art style is the one that stands out the most to me, you can find most of the art on Jamie Hewlett’s Instragram (Hewll)

Alright, a big part of me getting into the fandom was my love fore the characters. I’m assuming you’re not a fan yet, so let me introduce them to you (i’m going to use powerpoints to explain each member if u don’t mind):

This lovely lad here is Murdoc Faust Niccals.

- He’s the band’s leader/bassist, and he makes sure EVERYONE knows that’s it’s his band and only his.
- He went through multiple other bands before he formed Gorillaz.
- He was born on June 6th, 1966 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. As an infant he was abandoned on his father’s doorstep.
- Had a very rough childhood, his father, Sebastian Niccals, would force him to preform on stage for booze money and it was absolutely humiliating for him.
- His nose has been broken a of total 8 times. The first time was from a bully at his school, the 2nd time was from his older (and only) brother, Hannibal, because Murdoc had touched his records and the other 6 times were from Russel when he got caught “doing it” with 2D’s now ex-girlfriend in the bathroom stalls of Kong Studios
- His middle name was originally “Alphonse” but he changed it to “Faust” after making a deal with the Devil in phase 1 to make Gorillaz the “biggest band in the world”. That’s also how he got his bass, “El Diablo”.
- did i mention he was a satanist bc he is
- He hangs around in his underwear a lot (especially in phase 2)
- He likes to either get naked or start pelvic thrusting in like every video, so be careful, young anon.
- He’s very crude but sometimes he can be very nice and adorable in some interviews ??? It’s so weird
- He likes making weird noises, like, a lot.
- Apparently can speak French and Spanish
- His reason for turning green all of the sudden in phase 2 is either because of alcohol poisoning or due to him tanning himself green. Jamie himself said that it’s because he’s an immortalist and his skin is now rotting but I’m not sure how true it is.
- He had a pet raven in phase 2!!! His name was Cortez and no one really
knows what happened to him but Murdoc seemed to love that bird.
- He also had a cape in phase 2 that he loved and wore like all the time but he lost it. Poor baby.
- He was based off of a young 1960′s era Keith Richards.
- He has a tongue longer than Gene Simmons’ and I’m not even kidding. His tongue is like a foot long
- His genuine laugh can cure cancer
- He had his own MTV cribs episode
- Here’s a playlist of every interview he’s been in if you’d like to know a bit more about how he acts.
- All of this sounds horrible but like half of the fandom sees him as charming and funny and the other half sees him as repulsive and downright mean so i guess listen to some of his interviews and make your decision (i’m part of the half that loves him)

This is 2D!!

- He’s the band’s singer, sometimes he plays the piano and melodica too.
- He’s anxious and a bit timid around people. He’s not that intelligent, but he’s an absolute sweetheart to pretty much everyone. He’s … a huge dork.
- He was born on May 23rd, 1978.  He was born in Hertfordshire, England and was raised in Crawley, England. When he was 10 he fell out of a tree and landed on his head, his hair fell out and grew back blue. He’s had horrible headaches since then, but his mother was a nurse and gave pills to help him out.
- His real name is Stuart Pot
- He loves horror films!!! Especially zombie movies.
- Apparently he smells like butterscotch
- He’s VERY tall. he’s like 6′1 and his legs make up most of his body. He towers over the rest of the band.
- His voice actor is Nelson De Freitas, but Damon Albarn provides his singing voice
- The lack of his two front teeth gives him an adorable accent
- He has a crippling fear of whales
- His eyes are black due to an 8-ball fracture that Murdoc gave him before the band was made when he crashed his car into the music store 2D worked at.
- His eyes turn white when he’s stressed or scared.
- His nickname “2D” stands for “Two Dents”. He’s called that because Murdoc’s car crash also gave him two dents in his head.
- Murdoc is seen physically abusing 2D throughout phase 1-3, but there’s a very likely chance that he’s going to stop and make amends in phase 4!!!
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in
- Everybody loves him. I love him. I don’t think it’s possible not to love him.

This is Russel Hobbs!!

- He’s the band’s drummer.  He makes remixes too!!!
- The living embodiment of “looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”
- Quite possibly the most underrated character in the world
- He was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 3rd, 1975. He got possessed by a demon as a kid and fell into a coma for four years. After he woke up the demon got expelled tho
- When he was a teen, him and his friends were involved in a drive-by shooting. Russel was the only survivor and all of his friends possessed him, but the only one we really get to see is his closest friend, Del, he raps in Clint Eastwood and Rock the House, but we haven’t seen him since phase 1. 
- Russel misses Del very dearly, poor lad.
- After the whole shooting incident he was sent to the UK to live with his uncle.
- He’s an actual giant in phase 3 because he ate some radioactive algae 
- He loves fezzes!!!
- His hobby, besides music, is taxidermy.
- He’s the dad friend
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in

Last but not least, this is Noodle

- She plays guitar for the band. She also sings and writes songs sometimes
- Noodle is very energetic and nice but she can also kick your ass
- She was born in Osaka, Japan on October 31st 1990
- She joined the band when she was around 10 but she’s like 26 now. I forgot to mention that the band ages with real time
- As a kid she was a part of a classified child super solider project under the management of a japanese scientist named Mr. Kyuzo. this is where she learned how to be badass. She knew professional karate at like 10 how cool is that
- All of the children in that project were deemed too unstable and dangerous, so they canceled the experiment and Mr. Kyuzo was ordered to kill all of the children (fuckin dark i know). After killing them all, Mr. Kyuzo was reluctant to kill Noodle, so instead he put her in a state of amnesia and smuggled her to the UK by shipping her to Kong Studios in a FedEx crate.
- She didn’t remember anything!!! The only english thing she was able to say to say was “noodle” and that’s where she got her name.
- She learned how to speak english and remembered her past in phase 2.
- Murdoc, 2D and Russel raised her (mostly russel tho). Noodle considers Murdoc and 2D her brothers and Russel considers her his daughter how CUTE IS THAT
- She loves Pokemon
- She had a flying windmill island in phase 2 it was incredible
- She had a cute radio helmet in phase 1 
- She also has a robot version of herself called “Cyborg Noodle” in phase 3. It’s a long story but Cyborg might be coming back for phase 4.
- The interviews that she’s in can be found here!!

The backstory is too long for me to write down, but you can find it over here! I hope i explained everything clearly- if not, or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!! I hope this helps you c:

Translation of YOI article from the newspaper “Le Monde”

A friend asked me a translation and I saw that on the original post, there were some curious too, so I’ve made a translation of this article (I took the most important part of it precisely)

To be honest, a show about ice skating, we didn’t think it would create such a keen interest”. Olivier Fallaix is responsible of the french Crunchyroll development. It releases outside Asia the surprising big success from this past months : Yuri on Ice, an anime of 12 episodes only, broadcasted between October and December and created by Mappa, a little and young studio.
This is internationally our second biggest success of the year, after Re-zero.
Sport animes are not really an universal genre, with big success. But the strenght of YOI is that it’s not only a sport anime”.

“Fans are not mistaken”

36 years old Ninou Cyrico, is a big fan of YOI, that she watched “five-six times”.
As a writer, she even published a fanfiction of 200 pages about it, taking place few years after the end of the anime.

YOI characters are wonderful, the story is written in a clever way, with an attention to detail very fabulous”, she says and insisting on the care to develop the secondary characters. “Even the less important characters have something that makes them more than being just the background
Fans are not mistaken : with the fanfics, and the doujinshis, they even have groups who wrote stories about them.

In October indeed, the fandom web (the fan community) have seen YOI taking a considerable importance. On Tumblr, their main characters have appeared on the list of the couples the most popular of 2016. On the fanfic website Archive of Our Own, there are at least 19000 stories published since then by fans.

And the most of those creations are focused on the relationship between Yuuri and Victor. In the anime, this love story is “implicit, never explicit, treated with modesty” according to Ninou Cyrico. “It’s clever, it doesn’t harm the story, that’s not about the romance but about Yuuri’s come-back”, and an ode to surpassing ourselves. Also, “a gay romance between a Russian and a Japanese, those days, and especially on the Russian side, it’s pretty cheeky”.

« There isn’t any homophobia »

For Garance Le Gall, an other fan of YOI and writer of a memoir on LGBT representation in comics, this anime appears like “a precious stone on the calendar of the story of anime”.

In Occident, we don’t realize how much what they did is important : a mainstream sport anime, that isn’t yaoi or even shounen ai, with a homosexual couple. It’s a bit like what George Miller did with [Mad Max : Fury Road]. They introduced it like a big testosterone movie, but the audience went to watch a feminist movie instead

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Hiya, I'm kinda new to the Gorillaz fandom, and I'm really liking it, and the new art and everything, and I was wondering if you could describe the characters? They all seem really cool, and I'd love to know more about them and what they're like. Thank you!! ^_^

Of course, love! 

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Ok, first off, there’s 2D: 

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Anxious, ditzy, unlucky, dazed… 2D (real name: Stuart) is the lead singer, and sometimes keyboardist for the Gorillaz. He’s the distracted pretty boy that everyone loves- And for good reason! 2D is kind and caring, despite not always being the wittiest. He’s unfocused and often in a world of his own, but he’s undeniably likeable. Despite being a very depressed and anxious lad, 2D really is a loveable sweetheart. He always tries to be a nice person, and is genuinely a loveable goof. He’s always getting into trouble, though, and is constantly getting hurt (from his own clumsiness, but mostly because of Murdoc).
2D is addicted to pills and cigarettes, and has a deathly fear of whales.
He’s good natured and very, very sweet.

Next up… Murdoc: 

Originally posted by trashdoq

Murdoc Niccals is rude, violent, aberrant, reckless, inappropriate- And yet, is very charming and confident.
He plays the Bass, and is basically the leader of Gorillaz.
He’s bossy and hot headed, and is often disrespectful to everyone and anyone. Especially 2D.
Murdoc has had a rough past, full of torment and abuse. It’s probably why he’s such an arse these days. And he really is an arse.
He can actually have a lot of intelligent, witty- even deep and meaningful- moments, despite often trying to hide his feelings behind a scowl or a sneer, constantly drinking and banging chicks. He’s not a good person. He can be gross and horrible, and even quite unlikeable.
But at the same time, people adore him for his honesty and humour, his charm and his humanity, even if he seems like the least human… Human, ever.

Then, there’s Russel: 

Originally posted by noodlesdare

Russel is the drummer of Gorillaz. He’s the big, tough, yet sensible and soft guy, the quiet, smart, sensitive guy. He loves hip-hop, and dresses, and is incredibly down to Earth and truthful. He’s like the mother of the band, always there for the others, and always ready to protect them.
Russel’s dreadful past involved all his friends getting killed, and himself getting possessed.
His best friend, Del (who sometimes raps for the Gorillaz), took over Russel’s mind and came out whenever Russel was unconscious.
Often depressed and silent, Russel has had a tragic time, but still remains the kind and considerate man we all know and love.
He’s a big, big guy with a big appetite, and an even bigger heart.

And last, but certainly NOT least… Is Noodle: 

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She’s the badass guitarist of Gorillaz, the Japanese Axe-princess, the kickass lady with a cheerful and sweet spring in her step.
Noodle first joined the band as a little girl, and is now a grown woman.
She’s still the same joyous, talented, and brilliant person she always was. She’s loveable and optimistic, but still incredibly wise and absolutely tough.
Ever since she was a child, she never let life get her down, even when she was sent to Hell and replaced with a cyborg version of herself. She always stayed strong, and never gave up. And even to this day, she’s still smiling, and dancing and chatting. She’s the heart and joy of Gorillaz, the hope that holds them together.  
Noodle is a caring, funny, brave and brilliant person, and an overall amazing human being.

Each member of Gorillaz is brilliant and individual in so many different ways. They’ve all had pretty shit lives, but they’re all still going, still coming back with new art, new ideas, new interviews- And new music!!!! 

Hope this helped you understand what the characters are like! :D

I adore them all so much, and I’m sure you will too! :) 


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Actor AU (Continued)

((That’s right, I’m bringing back my first ever AU even though I’m pretty sure no one wants more))

  • Gene and Zenix are roommates irl and the both are big fans of MyStreet.
    • When they found out they were auditions for characters for Phoenix Drop High, they both we’re extremely excited.
    • The made the whole ‘If we don’t both get it, then neither of us do’ which they knew that would back out of last minute anyways.
    • They were thrilled when the found out the both got it.
  • Sasha was one of the makeup artists for the show and they thought she’d be perfect for the part, seeing as the fans already loved seeing her in Lucinda and Zane’s never ending snapchats.
  • When Aph said she wanted to bring a werwolf onto the show, Zane instantly thought of his friend that he met back in high school, Balto.
    • He had a scruffy feel and red eyes and he was a furry, everyone decided he would be perfect.
  • Ivy and Teony are the cutest couple ever and everyone loves them so much.
    • Whenever people hate on one of them for ruining a ship (i.e. ‘Teony and Ivy can’t be dating, Ivy belongs with this other character!) you better hold the others back because they will fite you.
  • Cadenza got told a lot to change her hair for jobs, MyStreet is the first show not to bother her about it.
  • Aphmau started the show on a whim with the last of her money and really didn’t expect it too take off like it did.
  • Dante is that guy at conventions who’ll start singing the Pokemon theme and everyone joins in.
  • Speaking of conventions, all the cosplays at A-con were made by Kawaii-chan, Michi, and Cadenza, along with a little bit of help from other staff members. 
  • Irene is an old actress who was and still is incredible popular, most known for her show the Devine Warriors 
  • She was Aphmau’s grandma, but Aph tries to keep that secret; she wants to succeed for her own talent, not because of who she’s related to.
  • Phoenix Drop High was not planned at all just all of a sudden a lot of people started asking to see them in high school.
  • When the show was starting out and no one really knew each other yet, Travis drama queen Valkrum had to make a lasting impression so he brought like six puppies to set with him. From that day on everyone loved him.
  • Laurance and Garroth live in the same neighborhood and they constantly bump into each other at their community garden.
  • Whenever they or someone in the crew seems down they’ll bring them flowers
  • The cast does charity lifestreams monthly and they do this thing where for every donation over a certain amount the donator can ask a truth or dare question to the cast. Here are some of the best ones:
    • Someone dared Katelyn to kiss Kawaii-chan and she didn’t hesitate for a second
    • Vylad had to speak in Lazytown quotes for an hour
    • Garroth cartwheeled into a wall
    • Balto dabbed, it was horrifying, Gene cried
    • Zenix did the splits, everyone was scared
    • Someone asked Zane is he could do impressions, very long story short, the answer was yes
    • Teony sang Bring me to Life
    • Aphmau was asked how many pairs of socks would she have to wear to fit into Aaron’s shoes; it took 17 layers.
  • When being interviewed during season three, all the guys were asked who looks best in the butler suit; every single one of them said Katelyn.
  • Never fall asleep on set unless you want Ivy to braid your hair
  • It’s actually kind of scary like Travis feel asleep for less than two minutes and she some how did a perfect braid.

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re: season 11, don't forget how 3 weeks ago anne simon, who had just spoken to chris, said that talks had stopped and hadn't resumed, how gillian said in november that she feels it's over, how david said in a new interview that he's looking at new shows to do, and notice how emma kennedy talks about the xfiles in the past tense in her tweet.

Hello, Anon. Sorry, I got carried away a bit…

Anne Simon - honestly, she knows nothing. She didn’t know anything when they were shooting the series, she knows nothing now. She likes to pretend that she does, but it’s not like they are gonna discuss anything with her regarding Gillian or David and their negotiations. 

Chris Carter - I could write a very very long essay about him..but long story short; he is always free to continue being the ignorant never-nude he is and shoot some more episodes. He has nothing else going on…

Gillian - I agree she is not on board easily but I don’t blame her. She is working very hard, her career is doing very well, she is a Mother, she lives in London, and what she was given in Season 10 was not exactly Bryan Fuller TV quality. Plus, I bet you that she sees Scully very differently than we do. For us, Dana Scully is this complex character with all her flaws and strength and awesome characteristics, because this fandom and its dedicated fanfic writers spent decades of understanding her. CC created her character which I’ll always be thankful, but! The Dana Scully I know, the Scully we know is not the same that Gillian knows and I think it’s also important to mention. 

And, please never forget one thing. Gillian Anderson never let this fandom down. She was there for the 9 years, for the new movie, for the new season. And she will be there for the last one, too. She won’t let the series end this way. She is a strong woman who knows what she wants. If she would not be interested, they would have announced that already. She will get what she wants - as she should - and when that happens, we will get a new season. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

David - is on board. He’s always been. Now, he appreciates The X-files and I’m pretty sure his little shipper heart could not leave Mulder and Scully on that bridge, estranged from each other. I mean, he needs that happy ending just as much as we do! And I still want him to write the last episode of The X-files. I trust no one - definitely not CC!!!! - to write the episode when we say goodbye to Mulder and Scully. I need David Duchovny to write the final episode and I need him to destroy me forever with his superior and perfect MSR script. I wnat to keep rewatching the last episode for the rest of my life, just like I keep rewatching the Pilot.

So, yeah. I believe in Season 11 of The X-files

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Have you read that interview with Kodaka (you can find it on the official twitter)? A whole question is dedicated to Ouma!

I did read the interview earlier today! It was a pretty fun read, and Kodaka definitely seems to be enjoying the reactions to ndrv3 overall. If anyone’s worried that criticism of the game has him down, I wouldn’t worry too much, because he definitely expected this kind of reaction and even pretty much says he prefers having people getting angry or upset over the game, since certainly he doesn’t want people to just be enthusiastic and love it 100% all the time.

The Ouma question was very fun! I can give it a rough translation, if anyone’s interested (and I haven’t checked the tags yet so I apologize if anyone already translated it before me!):

Interviewer: So, while I was playing the game myself, I must say that Ouma Kokichi left quite an impression on me.

Kodaka: Throughout the series thus far, I’ve never actually had a character who was genuinely having fun in the class trials. I mean, Komaeda from Super Danganronpa 2 is a little bit like that, but his enjoyment is still different. I decided to think up a character who had fun playing each school trial like a game, and who is a trickster-type character in the truest sense of the word—and that’s Ouma. And since the main theme [of ndrv3] this time around is “lies,” I made sure to make it so that you have to constantly wonder how much of what he says is true and how much are lies.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kodaka was just smirking through the whole interview. Still, it’s good to have confirmation that trickster/prankster-like imagery with Ouma is a must, and that he definitely made Ouma’s true intentions a mystery to be solved. After all, you don’t propose a mystery without presenting clues, and the clues are all there (there’s a lot in the rest of the interview about presenting mysteries, too).

If anyone else wants to read the interview, it’s here, but fair warning that it’s all in Japanese!

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 10 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Shrink

In which we meet Betsy Dobson who appears to be Molly Weasley’s long-lost Ravenclaw sister, some quality Renee time happens, Kevin’s Stoic and Mighty Demeanor has nothing on Dan’s doughnuts, and actual school happens at some point but who gives a shit (spoiler alert: It’s not Neil Josten).

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Do you think it's possible that D & C used to be in a relationship, but now aren't? I'm pretty convinced D is gay, as all the evidence is there, but I don't know if I believe they are currently together. Kurt/Chris in seasons 5 & 6 just didn't really seem into Blaine/Darren, which may just have been an acting choice, but the chemistry seemed different/off. It felt that Blaine/Darren was much more into Kurt/Chris, even in interviews.

Really anon? I think season 5 and 6 Klaine was pretty amazing. Ok, let me take a step back. Season 5 and 6 Klaine were treated horrifically by the writers and producers of Glee. Ryan was pissed and he did not hold back. His feelings were very much expressed by the story lines and arcs he gave those two characters. And think about this, he was willing to destroy the number one Couple on the show after the death of Cory, knowing how upset the fans would be, because of how jealous he was of Chris and Darren’s relationship.  I think this was very personal for him.

But I think Chris and Darren handled it beautifully. Their scenes together were intense and full of emotion. and hello, elevator kiss?  And did you watch them during the wedding vows? I love that part when Chris holds out the wrong finger and in the gif you can see Darren correcting him. And they way the held hands. It was actually a thing of beauty.  Darren stealing a kiss on his birthday. The unscripted Klaine kiss and the last onscreen kiss for this couple?

The summer before season 6, Chris went on national TV with a picture of a decapitated Darren and said “Too Much Love” mirroring his earlier IG post.  Klaine Explained.  That was two men that ooze chemistry and love being in each others company.  And did you watch their interactions at Paley Fest and on Ellen?  How they talk around people to have their own conversations despite the fact that they were not allowed to sit next to each other?  When Darren called Chris the life of the party and Chris was so adorably pleased with the comment.

Read the TLOS series.  Darren is all over those pages.  And Chris dedicated a book to him in the most beautiful but veiled way. 

As I have said many, many times, I firmly and fully believe that Chris and Darren are still together.  Darren indicated as much just on Tuesday with his Tom Hanks tweet.  And Chris was on fire Friday.  Any person watching this mess who did not immediately identify how much he was mocking Darren’s beard in his snap, the same beard that appeared in Vancouver within an hour, is not paying attention. And if he wasn’t personally involved and communicating with Darren, no way he would have predicted her presence in advance.  And for once, he didn’t even try to pretend he was anywhere else all weekend.

They actually don’t hide their relationship as much as people think. They play the game. They have to. But they are constantly giving us gifts. And as I keep saying, it is up to us to pay attention. Sure some things could be a coincidence. But its not some things with them. Its time, after time, after time, after time.

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Marc said he could never kill Thea being the last relative of Oliver. On Felicity said she would never wear a suit because she is already a hero, a costume would make her laugh. Made this clarification. I also think that Felicity might be dead or go back with a lesser role. MG when asked if Emily had signed the contract he replied that he was discussing. It came up months ago. And if Emily no longer had a contract as regular, but just as a recruiter, like Willa in s5. That's what I'm afraid of

No, MG confirmed to Jen in one of their talks which she shared with us that they’d never kill off Felicity (correct me if I’m wrong in remembering that @jbuffyangel  ) . I’m pretty sure I’ve read it in other interviews with him as well. MG has repeatedly said they are not going to kill off Felicity. He even laughs at the very suggestion because he knows he’s built their entire show around Felicity. Arrow was struggling before introducing Felicity. With her they found their feet. They have freely admitted that over and over and over and over again. You don’t kill off the thing which saved your show. You just don’t. And you don’t put them in the back seat and reduce their role. Not unless EBR asked them too, but again, they wouldn’t have continued to build Oliver’s story around her if that was the case. 

Look, I made the call early on about LL being killed, because I could see it clearly coming with how they were writing her out of Oliver’s story. If you’re not linked to Oliver’s story and don’t have anything going on with your own, and there is someone that is being set up as having both of those things, then you have to worry about that character. Felicity is the total opposite. She is at the heart and core of Oliver’s story. They haven’t moved away from that. And that’s why I’m 100000000000% confident they will not kill Felicity. I’m even more sure of that than I was that LL was being killed off, and I was very sure about that. 

If Olicity had gotten together for good in S3, then there would be potentially more to worry about. Another 4 years of storytelling opens up real possibilities of pulling apart that relationship. The very fact that they’ve slowed down the relationship to play out more beats and have us wait on the wedding/babies etc GUARANTEES us that Felicity or Oliver aren’t going to die. That’s how the flow of stories work. It’s hard to explain if you can’t see it for yourself. It’s kind of like explaining rhythm to someone who doesn’t have it. I can see the rhythm of this storytelling, and I’m telling anyone who wants to listen that they’ll never kill off Felicity because the narrative simply doesn’t support it. It’s not that kind of story. 

I find this worry about killing off Felicity to be a very odd one. Of all the things to worry about on Arrow, that’d be the absolute last one. I clearly can’t stop anyone from worrying about it if they really want to, but I’d just like to point out that I was right about LL dying, I was right about Olicity not being over and reuniting, I was right about GA/BC or GA/BS not being a thing on the writer’s radar. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying that in the vain hope that you’ll believe me when I say not to worry about Felicity dying. I told you all it was a waste of energy to worry about Billy and Susan, and that Felicity wasn’t going to get pregnant by Billy and Oliver wouldn’t become second best to Felicity and all the other things people found to get worked up and worried about, and I was right. It was a big old waste of time. Because none of those things fit the story being told. They were never going to happen. Felicity dying is never going to happen. 

Oh, and I’d just like to point out that I was also right about some people not being able to relax and enjoy Olicity’s story, even when they’re together, and here we are. There is a difference about being nervously excited about how Olicity are going to find each other and still believing we’re being pranked by the writers and that they’re never going to follow through. Some people will never have faith in the writers for reasons that feel valid to them (which is fine) but like I’ve said many times before, you’ll always be coming up with these kinds of scenarios because you don’t believe what the writers are telling you, which means you’ll never get to enjoy Olicity. 

I said when they reunited, some people would still fret and that is what is happening. And again, when they marry, those same people will still fret because they’re still equating ‘going with Olicity’ as them having no drama or obstacles to overcome. So, any drama or challenges means the writers are backing away from Olicity. Those people have to let go of that concept because it’s destroying what entertainment Arrow has to offer when it comes to Olicity. That is not how the writers roll with these characters. They will always give them challenges and the very fact that they’ve given Olicity a new challenge to overcome shows how committed they are to the couple, and not the opposite, as some folks seem intent on trying to make out. More drama for Olicity means they’re meant to be and they will be. 

I’m sorry that I sound so obnoxious in this post with all the ‘I told you so’s’. I’m aware I sound like a dick. But beyond the dickish delivery of my message, the message is a good one. If you can’t rewire your brain to think like the writers think and understand their way of telling a story, then you’re always going to be stressed watching Arrow and I find that a real shame because Arrow is like the easiest show in the world to watch to me. Their overall narrative is so obvious, but the plot points they use to tell the story often surprise me. That’s a great combination of having a thrilling ride but knowing you’re completely safe. If you don’t believe in the writers then you’ll never feel completely safe and you’ll flinch at every little twist and turn, not realising you and your ship are utterly safe. That’s always a sad thought for me. :/

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask for your opinion about that interview, but never mind, and preach. You're always on point, Sian. I honestly haven't read the whole interview yet (I'm on my phone and I can only use apps), so I trusted those who were complaining about it. So it was Ross who implied there was sexual tension between them, right? What did Andrew answer exactly? And what did he say about Michonne at the end of the article? Sorry for this mess of a question, but I wanted to be sure before getting mad:D


I honestly think someone might be trolling us now, for bringing it to us like this. If you read the article, it’s pretty clear what AL is saying. There’s no need to get mad at him. He was answering the question as it pertained to working with PM (censored names to avoid fandom fuckery):

DR: What was it like working with Pollyanna Mc!ntosh, who plays their leader, Jad!s?

AL: I don’t know how it plays on screen, but I instantly loved what she brought to the show. And there was a combative but also kind of a sexual, flirtatious, strange, weird dynamic that happened quite instantaneously [NB he did not say between them]. And Jad!s was so odd and strange, and I think Rick is kind of amused by them, but also inspired. Because she’s so strong and because she is so clear in what she is doing, and the way she is delivering the message is so impressive and so concrete, you kind of go along with it and go, “All right, you talk in a very strange way. No idea why. But this can work.” As soon as she said “Up-Up-Up” I thought, there’s the T-shirt right there: Up-Up-Up. It’s so weird, and yet she [as in PM] really, really landed it.

DR: It’s interesting how you say it’s kind of like a flirtation between the two because you feel that a bit in the big negotiation scene between Rick and Jadis at the end there, where they’re still feeling each other out, right down to the left-handed handshake because Rick’s hand is all bloody.

AL:Yeah, because I’m bleeding to death! [Laughs.] There’s a kind of lightness, and we spoke about it. [Showrunner Scott M. Gimple] gave me a heads up. He said, “I want this back half to explore this freedom and this humor that comes with this liberated guy. And there’s a sense of discovery and lightness.” He said to think about it like Indiana Jones and try to push into that area, which I took and ran with. And this episode is definitely feeling out that area. And it’s really good fun, especially after such a battering first half, to move into an area that’s still in the world but a different suburb than we’ve been before.

You’ll notice that AL is talking about PM and what she brings to the character and show in the first answer. In the second, he’s talking about Rick and his new-found freedom. He says nothing about sexual tension between the two characters. I think it’s quite clear here.

Here’s the last bit of his answer to a non-Richonne question:

But anyway, to be continued. All I will say is that the episode coming up that I’m not involved in I think is a beautifully written episode. But a little bit of fun and hijinks still to come with Rick and Michonne.

He didn’t have to bring up Richonne, but he did, like always.

There’s nothing to be worried about. AL speaks quite honestly about his cast-mates performances. I think PM did bring a sexual, flirtatious dynamic to the scene. I agree with Andy on that. He did not say that he was playing Rick in any way reciprocating that dynamic.

My other response is here.


anonymous asked:

Hi Ashley, first off, you're an amazing writer and I love your blog! Your Ash, you gotta help me coz I'm salty AF and our Captain has cut me real deep (I'm still fucking crying!). I just watched that Madrid interview where Andy says Michonne is the greatest love of his life (I died!) but then not only does he add that shit about JBlah but he also says SWC was 'an incredible wife'! WTFuckingF?! Please help me feel better! Your writing is amazing and I love your blog btw!

Okay, a couple of things to keep in mind before you slander our captain, lol. When he spoke of Michonne being Rick’s greatest love story, he was speaking as Andy. As in, that’s what he believes to be true about his character and this relationship. When he said the thing about Jessie, he said that Rick probably thought the same. And let’s be real, Rick’s crazy ass probably did believe that shit. 😄(Moreover, I’m pretty sure Andy just wanted to get that joke off about the hand chop, because he’s dorky like that.)

And also, Sarah Wayne Callies and Lori Grimes are two different people. Andy has a lot of love for her (and Jon Bernthal), as one would hope, no matter what their on-screen relationship turned out to be. Sarah is a great actress and she played the hell out of Lori, for better or for worse. So no, Lori wasn’t always a great wife to Rick, but Sarah was probably a great TV wife to Andy, and that’s all he meant by it. I’d be disappointed if he said anything less.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am currently trying to tackle the opening couple chapters of my fantasy novel set in a fictional world. I'm struggling to introduce the ideas of the world to the reader without being too abrupt while accommodating for the fact that they don't know the world like I do, seeing as I've been living with it for a while. Do you have any tips or suggestions for avoiding the dreaded "info-dump" while still providing the reader with enough information and context for the rest of story? Thanks!

Hey nonnie, I’m really sorry it took me a few days to get around to answering this for you! I’m right in the middle of exams and job interviews at the moment and busy starting off my own fantasy novel so as I’m sure you can imagine its pretty hectic. I really hope this is still in time to help you out though! 

For those of you who don’t know, info-dumping is a form of telling rather than showing that goes on for a while - sometimes for pages at a time. Usually they occur in narration but it can happen in dialogue too. Rather than introducing your world smoothly it just dumps everything in the reader’s lap and it can be a huge turn off to read in fantasy and sci-fi.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Make sure everything you are telling the reader is necessary for them to know. You might know the entire history of your world and how many kinds of bird species there are or whatever but unless it is needed for the plot, your reader doesn’t need to know. 

  2. Even better, after checking that this is something they need to know make sure they need to know it at that specific point in the novel. You can foreshadow of course, but don’t tell them stuff at random moments - only when it is needed. 

  3. If it works for your story a good thing to do can be what I call the Harry Potter vs. Ron Weasley. For Harry everything in the wizarding world is as new and alien to him as it is to the reader so we explore and learn together making it feel like part of the narrative. Ron acts as the teacher or guide for this. But this won’t work for all stories of course. 

  4. You could try using epistolary texts. This is when you have chunks of books or newspapers or text books or something like that that only exist in the world of your book. These are sort of an info-dump but a more interesting format of them. 

  5. If in doubt, less is probably better. Your reader will be able to make connections a lot better than you think - your job is simply to act as a guide to them. 

  6. Make sure to give things like character backstories in smaller parts rather than all at once. This makes it feel more natural and flow better but it also builds suspense because the reader doesn’t know the whole story yet.

  7. Something that George RR Martin did that I found really interesting was to have different idioms. So instead of saying “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” a character says “I’d rather face that enemy when he enters the battlefield.” This means the exact same thing and so the reader is able to understand it through context but it also reveals more about the world and the importance of war in that society. Context is everything - you can give tiny bits of information but with the right context you will stay tonnes.

  8. To double check, when you’ve finished your story get beta readers and make sure to ask them about this. If they have any questions about the world, make that clearer but if chunks were boring, make sure to rewrite them.

That’s what I can think off of the top of my head so I really hope this helps! I might make a more detailed post about this when I have the time though so keep an eye out for that. And happy writing!

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s2 bts: photos, video:

  • “The first day I met Chris we had dinner…" (Special Education bts)
  • Original Song bts (2:14)
  • "Wow, Chris, I love you!" (2:20)
  • "He is great, I was big fan of his Harry Potter musical…” (0.20)
  • Chris on fans’ reaction to Darren and kissing boys in private school uniforms (4:16, 7:30)
  • “Chris is a very generous talent" (1:50)

BONUS - audio of Darren’s interview, Chris the wood nymph, "I like Chris a whole lot” and much more (1:40-4.50) 


s3 bts: photos, video:

  • Chris’ hearteyes (Pot O’ Gold bts) (0:25)
  • Darren and Chris chatting between takes (Extraordinary Merry Christmas bts) (0:21)
  • Chatting and laughing between takes (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)
  • Chris watching Brooke dance with Darren (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)

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Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Maknae Line
Genre: Light smut, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Taehyung figured there was a lot to lose, but maybe he was willing to take the risk. / (requested by anon, aka i butched your request and made it maknae line instead of taekook bc i’m awful)

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I read a post where you mention that you were aware of spoilers during the last seasons of Buffy, if I remember correctly you said, that Joss&Co weren't happy of the Spuffy shipping in S6, but in S7 they definitly play with the idea of Spuffy, do you know why they decided to do this, or if it was just fanservice?also, have you heard anything of why the writers of s10 decided make Spuffy canon? is just that i'm disapointed that B never told S that she love him and now they are supposedly over

OK, this gets complicated.

Yes, during S6 and 7, I was friends with people who had access to scripts and sometimes (rarely) writer’s notes early.  There were also a lot of interviews with the writers published while S6 and s7 were airing, and there was a radio show, The Succubus Club, which regularly featured BtVS and AtS writers to discuss the episode which had just aired.  And lastly, several of the writers (Jane Espenson in particular) did a number of Buffy Q&As at various conventions and writer’s groups.

You have to keep in mind a couple of things here: One, this was all fifteen years ago, and the relevant interviews are no longer available on the net, if they ever were in the first place.  Take anything I say with a grain of salt; it’s only my possibly inaccurate interpretation.  Two, the writers themselves disagreed on a lot of things, so their statements about the characters often contradicted each other.  There was one Succubus Club show I remember in particular where Drew Goddard and David Fury were discussing Spike’s motivations, and it was obvious that Goddard was of the opinion that even an evil vampire could choose to do good things even if he couldn’t be ‘good’ in an absolute sense, while Fury was visibly struggling to reconcile Spike’s actions with his own belief that evil vampires could only do evil things, finally coming up with a Spike-exceptionalism theory that Spike must have kept part of his soul or something like that.  It was fascinating to realize that the writers had the exact same sort of arguments that we do, and Joss never seems to have felt the need to sit down and codify or clarify any of this stuff.

Thirdly, the writers will cheerfully change their message depending on what story or character agenda they’re pushing at the time.  And the story or character agenda they’re pushing can change in the course of a season.  So you’ve got Marti Noxon interviews early in S6 where she seemed to be pushing Spuffy, and Marti Noxon later in the season saying stuff that seems anti-Spuffy.

There were two sets of leaked episode notes that I know of.  One was an outline of the episodes for the first half of the season.  From that, we know that Normal Again was originally supposed to be Episode #10, and  the turning point of Buffy’s depression.  Tara was supposed to die and the rest of the season would have been devoted to fighting Dark Willow.  That one is pretty straightforward.

The second set of notes is one I know much less about, because I missed the chat where the person who had it did their Q&A about it.  And it kills me, because I would give a kidney to see what they actually said.  This is the set that fractured the BAPS mailing list so badly.  It was a rough outline of the second half of S6, not broken into episodes so far as I know.  The only things I know for certain about it was that it said that Buffy and Spike would have an “S&M relationship,” and that by the end of the season, Spike would be “barely reformed.”  To the best of my knowledge, there was no mention of the attempted rape (which we know from an interview with Stephen DeKnight was a relatively late addition to his script by Marti Noxon to up the drama quotient of Spike’s conflict with Buffy), and no mention of the soul.

So keeping all that in mind, this is my interpretation, based on the interviews, notes, and other stuff:

Originally, Spike and Buffy’s relationship was only going to last into the middle of the season, and it wouldn’t get nearly as abusive and awful as it eventually did.  And I truly don’t think that the writers expected it to become a shipping juggernaut. So I think that in the beginning of the season, they pushed it in a sort of joking way.  The popularity of the ship caught them totally by surprise, and they were shocked that so much of the audience thought it would be perfectly OK for Buffy and Spike to be a real couple.  That’s when we started seeing interviews backing off the Spuffy.  And that’s about when Joss got cold feet about killing Tara, and kept pushing it back, and they had to do something, so they filled the plot holes with more Spuffy, which they made worse and worse in an attempt to make the audience go off the pairing.  The writers were again shocked that so much of the audience sympathized with Spike rather than Buffy, and their continuing attempts to make the audience react they way they felt that the audience ought to react culminated in the attempted rape.  

More writer’s interviews: Marti Noxon was visibly surprised when an interviewer compared Buffy beating Spike up to domestic abuse.  Spike was evil.  Why would anyone see him as a victim?   Buffy was supposed to be the victim.  Jane Espenson and Steve DeKnight argued against doing the attempted rape, but were overruled by Joss and Marti, who honestly didn’t seem to think it was that big a deal.  Once again, the writers severely misjudged the audience’s reaction.  Fandom melted down.  It didn’t help that they finally killed Tara in the same episode.  As I recall, ratings, which had been falling all season, plunged.  The show had just gotten too dark for an audience which had enough real-world darkness to deal with an a post 9-11 world.

I don’t know for sure when the writers decided that Spike would get a soul.  I also don’t know if they always intended for him to get it on purpose.  I wouldn’t be awfully surprised if they had left it up in the air til the last moment, and that’s why they didn’t tell JM what his character’s motivations were.  But I think it’s very likely that the enormous backlash to Seeing Red (which they would have been getting around about the time they were writing and filming “Grave”) influenced their decision.  After that, I think they felt that the only possible solution was for Spike to deliberately seek out a soul.

Once Spike got a soul, I think they were still up shit creek without a paddle.  They had never bothered to create the same kind of distance between souled and unsouled Spike that they’d always been careful to preserve between Angel and Angelus.  I think – and this is pure speculation on my part – that maybe Joss had wanted to do Spuffy for real in S7, but with the attempted rape, they wrote themselves into a corner.  No matter what, a huge part of the audience would always see souled Spike as the same guy who tried to rape Buffy, and putting Buffy together with Spike would be difficult.

(Now, I’m going to take a minute and say that it wouldn’t have been impossible, because the S10 comics FINALLY took the bull by the horns and addressed that problem, and did it in a sensitive and nuanced way.   But it definitely would have been hard, and in S7, I think the writers just wanted to hurry on past the whole issue as quickly as possible.)

But anyway –  at the same time… ratings were tanking, and Buffy/Spike shippers were one of the few groups of fans still grimly watching on.  So I think they tried to please everyone.  No real romantic relationship for Buffy and Spike, because that would be seen as anti-feminist.  But they kept teasing romance to keep the shippers watching.   And of course even though SMG had telegraphed her intention to quit when her contract was up, they were hoping not to be cancelled, and kept sneaking ideas for a revamped show or a spinoff into S7, which is one reason the plot is a mess.

So basically, I think the story of Spuffy was a story of the writers being at odds with the audience and to some extent with themselves, and Joss being distracted by Firefly, and things spinning out of control and being imperfectly patched up.  It’s notable that over on AtS, the widely hated Cordelia/Connor plotline was going on at the same time.

As for why the comics writers decided to do Spuffy in S10, I don’t know.  I don’t have any connections there.  Nor do I know for certain that it’s over between them there.  Probably, but nothing’s over till the Chirago demon sings, you know?


L-Mag Interview with Linda Marlen Runge 
Nov/Dec 2014 Issue
By Ahima Beerlage

English Translation (Thanks to Lillian)

How did you get the part of Anni?
(laughing) I was in Mexico, and broke, when I met one of the writers of GZSZ online. More as a joke, I asked him to get me a job as an extra on the show when I’m back in Germany. I didn’t hear about that from him though. Soon after, I flew back to Germany, after all, and he wrote me, saying my character was finished now, and that he couldn’t promise me anything but wished me good luck for the audition. With a little party hangover, I went to Potsdam. Two weeks later the phone rang, and they said they wanted me for the role of “Anni” in the main cast. Unbelievable!

But I'm sure the regular pay check wasn't the only reason you took on the part?
No, I saw it was a lesbian character part. I knew if I’d get to play it the way I imagined it, it could help a lot of girls out there to accept themselves.

How much of Linda do you think is in Anni, and vice versa?
Quite a lot. The basic characteristics they give us to get into the role don’t suffice for more than two weeks. And then you have to give a lot of yourself. I’m Anni for almost more of the time than I am Linda,
because I’m at the studio all day, portraying this character. You actually have to be careful not to let the two blend into each other too much.

GZSZ has been on the air for 22 years. What was it like to join this seasoned team as a new actress on the show?
Strange. I’ve been on stage for 16 years as a musician, and everybody thinks I’m anything but shy. Quite the opposite. At first, I kept to myself on GZSZ and just observed. After all, it was a different world. But this team is so great that I felt a part of it within the first month.

You’re portraying a couple with Janina Uhse a.k.a. Jasmin Flemming. How is the chemistry between you two?
Originally, Anni was supposed to end up with a different character. But during an audition scene, Janina and I clicked right away.
I guess they liked our chemistry. By now we’ve become a well tuned team.

Over 3 million people watch GZSZ every day. Which also means the actors are very much in the public eye. How do you deal with that?
I have a pretty good tunnel vision. I’m not the kind of person who revels in fame, and I always act the same, really. But when you’re out partying at night, and you don’t look around often enough, stupid things happen sometimes.

I take it you’re alluding to an internet celeb magazine filming you kissing a colleague of yours with a hidden camera a few weeks ago?
Among other things. It was no big deal for us. I honestly didn’t notice somebody with a camera hovering over us (laughing). And then they tried to create a scandal out of this. But the joke was, the fans thought it was cool, anyway, and said we should do whatever we like. I didn’t really care, to be honest. When I feel like doing something, I do it.

How did your friends react to you being on GZSZ?
I was in this artists milieu, and I would always say: I’ll never do mainstream! But GZSZ is kind of a classic. On this approach I tried to “confess” it to my friends. Funnily enough, most of them outed themselves, saying they like to relax at night watching the show. (laughs)

Did you watch GZSZ before you joined the show?
No, I was travelling too much. I used to watch “Marienhof” as a kid. From the age of 10 to 14 I was a Billi fan. (laughs) I thought she was super cool. I still have those Linda Perry glasses!

And now you’re Anni. Do you feel responsibility playing her?
Definitely. I suffered for years because I wasn’t like the other girls. And then I painted my fingernails light blue and put braces in my hair, until I stood in front of the mirror and laughed at myself. And I thought: Screw it, you are the way you are. I can have a good time being by myself, and the people who want nothing to do with me…fine, don’t then. I love Anni, because she shows other girls that that’s possible.

How much input do you have when you’re shooting scenes about the details you think define Anni?
A lot. When I state plausibly that Anni would never join the others in their cute excitement about Nele having a new boyfriend, a glass of prosecco in hand, but would stand by herself instead, with a bottle of beer in her hand, dryly remarking that it’s gonna last for just 3 months at the most anyway, I can do just that.

There’s a lot of hype around Anni and Jasmin. You have fans from Asia to Australia. Do you keep contact with your female fans?
At first I always replied. But after two months I had to disable the private message option on FB, because it got out of hand. But when somebody goes to great pains, I think it would be wrong if I didn’t at least say thanks. But it should stay within certain boundaries. I don’t want the girls to do something they might regret afterwards once they’re not crushing on me any more.

Is it important to you that lesbians accept Anni?
For me, the worst thing would be if they said about the Anni & Jasmin story: “That’s an obviously straight girl attempting to portray a lesbian.” When you’re an actor, you have to be able to make a character believable. And if you can’t do that, you shouldn’t take on the part.“

What does your working day look like?
(sighs) If I’m unlucky, my day starts at 4:30. By 7:00 I’m in hair & make up. Sometimes we have night shoots. What annoys me the most is when people look down on soap actors. Often we’re more professional than the others. The hardest part is that we don’t shoot in chronological order. One scene you’re goofing around with someone,
and in the next scene something terrible has happened to that character. At first, I had the ambition to draw all emotions from within, one-hundred percent. After four months I sat on the floor in my apartment thinking I’m not feeling anything any more now, because I let it all out.

Who helps you prevent burnout?

We have coaches, for example Uta Prelle-Köppe. People may know her from her time on “Hinter Gittern”/”Behind bars”. She was on a TV series for 10 years herself. She knows exactly what it’s like for you, and she has so much empathy that she always picks us up.

Daily-Soap is a full time job. But you’re also a passionate musician. How do you make time for everything?
It’s hard. I write a lot, but I can’t do anything with it. I’m going on vacation to Asia now, and I feel bad, because I should fly to Mexico to my band.But I’ve been working on the show all the time, and during my time off I went on tour with my band. I just have to relax now and recharge my batteries.

Your band lives in Mexico. How do you work on your music when you’re here?
Over the internet. My guitarist and I met in Mexico at a party and talked for maybe two minutes. After that I went back to Berlin. Then I found his music online and thought he was great. He sent me an instrumental, I added vocals and sent it back. After six months we had finished a demo album this way. And then the question was: Am I gonna do more with this? So pretty much over night, I sublet my room in a shared apartment for three months and went to Mexico. Three months turned into two years, because we worked our way to performing as festival-head liners within half a year. My GZSZ fans love Lejana too now, but unfortunately I don’t have time for the band.

Your second band project is Blood & Honey. How did that come about?
Blood & Honey happened because Tim Williams, who plays Kurt LeRoy on GZSZ, introduced us. Tim and I hit it off right away. He introduced me to his irish buddy, a great guitarist, and just a week later we recorded our first demo. For me, music has to do with spiritual kinship.

Do you want to be a full time musician one day? It’s hard to make your way in the music industry.
If the music industry doesn’t want me, I don’t want the music industry. I’m not only a musician if I’m successful. Sure, Anni plays music on the show too now. There already was the “Far Away” single release, and there might be more in the future. But here I can tell the composer of the show what I’d like to do. If I can’t live off music after GZSZ, I’ll go back to working in geriatric care.

What are your wishes for Anni’s future?
I’d love for Anni to learn to have a little more sympathy. You can be honest in a way that doesn’t hurt people. Personally, I’d love it if she got married, because she found the one. The idea appeals to me, because Anni is the kind of person who hates cages.


French Translation (Thanks to Ameliefan05)

Dans le plus vieux soap allemand Jasmin Flemming tombe amoureuse d'Anni, le personnage de Linda Marlen Runge. Et dans la vie réelle une fanbase féminine, qui ne cesse de croître, s’éprend de la lesbienne tatouée et brutalement honnête. Voilà des raisons suffisantes pour rencontrer l'actrice et chanteuse de 28 ans. Au bar Südblock à Berlin nous avons discuté avec l'actrice de Marburg à propos de sa routine quotidienne sur la série, de ses deux groupes de musique, et Linda nous a aussi confié ses souhaits pour l'avenir d'Anni.

Comment as-tu obtenu le rôle d'Anni?
(rigolant) J'étais au Mexique, fauchée, quand j'ai rencontré un des scénaristes de GZSZ en ligne. C'était plus un délire (une blague), je lui ai demandé de me trouver un job en tant qu'extra dans la série pour quand je rentrerai en Allemagne. Par contre je n'ai plus eu de nouvelle de sa part à propos de ça. Peu après, je suis rentrée en Allemagne, enfin, et il m'a écrit, me disant que mon personnage était désormais terminé (prêt), et qu'il ne pouvait pas me promettre quoi que ce soit mais qu'il me souhaitait bonne chance pour l'audition. Avec une légère gueule de bois, je me suis rendue à Potsdam. Deux semaines plus tard le téléphone sonnait, et ils m'ont annoncé qu'ils me désiraient pour le rôle d'“Anni”, dans le casting principal. Incroyable!

Mais je suis sûre que le salaire régulier n'était pas l'unique raison pour laquelle tu as accepté le rôle?
Non, j'ai vu qu'il s'agissait d'un rôle de personnage lesbien. Je savais que si j'arrivais à le jouer de la manière dont je l'imaginais, cela pourrait aider beaucoup de filles à s'accepter.

A ton avis, à quel point retrouve-t-on Linda à travers Anni, et vice versa?
Beaucoup. Les traits de base pour le rôle, que nous recevons pour entrer dans le personnage, ne suffisent plus après les deux premières semaines. Et ensuite tu dois donner beaucoup de ta propre personne. Je suis presque plus souvent Anni que je ne suis Linda, parce que je passe ma journée au studio, à jouer ce personnage. Tu dois en fait même faire attention à ne pas trop mélanger les deux.

GZSZ est diffusé depuis 22 ans. Comment c'était de rejoindre cette équipe expérimentée en tant que nouvelle actrice sur la série?
Etrange. Ca fait 16 ans que je me produis sur scène comme musicienne / chanteuse, et tout le monde pense que je suis tout sauf timide. Bien au contraire. Au début, je restais concentrée sur moi-même sur GZSZ et je ne faisais qu'observer. Après tout, c'était une univers différent. Mais cette équipe est tellement géniale que je me suis sentie l'une d'eux dès le premier mois.

Vous représentez un couple avec Janina Uhse a.k.a. Jasmin Flemming. Comment est l'alchimie entre vous deux?
Initialement, Anni était supposée finir avec un autre personnage. Mais durant une scène d'audition, Janina et I avons accroché immédiatement. Je suppose qu'ils ont aimé notre alchimie. A présent, nous sommes devenues une équipe bien réglée.

Plus de 3 millions de personnes regardent GZSZ chaque jour. Ce qui signifie aussi que les acteurs sont très exposés au public. Comment réagis-tu à cela?
J'ai une assez bonne vision «en tunnel» (recentrée). Je ne suis pas le genre de personne qui se délecte de la gloire, et je reste toujours moi-même, vraiment. Mais quand tu sors lors d'une soirée, et que tu ne regardes pas assez souvent autour de toi, des choses stupides peuvent parfois arriver.

Je prends ça comme une allusion au magazine people sur le net qui t'a filmé en train d'embrasser une de tes collègues avec une caméra cachée il y a quelques semaines?
Parmi d'autres choses. Ce n'était pas un gros problème pour nous. Je n'ai honnêtement pas remarqué quelqu'un avec une caméra planant au-dessus de nous (rigolant). Et ensuite ils ont tenté de créer un scandale à partir de ça. Mais l'ironie c'est que les fans ont trouvé ça cool, de toute façon, et ont dit que nous devrions faire ce que nous voulons. Ca m'était égal, pour être honnête. Quand j'ai envie de faire quelque chose, je le fais.

Comment tes amis ont-ils réagit au fait que tu rejoignes GZSZ?
J'étais dans ce milieu artistique, et je me disais toujours: je ne ferai jamais du mainstream (divertissement grand public/principal)! Mais GZSZ est une sorte de classique. Avec cette approche, j'ai essayé de "l'avouer” à mes amis. Assez curieusement, la plupart d'entre eux se sont démasqués tous seuls, en disant qu'ils aiment se relaxer le soir en regardant la série. (rires)

Regardais-tu GZSZ avant de rejoindre le feuilleton?
Non, je voyageais beaucoup trop. Je regardais “Marienhof” quand j'étais enfant. De 10 à 14 ans j'étais fan de Billi. (rires) Je trouvais qu'elle était super cool. J'ai encore ces lunettes style « Linda Perry »!

Et maintenant tu es Anni. Ressens-tu une certaine responsabilité en jouant ce rôle?
Certainement. J'ai souffert pendant des années parce que je n'étais pas comme les autres filles. Et puis j'ai vernis mes ongles en bleu clair et mis des barrettes dans mes cheveux, jusqu'au jour où je me suis tenue devant le miroir et me suis mise à rire de moi-même. Et j'ai pensé: Merde, tu es comme tu es. Je peux apprécier de me retrouver seule (un moment de solitude), et les gens qui ne veulent rien avoir à faire avec moi… très bien, qu'ils restent à l'écart. J'aime Anni, parce qu'elle montre aux autres filles que c'est possible.

A quel point apportes-tu ta contribution, lorsque vous tournez des scènes, à propos des détails qui, selon toi, définissent Anni?
Enormément. Quand je déclare de manière plausible qu'Anni ne se joindrait jamais aux autres dans leur enthousiasme tout mignon à propos du fait que Nele ait un nouveau petit-ami, un verre de prosecco à la main, mais qu'elle s'en tiendrait plutôt à elle-même, avec une bouteille de bière à la main, en faisant sèchement remarquer que ça ne va seulement durer que 3 mois au maximum, de toute façon, ça je peux le faire.

Il y a beaucoup de battage médiatique autour de Anni et Jasmin. Tu as des fans d'Asie jusqu'en Australie. Gardes-tu le contact avec tes admiratrices (fans féminines)?
Au début je répondais toujours. Mais après deux mois j'ai du désactiver l'option « message privé » sur Facebook, parce que ça devenait impossible à gérer. Mais quand quelqu'un se donne beaucoup de peine, je pense que ce serait mal si je ne disais pas au moins merci. Mais ça devrait rester dans certaines limites. Je ne veux pas que les filles fassent quelque chose qu'elles pourraient regretter par la suite une fois qu'elles n'auront plus le béguin pour moi.

Est-ce important pour toi que les lesbiennes acceptent Anni?
Pour moi, la pire chose serait si elles disent à propos de l'histoire Anni & Jasmin: “C'est évident que c'est une hétéro qui tente de jouer une lesbienne.” Quand tu es actrice, tu dois être capable de rendre un personnage crédible. Et si tu ne peux pas faire ça, tu ne devrais pas accepter le rôle.

A quoi ressemble une de tes journées de travail?
(soupirs) Si je n'ai pas de chance, ma journée démarre à 4h30. A 7h je passe à l'étape coiffure-maquillage. Parfois nous tournons de nuit. Ce qui me dérange le plus c'est quand les gens rabaissent les acteurs de soaps. Souvent nous sommes plus professionnels que les autres. La partie la plus difficile est que nous ne tournons pas dans l'ordre chronologique. Dans une scène tu t'amuses et déconnes avec quelqu'un, et dans la suivante quelque chose de terrible est arrivé à ce personnage. Au début, j'avais l'ambition de puiser toutes les émotions à l'intérieur, à cent-pour-cent. Après quatre mois je me suis assise parterre dans mon appartement en pensant, je ne ressens plus rien désormais, parce que j'ai tout laissé sortir.

Qui t'aide à éviter l'épuisement professionnel?
Nous avons des coachs, par exemple Uta Prelle-Köppe. Les gens la connaisse peut-être de son temps sur “Hinter Gittern”/”Behind bars”. Elle a elle-même passé 10 ans dans une série TV. Elle sait exactement comment c'est pour toi, et elle a tellement d'empathie qu'elle arrive toujours à nous remonter.

Un soap quotidien est un boulot à plein temps. Mais tu es aussi une musicienne passionnée. Comment fais-tu pour avoir le temps de tout faire?
C'est compliqué. J'écris beaucoup, mais je ne peux rien faire avec. Je pars en vacances en Asie maintenant, et je me sens mal, parce que je devrais aller au Mexique rejoindre mon groupe. Mais j'ai travaillé sur la série tout le temps, et pendant mon break j'ai fait une tournée avec mon groupe. Je dois juste me reposer maintenant et recharger mes batteries.

Ton groupe vit au Mexique. Comment travaillez-vous sur votre musique quand tu es ici?
Par internet. J'ai rencontré mon guitariste à Mexico à une soirée et nous avons discuté peut-être le temps de deux minutes. Après ça je suis rentrée à Berlin. Ensuite j'ai trouvé sa musique en ligne et j'ai pensé qu'il était génial. Il m'a envoyé une version instrumental, j'ai ajouté le chant et je lui ai renvoyé. Après six mois nous avions terminé un album démo de cette façon. Et puis la question est devenue: Vais-je faire plus avec ça? Donc, quasiment du jour au lendemain, j'ai sous-loué ma chambre dans une collocation pour trois mois et je suis partie au Mexique. Trois mois sont devenus deux ans, parce que nous avons réussis à nous produire en tant que têtes d'affiche de festivals en six mois. Mes fans de GZSZ aime Lejana aussi maintenant, mais malheureusement je n'ai pas de temps pour le groupe.

Ton second projet de groupe est Blood & Honey. Comment cela a-t-il commencé?
Blood & Honey a commencé parce que Tim Williams, qui joue Kurt LeRoy dans GZSZ, nous a présentés. Tim et moi avons accroché tout de suite. Il m'a présenté à son pote irlandais, un guitariste génial, et seulement une semaine plus tard nous enregistrions notre première démo. Pour moi, la musique est en rapport avec la parenté spirituelle.

Désires-tu devenir une chanteuse à plein temps un jour? Il est difficile de se créer un chemin dans l'industrie de la musique.
Si l'industrie de la musique ne veut pas de moi, je ne veux pas d'elle. Je ne suis pas seulement une chanteuse si j'ai du succès. Bien sûr, Anni joue de la musique dans la série aussi maintenant. Il y a déjà eu le single “Far Away” qui est paru, et il pourrait y en avoir d'autres dans le futur. Mais ici je peux dire au compositeur de la série ce que j'aimerais faire. Si je ne peux pas vivre de la musique après GZSZ, je retournerai travailler dans les soins gériatriques.

Quels sont tes vœux pour le futur d'Anni?
J'aimerais qu'Anni apprenne à avoir un peu plus de sympathie. Tu peux être honnête d'une manière qui ne blesse pas les gens. Personnellement, j'aimerais qu'elle se marie, parce qu'elle a trouvé la bonne. L'idée me plaît, parce que Anni est le genre de personne qui déteste les cages.

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jfc, I've finally reached the point where I'm looking forward to no Castle-related news coming out. What was NF supposed to say? Where did he go wrong? Is he supposed to have a canned answer on hand for a favourite scene? Throw in a "S9 would have sucked!" at every opportunity? Name each and every cast member when acknowledging them in a three-minute video? Either he hated everything to do with Castle, or he wanted to hold onto it at the expense of the story, y'all can't have it both ways.

It just comes down to one basic point: there are people in this fandom who are gonna hate Nathan no matter what he says. If he had immediately had something in mind for a favorite scene/memory, people would complain because it didn’t mesh with what they thought it should be. If he had taken the time to name every single member of the cast, someone would complain because he wasn’t sincere enough. If he had said that he wasn’t sure that season nine would have been a good idea, that same group would accuse him of being a liar and just trying to get on the fans good side. 

And you know what? Screw em. If all you can do with your life is sit around and drum up ways to hate a guy for living his life and wanting to keep his job, you have a problem. I doubt that Nathan Fillion has done anything to personally hurt any of them, and it’s hilarious to me that people who claim to love Castle as a television show as much as they do can’t realize in the constant haterade that they put out there that, if not for Nathan, there would be no show. You don’t have to like it, and you don’t have to like him, but I think you do have to respect that this guy wanted to sign up to become Richard Castle and, for eight years, he led the charge in making the show what it is and, one way or another, keeping it on the air. 

You wanna know why he talks about Firefly and has very specific go to memories of the show? There are 13 episodes and a two hour movie. That’s about a year of his life, and a very limited pool of talking points. I’ve watched a pretty significant number of his panels over the years, and indeed he’s talked about the same dozen or so memories over and over. I can’t think of a time when people have asked him about Castle where he’s given the same answer twice. But, you know, he’s got eight years worth of stuff to draw from and, like it or not, the show’s structure is very basic: there is a murder, there is a b-plot, they solve the murder by the end of an episode. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

People want him to snap his fingers and be able to tell you exactly what he loved about this particular episode, or that particular episode and that’s some bullshit. These actors haven’t watched these episode over and over and over like we have; they’ve seen them once, if at all. They don’t have time or the inclination to dwell on their work, usually because they’re already onto the next script and the next episode and there just isn’t enough room in a brain to keep track of eight years of work. 

People like to claim that means he doesn’t care, which is also some bullshit. You know what Nathan Fillion cares about? The people on the set with him. For every story he tells, it comes with some behind the scenes anecdote. He remembers interactions with people more than he remembers what line he has to recite that day, and what that particular storyline was in that one episode in season three. And you know what? Good for him. It means that he doesn’t dwell on his work, that he puts more stock in interacting with the people that he saw for sixty hours a week for nine months a year, eight years in a row. Remembering the time he walked onto the loft set and saw a crew member playing a piano concerto when he thought no one was around is far more important and far more meaningful than being able to tell you what line he said in the opening scene of the season five premiere or what the most significant moment was for him between Castle and Beckett. 

You know who else might have trouble coming up with a favorite memory from the set? The fandom saint, Stana Katic. Eight years and 171 episodes (we aren’t counting XX and Cool Boys since she wasn’t onscreen) is a lot of material, and indeed I can remember back when she did interviews that if someone asked her a favorite memory she gave rather generic answers, but no one raked her over the coals for those. Instead it was fangirl feels and flailing about how much she understands the character and appreciates the storyline and the fans, etc, etc, etc. Likewise, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas have been very honest in interviews that they have trouble recalling specific storylines or scenes, and usually if they talk about something, it’s because they remember something that happened between scenes or that messed up a take and they had to start over. 

But here’s the other thing, the show is over. I have no idea what people think they’re going to accomplish with continuing to yammer on about making Nathan the bad guy. Hate him or not, he’s gonna work again in the industry and there’s absolutely nothing that a fan is gonna say or do to change that so I legitimately don’t understand the point of it all, nor do I understand attacking people who don’t necessarily have a problem with him. It’s not going to change anything, and really it only serves to give the fans who follow and adore Stana a bad reputation, which is unfortunate because not all of them are crazy and take every opportunity to hate on Nathan. 

Plus, another important point, is that you really can like the both of them at the same time. Contrary to the belief of others, you can be fans of them both. I’m not really sure when it became a thing in this fandom that you had to choose one or the other, but that’s complete nonsense and, honestly, it says far more about the fan that it ever could about the actor. 

SnK Chapter 84

Let me start by saying what I enjoyed about this chapter.

  • Hange for calming a storm with ironclad reasoning. 
  • Connie for remembering his manners and having the decency to say goodbye. 
  • Flocke for understanding how life in the military works.
  • Moblit who acted quickly and selflessly in a moment of despair.

And that’s pretty much it. 

Last month many were predicting this exact outcome but I urged restraint. I was looking forward to the plot twist that would silence the critics. I was cautiously optimistic that the last three chapters of intense emotional build up would lead to something  profound and significant, and not just pointless drama.

Oops. My bad. 

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I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this...

People have been giving YandereDev crap about a number of things but I think this is worth mentioning from my point of view.

Now I’m a feminist and I strongly believe in the rights of gender equality and empowerment of women but these accusations that are being directed toward YandereDev are way too overstated.

Let’s go over them:

1. “YandereDev is a pedophile”/“accepted nudes from a minor”. We were not present during this time and did not see what happened. From what he described, this young woman sent him (and others) these images on her own. You could argue that this is “accepted” because he probably saw them, but that would that every message we all receive is accepted. In my teenage years, I was sent quite a few indecent images from boys my age. I never asked for them nor wanted to see them but they were sent and I saw them. With the logic that you guys are using, I, along with other girls who have been sent these images must have “accepted” them as well.

He said that pedophilia is a disorder, an illness. It’s true that pedophiles idealize being in an intimate relationship with children, which is impossible. Unfortunately, pedophiles find themselves naturally attracted to children and at the moment there is no cure for that. Pedophiles and child rapists are two different things though. One idealizes and the other attacks. Don’t get me wrong, I would keep my child from a pedophile at all costs and I think it’s disgusting that they have that interest. YandereDev was stating that they are people as well but acknowledge that there is indeed something wrong with them, which I agree.

2. “YandereDev is a pervert/lolicon”. Have you noticed most gamers guys like cute girls with big boobs in revealing outfits? YandereDev is no exception. The guys I go to school with and even those older than Alex have that liking for cute girls with large breasts. Surely, you have an cousin or older brother who likes the innocent look that an anime girl has and enjoys seeing some cleavage. It’s sex appeal and guys like it. Lolis are often associated with Moe. Moe is when you have a girl with breasts but she looks super adorable. A lot of these girls are referred to as “lolis”. I have some really good guy friends who love “lolis”. They like that innocent but sexy look these anime girls have on them which is a major turn on for many.

Us girls even like seeing an anime boy in a revealing outfit or looking sexy. Seeing them in a small swimsuit would probably get us excited as well. The same thing goes for anime girls in tiny bikinis. By the way, I read the article and he just talked about the DLC. I didn’t see anything that would raise an eyebrow to me.

3. “YandereDev is lazy and does other things”. Have you ever had a job? I have. Sometimes, you wanna take breaks and he’s mentioned that when he takes the time to play another game or watch an anime, he feels guilty. He doesn’t lie about it, he admits it and is a human being. He’s a gamer and anime lover, don’t expect him to be a robot who works 24/7. With each update that comes out, they’re all promising and amazing. He lives up to his word. I also watched his April video, he put that he was going to be playing dark souls for one of those days and yet you go complain about it, saying he didn’t say anything. I have Unity and programming shit into that is tedious as fuck. Knowing what he can come up with in two weeks is proof that he spends a shit load of time on that game.

Have you noticed he stopped writing articles in late 2015 when he started focusing the majority of his time on Yandere Simulator? As for his fanfiction account, it hasn’t been updated since 2012. And don’t pretend that you’re innocent and that he’s a bad guy for writing certain types of fanfiction. Those in particular were written around 2006. He was 17-18 years-old at that time. My brother is the same age as YandereDev and I can say for certain that boys that age are ignorant and pretty mischievous. You can’t hold something against someone for what they did in their teen years. Teens are stupid. They make stupid decisions. I was one of them when I got an account on this website, you’ll all look back one day and cringe.

4. “YandereDev takes credit for everything”. If you ask him about the models, he will state specifically that he did not make them and link you to where he got them. There are articles where he’s been interviewed and states that he has not made them. He gives credit to his volunteers and has been in the gaming business. The latter is an explanation on why he doesn’t credit them in game yet (aside from very recently) It’s a sandbox build and currently things are constantly subjected to change. To constantly update the credits would take up time.

5. “YandereDev is a racist/makes fun of people with English disabilities”. News flash: the game takes place in Japan. Japanese people have light skin. As for the coach, stereotypical coaches in anime have tanned skin. Why? Because they’re in the sun a lot. And Bro, when you type English that bad and yell at someone for killing a fictional character, you’re gonna get quoted. It’s funny how it’s worded and it’s something to get a laugh out of. Like you don’t make fun of people who disagree with you on the Internet publicly or privately.

6. “YandereDev is mean and rude”. He’s human. I won’t lie, I don’t have a lot of patience either. Being spoken to or being asked stupid questions tips me off as well. It stresses me out and sometimes I’ll say some pretty rude things. When you work constantly like he does, you get stressed and lose a lot of patience. People on this site drive me crazy as well. You don’t know him personally, he could be nice but strict. I can come off as rude too when I’m annoyed. Has for the instance where he talked about his idol and bad mouthed him, he lived up to it and addressed his wrong doings. He’s mature for a guy around 27. Most guys that age are childish and don’t admit their wrongdoings.


7. “Where’s proof/YandereDev doesn’t have screenshots/he has misinformation on his blog”. Does he have to? Do I have to screenshot pictures of indecent texts that boys have sent me in order to prove that I’ve gotten them? Do I need to show a birth certificate that proves I have a brother YandereDev’s age? You don’t have to believe him but he’s sharing his side of the story. As for the blog, how many of you have written an essay and accidentally misread something from one of your sources? That happens. Humans do that.

Honestly, there are people like YandereDev everywhere and you and I have met them. Just because he’s working on a game doesn’t make him a special case. You all can’t keep judging people and getting offended by everything. That’s a problem with people these days. He hasn’t hurt anyone physically and he’s not any different from any other gamer guy you’ve all seen.

That is all. Take this post seriously or not. It’s your choice.

EDIT: Because there are still people who still get offended by everything and believe every tiny thing they hear, there’s now a part 2: http://akarui-sakura.tumblr.com/post/144433311035/im-gonna-get-a-lot-of-shit-for-this-part-2

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I'm not sure if we can request 2 characters (?) but 'You’re the only one who saves me from myself' + Kise and Akashi?if not just write akashi thks!

You’re the only one who saves me from myself.

Kise Ryouta:

A while ago, Kise remembered someone saying, everyone wears a mask, some are just better-crafted than others.

Well, maybe that applied to him. So what?

It was tiring to have to put up a different facade for everyone that he met, but it was necessary: joyful towards Kuroko, prideful towards Midorima, respectful towards his upperclassmen. Even out of school with a stable career, he had different attitudes towards his co-workers, junior or senior.

Wasn’t it ironic, him having a job as an actor? Pretending to be someone he isn’t, feeling emotions and saying words he didn’t mean? It was easy at first, and then it got torturous, being furious when he was actually elated, being happy when he was feeling down, crying and screaming when he couldn’t relate to his character at all.

His manager cooed all over his films’ successes and showered him with endless praise, but Kise simply smiled back and thanked her for her support.

Kise didn’t feel suited to the acting anymore. He was so, so tired of pretending. Someone light a fire in me. Someone do something about all this. Someone, someone.

And then he got a letter one day. He wasn’t the type to read fanmail, but this one caught his eye because it wasn’t stuck with heart-shaped stickers or written in sparkly gel pens, but a mundane-looking white envelope with simple lined paper, handwritten.

Kise Ryouta,

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this. But I’ve sent it anyway, in case of a one in a million chance that you do. You don’t know me, but I used to be a fan of yours. Keyword on “used to”. Recently your movies and interviews haven’t really been…you. You seem exhausted. You’re not yourself. You’re acting in real life, but not in front of the camera. But I can tell that you did love your career once. Whether you dislike it now or you simply lost your touch for a while, I have faith in the fact that you’ll be able to find yourself and save yourself. I believe in you, so believe in yourself, okay?

Kise felt himself breathing faster as he read it. It was like this person could read his mind. Please tell me this isn’t anonymous, he thought, eyes traveling down the paper. Please tell me there’s a name.

And there was.

And a phone number, too.

Akashi Seijuurou:

No one likes to admit their flaws out loud.

Of course people do have to, under times of pressure or compromise. But it doesn’t mean they enjoy doing it. Obviously, Akashi Seijuurou is one of those people who dislikes his own imperfections the most.

And so it’s the torment that gets to him, that he has to hide those flaws, that he must always become better, that nothing gets in his way and nothing will ever break him.

“You’re not very kind, are you?”

That was the first thing you said to him, which surprised Akashi - he had to admit that he drew quite a crowd in the middle of the hotel lobby when he spoke very sternly to the staff who had messed up his reservation. But he hadn’t expected you to just come up and call him out on it.

“I’m not known for my compassion,” Akashi said stiffly, trying to step around you, but you blocked his path with your arms crossed.

“I’m just saying that you could be a bit more understanding.”

And what was the point of that? Akashi thought. Understanding others and giving way to their needs simply creates vulnerability. It makes you weak and hurts you tenfold when you lower your defenses for someone you care about. I of all people should know…

First his mother’s death, then his distant relationship with his father, then his alienation from his teammates, and then himself. There’s still that pang of loneliness in his chest from all that pain. Nothing good ever comes out of involving yourself with others. So he’s had to harden his heart against everything and everyone.

As if you can read his mind, you squint at him. “You know, I think you’re not really that unkind. You just act that way because you need to, don’t you?”

Akashi said nothing.

With a small smile you handed him your business card, which he took wordlessly. “You can talk to me if you want. I’m told that I’m pretty good at reading people.”

For the first time in ages, Akashi felt the knot in his chest unravel a little, the pain easing just a bit. Is this what it feels to lessen a burden? “Perhaps I will call you.”