i'm pretty sure it would just be this list again

Things I’ve Done/Given to Cartman

*basically in every storyline and AU, Cartman’s in a really bad car crash at sixteen. Kenny’s in the car with him, dies, and comes back later. Cartman seriously fucks over his knee and ends up having to get about four or five surgeries on it. He also has surgery to help stop internal bleeding, which leaves a scar.
  I would say that this is skipped over only in about five or six of my timelines. Cartman only uses a cane outside of the house during the Vamp Kid and Actual Vampire AU’s.

*again, in most AU’s and storylines, Cartman has social anxiety and depression. He feels a great need to impress everyone, because he’s convinced that being The Best at everything is the way to get people to like him. Is actualy very sensitive about his weight and on Bad Days, even Stan or Kyle making comments about it can upset him.

*in several timeline’s/au’s I’ve explore depression induced psychosis with Cartman. This is most prevalent in the Ghost AU, where Kenny dies and comes back several years later as a ghost that only Cartman, Butters, and Tweek can see.

*spinal cord damage

*explosive anger disorder