i'm pretty sure it won't end well

  • Everyone: Regina, you used to be evil but you've stopped and become a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages, come join us!
  • Regina: :)
  • Everyone: Hook, you were a villain but you turned around and now you're a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages either, come join us!
  • Hook: :)
  • Everyone: Zelena, you were a villain and a bit annoying until very recently but you have no magic now and you've been pretty good lately so hey, come join us!
  • Zelena: :)
  • Everyone: Rumple, you... are still the Dark One and you almost got us all killed like two hours ago, AGAIN, and refused to help Henry fix things, AGAIN
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: come join us!
  • Regina:
  • Hook:
  • Zelena:
  • Everyone: well we're sure he won't try to screw us over a seventh time, that would just be silly
  • Rumple: :)

Ah yes empire of stone.  Where ratchet drops everything to go bring back the lone ranger.

  • Other countries: I love November! It's sweater weather and I can go for long walks outside.. leaves are pretty, I'm well, everything is nice
  • Scandinavia: my throat has been sore for weeks from coughing.. I have lost all sensation in my toes and I am no longer sure if I have my right ear.. it's -20 degrees and snow is everywhere. My brother got turned into a snowman yesterday.. we are few left. We can no longer ride our bikes. They have started selling pebernødder but I lack the strength to leave the bed.. we know this won't end for another 4 months.. we attempt to gather strength as we feel all of our limbs freeze along with our grades while we slowly fall apart to the devastating obstacles that follows with the winter months..

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i'm pretty sure they won't get married, bcs the creator of the show was talking abt how they didn't want to write a story that focused on "i want to find true love and get married".

Married or not, we just want a good ending that’s well written and can inspire us and i hope there’s gonne be sequel (like ova movie etc.) and even new season :)