i'm pretty sure i've posted this picture before

alphacentauriiswatchingyou  asked:

Hey sorry to bother you, but do you have any recommendations regarding which doctor who blogs to follow? I know someone asked you this before but the only post I could find was pretty old so most of the urls don't exist anymore.

Sure! @abossycontrolfreak @borntosavethedoctor @evilqueenofgallifrey @scriptscribbles @clarabosswald @whifferdills @joscribbles @haruspis @impossiblyeclecticduck @resting-meme-face @sarah531 @lyricwritesprose @orelseatlastsheunderstoodit @transjeanluc (although I don’t think he has watched the last series yet) @drmottershead @oimatchstickman @thenotoriousscuttlecliff @samesonic-differentdoctor @riveralwaysknew @taiey @ampersands-and-guitars @the-lazy-cat-bakes-souffles @the-last-teabender @doctorwhodowntimeblog @big-finish-sketches @fuckyeahdoctorwhosidecharacters

Also, @timeladv @doctorwhogeneration @lonelygodinthetardis @timeladv @clarraoswald and @doctorwhoblog for lots of pretty pictures.

lovely-martians  asked:

okay okay I'm pretty sure I've seen you post stuff about this before, but which animation style do you prefer? clone wars or rebels?

Thanks for the question friend!

I prefer Clone Wars because rebels looks terrible no offense (i dont know how this wud be offensive) but its like. Cmon. Look at this


(and that’s the coolest looking picture of him I could find)

like what even. he looks like a pop tart. 

i fuckin hate it so much.

Like I understand different art styles but they could have at least made them look like the same being

like are they serious here what

anakin literally looks more like ezra than anakin here i swear to god

i mean they couldve at least TRIED

lol I know that’s probs more information than you wanted but that’s my answer! too bad I’m spending my time writing an essay about this than for my finals

Alex forgets how to use his hands