i'm pretty sure i'm attracted to like

  • Brain: Shallura kisses. You should draw Shallura kisses. Actual, on the lips, kissing. Or just kisses anywhere in general. Kissing. Shiro and Allura. You know you want to. Pretty sure others would like to see that too. Just. Shallura kisses.
  • Me: *draws them close with longing gazes/or in silly situations/nothing but fluff/clear loving attraction between them/literally. Inches. Apart*
  • Brain: *Looks at the camera like in The Office*

I’m curious if other INXP’s go long bouts without having crushes ever or even anyone they have any romantic interest in. Sure, there are attractive guys around but like you don’t crush on them, like crushing is few and far between for you and when you do find a guy to have a crush on. It turns into like a quiet unvoiced unrequited love. The crush lasts for more than six months pretty much and then sometimes it runs it course or it just continues to lull like an ocean tide. 

damn good genes.png

A couple Ishtar sibs appeared during my digital painting shenanigans today