i'm pretty sure i missed something

  • Ted Kord: Someone shot at you?
  • Barbara Gordon: Yeah.
  • Ted Kord: Oh my God!
  • Barbara Gordon: I know.
  • Ted Kord: What can I do?
  • Dick Grayson: Excuse me, I'm Officer Richard Grayson. I'll be asking the questions. You want to sit down?
  • Ted Kord: Sure, I mean I didn't see anything. [to Barbara Gordon] When I got to the restaurant I saw the cops but I had no idea that it had to do with you.
  • Dick Grayson: You're an inventor and a businessman. Good looking guy. But yet you find your women online.
  • Ted Kord: Excuse me?
  • Dick Grayson: Can't you find any woman at work?
  • Ted Kord: Well, she was online too and she's great looking. [to Barbara Gordon] Your picture doesn't do you justice by the way.
  • Barbara Gordon: [smiles] Thank you. Yours either. The resolution must not be very good online. [moves next to Ted Kord]
  • Dick Grayson: Babs!
  • Barbara Gordon: Oh he's a Luddite.
  • Dick Grayson: Hey!
  • Barbara Gordon: [to Dick Grayson] That's someone who's afraid of technology.
  • Dick Grayson: I know what a Luddite is. [to Ted Kord] So are you saying that you were stuck in traffic?
  • Ted Kord: What? You think I shot at her? I'm a fundraiser for the Wayne campaign against gun violence. [to Barbara Gordon] Do you think I tried to kill you?
  • Barbara Gordon: He has to do this.
  • Dick Grayson: Yeah I have to do this. So, what time did you leave work?
  • Ted Kord: About six forty-five.
  • Dick Grayson: Any witnesses?
  • Ted Kord: Yeah, yeah, my assistant, Tracey, the client I was with, the valet that saw me pull out of the parking garage... I mean unless they are all suspects too.
  • Dick Grayson: We'll be talking to everyone.
  • Ted Kord: Well did you check the traffic report? It was a mess.
  • Barbara Gordon: He did. [to Dick Grayson] You did.
  • Ted Kord: Do I have to get an attorney?
  • Dick Grayson: Just stay close in case we need you for anything else.
  • Ted Kord: Yeah, sure. I mean anything I can do to help. [gets up to leave]
  • Dick Grayson: So this whole online thing, how long does it last because if it's just a way to hook up, I gotta tell you... It's pretty low.
  • Ted Kord: You know one of my partners met his wife online.
  • Barbara Gordon: You're kidding?
  • Ted Kord: No, they've been married for five years.
  • Dick Grayson: Doesn't mean it's not creepy.
  • Ted Kord: Okay. I'm sorry. Did I miss something? 'Cause I don't want to get in the way, or between...
  • Barbara Gordon: What? Uh, no.
  • Dick Grayson: No... No... God...
  • Ted Kord: Well, then, maybe we could reschedule dinner?
  • Dick Grayson: No!
  • Barbara Gordon: Sure.
  • Ted Kord: Great.
  • Dick Grayson: You know, I think someone needs this room. Let's go. [shoves Ted Kord from the room and places himself between Ted and Barbara Gordon]
  • Ted Kord: Uh, yeah. Sure. Well, I'll email you. Stay safe.
  • Dick Grayson: She will stay safe.
  • Ted Kord: [leaves]
  • Dick Grayson: [puts himself in the doorway of the room]
  • Barbara Gordon: [leans around Dick Grayson, trying to watch Ted Kord as he leaves] He's nice. Don't you think?
  • Dick Grayson: Yeah, he's nice... As a suspect!
  • Dick Grayson: [notices Barbara Gordon staring after Ted Kord] What?
  • Dick Grayson: [waves his hand in front of Barbara Gordon's face] Hello?
  • Dick Grayson: [moves in the door frame to block Barbara Gordon's view]

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Lords Reactions when MC ask-What’s the funniest thing that happened in your childhood?

I tried but… OK HONESTLY MOST OF THE LORDS HAVE TERRIBLE CHILDHOODS IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I think Nobunaga by far had the happiest childhood. Yukimura did okay too, I guess, considering he blames himself for his mother’s death. Wow.

Lords reacting to being asked about something funny that happened during childhood

Nobunaga: …nothing. NOTHING FUNNY EVER HAPPENED. Don’t you dare ask anyone else.
Mitsuhide: A cat once snuck into my bed while I was asleep. It sat on my face.
Saizo: wouldn’t you like to know :)
Masamune: …………Shigezane wet the bed until he was 8.
Kojuro: A cat once chased me up a tree. I thought I was safe, but then I remembered. Cats climb trees.
Inuchiyo: You. You happened.

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i was watching that ep with derek's mugshot and i think it says that his eye colour is brown. like ????? i mean the shot is very blurry and not clear but the letters match that of his "hair colour" which is brown. so i'm guessing it says brown. what even? have they not met tyler hoechlin or....? have i missed something? don't tell me tyler was wearing brown contacts and i just didn't notice?? O_O

I just went back and squinted at the image, and I’m pretty sure you’re right on both counts (his hair and eyes both being listed as brown). Hoech definitely doesn’t wear contacts for the show, but I’m not surprised the report says that. We know how bad the props/documents are in the show and how little effort the team puts into them.

But honestly… this might be a rare case where the bad props are kind of accurate to real life. Official documents can be really inaccurate about things like that –– especially if the person has hazel eyes. Try googling Hoechlin’s eye color and you’ll see a ton of sites saying they’re green (so much so that I have a feeling that’s what’s on his actual driver’s license/official info) even though they’re visibly multihued/hazel (potentially central heterochromia? [And if it is central heterochromia I suppose they could be considered green because I think people tend to refer to the eyes as the outer ring color in that case… but that’s another story]).

Hazel/multihued eyes just stump people. I can totally see an officer squinting at Derek’s eyes and thinking “they’re kinda greenish…blueish. Kinda… brownish? Sure, brownish, why not.” And just punching that in.

The more baffling thing is the hair color being listed as brown and not black. But for that we can just bounce right back to “bad props team” explanation.

Something that I’ve found kind of interesting about the tablets you find throughout Hyper Light Drifter is… well, here; look at one.

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How do you know which question to post and answer? Cause I'm pretty sure you don't answer EVERY question sent to you. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH QUESTIONS ARE WORTHY!?!

Hahaha, you’re very right, I don’t answer every question sent to me ^_^; Or else I’d probably annoy quite a lot of folks who are mostly here to just read the comic!

I try to answer as many as I can, whenever appropriate and whenever relevant! Sometimes if something unique or unusual or something a lot of people have missed but is important has been pointed out, I’ll make it a priority to post/answer those. Just to point people in the right direction ;) Otherwise I like to answer a handful a day to not annoy people but to also keep the blog active between updates, fanart reblogs, and my silly drawings. It’s all about balance!

I know there are some comments that I want to refer to later on, and some that I want to organize and try to answer in bulk. I get a lot of awesome theories too, and I haven’t quite figured out a good system to post/answer those just yet (still considering the second blog idea!). However, a LOT of what’s in my inbox are questions/comments that I can’t answer, because giving any response (even a response like ‘that’s a spoiler’ or ‘I can’t answer that’ or ‘that’ll be answered later’) could be a potential spoiler. And I’m very secretive, haha, so I think it’d be best to just leave all of ya’ll in the dark about most things until you see for yourselves if your question was answered :P

Just know that if you don’t see your comment/question answered, I promise that I’ve seen it (I’m a very nosy potato) and if it’s plot related there’s a chance that maybe I’ll refer to it later. You never know~

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Fuck coworkers. I was told to sweep, and this coworker is really 'playful'. We usually mess with each other, but still get our work done. While sweeping he said I was doing it wrong and that I missed a spot. CONSTANTLY. Pretty sure I visibly had enough because a coworker asked him to do something (which he didn't) to get him away. I started crying, and now he says I'm very sensitive. But he has no clue when to quit it! Glad he's not coming to the new DD store.

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Honestly I can't even think of a time that Dennis has kissed a woman?? Did he kiss the waitress in Mac bangs Dennis's mom or not like is he just saving his lips for macs Beautiful Lips™ (!!!!) or has I missed something bc I'm p sure that he also has no interested in kissing women (or possibly no interest in kissing Not Mac)

OKAY I’m pretty sure the only instances we’ve seen Dennis kiss a woman are either when he’s trying to gain something from a situation or when he’s acting in retaliation to being wronged (i.e., there’s no romantic intent - or possibly any genuine sexual interest - behind the kiss). Some examples that come to mind:

  • Margaret McPoyle in “The Gang Gets Held Hostage” - as a way to trick her into letting him escape the hostage situation
  • Asriel in “The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby” - as revenge against Sage for calling him a poser
  • Maureen in “The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre” - while he was trying to convince her to make him stop paying alimony
  • Caylee in “The DENNIS System” - but ONLY during the Inspire Hope bang, which we know is a precursor to Separate Entirely 

No, Dennis never kissed the Waitress and now that I think of it, did we ever see him kiss Maureen while they were married? I don’t think we did. Also, I’m pretty sure that Mandy was the last woman he had sex with because he hasn’t really shown any interest in a woman since “The Gang Beats Boggs.” 

Honestly, I don’t think it would be a stretch for Dennis’s only genuine on-screen kiss to be with Mac and his Beautiful Lips™ (I would even argue that we got a taste for it (kind of) in the second dance sequence in “PTSDee”)

Oookay…. In today’s episode (”Heinous”) we learned that Rasticore (or how that dumb lizard guy with the chainsaw was named) can regenerate from only his hand that remained after that gift card blasted him to bits (I swear the show writers are on drugs after this sentence).

Miss Heinous gave as a reason that he is a lizard monster and can therefore regenerate as long as a part of his body is still existing.


Now I’m pretty sure we get to see Toffee’s face again (after Ludo’s wand is destroyed or something)

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To the anon looking: "ah ok so i recently read this fic but i can't remember the name!! it was dan and phil are both youtubers but they don't know each other. phil makes a quiz vid and gets that dan would be his best friend and dans been a fan of phil for years so he does the quiz and gets phil and then they plan to meet!! it was really good and i wanna continue it but i can't find it, if you could help that'd be great! :)" I'm pretty sure this is my fic on Wattpad called Finding the Phandom.

Finding the Phandom: A Dan and Phil AU

Phil Lester is a YouTuber who lives in London. He has a following of, just recently, 4 million people. He has been making a name for himself. He loves his job, but he is missing something.

Dan Howell is a law school drop out from the University of Manchester. He has been doing YouTube since he graduated high school. He now does YouTube full time. He has a following of six million people. He still feels lonely.

What happens if Dan and Phil never met in 2009? In a world where Dan and Phil aren’t “Dan and Phil”, will the phandom still ship them? Will fate intervene?

- Tori

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the "feminism is cancer" comment was dumb thats for sure but the rest of that post wasn't about that?? People need to calm down/ ignore shit like that especially when the topic of the post is that god awful dress @-@" Honestly dresses in that area weren't meant to be practical and comfortable. I'm dissapointed they let her get her way with the dress.. Imagine all pretty they could have made it TToTT

The missed opportunities in that movie are so depressing. I was telling the friends we could have had something beautiful like this

(credit to @shoomlah)

But instead we got basically the female equivalent of putting the beast in a blindingly yellow, modern business suit. Why do the men get accurate costumes but not her? It’s really sad.

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can you rec me some writers or artists please? I'm pretty new here and I really like your stuff so I'm just wondering if you could help a fellow stan out :3

First of all, welcome! I hope you’re having a good time so far. ♥ There are so many talented writers and artists on this site, and in this fandom especially!

For writers, I would definitely recommend checking out @mrsmon, @bts-for-life, @inktae, @jungkxook, @gukvory@jungblue, @helloblamebts, @your-miss-right, and @infireation. These writers have such wonderful and creatives stories, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that suits your tastes and tugs at your heartstrings. ♥

As for artists, I would have to say that my favorites are @noranb@kharys, @chimilkeu, @eto-nani, @pancake-flip, @bloominflowers, @nightmers, @kkumri, @bokumuteki, and @chimchins. These artists all have their own unique style, and I’m always amazed at every piece they create, no matter how many times I stare at the art. :x

Everyone I mentioned is fantastic in their own way and have definitely inspired me in some shape or form. With that said, I really hope you enjoy looking through their content as much as I do! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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i saw someone complaining about "mary not putting up any traps or sigils" to keep azazel out but i'm pretty sure she did??? devil's traps don't work on yellow-eyed demons, as ramiel demonstrated when he was shot with the devil's trap bullets, so ??? am i missing something?

Yeah, I thought 12x12 sneakily contained the answer to that question - that NOTHING Mary would have done would have prepared her for a Prince of Hell unless she kept Michael’s Lance or the Colt under Sammy’s crib and she was rushing to get it when she saw Azazel. 

I certainly screamed at the screen in delighted vindication in Mom Winchester being given a very pointed out on that one. It’s been an issue at least since season 4 and I know they’d know about it because people have been complaining about it the whole time since we found out she was a hunter. And thankfully the only demon lore we DID know about Azazel was “lol did you really think holy water worked on me” or that you needed to make a devil’s trap with several thousand MILES of PURE IRON to keep him out of somewhere he wanted to go. So re-introducing something with yellow eyes and then showing it being immune to the whole normal range of tricks indirectly tells us that maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but it was pointless so you CAN assume she would have done what she could to protect her family and fat lot of good it would have done her.

The writing might be assuming if we care enough to ask we care enough to find the answer but not accounting for the fact some people have been holding a grudge about it for like 8 years and won’t see anything short of her SAYING something as a real answer, or miss the importance of hinting at it because they’re just too tired at this point :P

Day 17: Graceful

My first thought was to do a ballerina, but as I was looking for a reference, I saw some from ice skating. Since I love ice skating and therefore Yuri on Ice, I thought I would do Mila, even though you can’t really tell since her face is covered…I hope in the coming movie and whatever else we’re gonna get that we get to see the women skaters do some stuff. I messed this up as usual. I can’t unsee the 5 o'clock shadow and I accidently smudged some stuff when erasing my pencil lines…


i really like chrollo but i feel like i dont have a very good handle on his personality, and im like 85% certain that the reason for that is literally just “i was so distracted by how fucking pretty he is that i forgot to pay attention to anything he said or did”

#his eyes are just SO LARGE AND PRETTY (x)

Most of the time his eyes are blank, dead and empty. There are stress lines around them, they’re sunken and swollen and he looks perpetually tired. I suspect insomnia, maybe nightmares. He hardly ever shows emotion, and when he does it’s grim: sadness, loneliness, grief, protectiveness, maliciousness, vengefulness and satisfaction. There is no joy in Chrollo’s life. No curiosity. Sometimes there’s a glimmer of interest in his eyes and voice, but they go away quickly. Most times he’s simply calculated and worn down.

Chrollo doesn’t stand out in a crowd, by choice. He’s charismatic when he draws attention to himself, but usually he just fades out from notice. This isn’t the typical leader-type character that we’re used to, who’s always in the spotlight. Chrollo doesn’t see himself as a leader, per se, more like … the one who makes the decision in case there are differences in opinion. Sometimes he nudges it along where he thinks it should go, but that’s all (he thinks). Yes, there’s a chain of command, but he doesn’t realise it’s his personality that keeps the spider together, not the COC.

Chrollo is a true child of Meteor City: he doesn’t count. No one counts, unless they mean something to him, and then they count more than him. It doesn’t matter if he lives or dies - he’s fine with either option, and that’s why he’s fine with hurting strangers: he’s treating them the way he aspires to be treated. Does he want to be treated this way? I don’t know, but it sure looks like he thinks this is how human interaction should go.

This is why he’s both discriminatory and indiscriminatory in who he kills. Why should he care about other people enough to kill them? And then, why should he care about the people that he kills? They’re as human as he is, and he hardly even considers himself a human being.

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Some people argue that Ouma was more interested in Kaito than Shuuichi, which seemed pretty delusional to me until I saw Kodaka's tweet on Ouma's birthday, mentioning Kaito from Ouma's perspective ? I'm not sure if the google translation is accurate but I think it said Kaito was his favorite. Did I miss something or is Kodaka messing with us ?

The tweet Kodaka made on Ouma’s birthday wasn’t about Momota being his favorite so much as it was about it being “Momota’s birthday”!

i can do a quick translation



Today is our beloved Momota-chan’s birthday, so it looks like a lot of presents got sent over. Wooow, Momota-chan sure is popularー, I’m sooo jealousー.

Sorry, that’s just a lieー. Oh come onー, don’t glare at me with such a scary face like thatー.

I substituted “our” to make it sound better in English but a more literal translation for the first line would be more like “everyone’s beloved Momota-chan.”

Basically, the tweet doesn’t really have much to do with who Ouma likes or doesn’t like–it was mostly about him messing around, claiming that it was Momota’s birthday and that all the presents were actually Momota’s instead (probably also Kodaka’s way at joking about how massively popular Ouma is, since his birthday was huge in the fandom).

I hope this helps clear things up, anon!

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So I started TAZ after seeing Tumblr explode over it, but I'm 8 episodes in and while it's fun, I feel I'm missing something. I want to give it a real try for sure though. Can you talk about your experience with the podcast?

TAZ is a tricky one because, as a piece of narrative and entertainment, it started off as one thing and became something else. I got into it quite late because I had seen enough of my friends clamouring about it that I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it, and also I needed something new to listen to on the way to work.

you’re right: it starts slow. it starts shallow and messy and with inconsistent characterisation, because the mcelroys were trying to work out what they were doing. it’s a story in search of its true shape.

I was only really SOLD on it by halfway through the rockport limited arc, which is episodes 10-16. rockport limited is a murder mystery; I enjoy murder mysteries. (petals to the metal is a fantasy fast & the furious story. the basic genre of the subsequent adventures keeps shifting, which I liked a lot.)

the thing about the overarching narrative is: it builds. oh BOY does it build. by the time you get to the 20s, griffin’s got a handle on the story he wants to tell, and it gradually expands and layers itself on itself, and expects you to start putting some pieces together; by crystal kingdom, there’s a real sense of depth and breadth, and suddenly you have all of these? emotions???

so: the payoff is good, but the buildup is VERY SLOW. and if you’re not really sold on the format or the storytelling by the end of the rockport limited then this just may not be the podcast for you, and that’s fine.