i'm pretty proud of myself for this one

A playlist about the bad ends.

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Savages - Marina and The Diamonds | Little Pistol - Mother Mother | Bang - Armchair Cynics | Oh Death - Jen Titus | E.V.O.L - Marina and The Diamond | Get Away With Murder - Jeffree Star | Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons | This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco | Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums - A Perfect Circle


Brown eyes, brown eyebrows, brown hair.
That’s one thing I’ve always loved about myself~

Also my jawline is becoming more visible. I can fucking feel my collarbones again and they’re becoming more visible. I can feel my hip bones when I lie on my back. I’ve lost 18lbs since December 2014. (and I only started trying crazy hard around March 2015.) I am so goddamn proud of myself. 💛

05.21.15, 5:38PM

I keep checking my grades, and I’m just waiting on my 2D Design grade. I’m hoping that with my final and exam I bumped up my grade to an A (I think I was around the B range). My other two classes I passed with A’s! I’m so happy! And so far, I’ve only gotten one B Since starting last summer. Leaving my GPA at a 3.81.

keeping my fingers crossed

I was thinking about how I used to envision myself around this time of year

I thought I was finally starting to open up to people, and becoming a better person, and I thought that by this point I was going to be someone I could be proud of

little did I know that that was all going to fall apart pretty quick, and that I was going to go through one of the worst periods in my life

I’m still going to think about who I am and who I want to be, but that’s just stating the obvious

I guess, in the end though, I’ve turned out better than I could’ve hoped