i'm pretty proud of myself for this one


Magnus’ arms are stretched out at his sides, his head strained upwards. His blue magic is swirling all around him, starting a whirlwind around him, gaining speed and strength, the blue energy turning to black, getting more and more ferocious, faster and furious. When he suddenly turns, his face is a bleak grimace, his eyes dark, almost black with wickedly glowing yellow splotches.

I See You in the Dark by @sfjessii

Ideas Gone Wrong (Otayuri)

Author’s Note: I can post this now, yeees! For the anon who requested Otayuri with numbers 9: “That’s a horrible idea!” and 10: “It’s… definitely shiny.” I managed to include both of them, yaay~! And I’m actually pretty proud of this one! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! <3

Description: Otabek returns to his and Yuri’s shared apartment with two new skating costumes. A few minutes after he talks with Yuri, he gets the idea to go shopping while showing off their new costumes. Does it go well? For Otabek, definitely! For Yuri?… Not so much luck there!

Word Count: 2,123

   Otabek locked the door behind him as he walked down the hall, two plastic shopping bags hanging from his wrist. He had just been out shopping to get Yuri an early Christmas gift, though he came back with something for himself once he saw the matching skating costumes for sale. He stopped in the doorway to the living room, looking over at Yuri, who was lying on his stomach on the floor watching television.

 “Heh, took you long enough,” he said, muting the show that was playing and averting his attention to Otabek. He pointed at the two bags, tilting his head. “And what might those be?”

 “Gifts. I saw something at the store and it made me think of you, so I bought it and the other matching one. They were the last two left,” Otabek replied, a small grin tugging his lips when he saw a light pink blush spreading across his friend’s cheeks.

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for the first time, one of my fics cracked 100k words!

and i must use the obnoxious title function to tell you about it! ;) tonight’s update of To Make It Right brought it to 101,488 words, officially making it both the longest thing I’ve ever written, and my first work over 100k. Woohoo!

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Smoke Prince

I wrote 109k for resbang this year with my three fics. Holy fucking shit. That’s a lot of writing, but I am so inspired and proud of myself!!! I finished the thing with only minimal crying and stress and half assing :D

Inktober - Day 13

We are the Twin Souls


star wars legends » ferus olin

“Just what do you expect to accomplish?”
“I expect to overthrow the Empire, one planet at a time,” Ferus answered. “Nothing less than that.”

speaking of mortifying stories, i don’t think i’ve ever told y'all about the worst of the worst: the spray n wipe incident.

Okay, so:

  • spray n wipe for all y'all who don’t know is like a cleaning agent, it’s one of those ones that come in a bottle with a trigger nozzle than you can spin around and pretend you’re holding like a gun
  • (i myself like to hold two and do the lara croft tomb raider when i clean the kitchen)
  • so we use spray and wipe to clean pretty much everyday and we go through a bottle pretty quickly, so i’m at the supermarket getting my groceries one day and i grab a bottle
  • (they come in lots of different scents)
  • (i got spring blossom)
  • and so i’m continuing doing my shopping, pushing my trolley
  • i’m in like the pasta aisle looking for linguini
  • when the overhead speakerman goes ding ding ding and sends out like the call to arms to the supermarket people to clean up a spill in the detergent aisle
  • i was just in the detergent aisle
  • but i don’t remember a spill
  • im like ‘damn, they fast’
  • i get my linguini, i keep shopping
  • im in the baking aisle getting my muffins when the speaker man goes ding ding AGAIN and calls his squad to go clean in the pasta aisle
  • (“'aisle 7”“, i don’t acknowledge the real names).
  • okay
  • i was JUST IN the pasta aisle
  • who is the fucker spiling shit? i must have seen them
  • was it the man in the green shirt looking at the pappadams, looking really lost?
  • the shifty tween with the fucking roller shoes tryna sneak some froyo into his mum’s trolley without her noticing?
  • (nice try, nerd. she always notices)
  • the incredibly thin man with a suspiciously large amount of pea and ham soup?
  • whoever it is imma watch them.
  • imma find them
  • and do the hardworking supermarket casual staff a solid
  • so i’m walking along when they announce a spill A G A I N
  • and this time it’s aisle 8
  • i’m trying to remember which aisle is aisle 8 in my head
  • and then
  • it hits
  • this is aisle 8
  • i am in aisle 8
  • it’s me
  • i’m the spillage
  • my face going red (i know i’m on camera)
  • i hear the squad coming towards the aisle (they will find me)
  • i look, horrified, into my trolley to see what it could possibly be that’s spilling
  • i look down
  • it’s the fucking spray and wipe

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Hello lovelies! So, I’ve seen so many people doing year end follow forever’s and I decided I wanted to make one. I’m sorry for my really shitty edit… but I tried… 

This has been my first year on tumblr in the 1D fandom and while I think everyone can agree that this year has been pretty terrible, I’m really glad to have been a part of this community. Although I don’t really talk to many of you, I’ve made some pretty great mutuals. I may not have very many followers, but I do appreciate each and every person that follows me! 

Please don’t be afraid to come talk to me!


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Thanks for being my mutuals, I consider you all my friends even if we’ve never talked before. I don’t think I forgot anyone but if I did, I’m so sorry!!

And also some pretty rad non-mutuals:

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Thanks for a great year on tumblr, guys!! And thanks again to everyone that has already included me in their ffs! Here’s to hoping 2016 will be so much better!! 

I love you guys!! xx Fiona