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of birthrights and love || of conquest and fate

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This is out of left field, but I wanted to say I appreciate all the work you've done. The Ben 10 reboot looks awesome, and I'm sure fans who aren't my age love it, too. And MGDMT is probably one of the highlights of my week, month, whichever! Jones, Commander, and Jared are funny, and insightful, and while I can't relate with Commander that much, as I grow older I can see myself struggling the same way Jared and Jones do, and it's comforting to see such humble characters.

I appreciate it! Honestly, the whole crew puts a whole lot of love into the reboot and we’re all pretty proud of the work we’ve done on it. I feel like it’s like… Wind Waker Ben 10; simpler than the old designs but very pliable and dimensional with a big capacity for personality. We have a blast acting with them.

I’m excited for the reboot to start airing Stateside so I can finally start posting my sketches of the characters online and flood the internet with Hex art hahahaha

it’s all the same for dreamers,

it’s all the same for us.

Smoke Prince

Hey, just a little check in with your friendly neighbourhood fic writer

I’m not dead, I am in fact working on a pretty big project! A multi chapter Hamliza fic spanning their entire relationship but with a bit of a twist involving one of my most favourite monster legends. Its actually going super well and I’m really excited, I’ll start posting chapters on a weekly basis, I’m thinking Fridays? 

But yeah, this is the first time I’ve tried anything like this so some support would really, really be appreciated on this one. Basically everything irl in my life is going to shit so I’m aiming to get at least one thing right here. 

Anyway, eyes peeled! Fic is imminent! I am not dead!


Magnus’ arms are stretched out at his sides, his head strained upwards. His blue magic is swirling all around him, starting a whirlwind around him, gaining speed and strength, the blue energy turning to black, getting more and more ferocious, faster and furious. When he suddenly turns, his face is a bleak grimace, his eyes dark, almost black with wickedly glowing yellow splotches.

I See You in the Dark by @sfjessii


star wars legends » ferus olin

“Just what do you expect to accomplish?”
“I expect to overthrow the Empire, one planet at a time,” Ferus answered. “Nothing less than that.”

Daryl & Jesus -> “We might be dead by tomorrow.”

Okay, so this is the first edit I’ve ever done. I’m actually pretty proud of it, even though of course it’s nothing next to someone who did this for idk how long. I’m not a pro or anything, still I wanted to try it especially with this song. I hope you like it, it took me so frickin long bc I had no idea how to use svp.

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( “ Saw you walk inside a bar, he said something to make you laugh; I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours, yeah you look happier, you do. — Happier, Ed Sheeran )

“Can I please wake them up?”

“No, let them sleep a little while longer. Besides, you’re the reason they probably didn’t get any sleep last night.”

“Excuse me, I don’t believe that I was the one screaming, ’Fuck me, Mark!’ until two in the morning.”

“You are despicable. And…and evil.”

“Yeah, well, you said you did always like the bad boys.”

A groan wedged its way from April’s throat as she nestled further into her pillow, eyes daring to peek open at the sound of Mark and Lexie’s voice. There the two of them stood in the light of the bathroom, shoulder to shoulder with their heads cocked and arms folded over their chests as they observed the sight in front of them. Mark had a smirk draped over his lips, all too pleased with how the situation had unfolded itself, and too busy caught up in his pride to be as attentive as Lexie was. She caught April’s bleary staring before April had the chance to blink.

“Morning, sunshine.”

                                                read here!

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A short description of myself? Well my bio pretty much sums me up, other than I am also a fucKKKing proud Neo-Nazi ϟϟkinhead. And one ϟϟicKKK, Twiϟϟted, MotherFucKKKing Perv. Maybe I'm dense, tho. What are you gonna do with the description?

By description I meant personality and physical looks. Based on that i’d write a blurb-ish type thing saying why I ship you with either Eric or Dylan :3

tagged by @museicaliteacup, thank you!! 

Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favourites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next. 

come sundown, say you’ll remember my name | haikyuu // bokuaka |

“I remember,” you say, your hand slipping into his naturally, easily, “I remember your name.”

I’m home, Koutarou.

tell me every day i get to wake up to that smile | ffxv // promptis |

“Come on, Noct,” Prompto says, smiling, “you have plenty more mornings to sleep in.”

“Yeah,” Noctis agrees, smiling back, “I do.”

baby, our love is fireproof | haikyuu // ennotana |

“If you’re going to set fire to the furniture every time I smile at you, I don’t think it’s going to work out.”

“Are you saying you’re going to break up with me before we’ve even dated?”

Chikara presses his lips together. “Haven’t we… already been dating? I just wasn’t… paying attention.”

Tanaka ends up burning a hole straight through his pants.

you’re the wings on my back, and together we conquer the sky | haikyuu // kagehina |

Tobio zips up his own rain jacket. He hops forwards, right into a puddle. Hinata screeches, laughing once again, and Tobio feels his own lips turn up into a natural smile.

He steps forwards, and takes Hinata’s extended hand.

me, i fall in love with you every single day | haikyuu // daisuga |

Daichi’s looking up at him, slightly alarmed at how breathless he is, and maybe the fact that he’s leaning halfway over the railing in only a worn sweater and some boxers, his hair still messy from sleep and staring down with eyes wide and determined like he’s seventeen and standing on the court at nationals all over again and—

Daichi smiles, and says, “Of course, Koushi. Anything you want.”

tagging: @livecement @dgalerab @matsinko @silvercistern @risquetendencies and i know i’m forgetting a lot of writers but pls feel free to @ me if you’d like to share (or ignore if you need to)!! i have a lot of reading to do >:) 

Inktober - Day 13

We are the Twin Souls

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I read I Walk The Line in one sitting and I didn't even have the time to do it! I couldn't put it down. Twists I didn't see coming. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! -Fic Anon

I pretty much love everything I’ve ever read of Lisa’s so I have no doubt I will:))  I’m so glad you loved it<3

lol i had like one of the most emotionally difficult, stressful, depressing semesters where I constantly missed class and for a while just stopped giving a fuck. yet somehow I managed to get pretty good grades and I’m so fucking proud of myself. like I really have it in me to do good and be a smart bitch even at my worst when I’m falling apart.


I am sure I shall be forgiven for allowing myself the pleasure of recording some personal memories here— memories which will enable me to recall these girls in all the bloom and spontaneous enthusiasm of their youth. I might almost say their childhood. For these were girls who fell victim to a dreadful fate at a time when others were blossoming into womanhood.

–Pierre Gilliard

† 17th July 1918