i'm pretty proud of myself for this one


Pretty anime boys.

Throwing everything into one post and finishing other stuff.
Backgrounds? What backgrounds.

I’ll never forget those eyes,
That beautiful smile.
I still remember,
The way you said goodbye…

Samewada Week, 
Day 7: Ultimate Theme Song (Your favorite song for the couple!)

Better late than never, I guess!
Though the song that is my ultimate favourite song for Samewada is also a pretty sad one :3c whoops

The Song: Beautiful Girl by Broken Iris

I HAVE A DREAM… and that dream is to make a Sea Patrol to go along with my Air Patrol crew! (Whom I have had forever…) 

This is the first of the group i’ve designed (color scheme will likely have some tweaks!) that i’m pretty happy with. Need to name her and give her a proper hat/belly symbol, though! i’m saving an actual anchor one for the Big Boss of the SP who i’ll probably be working on next. 

This one here is a bright eyed young recruit who loves the ocean and everything in it! She wants to protect everyone above (and below!) those waves! She’s very determined and passionate, but prone to newbie mistakes… Either way, she’ll always be doing her best! uvu 

Like the AP and their large air base, the SP has a large-ass battleship for their base that all recruits return home/dock to! 

Idk if anybody cares but i gotta write all these thoughts down somewhere so my scatterbrained self doesn’t forget gjjgdhklgkjflfg