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I'm very sick. Can I have some sick paladin headcanons pretty please?


  • he’ll give everyone the play by play of how he’s feeling as the illness progresses
    • no concept of tmi
    • “okay so i just went to the bathroom and there are some things going on in my intestines right now that-” “oh my god hunk shut up”
  • gets really freaked out at first because “what if this is a weird alien virus that makes my lungs explode or something!”
    • but don’t worry! coran comforts him with Science!
    • sorta!
    • “there is a 75% chance your body will be able to combat the disease no problem!” “what about the other 25%” “you could die quite horribly! haha!”
  • catch him in the kitchen with a 102 fever trying to make himself soup
    • listen. he loves his friends. but. he has very high standards for caretaking and none of them come close to meeting them


  • gets pretty visibly sick so everyone knows when she’s sick without her having to say anything
  • interact with humans? haha no thanks
    • hates being around people when she’s sick because everything they do pisses her off lmao
    • she’d rather just hole herself up in her room with her laptop
    • don’t talk to her until it’s over
  • at any given moment you go to check on her she’s probably laying face down on her bed and groaning miserably
    • even on the lowest screen brightness her laptop is still giving her a headache
    • betrayed by the one she loves most :’’’(


  • he’ll tell everyone when he’s sick. like. he’ll announce it
  • he’s… dramatic
    • “i’m sorry princess i can’t train today i sneezed earlier and am probably dying”
    • if he coughs once he’s like “this is it. this is where it all ends”
  • [draping himself on couch] “everyone take care of me i’m dying”
  • you know it’s serious when he shuts up
    • when he’s really sick he sorta just lies down and does nothing
    • but he’s not like pidge, he wants people around
    • so he’ll go to the bridge and sit and listen to everyone doing stuff and just doze there (and get the couch all germy ew lance-)


  • won’t tell anyone he’s sick but everyone can tell
    • always vastly underestimates how bad it is, so he never feels the need to mention it
    • it’s just a cold shiro?? yes i can walk in a straight line here i’ll prove-
    • keith, in an on-fire house: “this is fine”
  • galra have higher body temperatures than humans which scares the shit out of everyone the first time keith runs a fever
  • no concept of what a sick person is supposed to act like
    • unless it’s really bad he’ll just try to go about his daily routine
    • but everyone keeps running into him and sending him back to his room >:/
  • he actually likes the peace and quiet that comes with being sick though, so it’s not all bad


  • he’ll tell everyone he’s sick because Communication is Important Guys
    • but he sort of? doesn’t act sick??
    • so it’s confusing for everyone around him
    • “hey just a heads up i have a fever today” [kicks ass in training, strategizes with allura, forms voltron to save a planet]
  • basically he plays it off well
    • so he tends to get worse because he’s not taking medicine or resting
  • tied with keith for Most Likely to Collapse From A Fever Due to Stubbornness 
  • actually one of the worst patients out of the paladins
    • he goes a little stir crazy, doesn’t really like sitting still and letting other people handle things
    • “shiro go to sleep we can survive one day without you oh my god-”
  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*
love like you

When I see the way you look

Shaken by

                        how long

                                                     it took

I could do about anything

I could even learn how to love

like you

okay y'all i’m in a dark mood right now so you’re getting dark-ish linny headcanons/ficlet

ginny has always toed the line between brave and reckless, noble and violent. Her family has been a Gryffindor for generations and lions aren’t just kings, they’re first and foremost, killers.

She was a little girl when darkness first touched her. It came with sweet words and a gentle caress. It was easy to fall into it. She was young in a world she didn’t quite know.

(falling is easy. dragging yourself back up is the hard part.)

Ginny is a lion, though it took a diary and several almost dead people to figure that out.

(That wasn’t really her fault, was it? At least that’s what everyone tells her. What she doesn’t tell everyone is that she can still feel the rooster’s blood dripping from her fingers, still feel the almost familiar hissing in the back of her throat. She almost understands it, if she listens hard enough)

After that, she learned to bare her teeth and open her mouth in a snarl. Armor is easy enough to build, if you know how. She assembles it piece by piece, made of raised chins and witty comments. Of hexes and when that doesn’t work, fists. Of sharp eyes and an even sharper tongue. She holds her head high and refuses to apologize for who she is.

(That was the one thing she allowed herself to learn from Him. Never, ever apologize.)

Luna is all soft words and gentle caresses but not in the way Ginny learned to fear. His words had been careful whispers in Ginny’s ears, full of lies she couldn’t help but believe. Luna is nothing if not honest.

(There is a certain hostility there too; a certain reckless bravado. No one can be as sure of herself as Luna without being a little reckless. And no one can be a little reckless without being a little cruel.)

Ginny would like to say that their pieces slotted into each other perfectly and be done with it, but the truth is that they are both a little too jagged at the edges to mold together.

(Luna refuses to try. That’s her way of surviving. She wears the names everyone calls her around her shoulders like a cloak and puts on a serene smile.)

They are both too unbendable, you don’t get to live the lives they’ve lived without learning how not to break.

Instead, they are two trees that have stood for hundreds of years, slowly, impossibly growing around each other, branches tangling around each other, trunks drawing closer together with no prompting until you forget that the two of them had been a seperate entity in the first place.

Their embraces are stiff but they melt into each other like they were meant to be there.

Luna is the one who teaches Ginny the darker kinds of curses when the war came to Hogwarts. She had never been the type to shy of any kind of knowledge.

The thing that surprised them both was that Ginny actually let her.

Trust is a fragile thing, especially for someone who’s already been betrayed. But Ginny trusts Luna. Or at least trusts her enough to believe that she’s not being used.

They are not soft, and do not mistake them for such. They are two girls who fought in a war. Who had been fighting wars long, long before Death Eaters first broke through Hogwarts.

Fake Chats #110
  • Seokjin: I wish I was on a date with my girlfriend right now.
  • Namjoon: you don't have a girlfriend.
  • Seokjin: I wish I had a girlfriend.
  • Namjoon: you don't have time for a girlfriend.
  • Seokjin: I wish I had time for a girlfriend.
  • Namjoon: and that would leave us hanging without our visual and pretty vocal.
  • Seokjin: I...don't wish I wasn't pretty, but I still wish I was on a date with a girlfriend that I don't have time for.
  • Namjoon: we can go out to eat, if you want. I'll pay.
  • Seokjin: are you asking me on a date?
  • Namjoon: I'm just trying to make you happy.
  • Seokjin: by taking me on a date.
  • Namjoon: it's not a date. It's a "we both don't have girlfriends but at least we have each other" outing.
  • Seokjin: it's a date.
  • Namjoon: I don't want to take you on a date!
  • Seokjin: you don't?
  • Namjoon: *how does Jimin do it, raising this hyung?* fine, whatever, call it a date if you want to, do you wanna go out to eat or what?
  • Seokjin: forget it. Just buy me flowers instead.
  • Namjoon: I'm not your imaginary girlfriend!
I Have Something To Tell You...

After seeing how everyone is coming together and spreading so much love, especially in the Jacksepticeye community, I’ve decided that today is the day… 

I have something to tell you guys…

I’ve wanted to say it for a while but I was worried about doing it… 

But I’m not so worried now and you guys are my friends, and so I think you should know this… Here goes… 

I’m asexual. At least I’m like 99.9999999999 (etc) % sure that I am. Yes, I have done a lot of research and reading about it to be sure, I didn’t want to rush to label myself. And the great thing about labels is that they can change. But this is what I identify as right now. And I’m proud to say it. I. Am. Ace. :D

So if you don’t accept aces and think they are invalid, unfollow me now please. But if you do accept me, then yay!! Thank you and I love you! ❤

This was pretty hard to post, but I thought that you guys wouldn’t hate me for being ace. You all seem too sweet for that and you’ve been so kind to me this far, which I’m very grateful for by the way :3

Announcement post over. Thank you for reading ^_^ ❤

Mme Bustier's class as Things My Friends and I Have Said
  • Marinette: "I keep messing everything up could I not be like this please?"
  • Alya: "Fuck you, I'd rather be on Tumblr."
  • Adrien: "I am but a smol, and couldn't hurt anything. Unless it's a mosquito, because I hate mosquitoes."
  • Nino: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, music is my way out of life."
  • Nathanael: "I love tomatoes! Don't shit on tomatoes!"
  • Alix: "I will sue this entire school."
  • Kim: "Actually fight me, I dare you.
  • Max: "I'm a nerd, you're a nerd, everyone in this goddamn class is a nerd."
  • Rose: "Aw, I'm pretty. Right?"
  • Juleka: "Um, no, I don't like you. Now could you go away?"
  • Ivan: "I am tall and look tough but I am secretly a comic nerd and will cry if you hate me."
  • Mylene: "I am not short! You're all just tall!"
  • Chloe: "Excuse me, but could you please keep your weird ass expectations like, three hundred feet away from me?"
  • Sabrina: "They think I am a sidekick but I actually do all the work."
  • Mme Bustier: "Please End me."
  • Lila: "Bitch I'm the devil on everyone's shoulder, now shut the fuck up."
Hamilton Characters as more things said by me and my friends
  • <p> <b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> *i need coffee is written on a design for a skateboard* I made it relatable<p/><b>John Laurens:</b> sometimes I look at a hot girl and think oh no I've been lying to everyone then I realise I'm gay<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> *screeching* I NEED BAGUETTE<p/><b>Hercules Mulligan:</b> I owned a horse once, his name was Pepper and he was part of the family<p/><b>Aaron Burr:</b> every day I crave death more and more<p/><b>James Madison:</b> *sneezes once* yeah I'll probably take the rest of the month off<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> I look hot in short shorts *poses*<p/><b>Angelica Schyler:</b> sometimes I like to pretend none of you exist<p/><b>Elizabeth Schuyler:</b> die, die! *burns ants while laughing like a maniac*<p/><b>Peggy Schuyler:</b> ok but what about a pair of glasses that detect when there is a gay nearby<p/><b>Maria Reynolds:</b> my hobbies include sleeping and crying<p/><b>George Washington:</b> *adds a tick to bathroom wall writing that says tick if you're depressed*<p/><b>King George:</b> I'm pretty sure Ringo was always the worst Beatle<p/><b>Charles Lee:</b> what about a bowling ball, but with blades<p/><b>Samuel Seabury:</b> *shoves friend into a wall* haha fuck you<p/><b>Philip Hamilton:</b> I'm short, angry, dangerous and ready to cry real hard until you give me a cookie<p/><b>George Eaker:</b> *in the middle of a conversation* I killed a man<p/><b>James Reynolds:</b> fuck you, fuck this whole table, you're all gay, why do i hang out with y'all, fuck whoever is calling me right now they can go fuck themselves<p/></p>
  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately
Ni Times
  • INFJ: I want to learn how to play the piano
  • ESTP: That's great, why don't you take some less-
  • INFJ: I've been wanting to play the piano since I was six, I've always had a special relationship with music
  • ESTP: Uhm well, all the more reasons to take-
  • INFJ: I've been drawn to piano since I can remember. I love music, I love playing, I love watching the hands of people as they play, oh my god have you seen their hands?
  • ESTP: Yeah, they're pretty impressive, so why don't you just-
  • INFJ: They're amazing, I wish I could be like them. I really really really want to play the piano, I'm tired of waiting
  • ESTP: Great! Just take some lessons then, I know a guy that can help you. I'll call him
  • INFJ: Call? Lessons? You mean now? Now as in RIGHT NOW? What if this is just a phase, what if I don't have the patience, what if I find out I don't like it or am not good enough? IT'S TOO SOON! WE MUST NOT RUSH INTO THINGS!!
  • ESTP: ...
  • ESTP: Didn't you say you have been dreaming to play the piano since you were six?
  • INFJ: Yeah?
  • ESTP: How is 15 years TOO SOON???

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Hi Sera! Could I ask you for a huge favor? Do you happen to be able to repost something about all of the very secret and questionable touches? Like the hand grab or the leg touch from the one night with Daniella? I'm so sorry for my English right now. Maybe if you have a few gifs to post? Anything to help. I'm sorry again! Thank you

Hello, dear anon!

That’s quite a request! I’ve been looking at your ask for a week now and wondering when I’m going to be able to sit down for long enough to fulfill it. Well, now is the time! I bet I’m going to forget some pretty massive moments, but perhaps someone else can reblog with more gifs for our enjoyment. :)

Phoenix Con 2016 - The Purple Rain performance

What do you do with your hand when Jensen is out of reach?

You get creative, that’s what.

Much better!

Chicago con 2015 - Afternoon panel with Robert Singer crashing

Oh nothing, just casually stroking your secret boyfriend’s hand behind your boss’ back. I’m not sure if it’s an accident, but if it is, they don’t seem to mind it.

Jib con 2016 - Jailbreak concert

Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside

There is nothing accidental about this touch. Jensen must’ve really impressed his boy on the stage. Jared even wanted to put his hand back there, but the applause began and his hands were needed for that. (Here’s the leg touch you’re referring to)

Minneapolis Con 2015 - The afternoon panel, last question

Originally posted by honeyxhany

The fan says Jensen is her favourite. Jensen grabs Jared’s hand while doing the comedy elbows show for the audience (as a distraction?). No way this could be an accident, he held Jared’s hand very deliberately for a while.

These are the ones I can recall off the top of my head. I’m sure there is plenty of more out there that I can’t remember right now. For more hands, check out my tag the hands. For more extra closeness/touching, see my tag proximity (under construction). I hope I could help you out a little! Sorry for taking so long. I hope you have a marvelous weekend ahead of you, sweet anon!

My favorite things about voltron s3:

  • “I’m about to teach this sentry a lesson about tailgating!” Hunk, a man after my own heart 
  •  I’m so gay for my blind, lizard-galra wife 
  •  "Keith would be the worst leader of voltron" 
  •  KEITH’S FACE WHEN HE SAID “Pft are you joking” TO LANCE 
  •  "I don’t wanna leave the yellow lion" 
  • Lance trying to flirt with the blue lion to get her to respond to him 
  • “If I had to lose blue to someone, I’m glad it was you" 
  • “Okay, what would Lance do?….HEY THEre blue lion, you’re really activating my particle barrier right now" 
  • “Look I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance but we need to get out of here" 
  • “Hunk, I’m a leg!” “Pretty cool right?" 
  •  Pidge: speaks science, Keith: “I’ll take that as a no” 
  • SHARPSHOOTER LANCE I’m so proud of him 
  • Alluras bayard is a whip I'm 
  • Shiro’s cute, shorter undercut 
  • Pidge and Hunk talking science together 
  • Lance goes to Keith about his insecurities about what will happen now that Shiro is back 
  • "I got you buddy!" 
  • Allura is so stRONG 
  • Original Paladin backstory 
  • Haggar and Zarkon are married and evil because of alternate reality squishies 

Things I didn’t like:

  • Four entire episodes without Shiro 
  • They cLONED SHIRO?
  • I’m crying the black lion didn’t respond to Shiro please kill me 

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Can we get scenario or something where maybe Reader is outspoken and forward without really noticing? Like they sometimes blurt out "wow your pretty!" or "I'm blessed to have ended up with you." With Cor and the Chocobro's.

Yup – on it! :D Fluff galore right here Immortal Fam! Also, these are gonna be really short because I unexpectedly ran out of time to write this- my sincerest apologies! :O (it is now almost 1am and I need to be at work early xD)

Tagging: @xalexanderxkozachenkox, @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @the-lucian-archives, @lady-asuka, @hypaalicious, @rubyphilomela, @stunninglyignis and @nifwrites <3 :D

PERMALINK FOR ANDROID USERS: https://themissimmortal.tumblr.com/post/160300961535/can-we-get-scenario-or-something-where-maybe

Noctis: You and Noctis are out on a fishing run for dinner. Noctis has been standing at the edge of his fishing spot for over forty minutes, a frown on his face and his dark brows furrowed in concentration. You’re fiddling around with the different lures in his tackle box, humming to yourself quietly as you don’t want to be told off for scaring off Noctis’ precious fish. After a few more minutes of idle waiting, Noctis’ shoulders straighten up and he lets out a quiet cry of success. He pulls his line in with a small, adorable smile on his face and you can’t help but coo out loud at his sweet reaction.

“Aww, you’re so adorable Noctis- seriously. You make my heart sing!”

Noctis fumbles the line momentarily and you gasp in suspense before he regains his grip and continues pulling the fish in. It’s a big one. When the fish is finally reeled in and out of the water, Noctis turns to you with a cute, sheepish smile on his lips as he scratches the back of his head. He’s too flattered, and happy about his catch, to even hide his embarrassment at your open endearment towards him.

“Um, thanks. Let’s get back to camp and serve this up, hm?”

Prompto: You and Prompto are sitting side by side after a heart dinner cooked by Ignis. Prompto’s showing you all the pictures he’s taken during the day and you’re leaning forward, looking like you have no idea of what the concept of personal space means. You can hear Gladio and Noctis arguing about who gets to sleep furthest from the tent flap tonight and you sigh quietly before glancing at Prompto’s side profile to complain about their brutish behaviour.

You stop yourself from speaking as you’re absolutely mesmerised by Prompto’s elegant, yet masculine facial profile. He looks innocent, strong, and friendly all at the same time and you’re absolutely gobsmacked.

“Wow… you’re so pretty.” You murmur, a small smile on your face as you continue to stare at your travel companion. Prompto’s head shoots around to stare at you, a red blush immediately staining his beautifully freckled cheeks.

“Um… no. I’m not- seriously, stop playing around y/n!” Prompto complains, his voice a little whiny. You chuckle and shake your head, reaching up with your hand and ruffling Prompto’s hair gently.

“I’m not playing. You’re a really handsome guy. Cindy’s a fool for not being head over heels for you by now!” you chirp. Prompto laughs nervously and shakes his head.

“Nah, that’s not who I want anymore…” he stares at you with his clear blue and happy eyes and you get the hint. You smile up at him and wink before standing up and making your way to the tent to settle Noctis and Gladio’s ongoing dispute about the sleeping arrangements. Meanwhile, Prompto’s a blushing mess.

Gladio: Gladio’s training at camp when you walk past and wolf-whistle appreciatively. “Hot damn, that’s a nice ass!” Ignis shoots you an incredulous look over his mug of Ebony while Noctis and Prompto break into peals of laughter.

Gladio’s stopped his morning exercise routine to stand up and stare at you with his deep amber orbs. You can see a feint blush staining his tan, slightly bearded cheeks and you frown a little at his odd reaction.

You hear Ignis snort, and Noctis and Prompto practically choking on air- that’s how hard they are laughing. You’re now confused- what’s going on here? You turn a curious gaze towards Gladio and he shrugs a little, though he looks like he knows exactly what’s going on, by the way he’s now glaring daggers at Ignis, Noctis and Prompto.

“Guys, shut up!” Gladio growls. The boys all laugh harder. You’re extremely confused.

“Seriously, what’s happening?” you ask. Ignis clears his throat and points at Gladio.

“Ask him. He’s been trying to tell you for a while anyways.” Ignis cryptically offers before making his way into the tent and shutting the flap. You turn towards Gladio and place your hands on your hips.

“What did you do now?” you ask, suspicious.

Gladio shakes his head and steps towards you. “This ‘nice ass’ could be all yours for the taking… if you want it?” Gladio ends up sounding unsure of himself.

You raise an eyebrow at him. “… are you trying to ask me to be your girlfriend?”

Gladio’s silent for a few moments before Noctis and Prompto roar with laughter in the back ground. You barely hear Gladio’s meek “yes” over the ruckus.

Ignis: Ignis looks handsome whenever he’s doing any task, but he’s particularly more handsome when he’s in his element in the kitchen. With his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his glasses slowly sliding down his slightly crooked nose, you can’t help but admire the royal advisor as he prepares meals for the boys and yourself.

“You’re such a blessing, Specs.” You murmur, walking up around Ignis and placing your hand on his shoulder in a comfortable gesture. Ignis seizes up a little and almost drops the ladle he’s holding into the pot of soup he was preparing. Turning his green orbs towards you, he sighs and raises an eyebrow.

“And you’re a nuisance. Please, take a seat while I prepare dinner.”

You’re almost offended by the way Ignis brushes your compliment off. Almost.

He would have been in serious trouble off you if he wasn’t a blushing mess the moment you called him a ‘blessing’.

Cor: Cor’s a sweating, panting mess- but he still won the spar between yourself and him. Knocked onto your butt after twenty minutes of good sparring, you stare up at your mentor and long-time crush and smile tiredly.

“Wow, you’re not the marshal for nothing, huh? You’re incredible Cor.” You gush, absolutely thrilled by how much you learned during the sparring session. Cor grunts lightly and offers his hand to you to pull you up. You take it and grin up at him, still a full head shorter than him. You throw caution to the air as you step forward and throw your arms around your stoic mentor. “Thanks for everything. You’re the best!”

You pull away and… Cor the Immortal is BLUSHING. He averts his steel blue gaze and shrugs a little. He looks almost… cute?

“It’s no problem. Any time, y/n.”