i'm pretty much just talking to myself

Yo i hope Y'all realize I'm pretty much joking with everyone up here and am never actually mad at anyone on Tumblr, and I ain't really that mean. My bad. I think some people may be taking me too seriously lately so i wanted to pull back and apologize to all of you just in case you didn't know I'm just fuckin around with you talking shit as an alter ego that is basically an exaggerated version of myself.

Whether or not you forgive me doesn’t mean shit to either of us anyway. I’m just letting you know that i am aware of your possible suffering and am merely eluding you to the fact that it is unnecessary. I will be the one you just met that broke you free of your chains, then stayed and to let them punish me so you can be free.

All in this world are warriors and they are my brothers and sisters. We’ll keep fighting to survive because that’s what we do.

And Imma fight beside you.

Ascend Peace Love Unity Respect

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Hello! I've been following your works for a year or two now with utmost avidity but only recently managed to talk myself onto tumblr to actually contact you. And now I'm here and pretty much just fangirling horribly...but also do you have any good Itachi-centric fics, especially ones written after the general "Itachi=good guy" reveal? Failing that, anything with Kakashi and self-loathing is always welcome. <3

Glad to meet you!  💕

Sorry, I greatly dislike Itachi, so I try not to read fics about him. 

For Kakashi recs:

Team 7’s Ascension: Blood Wings

Persistance of Vision

It’s a Mad, Mad World

What Remains Unmentioned

The Way We Were

Shards of the Heart

Fate of an ANBU

Genius Under Fire

A Wish So Heavy


#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)

I’m just a very shy and easily intimidated person who appears much cooler on the internet than in real life because if you are pretty or cool and I just met you? I will not talk to purley because I am scared I will make a fool of myself but everyone on the internet knows im a fool already so it’s less scary …. anyway bye.

                I did the thing & revamped my oc & made her fandomless– LIKE / REBLOG if you want to befriend an university student who is a little too enthusiastic about her major, in love with the ocean ( & pretty much everything else, except spiders & snakes ) & probably would choose to be a mermaid if she could !! She just wants to be everyone’s friend & talk about marine life all the time please.

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Hey Lottie, how do you write queer sexual tension without it entering queerbaiting territory? Can you have unresolved sexual tension between queer characters in a story, or is that always a bad thing? Thanks!

this is SUCH AN INTERESTING QUESTION that I’ve already attempted to answer twice (once while drunk) and abandoned, but I’m gonna pull myself together, fucking relax about it and just answer it. okay. 

so the first time I ever heard the term “queerbaiting” it was being applied to Supernatural and I understood it off the bat: what Supernatural does, what Supernatural is great at doing (and has been doing now for 4 years at least), is going to ANY LENGTHS to avoid explicitly saying that Dean and Castiel will never end up together and that they aren’t anything other than straight. the writers say “stay tuned! you never know what will happen!” the actors talk about how much the characters mean to each other and make vaguely worded statements that they KNOW will be interpreted by the fandom as a wink wink nudge nudge I’m on your team, folks! reference, and the characters themselves make jabs, maintain intense eye contact and are incredibly devoted to each other on top of enough pointed mise en scène and subtext to make your mouth water. they will bend over backwards to make it as queer-coded and romantic as they possibly can, get your heart pumping, and then successfully interrupt the moment and start No Homo-ing it as hard as they possibly can.

the reason behind this whole song and dance is twofold: 1) The Powers That Be want you, their devoted queer audience – with your “Dean Winchester is bisexual!” badges and your manifestos and your essays and, more importantly, your MONEY – to keep watching Supernatural, but they also 2) don’t want to lose any casual straight viewers by canonising Dean’s sexuality or his relationship with Castiel. so they straddle the divide. they tease. they have their queer-coded cake and eat all the straight viewers, or something. that’s the definition of it, for me: keeping you watching, supporting and spending your money (and keeping their ratings high) with the idea that maybe something might eventually happen – but never ever putting their money where their mouth is and cashing the fuck in. 

there are two reasons why what you’re talking about is not and could never be classed as queerbaiting, IMO: 1) there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about homoerotic subtext or unresolved tension between queer characters; both of these things can be a feast, no matter the medium, and b) you’re writing it. it would be incredibly difficult to profit off your queer fans without delivering on the goods and stringing them along over a long period of time when you’re a writer; how would you even manage that? unless your blurb was THE SINGLE MOST MISLEADING BLURB OF ALL TIME, you’re gonna have a tough time baiting any queer readers. you’d have to be writing a series, and you’d have to drag your Possible Relationship out over X amount of books, write in enough subtext and UST to make people think it’s a possibility, spend time and effort keeping it simmering across hundreds of thousands of words, and then just… not. there is NO WAY that effort would be worth it. and even if, somehow, you were incredibly successful and made loads of money off of queer readers who’d been lured in, that would stop as soon as the first person put a ‘THEY NEVER EVEN KISS, FUCK THIS BOOK’ review up on Goodreads. plus… I’d like to say no self-respecting writer could fuck up their own work in such a colossal way, but, haha, let’s not go there or I’ll start in on Harry Potter

look at it this way: The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. they’re pretty popular books here on tumblr because they’re fucking great, but also because there’s subtext and UST out the wazoo – not to mention one canon* queer character and the Definite Feeling that we’re gunning for a second in the final book, as well as a Big Ol’ Kiss/actual declaration of love. this relationship has been building for three books now – we got to know them in the first book, found out Ronan was gay in the second book and possibly had a Crush, and the set up for them getting together found its feet in the third book. MS spent thousands of words on Ronan and Adam – individually and, eventually, sort of together. they’re a big part of the books and each others’ lives, and the subtext is slowly but surely turning into text. (the hand lotion. the barn.) 

BUT: nothing has been ~canonised~ yet in Actual Words. (IIRC! I haven’t read them since last year.) MS could feasibly go full Supernatural, make absolutely nothing happen and be like “lol, what? haha, you crazy fangirls, it’s all in your head!” and that would be queerbaiting: keeping your fans eager and forking out their dough with the promise of a queer relationship but pulling out at the last minute. but she won’t do that, because then her books would be complete rubbish. she would have written an entire relationship into the subtext of her series and then just farted it away. it would have been a complete and total waste of 1000s of words and a loose thread marring her tapestry. no writer would spend the time it takes to write three novels setting something up only to back out at the last second. (I trust Maggie.) 

and BESIDES, having homoerotic subtext (/UST) and not explicitly canonising it =/= queerbaiting. subtext (and allegory, metaphor and anything else you can point to and yell ‘THIS ONE’S GAY’) and the deciphering of it is one of the joys of reading or watching anything ever. it’s a useful and age-old part of storytelling. homoerotic/queer subtext can tell us things about a character that the character would never tell us themselves; it can be undeniable or just noticeable to those who’re attuned to it; it can play a part in the overarching narrative or not; it can be eventually made text or it can remain subtext for the duration – it doesn’t matter. there’s nothing wrong with it either way. the subtext and sexual tension itself isn’t the problem – producers and studio execs writing it in and making it blatant just to snag queer viewers and then refusing to say either way whether or not it’ll ever become Touching Of Mouths canon so that they can keep taking everyone’s money is the problem.

(it’s like the difference between pre-Swan Song Supernatural and post-Swan Song Supernatural: pre-SS had a lot of Dean-centric queer subtext – but didn’t labour the point overmuch – and UST between Dean and Castiel that grew from their epic meet-cute, initial chemistry and intense friendship. post-SS realised that a hell of a lot of people were watching for Dean and Castiel’s relationship, and immediately ratcheted it up to 11 with jokes, references, straight-up romance novel dialogue and UNREAL mise en scène and subtext and then fell all over themselves to insist that it’s all fan interpretation and nothing really supports it in canon, haha, but you never know! maybe! there’s so much of the story left to tell! I’m not sure what the current party line is re: Dean/Castiel or Dean’s bisexuality, but I can assure you it’ll be something like: LOL! MAYBE!!! WHO KNOWS?!?)

tl;dr having homoerotic/queer subtext or unresolved sexual tension between queer characters is absolutely not a bad thing, and it’s not queerbaiting. sometimes it’s queerbaiting, but generally it’s not queerbaiting. irregardless, whether it’s queerbaiting or not is irrelevant when it’s in a novel/short story because queerbaiting in literature is… pretty much impossible(/a terrible choice for your Art). okay. the… end…?

(*I’m not actually sure if Ronan Lynch is canonically queer in a ‘“I’m gay,” said Ronan’ way, or if it’s just been heavily implied. see? implication! subtext! no actual verbal 100% undeniable confirmation! and yet: not queerbaiting.)

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Hi! I'm new to YOI and stumbled onto your awesome blog :D I was just wondering if anyone has talked about the fact that Yuri made the last season's GPF beyond the fact that he placed last? I mean, he must have done pretty well in the 2 events he competed in to even get to the GPF, right?

Hello! Welcome to The Madness.* ;) (and thank you so much for calling this blog awesome!) I know I’ve seen people bring it up here and there, but only as snippets of a thought when talking about other things. I myself touched on it very briefly in these two posts after episode 1 and episode 2 aired. I haven’t seen a huge post about how Yuuri’s last season could have gone. If anyone reading this HAS seen such a post, please send an ask or a message and I’ll include it here! 

You’re right that Yuuri would have needed to do very well in order to get into the GPF last year. Considering that Victor was competing, that meant that likely two gold medals (and the associated 15 points each) would have been taken by him in his competition assignments – leaving 4 other events that skaters would be desperate to win. There was also Christophe Giacometti, who is the only one that could be called Victor’s rival (according to the official YOI website), J.J. Leroy, who we see was the GPF Bronze medalist, and Otabek Altin, who ends up getting the Worlds bronze medal. Assuming that Chris also got silver at the last World Championships, ISU regulations would make it so that Victor and Chris are placed in different assignments to protect them from clashing and possibly ending up with one of them kicked out of the point rankings. Which means 2 more competitions where a gold would be difficult to earn. 

And you can see why Victor taking a year off from competing left a vacuum in the field that made all the skaters hungry for the top spot. Just here in the GP Series there would be 2 more gold medals available – valuable 15-point opportunities to get to the GPF.

There are a couple of cases where a “weaker” skater can get into the GPF.  , As I touched on with Victor and Chris’ situation above, if some of the top contenders are grouped together in a few competitions, it would make it hard for all of them to secure enough points, and some would inevitably not earn enough points to advance to the GPF. The other competitions with easier competitors would be a gateway opportunity for some rising star/weaker skater to make it to the GPF. I use that term “weaker” lightly, because all of the men who get to the GPF are high-level skaters, so even if super cynics say “Yuuri was placed in events that had easier competition,” there is still a fight to  get the necessary points.

Here’s a made-up scenario:

Competition1: Victor, Otabek, Michele, Emil 

Competition2: Chris, J.J., Cao Bin, Leo,

Competition3: Yuuri, Emil, Georgi 

Competition4: Victor, J.J., Seung-gil, Otabek, Phichit, Leo 

Competition5: Chris, Yuuri, Michele

Competition6: Cao Bin, Georgi, Seung-gil, Phichit

(note: Guang-Hong was still a Junior; Cao Bin is the skater who got 4th in the GPF)

We know that the skating field is pretty deep (a term meaning that there is a lot of talent), and each GPSeries competition has 12 skaters, so there are skaters we don’t have names for who are taking medals/spots, too.

Otabek was making his debut, so he would have been placed wherever - and unfortunately landed in competitions with former champions. So this is why we don’t see him in the GPF, yet see that he is good enough to win Bronze at Worlds. 

Factors like being a slow-starter also affect if a skater will make it into the GPF, but a slow-starter also means that if you face them later in the GPSeries, they’ll most likely get a high placement (just look at Chris this season: 3rd and then 1st).

Much like we see with this season, there’s a bit of luck when it comes to what assignment you’re given, and a lot of skill needed to earn a spot regardless of who you’re competing against.  Even if the event is filled with “easier” competition, a skater can’t be sloppy. Something like a couple of step-outs and a popped jump could easily cost a person the medal they needed.

Common ideas such as “oh, I just got lucky because I was assigned to relatively easier competitions without the scary skaters” and “the other good skaters in my event just had a bad day and I just happened to have a good skate” are probably what went through Yuuri’s head after he failed the GPF. It’s easy to downplay getting into the GPF and call it a fluke, but whether Yuuri was in events with former GPF/Worlds medalists, or was in events with promising newcomers/inexperienced skaters, everyone fights tooth-and-nail to earn their spot, so he would have had to put forth some good programs

*pun. Because this is a track name on the YOI Oh!スケトラ!!! (Oh! SkaTra!!!) album.

(I hope this makes sense. I wanted to answer this before episode 10 came out in a few hours, so I’ll come back to fix any mistakes later once I’ve had a decent amount of sleep.)

'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Chris Evans wonders … Is Captain America a virgin?

EW: I feel like Cap is the noblest of all the characters. He’s the only one who knows what it’s like to be powerless. To be on the other side of fear.

Evans: He does have a healthy understanding of what it feels like to be powerless, to be the victim. But he also has a healthy understanding of what it is to be a soldier. I think anytime you meet anyone that’s been in the military, when you fight alongside someone they become a brother. I think in a weird way he looks at his Avengers as his family at this point.

EW: Is family what he wants? A bond with a fellow fighter?

Evans: It’s certainly what he wants, but Cap puts what he wants last. That’s his M.O. And I think for so long he just refuses to bleed on people. So it’s hard to explore a guy who doesn’t want to make waves with his own personal conflict. He’s always trying to help the greater good.

EW: Does that ever change?

Evans: That’s why it’s kind of exciting to look forward to Cap 3. I think we really scratched the surface on something great and I think there’s just so much to explore. Not just with the evolution of myself and [Anthony] Mackie’s character, but the reconnection with Bucky, and ultimately a relationship with a woman.

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pretty privilege is sooo real and I think abt it way too much how pretty people can do whatever they like and be considered endearing or mysterious or interesting but ugly people are always boring or weird?? this isn't directed at u I'm just venting

oh my god it is!! so real!! and its hard for me to talk because i don’t find myself breathtakingly pretty but other people apparently do.. but i honestly think most of my follower base comes from my selfies. i find myself following people for no other reason other than that i like how their face looks. i wish we were brought up valuing people based on their kindness and inner workings rather than our physical forms! (not that you can’t be stereotypically beautiful AND have an amazing heart) but so many incredible minds are ignored just because they don’t fit into societal beauty standards. AH!!! at the same time i also wish we didnt as a society make it wrong to recognize our beauty and agree with people when they call us pretty!! yknow?? theres so much that would be worth changing but its hard

  • Someone: What are you thankful for this year?
  • Me: A bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor, grew up to be a hero and a scholar.
  • Someone: uh
  • Me: THE TEN DOLLAR founding father without a father got a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter. By 14, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.
  • Me: I try to support people like myself as I see how much more privileged I am in comparison to a lot of them.
  • Them: Like you?
  • Me: I'm a trans woman..
  • Them: Oh, yeah I know.
  • Them: *uses male pronouns a few times*
  • Me: *anxiety about passing*
  • -Later that evening-
  • Person 1: Your hair is so beautiful!
  • Person 2: Wow girl, you are so beautiful.
  • Person 3: Seriously, can I have your hair? You're gorgeous!!
  • Me: Oh also I'm trans..
  • Them: Wow! Oh my god I had no idea. You are honesty still so pretty.
  • -Get back home-
  • Me: *still wondering if I pass at all and if those people were just being nice*
  • And THAT is why the concept of passing is toxic.

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Did Yellow Diamond get leaked? I'm seeing a more consist depiction of her and I fear I may have inadvertently spoiled myself.

no, I’m pretty sure all the art of her is just based on the extended opening we got from SDCC. It’s wasn’t much but its enough for people to go off of. That plus popular headcanons and the statue in the sky arena commonly believed to represent her (this one)

lead to a generally consistent interpretations in fanart

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Why is it so important for you that the comments stay on your pictures? This is not meant in a bad way but I'm curious??! It's mostly personal text?

hi anon :> it’s fine! i understand your curiousity! 

it is mostly personal text! and so is my drawing! they are both personal to me. when i’m in a certain mood or emotion, i draw the thing. i put a bit of myself into it. but because my skills are only so much, i write the rest down or i just tell you what i’m thinking/feeling. it’s my way of talking to you guys! so you guys know what i’m trying/getting at! i’m not an art pumping machine and i’m pretty chatty. 

when you take the artist comments away, you take half of the artist away. and all that remains is art. there’s no name to it, no face to it, just a drawing/painting. tumblr is a point-and-click society where we don’t give anyone a second glance. the comments tells you a little bit more about the artist and their personality. 

it’s ugly and stupid, i know. but i can say for most small artists out there, like myself, (unless they’re not really bothered, sorry) because we’re nobody in this society, every little thing counts/matters. it hurts when you snip up the thing we’ve taken time to create. sources can be easily lost, i’ve had my art stolen, and my time and effort is simply lost! 

that is why comments stay on my pictures. if not i’ll just start watermarking the living shit out of my art and that’s uglier :)

sorry it’s a long answer, but i’ve received this question a few times now :)