i'm pretty late in making this

Don’t worry!

That was only the accessory headband XD. I have three hairstyles and plan on doing one more + 2 toned down / de-chained vampire hairstyles. Which makes this one of the biggest hair projects I’ve done so far. 

The 3rd hairstyle, the piggy rolls =) still has some holes that I have t re-mesh so don’t freak out ;).

I was trying to make a GIF of this but that became so bad quality that you would wanna claw your eyes out XD

  • Ravenclaw: *wakes up in a cold sweat*
  • Ravenclaw: Oh shit I slept in!
  • Ravenclaw: *Remembers it's Saturday*
  • Ravenclaw: *immediately goes back to sleep*

for centuries our families fought together,
against their common enemy. 
despite their differences. together. 
we need to do the same if we’re gonna survive. 
because the enemy is real.


☆ All who achieved great things been amazing dreamers ☆

About a week ago @markiplier played the game Sacramento and I knew I had to make some fanart of this beautiful game so I made these gifs

Speedpaint / how to make gifs | Markiplier’s video

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got any headcanons about the batboys and their sleeping habits? :)

Dick Grayson is the sprawliest, floppiest sleeper in the world. He sleeps on silk sheets and rolls around the whole night and he hugs his pillow and probably tries to hug his mattress, and, when he’s sleeping alone, it is about 50/50 whether or not he will wake up with his head at the correct end.

I think he has a habit of overworking himself, especially when it comes to proving something to Bruce, but he’s getting better at actually listening to his body when it needs sleep. (Barring a crisis, of course.) These days he’s at a point where he’ll sometimes sleep a couple hours before patrol if he needs it. He is a big believer in naps.

I think he sleeps late, but is actually a morning person too, so he goes directly from “no don’t wake me I’m asleep” to “what’s for breakfast how’d you sleep do you wanna go outside do you think I should get a haircut??” 

Dick’s also the second heaviest sleeper out of all the Bat dudes.


Jason Todd is probably the most responsible Bat in terms of getting the right amount of sleep. When he’s doing well, I think he probably gets 6+ hours a night. 

How he sleeps really depends on how he’s going, in terms of stress and nightmares and how much contact he has had with Bruce, Batman, or the Joker recently. During his bad times, depending on his nightmares, I think he’d go long stretches without sleeping out of fear and sheer stubbornness. But that happens pretty rarely, and I think these days Jason tries hard to take care of himself.

Once he’s asleep, Jason’ll pretty much stay put for the whole night. He doesn’t roll around too much, but he does avoid sleeping on his back. His pillow almost always ends up on the floor.

As a kid Jason was probably a really light sleeper, but I think these days he sleeps a little more heavily. For a Bat, that is.


Tim is really bad at sleeping when and where he’s supposed to. He probably gets, like, 0.5 hours a night and tries to tell himself that it’s enough. And while he can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, that skill is not as helpful as you’d think. (I bet Tim would get really tired of waking up cold and bewildered with full-body muscle-cramps.)

When he’s in a bed, he’d be a pretty restless sleeper, but probably starts off on either his stomach or curled on his side. But he’s definitely one of those people that flips their pillow all night to get the cool side.

He’s definitely, definitely not a morning person. Can’t form words, probably has a couple different burns from sleep-making himself a coffee. I think he’s a heavy sleeper in the mornings, but in the night he’d always wake up at any sound.

If there was an award for best/worst bedhead, Tim would win.


Damian’s a tough one. I think he was probably a very light, very, ah, efficient sleeper in the League. But now that he’s comfortable in the Manor and feels relatively safe there, I think how he looks at sleeping would change. I love the idea of him sleeping like a regular kid, face smushed into the bed, arms flung out on either side, maybe mumbling into the sheets. Probably kicking out every now and again.

He probably used to get up a few times a night to check on Bruce, and also the perimeter, but that would be happening less and less. Especially because Alfred probably makes sure to let Damian see him set the alarm at night. Plus, y’know, Titus. 

And it’s pretty clear that Damian is not a morning, day, or evening person. Waking him up will get you the same scowl that any other interaction will get you, just with the added bonus of pillow-creases and embarrassingly flat hair. 

I do think he’s still a very light sleeper, but that will probably change the longer he lives at the Manor.


Bruce is a giant baby who is in constant need of a nap. Legit though, he probably wouldn’t be grumpy any more if he just got a solid night’s sleep. He takes up literally his whole king bed when he sleeps and he resents anyone touching his blankets for any reason, yes, Alfred, including waking him up.

He sleeps very late into the day and his sheets probably have to smell like lavender or else he pouts.

He is (somewhat ironically) the heaviest sleeper of the bunch.

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

Two Types of Ravenclaws
  • Ravenclaw 1: *chopping up some basil*
  • Ravenclaw 2: Basil is a pretty good name
  • Ravenclaw 1: Like Basil Rathbone, the late English actor
  • Ravenclaw 2: It was also a common name among Eastern Roman Emperors and the source of the name Vasily in Russian
My babygirl and one of my best friends made me a Depression Fort, so I’m going to start #DanversSistersWeek topic voting (stay tuned for the post) and also probs write a bit

from in here, all sheltered in my fort.

Let me know what kind of fics your souls need on this completely expected but also completely horrific day.

Know that you are loved and you are valid and you are worthy.

You are not less than and you do not deserve any of this violence and hatred.

You only deserve the best, because you are the best.

Don’t let anyone make you doubt that.

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Why can't you believe they did laundry??? They did literally. Because they were supposed to do it earlier but they did some sweaty activities and got carried away sooooooo there they were, doing laundry at 4 a.m lmao. And tbh I don't think with his sleeping habit, Namjoon could hear anything while sleeping. Either he was real up too late or he found it essential to add that he did hear the washing machine to make it less sketchy. Sorry I'm extra af lol.

lmao plz don’t apologize for being Xtra im pretty sure im more Xtra than you (most of you, actually) are (the X stands for “XD” bai.)

I was watching it just now an did you notice how many times Jimin managed to dodge the “What were you guys doing yesterday” question, though? Until the end he still didn’t answer it and Jungkook had to answer for him. And another thing: if it was true that they stayed up doing laundry for the other members Hoseok would’ve never asked what they were doing because he would’ve seen his clothes cleaned so I’m like ???? Literally, the conversation was:





“You really think that if they believe Tron’s alive, it will inspire a revolution?”
“I know it will.”

TRONfest 2017 
Day 2: Favorite in Other Media // TRON: Uprising

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For the music meme: Saga (*^^*)

I’m sorry this one took much longer, I got distracted with chores ;O;
The song that came out was Asleep but Emily Browning’s version 

I found that song very sad actually and felt it kinda fit Saga.
(also I may or may not inserted my ship there I’m sorry ^^;)

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Same anon asking about artistic inspirations, I guess both NSFW and regular. Also hope you get better with your mental state, I'm in the same boat

i like “stylized” artstyles a lot, like ★魚生

and Jeffr on pixiv (who makes a lot of ‘guro’ so mind that)

I also like ほたまん who makes alot of ‘USUK-doujinshi crap’ (USUK is my favorite doujinshi couple just so you know)

One of my all time favorite mangakas is Nakamura Asumiko who is just amazing in every way

and Watanabe Asia /specially lately the drawing stye is really pretty, like in 'ROMEO’,so nice, so good/ 

And i absolutelyADORE “Harada”-Paraiso, 100000000000000/10, the stories are just how i like them(violent/depressing/hilarious and really emotionally exhausting to read) and the artstyle is just perfect and amazing.

'Yatamomo’ is my life and the 2nd volumes artstyle literally killed me, it’s just too good, i can’t handle it.

Those are who i most enjoy, there are others i would love to list but to tell the truth i could go on forever actually

I don’t know if people here would like to hear me ramble about the old masters i like…. ?             ?             ?             Mazbe i will make a post for that on my other blog


sometimes they talk while patrolling camp

[other kana nonsense]


“ Are you, perhaps, a fan of the Phantom Thieves? I’ve been receiving cruel and rude comments lately, but… 

Hah, i’m pretty used to it already! Even before their fame grew so big… ♥ ”