i'm pretty happy with this edit ; 3 ;


{ 02.10 } 松浦 果南  彡☆

Happy Birthday Kanan! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


Happy 21st birthday to the beautiful @sinuyasha !!! 💖🎉

On December 19th 2013, you and I talked for the first time on that sonic blogger’s post and 3 years later, we’re still friends!! :’) I still remember how we bonded because we had a lot in common (being late to join the iy fandom.. being the same age… etc) and today you’re still the first person I go to when I want to talk about anything!! (from kpop and blog aesthetic to politics and news lmao!!) Please don’t ever change because you are such a bright light in the fandom, always being nice and welcoming to everyone and never failing to make us laugh!! You’re always there for me when I need someone to talk to and I hope I can do the same for you because you deserve all the happiness in the world ♥ You’re super clever, talented and pretty and don’t ever think otherwise!!


Fun in the sun, Buchanan edition!

Two identical black heads are lost in the world of toebeans and silky fur <3

Nic and Aaron are having a passionate discussion about American football…
“But you don’t touch it with your feet, and it’s not even a ball! A ball is round! It’s hand-conical-shape-thing!” Nic argues.

Cousins-in-law <3 These two get along like white on rice and tend to gang up on Abi.

And the hottest new couple in the family (say hi to Alex!)

“Ucle Gabby” being completly charmed by little Lilly <3

And Mango just wants some of those delicious looking strawberries!

As one of the first persons to ship Daring and Rosabella (Darabella), I so happily welcome all you new people to the ship! I’m so happy to see so many people starting to like and ship this pair. Come! Let us all enjoy the wonderfulness that is this Beauty and the Beast! Let us adore them together with gifs, fanfics, fanart, etc.! <3


Team Love ‘n’ Stuff iPhone 4 backgrounds (if you want them in different sizes just message me and I’ll see what I can do for you)

Open them in a new tab to see them at their full size!!


@mischacrossing aka my plant mum visited my town :3 

the first town was sooo pretty too!!

anonymous asked:

AHHHH UR LOCKSCREENS ARE SO PRETTY and I'm already using the ELEMENTALIST 10 forms lock screen ^^ is it ok to request an elementalist Lux bubble background?AHHH THANKS I HOPE U HAVE A RLLY NICU DAY AND UR EDITS ARE BEST YOOO I CANT EDIT FOR SHIET AND TAKE UR TIME BBY <3

HELLO! OMFG thank you so much, I’m so happy you liked them soooo much. I put a lot of effort in them… thank you! 

Anyways, here you go! 

And the version without the bubble ^^ 

Hope you like them and have a nice day! ^^ 

Underappreciated MPHFPC ships || 3/??
Claire & Olive


Happy CloTi Week!

Day 3: Favorite CloTi (AU)

I enjoy Cloud and Tifa’s characters in the Compilation, however, I really like KH CloTi because Tifa is the literal light of Cloud’s life and I think that’s pretty fantastic.


Happy 50th anniversary Barbara Gordon!

Detective Comics #359 was published on November 29, 1966

[Caption: six stacked edits of Barbara Gordon, as she appeared on various covers throughout the years: 1) Detective Comics #359; 2) The Batman Family #12; 3) Secret Origins #20; 4) Birds of Prey - Manhunt #3; 5) Birds of Prey #100; 6) Batgirl #2 (variant cover).]

okay so guys i’m not usually posting something like this but since my tumblr is pretty much dead for a long time i will just write few things.

1. have you see the cover and spoilers for saezuru ch 22? the cover is the proof that yoneda kou is a goddess bc what kind of person can draw such gorgeous masterpiece? and jfc doumeki x yashiro lovey-dovey moment //// after doumeki gave yashiro amazing blowjob they’re spending their time at doumeki’s place (pls it must be doumeki’s place bc omg doumeki is wearing a fitting t-shirt where else he could get that) and doumeki pbb cooked sth for yashiro and can we talk about how yashiro “forced” doumeki to eat even tho doumeki refused and doumeki ended up eating anw and——– *incoherent flails* ((let this picture explain the rest ;;;v;;;)

2. i should check yoneda-sensei’s note more often bc i missed a drawing that she posted and also her post about utada hikaru (this one is like super important for me bc im a huge music geek and utada hikaru is one of my favorites so im so happy we shared the same interest lol)

3. i can’t say i’ll be more active in tumblr. but i def will post edit(s) before ch 22 is out— especially now that we got majestic cover and adorable spoilers im so much motivated to stop being lazy and make edit(s). since i’m not much of a tumblr person, i usually flail at twitter. my account is @ysweetestscars and i usually talk (flailing is the more appropriate word tbh) about saezuru with nice saezuru friends there.