i'm practicing colouring


“He said that you’d never amount to much. You didn’t even pass your Sergeant’s exam.”

Sketchvember 23 ft. a dancing 21stCen. Kix 🎶❤

Haikyuu!! Week Day 6 - Combo

So you think that it’s a DaiSuga picture? Think twice (¬‿¬)

I’ve put here (at least) 10 combos/ships that I enjoy the most in the show and manga. You have one minute to find them all. Good luck! ( ^▽^)

Did you find them all? ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

haven’t drawn any dragons in ages so here’s a quick shitty sketch of Dirk “my wings are too small to fly with but they’re very good for dramatic hand gestures” Dragonly and Todd “i may not have legs but i’ll kick your ass if you insult my weird friend’s tiny wings” Wyrmman* sitting on a hoard of case files

*note: names are a work in progress

I’m the princemarxfucker of Lon’qu-thirsters. Make no mistake. I will fight anyone who thinks of Lon’qu as anything less than thE BEST husband I will fight you regardless because I get embarrassingly jealous over Lon’qu  I   w i l l  f i g h t