i'm posting this from my grave

You know what I haven’t done yet?

I’ve yelled it in people’s boxes (and in my room), but I haven’t said it here yet.

YUSHO IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



blue -
your eyes
your veins
your bruises
your uniform
your eyes
your eyes
my lips from the cold

red -
your blood
your cheeks
your uniform
my lips from kissing
my blood in the snow

white -
your skin in the winter
the snow of my grave

—  proud soldiers fighting for their country | m.h

Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]

punkybroodster Excuse me I’ve officially passed away I’m posting this from my grave ALEX TURNER AND I HELD HANDS DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT THIS MOMENT IS 😭😭😭😍😍😍💀💀💀 #tlsp #houseofblueschicago #alexturner #rip

A while back I pointed out Greg’s individually-segmented teeth–as opposed to Wirt’s, which aren’t delineated–speculating that this detail might have been intended to suggest baby teeth. While I still adore this idea, I’ve been on one of my old-school animation kicks recently and I think I may have found a more immediate reason for this particular design choice. 

This was how the mouths of the singing characters were most commonly portrayed. 

Check out this gif from Fleischer’s “Swing, You Sinners!”:

Look at the graves! Malevolent little Greg-faces! It isn’t just the teeth: it’s the round eyes and the button noses, too. 

This isn’t just a fluke, either; it’s everywhere. The Fleischer cartoon above is from 1930. In the same year we have the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon “Africa,” featuring these singing pyramids: 

And only a year later, we have the very first Merrie Melodies cartoon, “Lady, Play Your Mandolin!”, starring this foxy chick:

The animators of Over the Garden Wall deliberately echoed these tricks, lending the “Potatoes and Molasses” number its familiar style. 

This show, of course, has a tremendous range of stylistic influences–everything from Dante to American kitsch–but I’ve noticed that the references to classical animation tend to tie back to Greg, from this little number all the way to the dazzling “Cloud City” sequence in Episode 8. This is perfectly natural if you want to conceive of the Unknown as a shared vision. Wirt is the poet, the thinker of dark thoughts; he’s the one bringing all that moody sturm und drang stuff, all that symbolism we learned in English class. Greg’s the kid who, if he were a real little kid, would be left in front of the TV set on Saturday mornings. He just wants to watch cartoons. 

But all speculation on the nature of the Unknown aside, Greg is a cartoon, in a sense that nobody else in this cartoon is a cartoon. It’s no wonder Wirt doesn’t feel that they’re related. Wirt, even animated, is a real person–or at least a character in a book (he’s got “Hero’s Journey arc” written all over him). Greg’s a cartoon, specifically a vintage cartoon of the 20s or 30s–a lighthearted, single-minded scamp who solves everything with a song and a dance. And the way he’s drawn carefully reflects this fact; it’s in his DNA. 

*rises from the grave* hiya! sorry I haven’t been here but I’m back!! and with big news thatwasalreadystatedinthepostbeforebutthistimeinamorepositivemanor

In 1 week I am going to embark on the biggest journey I have ever taken in my life, working for Disney! I can’t even explain how excited, nervous, scared, and happy I am. For 5 months (or more if I choose to extend) I will be working at the place I have dreamed of working since I could talk. It’s my first time ever living away from home, but I need to take that step sometime in my life. I will miss my parents dearly but with two awesome friends by my side I know I will be okay~

Like the song says “Try Everything~”

I really can’t explain how excited I am to be in the Disney College Program.. but with having the mouse as my boss, I won’t have as much time to draw and have a social life hahahaHAHAHAHAHAH!! ahem anyway I can’t wait to be able to make children’s day magical and a day they will remember for years to come!

Look out Disney World HERE I COME!!