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I’m Just a Click Away (2/2); JongKey; NC-17

summary: jonghyun never expected that following a certain tumblr famous fashion blog would turn his entire life around.

word count: 13k

warnings: IMAGE HEAVY!! tumblr!au, awkward sexting/skype sex

a/n: so this is really different from anything i’ve written before… i will warn you, there is a lot of conversation that takes place in chat rooms, through tumblr, etc. so if that bothers you at all… beware. other than that, have fun reading! ♥

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Tom has romantic moments. In the past, he has done really romantic gestures. He actually cut 50 love hearts out and wrote 50 reasons why he loved me, in our old flat. And he laid it all across the floor, and when I came in, there were candles, then there were 50 love hearts. And I picked up every love heart and read the reasons why he loved me.
—  Kelsey on Seven Days With…

i’m drafting things now but i don’t think i rly have the heart to do any more tonight! and i actually think in general i might slow down on drafts a bit?? not like i’ll take weeks to get back, but i’ve always had this weird compulsion to crank replies out as fast as i possibly can. like i have a certain number in my drafts and they ALL have to be finished TODAY. and more often than not it leads to less quality writing and more anxiety from me.

so long story short i’m gonna do the replies that i can during the course of a day, and then give myself small breaks with ooc/memes/smaller posts or even just retreating to skype when i get tired. i’m gonna try and take it day by day honestly so wait time will always fluctuate, sometimes faster sometimes slower, but yeah!! those are some thoughts i’ve been having! ty for being patient with me!!! ♡♡♡

the YA dystopian genre has transcended humanity. I present to you…… THE BEES! it’s pretty much what you’re probably already thinking. a dystopian novel in which the dystopian society is actually a beehive, and all of its inhabitants are, quite unsurprisingly, bees.

OKAY BUT imagine Norma’s eyes lighting up at Ted’s mention of trees and just really really being happy and saying “You should see the Once-ler!!” and just having happy reminiscent memories of all the time she’s spent with him and telling Ted everything that he needs to do to maybe not only get the trees back – but to also get the old Once-ler back.