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Takin Commissions

Hey guys, just lettin y’all know that I’m talkin commissions as of now. Since my home life isn’t exactly “stable”, and I dunno how long I’m gunna be livin in this apartment, gettin a job doesn’t seem like a good idea atm. So I figured I’d open up some commissions to try and fill this gap a little bit until said stuff becomes more stable.

Anywho, let’s get into the prices shall we?

-Full body=$10

-Full body=$20

-full body=$25

-Full body=$30

Multiple characters: Price on Commission

Will do:
-pretty much any fandom art

Will NOT do:
-heavily brutal scenes

More complex characters/mutiple characters will take longer to make. Please give me reference to chacters upon

If you have any questions/concerns, send me an ask, and we can work it out ^u^

one (1) stinkie on the house


Happy ides of March everybody!! 🔪

This was originally going to be longer (aka have Antony’s reaction), but I wanted to post something today. Stay tuned for a part 2 later!!

bunch of Antonys I drew yesterday: [x]

the last JC comic I did: [x]

I’ve been on a (probably noticeable) my hero academia kick lately and Yesterday Upon the Stair is a fanfiction I love so much so here’s a spooky boy for Inktober day 2!


ALL RIGHT GUYS since the chapters may not come out today i decided to post my playthru now!! hope yall enjoy!! this chapter of endless summer fucked me up!!! sorry it’s so long!! ahh!!