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Takin Commissions

Hey guys, just lettin y’all know that I’m talkin commissions as of now. Since my home life isn’t exactly “stable”, and I dunno how long I’m gunna be livin in this apartment, gettin a job doesn’t seem like a good idea atm. So I figured I’d open up some commissions to try and fill this gap a little bit until said stuff becomes more stable.

Anywho, let’s get into the prices shall we?

-Full body=$10

-Full body=$20

-full body=$25

-Full body=$30

Multiple characters: Price on Commission

Will do:
-pretty much any fandom art

Will NOT do:
-heavily brutal scenes

More complex characters/mutiple characters will take longer to make. Please give me reference to chacters upon

If you have any questions/concerns, send me an ask, and we can work it out ^u^

one (1) stinkie on the house


Happy ides of March everybody!! 🔪

This was originally going to be longer (aka have Antony’s reaction), but I wanted to post something today. Stay tuned for a part 2 later!!

bunch of Antonys I drew yesterday: [x]

the last JC comic I did: [x]

I’ve been on a (probably noticeable) my hero academia kick lately and Yesterday Upon the Stair is a fanfiction I love so much so here’s a spooky boy for Inktober day 2!

how to care until it hurts. (a nine step program)

1. find comfort in their words and home in their soul.

2. know your limitations and stride past them. reach out and discover what it is you so desperately crave.

3. allow them to reach into your stomach and hang cocoons of brilliantly colored butterflies from your ribs.

4. build your personal style around the scars that decorate your neck and drape across your shoulder blades. they’ll want to see them.

5. be reckless with your heart and careful with theirs. they will never know how much of yourself you have thrown into caring for them.

6. be more honest with them than you have ever been with yourself and try not to think too hard about why these words suddenly slip from your throat as if you ever wanted them to.

7. never tell them how much you care. never tell them the way your heart beats faster when they call you this or tell you that. never let them see how their every action seals your heart in a hard wax shell of love.

8. be in love.

9. never say love.

—  r.g. | how to care until it hurts

ALL RIGHT GUYS since the chapters may not come out today i decided to post my playthru now!! hope yall enjoy!! this chapter of endless summer fucked me up!!! sorry it’s so long!! ahh!!