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they "ruined" Louis' first child to the public I'm so mad

Well, not really. When he comes out and starts his real family, everyone will know and see the real Louis withholding real kids. People will see the contrast and see how much of a good dad Louis actually is (this of course, the one’s that will remember, because gp won’t care so much about bg after he comes out) 

Chinese Grammar: Comparisons

My first grammar post! I hope there will be more to come. =}

Here are ways to compare things whether they be the same, or different, and also how something has improved/changed.

- bǐ: to compare/something is more ___ than something

  • 我弟弟比我高。/ 我弟弟的个子比我的高。 (Wŏ dìdi bĭ wŏ gāo. / Wŏ dìdi de gèzi bĭ wŏ de gāo.) - My little brother is taller than me./ My little brother’s height is taller than mine.
  • 我不比她高。 (Wŏ bùbĭ tā gāo.) - I am not taller than her.

…跟… 一样 - …gēn… yiyang: the same; as… as…

  • 这本书跟那本一样长。(Zhè běn shū gēn nà běn yīyàng cháng.) - This book and that one are both long.
  • 这个故事跟那个不一样好笑。 (Zhè ge gùshi gēn nà ge bù yīyàng hăo xiào.) - This story is not as funny as that one.

越来越 - yue lai yue: more and more

  • 他的个子越来越高。 (Tā de gèzi yuè lái yuè gāo.) - His height gets more and more tall.

Now, with these types of comparisons, you never add 很 (hěn) before the adjective. Usually to really add depth or exaggeration to just how something is much more than something else, add 多了(duō le) after the adjective.

e.g: 他比我高多了。 (Tā bĭ wŏ gāo duō le.) - He’s much taller than me.

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