i'm petite


“Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet hardly any bigger than he was, and who needed a friend.”

“The Little Prince” (2015)

It’s actually upsetting watching Cami Voorhees do choreography that is too easy for her.

“The question is why doesn't he has any piercings.”

Fan Friday Submission from @wibuwibu!!

Omg he is LOVELY and I completely agree 100% he needs more piercings. Thank you for submitting!! I love your @dailymaeshughes blog; you are seriously doing God’s work over there.

Submit a Greed!

Freeform: Let Alec Lightwood have a beard!
Matthew Daddario loves his beard, and rightfully so! Sadly, though, he's constantly having to shave it off to play Alec Lightwood in the show Shadowhunters. We, the fans, fully support Alec having a beard and believe that he would look amazing with one! Please let Matt keep his beard while playing...

anyway if anyone’s interested i made that petition that i promised matt i’d make lmao