i'm perfect the way i am

The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 

bonus valentine poem

roses are red

washington is ded


Who are you.

Show yourself.

Bruh, Mark’s video made me so uncomfortable. He didn’t even acknowledge that Felix dehumanized US. The way he says “felix is NOT an anti-semite” almost sounds like he thinks we’re ridiculous for thinking there’s even a possibility that he is. He’s joking, DUH, lighten up. Sorry not sorry man, but as a jewish person, I am very wary of goyim making jokes about Jews. One doesn’t have to consciously, proudly be racist/anti-semitic to say racist and anti-semitic stuff. I know I can say dumb racist shit that I hadn’t even considered might be fucked up but when it’s pointed out to me I apologize and learn. 

“I’m not even defending the jokes that he made, because even he has apologized for them” alright but you’re also not saying that you believe he went too far, that his jokes were inappropriate, or something like that? That would have been nice and made me trust in Mark’s reaction more. Felix is hurting, and I feel for him a little because being a dumbass doesn’t warrant death threats and “go kill urself”, but also? We are hurting??? Mark doesn’t seem to acknowledge that we’re hurt???? Also his whole intense, pissed demeanor is just off-putting but that’s my own hangup about men talking, and I won’t tone police him. Mark buddy I know you’re trying but you didn’t handle this well. 

But Seán, oh man, his video was comforting to me. l felt that he cared that people, not just Felix, were hurt. He was calm and kind and ready to be like “yo I love this guy but he did something stupid and had to face the repercussions, and tbh that’s fair. Let’s all grow from this.” Thank you, Seán.

season three ending

as season three ends tomorrow (yes I am a mess) I’d just like to thank this show.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to julie for creating this incredible story, and bringing it to life for us to enjoy. time and time again this season (and whole show really) left me in awe, the issues it brought up and the way it dealt with them in such a careful, precise and perfect way is so appreciated and valued.

I’d like to thank all the crew & all the actors for the effort they put in to make the show a reality. this is a low budget show, the actors aren’t making a living if this, and many of them go to school & work other jobs, yet still out so much time and effort into this show to make it what it is.

I’d like to say my biggest thank you to tarjei & henrik. they have truly blessed us with their indescribable talent, and have portrayed such a breathtaking story of growing, learning, acceptance and overall, love. they have brought to life the deep, amazing characters julie created, and done it in a why that always left us speechless, so thank you to them for this season. ❤

Regarding all the complaints about Bernie Wolfe:

Frankly I don’t have the strength to bring out the diagrams and the scene studies and the character dissections - but it makes me think that a great many people out there have had the luxury of being perfect and in perfect relationships.

To me, this is as real as I’ve ever seen two female characters portrayed in a fictional romance. They aren’t in any way perfect or being shone in a glittery, sparkly way to insinuate that they are.

They’re unabashedly flawed, real people and for me - I’ll take that any day over hearts and flowers.

Also on the note of Jemma not kissing Catherine right, some how insinuating that means she’s “not into it” professionally speaking? I mean I didn’t have words but what I can muster in question is - you do realize that this actress was approached with the only set character storyline being that she would end up with another woman and Jemma jumped at the chance to be a part of it?

Addendum - I’ve kissed women my whole life and I think all three kisses are absolutely heartbreakingly real.

Source: Me being a big lez

It's always raining these days

I always associated the sound of rain with the feel of us.
Gentle and caring
Not too overbearing

But torrential downpours flood lives and lungs until the water makes up all of you and your breaths are droplets dangling from the edge of an eyelash.
They roll down
They’re no more
I am no more
And I always thought drowning was a peculiar way of death
Because death and water are best friends you see
70% of the human body is made up of water
70% of the human body is already dead
And if you start handing out the remaining 30% to fantasies of strangers and other halves and kisses in the rain-you’re killing yourself.
Because the afterlife isn’t heaven or hell -it’s a sea.
With deep waters and shallow ends and not enough room.
Not enough room to house our memories of blue walls and hurried breaths and a very sudden passionate hate for clothing.

I can’t hear anything but the rain.
Suddenly I hear the deep timbre of your voice
You walk in the room wearing that black shirt I hate but love to see on you
You move closer and my heartbeat accelerates debating the decision to run away or stay
I can SMELL you now
You bend down and whisper but my ears lose track of your words because the sound of our heartbeats drown out the rain and shroud your voice
I can feel the heat from your body envelop me in a warm tight hug
Why are you walking away?
I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did wrong.
Please stay.

And my subconscious digs out the whisper in your voice that said-
“I love you but I can’t.. I just can’t do this anymore.”
And I’m trying so hard to cling to this 5% of me. To not give you the rest of me.
You say you love me but you’re still leaving.
You see I always associated the sound of rain with the feel of us.

And I still do.

My Five Stages of Yuri on Ice Grief

Denial: No. Just no- NO. There is no way Yuuri actually just said that.

Anger: I CANNOT believe he actually said that. Why would they put that at the end of the episode and DO that to us?! 

Bargaining: Ok so hear me out, they are literally the perfect couple and they have to stay together.  I would give my own happiness, my firstborn and so much more for them just to stay happy and whole and together and-

Depression: -and now I am just actually crying.  I am so sad right now and I don’t know if I feel anything at the moment.  I am just numb, yet the tears are there, so I guess I am also sad?

Acceptance: Okay I just went through an emotional roller coaster. I cried, saw some sad tumblr posts while others were happy and hopeful.  But at the end of it all, it’s going to be ok.  They love each other and that is not going to change.

lol i wrote a huge post but then tumblr deleted it but 


everyone’s internalized bad shit, everyone has shit they need to unlearn, try to be aware of when yr pointed criticism of camab/trans women (doing things that everyone else also does) is rooted in transmisogyny?

and i am in no way saying trans women are PErfect and Pure and can commit no sin. like, trans women are definitely capable of nasty shit. but like. 

try to realize when you are holding trans women to a higher standard than you hold cis women / afab nonbinary people / cis men?

and try to be aware of when you are denying a trans woman the possibility of forgiveness, when you would have already ~moved on~ if someone else had committed the same offense?

I’m in Zona’s heaven

Let’s just start with the very first interaction they have at the beginning of the series.

Zoro came down just to talk to HER. He was teaching her the way of a man and that’s just so manly and charming. She should have fallen for him, damn it! This isn’t the first time by the way… he has done this so many times.

Uhm… Franky entrusted Nami to keep Zoro’s swords.

He  could  just ask Luffy to do so, but then he CHOSE Nami for that task… something fishy~~.

All right! Those swords are heavy… we know but then… you can carry them around just like that…

And duh! keeping those swords with you most of the time… * meeee squealllls*

Zoro should have seen this. His gal is badass too.

O.o… I’m impressed. Nami-gal is really sumthing.

RUN! RUN to him…

If Usopp was there to catch Sanji, then I assumed she did the same to Zoro after undid the shackle. Zoro must have fallen down to his knees and she caught him. That must be the case. But damn! the scene was cut off for this to happen,

look at that drowsy face… Nami’s worried…

Ouh yes, Nami! Your man is back!
[ She looks happy. Does she love that face? That face when he’s about to go crazy… in bed. Muahahaha]

Uh… nothing… just… since Nami knew those two will most likely fight, she butted in.

No matter how Zoro hates to be ordered around, he still listens to her… (p/s: he’s looking at her, miahahaha)

And this, 

Does that mean, Nami was checking him out?

YES! SHE DID. Look at how far they sat from each other yet she could notice the mushroom in Zoro’s haramaki. MUSHROOM IN ZORO’S HARAMAKI!!! ~The chemistry~

This gal did check out Zoro’s lower part… So good to know. Ah~ I’m dead.. x_x

Wrong Number

[Annabeth Chase’s phone]

Saturday, April 26 

2:37 am [to 673729225]

Annabeth Chase (6266223842): lisen jerkfac answet you dam phoe im tryig to screm at yo
Annabeth Chase: do yu kmpw how hasrd id too typr rifht now?
Annabeth Chase: aND A Small DICK
Annabeth Chase: youuARE A FCKING ASDHOLES

9:46 am

673729225:  so, um, hey, you kind of left me a voice message yesterday?
673729225:  Weeeell, maybe a few and some texts but i think you got the wrong number, you see unless i have been living a lie my whole life my name is not ryan?
673729225: so yeah, wrong number

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I was just thinking that it’s been way too long since I’ve gotten gushy about how grateful I am for you guys, and this seems like a perfect time to do it.

I honestly can’t believe there are over 2500 of you here. That’s a bonkers number. I’ve met so many incredible people in such a short amount of time that it’s unreal.

You guys are all so talented and so supportive and just so lovely. I feel very lucky to have gotten to meet you all, and I’m so glad you’ve stuck around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kailyn Moodboard;

“Some days you’re going to feel so unbeautiful. Some days the one you need most is not going to want to touch you, hold you, see you, be around you when you ache, when you need them to choose you without having to ask them to. Sometimes your being a force of nature will go against you. Sometimes putting others before you is going to go against you. And you will hurt darling, how you will hurt. On those days remember how high you have climbed just to feel the sun on your face. How brave you are. Remember sitting on the ledge of that building looking at how far down the ground was and having the confidence in yourself not to fall. Remember staring into the eyes of those who have hurt you and taking away their power by never allowing them to hurt you anymore. Remember clawing your way out of every abyss that you fell into. Now channel that girl, that lioness again. You can conquer anything”.

                                                                                      —  Nikita Gill

anonymous asked:

Are you pro cetacean-cap?

I’m going to apologize right here for commandeering this question - in no way is this entirely directed at you, anon, but I am using it as a chance to summarize my opinions on this entire subject in one place. 

Frankly, in a perfect world, I would be against it. In a perfect world, large marine mammals - all animals, in fact - would be free to live or die in the natural order of things. But this is not a perfect world, and, to be blunt, marine species are worse off than most endangered terrestrial animals. It’s not simply “part” of the oceans that humans have messed with - it’s the entire thing. There is nowhere for marine species to escape to, not when the same currents that carry food all over the world are also bringing in garbage and pollution.

I’m pro-cetacean captivity for the same reasons I mentioned earlier, but unlike earlier, I’m also against it for a similar number of reasons - most of them being that I feel that aquaria and marine parks can and need to do much better in terms of care, space, and enrichment for their animals. 

However, due to the recent Blackfish-fueled “free the whales” movement, I feel like I also need to weigh in on why I am absolutely against this particular movement.

Whaling is still practiced by many countries, and over a thousand whales are still killed annually. For species that are so long-lived and slow to reproduce, that is a completely unsustainable number. And that’s not even taking into account the “allowed” numbers hunted each year by aboriginal populations around the world - while I agree with this monitored practice in theory, it can and has been abused for tourism purposes, and on top of the previously mentioned commercial whaling means that, from a species perspective, it is only adding to the problem.

We are literally filling the oceans with garbage, and it is killing everything. You’ve all seen pictures of bird carcasses full of plastic, but it’s not only birds. Whales have washed ashore with stomachs full of plastic as well, not to mention those hundreds that are rescued from being tangled, injured or trapped by ocean debris. There is so much microscopic plastic trapped in an ocean gyre (at least the size of Texas) that it was given a name and now has a Wikipedia pageIs this not as horrifyingly surreal to everyone as it is to me?

Not only physical pollution, but noise pollution. All cetaceans use sonar to hunt, communicate, and exist, and humanity has filled the ocean with noise. Boats, drilling, our own sonar - just like songbirds in cities, cetaceans are being overwhelmed, drowned out, and disoriented enough to beach themselves on land in entire pods because of the racket.

This isn’t even going in to climate change, boat collisions, oil spills, and a thousand and one other things that we’re responsible for, but I’m sure you can see the point I’m trying to make.

What makes me so frustrated at this entire recent movement is that it is blatantly ignoring the real problem, and dragging attention that should rightly be focused on fixing the environment to something much less urgent. Same for any anti-captivity argument, really. I mean, I understand. I understand, because I know all the arguments against animals, especially emotional, intelligent cetaceans, in captivity. Trust me, I know. I know the physiological, ecological, behavioral, mental, and even theoretical reasons. I do. 

But if you release all the orcas and dolphins in the world, what then? It’s the same mentality as those who deny an unwillingly pregnant woman the right to abortion, but turn about and refuse to support her financially once she gives birth. All those animals you freed are going to die in droves the moment they’re released, because nothing has been done to fix the toxic dump we’ve turned their home into.

And I get it, because cleaning up the oceans is a daunting task, whereas freeing the captive whales is much more manageable. But if you really hate marine parks and aquaria and zoos so much, then take away the primary reason for them to exist. Fight to fix the environment, in whatever small increments you can. Once you have a place for them to go, then we can talk about freeing all the animals. 

alternative song titles - mitam edition
  • hey angel: are u as obsessed with me as i am with yooouuuu?
  • drag me down: thx for putting up with my bullshit. u never had to but u did anyway, which is great because i'm rlly scared of being alone, ya feel?
  • perfect: fear of commitment™
  • infinity: u left and OUCH u hurt my heart u dick (talkin to u zayn)
  • end of the day: *clap, clap, clap, clap* such heart palpitations, wow, very love
  • if i could fly: (piano, piano) LOVE DECLARATION OF THE CENTURY (piano, piANOOOOOO)
  • long way down: u hurt me and that was soooo unpredictable, i'm saaaaaad
  • never enough: LOOK WE ARE ADULTS WE DO THE SEX / u give rlly good head and that's nice
  • what a feeling: can't believe i managed to reel in a 10, good eyes, good eyes
  • love you goodbye: DON'T LEAVE BEFORE WE HAD BREAKUP SEX. nice outfit btw
  • i want to write you a song: i couldn't think of a creative song title
  • history: we are great, we are cool. pls don't leave (like zayn did)
  • temporary fix: LOOK WE ARE ADULTS WE DO THE SEX II / 'friends with benefits' is an underappreciated concept
  • walking in the wind: a-ooo-ooo-ooo i'm just going for a walk but i like to make even the smallest goodbyes very dramatic a-ooo-ooo-ooo
  • wolves: they call me unreasonably paranoid, very possessive boyfriend for a reason
  • a.m.: drunk banter in the early hours of the morning, fuck yeah

I’m here, I said, and it felt shockingly comforting, those words. When I’m panicked, I say them aloud to myself. I’m here. I don’t usually feel that I am. I feel like a warm gust of wind could exhale my way and I’d be disappeared forever, not even a sliver of fingernail left behind. On some days, I find this thought calming; on others it chills me.

pocketwishes  asked:

You just killed me with your tags 😭😭 - And I'm about to watch this episode for first time! Don't think I'll make it 😁

Aaahhh!!! I wish I was watching it all over again for the first time! It was all just so perfect but that moment right there. The two of them standing at the ‘altar’. The way they look at each other. Arron’s never been sure of anything in his entire life except that everyone he loves will leave him. But there he is getting ready to marry the love of his life and he doesn’t have an ounce of doubt. He knows that Robert is the one for him. That they belong together and in that moment the rest of the world ceases to exist. He just smiles at Robert and that’s enough to calm all of Robert’s nerves. He’s been in a panic all day and all it takes it Aaron smiling at him with absolute trust and certainty that this marriage is meant to be. This is all either of them need. Right here, right now.

❝ the only thing i do anymore is love you and pretend i don’t.—


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