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tried inking + watercolor for the first time ever wwwww

D.Gray-man: Childhoold
For D.Gray-man countdown, not any specific promt. Just wanted to draw all these fantastic kids who suffered and survived against all odds.

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Surely you knew what would happen when Add went into the past. Was it just a cruel joke?

“Add…?  Ah, the one they call Diabolic Esper nowadays, not Mastermind nor Lunatic Psyker.

All I did was teach him how to travel through time and dimension.  I suppose seeing the fresh look of anguish on his face gives me quite the amusement, though.  Kukuku.”

Discworld witches as Starfleet medical personnel! For letsdrawdiscworld’s space theme. Pretty messy and sketchy but oh well. Hopefully I’ll do some other stuff this weekend because I have endless headcanons about space AUs, but it’ll probably be even doodlier and messier. 

Anyway, so Granny’s the counselor Nanny’s the head nurse, and Magrat is the chief medical officer (Granny specializes in headology and Magrat’s canonically a better doctor, so.) Agnes is an ensign nurse, and Tiffany is a cadet specializing in psychology who’s doing a practical course on the station.

Granny’s Betazoid, terrifyingly good mind reader; Nanny’s human and and so is Tiffany; Magrat and Agnes are both Trill. Magrat’s her symbiont’s first host and she’s fresh out of medical school so she’s very, very nervous. Agnes’s symbiont’s last host was an extremely unpleasant person called Perdita who still will not leave her alone.


Day 35.

Back from my trip to the US c:.

Here’s two quick-ish master studies, the first one is a study of a painting by Sargent, the second is a study of a painting by Bouguereau.