i'm p sure people are done with me for shipping them by now

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Hi! Lately I'm seeing a lot of theories that Destiel is canon but only from Castiel's side and it makes me really sad :(( What is your opinion? Do you agree with this?

Hellooo! :) Aww please don’t be sad! *hugs* 

Look, in all fairness, as you might know I’m not Team ‘I think Destiel will go explicitly canon on the show’. :p 

To clear that up; that has everything to do with the decisions I think the producers/showrunners/writers will make in the end, and nothing much with me thinking that it ‘isn’t there’ or that the ship lacks the building up to it or the potential in general. 

In fact, Destiel is so close to canon already that probably one or two well written episodes with some simple (even if very subtle) gestures would be enough to pull it off. Like, it needs zero effort at this point to make it believable to anyone who doesn’t have heteronormativity goggles glued to their head, or isn’t blinded by extreme hatred towards even the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two of them. 

But I think we also have to consider the type of people they are. Wearing his heart on his sleeve; ever since Cas learned how to feel and love, that has been his thing. He doesn’t feel bad or weird about saying it as it is, showing his emotions, in a way that is often almost blunt. That goes for the good and the bad. Even back in season 9, we see this. “I always appreciate our talks and our time together,” he randomly tells Dean as if it’s nothing, even though Dean would never say something like that (even though it might as well be platonic) unless he’s on the verge of dying. 

And it’s always been like that; Castiel bluntly says what he thinks, whether it’s good or bad, and then there is Dean who avoid emotions (and mostly talking about said emotions) like it’s the plague, especially when it’s positive emotions/signs of affection.

Which is why I think that for Castiel; by now he’s able to properly communicate his feelings in both words and actions, and having never done this before in like the ten million years that he’s existed, there is little to no nuance to it, so to speak. He’s in that stage of ‘jeez, tell us what you really think’, and he has no shame there. :p But then there is Dean, and for him we have to mostly make do with seeing it in his actions, instead of him just saying it like that, whether it is to Cas or others outside of their relationship. Burying his emotions and what he feels is pretty much his default setting (even though he’s slowly learning), but I feel like his actions do definitely show what his words can’t quite tell us. 

We do see it often though, every time when we see the blatant difference between how Sam acts when something is wrong with Cas, versus how Dean acts when something is wrong with Cas. They’re all supposed to be good buddies, but there still is a significant difference between how Dean treats Cas versus how Sam does. And that has nothing to do with their difference in personality; if it did, Sam would be equally affected, if not more. 

Like in 9x03 when Sam is a bit shocked, but Dean goes completely berserk when he thinks Cas is dying. Or 11x18, when Sam keeps his cool but Dean can’t and is heartbroken when he tries to free Cas from Lucifer. Or the entirety of season 11 for that matter, where Dean constantly pines and Sam makes sure if ‘he’s okay’. It’s not a matter of the both of them comforting each other about Cas being possessed, it’s always Sam comforting Dean. 

I could give you a hundred more examples but this is already getting long. :p 

But I guess what I am trying to say is; if any Destiel is going to be in there at all, I don’t think it’ll be like this. I feel like either they will keep it ambiguous from both sides (most likely), or at least make sure to avoid ‘the gay’ altogether if they don’t want it being part of the show. Besides, Dean’s never been shown to have feelings that profound towards anyone outside of Sam (whom he practically raised, so they have the relationship as deep as a parent would have with a child, which nothing could compete with), and the effort that he’s put into his supposed ‘love interests’ is almost laughable if you compare it to his relationship with Cas and the lengths to which he goes for him. 

Dean might be showing his feelings in a different way, but I don’t think they’re inferior to Cas’ feelings, if it makes you feel any better. 

An epic Phan analysis awaits.

So. Yes. *Ahem* This is a bit nerve-wracking because of the comments I might get (but tbh I have a rubbish number of followers so it’ll probably just get ignored), so yeah. (long I’m sorry oh god I’m a nerd)

Here it is.

I love Dan and Phil. Like I actually, truly care about them in way that I’ve never cared for celebrities or internet stars ever before. Why? Because I can feel the love between them, and I know they are genuinely good people. I’m also their age (right between, actually). I can relate to their experiences, both of them. They click with me.

I also wholeheartedly believe that Phan is real. (well, no one can be sure, but I would bet a helluva lot of money on it). If you’d like to read my ramblings why, feel free! Or just keep scrolling and avoid my madness, idc. I’d understand.

Before I start, listen. I don’t really “ship” people. Not that I see anything wrong with it, but I just don’t - especially not couples that I don’t believe are possibly canon. It’s never appealed to me. This might be because I’m 26 years old and totally missed a ton of internet cultureguys, I was in high school when YouTube came out in 2005, so… The only other couple I have ever shipped was Brolin/Merthur because it seemed sooo plausible. I root for canon relationships in shows. That’s just me, but I don’t judge others! I’m totally a fangirl regardless.

For some background on me, not that it really matters, I have two bachelor’s degrees, a Master’s degree, and have just applied to PhD programs. I have traveled alone around the world and lived and worked in various countries, so it’s safe to say I’ve witnessed a lot of human behavior and interactions. I have also been in my fair share of relationships, had best friends that doubled as roommates, and even been in a secret “friends-with-benefits” sort of situation that escalated into more because I realized that I can’t, apparently, separate sex from emotion for very long (and I’m not convinced this is possible for any extended period, but I could just be a hopeless sap). I’m not saying that I know anything more than teenagers do. I’m a teacher. I respect teenagers. I just want to take preemptive measures in order to avoid arguments against me accusing me of being young/naive, because I’m neither of those things.

These are some facts that stand out about Dan and Phil that I just can’t rationalize if they’re platonic (though, again, I’m not some all-knowing oracle and could be wrong). I feel weird putting so much time and investment into such a creepy detailed relationship analysis, and have been avoiding it, but they’ve pulled me in… and I’m also starting to get really annoyed by all of the poorly-informed and thought-through debates that focus more heavily on opinions than facts. The real truth is that NO ONE KNOWS THE NATURE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP. But I do think we can make a pretty educated guess. And here are the truths on which I’ve based mine.

1) They have never stated that they’re straight, so it’s wrong to assume as much. Even if we try to be fair and ignore old Formspring answers, we have no reason to believe that they’re hetero; all we know for sure is that Dan “likes vagina” (and also Evan Peters). Bi-erasure is so commonly talked about on tumblr that I’m sure you all understand this already, but it drives me crazy when some people spout out things like “They’ve repeatedly said they’re straight and not together, GAWD!!!” just… no. No, they haven’t. Why do people ignore Dan’s constant comments about guys being attractive? Phil’s much more quiet on the matter, but we all know what he’s admitted in the past (and he was in his 20s at the time, much older than Dan was when he claimed he often lied to get attention, and was probably much less likely to say anything untrue). Also, straight people don’t generally have problems admitting that they’re straight when asked. It’s quite telling that they haven’t.

2) They haven’t openly denied being in a relationship in YEARS. (A surprised Dan telling a phangirl no when she asked him on the street and a mouthed “no” at TATINOF don’t count, because what else was he supposed to do? But remember that the “no” did, apparently, follow a wink, so make of that what you will.) Why wouldn’t they put the phans to rest and just say “No, we’re not together” if they’re not? I refuse to believe that they’re simply manipulating us to believe in Phan in order to increase their views and popularity. If people believe that this is, in fact, what they’re doing, okay. Maybe it is. Maybe I am naive after all. I just think that they are better people than that, and if that were their intention, it would be played up much more than it is. Despite accusations of queer baiting, they’re actually very tame around each other. (I’ll get to that later).

3) They avoid stating that they’re single, at least in those exact words. Look at Jameela on BBC1 asking if they were and both just awkwardly laughing and Dan saying “Is it that obvious?” That’s evasion. So was their answer to the American radio interviewer who asked if they were married (awkward laughs and ”Don’t ask me about the future” instead of simple denial) or Phil reassuring a viewer of his live show that it was okay to be single without saying “I am too, I get you!” Not definitive in and of itself, but surely indicative of something.

4) If Dan and Phil were mixed-sex, ie if one of them were female, it would be much more difficult to argue that they’re platonic because of the whole “straight people of the opposite sex can’t just be friends OMG there’s always attraction there” (despite the fact that this isn’t necessarily true, it’s a common belief). Just an observation. So if two potentially gay/bi/pan guys live together, doesn’t that at least create a scenario of possible mutual attraction? At the very very least. Start to put these numbered points together, guys.

5) People wonder why, if they’re both gay/bi/pan (or even if just one of them is), they’ve never officially come out. That seems clear to me, and it’s also another reason I believe in Phan. If either one were to reveal his sexuality, it would immediately put pressure on the other to make a similar declaration, or at least to handle a bunch of invasive, personal questions. It would also basically force an official relationship confirmation or denial just because their audience would be relentless, and avoiding the questions would be just as telling tbh (as it already is now but x100). The best way to protect their relationship is to avoid stating anything concrete about their sexualities, though I do believe (or hope) that the hints we’ve been getting might be a gradual, unofficial coming out that won’t require any public declaration. If they weren’t together, Dan and Phil strike me as the kind of people who would have come out a while ago, especially Dan, since Phil is more naturally private.

6) I hate dredging up Dan and Phil’s private and largely deleted past, so I’ll just be general, but come on. Over the years, they’ve left a trail of evidence indicating a relationship so irrefutable that they’d be found guilty in a court of law if they were trying to defend their platonic-ness (if this makes sense).  At the very least they’ve created reasonable doubt that should mean anyone with common sense should be able to admit that a long-term relationship is a distinct possibility. And no one can tell me that the V-Day video was a prank. It’s much too genuine, detailed, and heartfelt, and not funny at all - shouldn’t pranks be funny?

7) There’s just the constant feeling that they’re hiding something and avoiding the elephant in the room. Sure, they play up Phan a bit now, at least more than they ever have, but in the big picture, they’re such small things. The occasional innuendo. Hands-on-heart. “Ironically” written vampire phanfiction (but goodness if that didn’t tell us how strong Dan’s emotions really are for Phil). We have ONE on-camera hug between them in SIX YEARS (2 if you count the tackle at the end of PINOF, and it was completely spontaneous). Yes, they always sit close together (their default, I think, which just shows their fondness for each other), but they generally avoid open touching that isn’t a pat on the back. And people think they’re queer baiting? I think the opposite. They know how to make fans happy, but they’re not going to make a total mockery of Phan and the idea of a physical relationship because it would turn their love into a joke. It actually makes me sad to look at collabs Dan especially has had with others because he is so much more unabashedly physical - hugging Caspar twice in their video and joking about him getting a boner because of it, touching hands with Tyler and saying that his crouching friend looked like he was giving him a bj, even Phil skipping around and holding hands with Dean was something he never would have done with Dan. Why? There’s clearly something to hide. Doing those things with each other, taking their affection up a notch, would increase speculation that might force a coming out, even though all of it was clearly a joke with other people. It’s sad they can’t just be themselves. They don’t even say very affectionate things (though we can feel the love through the screen in other ways, and the “I hate you’s” and “You’re the worst person in the world’s” carry a lot of subtext). I just think of Joe hugging Caspar from the back around the shoulders and saying “I’m so proud of you” in Caspar’s 5 million subs video. D&P don’t do that.

8) They just don’t act like roommates. It’s true that there’s not one “right” way to do anything, but look at other YouTube co-inhabiting duos. Joe and Caspar, for example. Yes, they’re shipped together, but so is basically everyone. They laugh about it. They’re very, very touchy with each other (*ahem* because they’re not hiding anything *ahem*). Their apartment doesn’t feel like  home, and they don’t seem to have many shared possessions. No one thinks that they’ll live together forever. Even Ian and Anthony moved into their own places, and stayed that way after splitting from their girlfriend/fiance. Why? Because they were financially independent and secure and wanted to start their own separate lives. Even if their friendship is as strong as ever, that’s all it is, a friendship. There’s just no great reason to have a platonic roommate for much longer than Dan and Phil have for anyone else in a similar position, especially since they’re both creeping out of their 20s and might naturally want to get their own place and look for a partner to settle down with. They’ve already done that. I think that if they live together for even one or two more years, that’s basically confirmation. Dan even said in the TABINOF audiobook “What if we ever don’t live together?” Not “when”, but “if”. 

9) Can we stop talking about 2012? Aside from Dan’s snarky denial comments on tumblr and some scattered live show moments, we have no idea what happened. He’s lied about plenty (both of them, for example, have changed their origin story multiple times, despite the fact that real phans know the truth, which not only indicates that they’re hiding something, but that they’re willing to lie to protect themselves for whatever the reason may be). If anything, I think Dan’s actions were of a protective person trying desperately to hide something important to him, especially because the video leaking had to have really hurt Phil - he wanted to protect Phil, and he didn’t care if he had to lie to do so. Moving further apart on camera may simply have been a way to keep their relationship personal and not for our consumption, to not make the same mistake again. If the video were a prank, and if Phan weren’t real, I don’t think he would have gotten so angry and defensive. A break up is definitely possible for around that time, which seems to be many people’s headcanon, but I just don’t buy it. Why would Dan have moved in with Phil that same year? I would never want to live with my ex, though I guess anything’s possible. 

10) Just look at everything. All of it. The whole picture. Not just what I’ve said above, but the shared vacations. The movie premieres. THE FACT THAT WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ANY OTHER ROMANTIC PARTNERS FOR EITHER OF THEM IN 6 YEARS (and the phandom would have discovered this, no doubt). Their clear and obvious love, fondness, loyalty, mutual understanding, and even co-dependence. Dan’s occasional displays of jealousy in live shows. Little slip-ups that have gotten past (”the bedroom”, Dan’s duvet on Phil’s bed in the prank video and the pillows set up for two), sneaking off together at parties, never getting sick of each other. And yes, the old tweets and Formsprings, though I hope I’ve kept this analysis somewhat minimally invasive (we all know what tweets I’m talking about).

In conclusion? I would be much more surprised if they’re not together than if they are. 

But really… I just want them both to be happy. Their relationship is goals either way. Let’s leave them alone, stop arguing, and admit that we don’t know. They’ll tell us if they want to, or if not. (but I sure hope so)

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S2g I can't belive antis are so butthurt over Destiel fans being right that they'll slide into Destiel posts and write hateful shit. Like I'm not even that big of an account and I've been gettiny anti-hate.

Tbh I never get hate on my posts or in my inbox, except for in extremely rare scenarios. I’ve been in fandom for years and never got more than like one anon per year, and one or two posts that went right out of my sphere of influence. 

If you’re actually interested in stopping them bothering you I’d take the immediate steps of blocking every single one of them currently reblogging your posts. Scroll their blogs and block everyone commenting on things in reblogs on their blogs for the first couple of pages. Anyone who piles onto one of those posts? Blocked. It’s not giving in or losing the argument even if they then make posts on their blogs saying they won. All they won was an Annoying Person Award and you were just getting some peace of mind, which doesn’t say anything whatsoever about how wrong or right your posts are, especially when they’re the aggressors.

Next step is to invest in either a neutral tagging system (I use “deeean” etc specifically to keep out of the dean winchester tag unless I’m signal boosting a fairly neutral gifset or post. Or like, nougat winchester, mary f winchester, for the characters I know I shouldn’t post about in open waters who I had a little extra time to decide how I should tag them) or if that’s too much hassle, to always do tag padding. If you’re making a Destiel post, you can use Destiel as one of the first 5 tags, but if that’s the only relevant thing to a wider audience (also the only tag I use which IS one of the wider fandom tags because I ONLY want Destiel-positive peeps to see my stuff so I don’t care about throwing that tag around), but you KNOW Sam or Dean fans might not all ship Destiel, so the only people who would 100% care to see it as a group are the Destiel fans, put some filler tags in between that you know are just junk, like #destiel #1 #2 #3 #4 #dean winchester #sam winchester #castiel, etc. 

I mean obviously if you’re posting just about Dean without any leading Destiel commentary you can tag him in full in one of the first 5 tags, but I am pretty sure your problem on that post at the top of your blog is because you didn’t tag it Destiel at all, commented on the Destiel parallel in the episode back to John, and then whacked a whole bunch of generic Supernatural tags on it in the first 5 tags.

I know the more hateful people whine a LOT about tagging but they get a really garbled bad impression of the fandom because they are shitty about curating their experience and leaving people alone when they see something they hate. But if you go out of your way to keep off their radar you won’t come across as “one of those fans” to them who is always posting Destiel in the main tags without anything for them to blacklist. Because while I deeply suspect they don’t ACTUALLY use blacklists since they still bitch about seeing stuff they COULD have blacklisted in the tags, if you can say “uh excuse me I tagged this Destiel, you should have been blacklisting it,” BOOM moral high ground

Like… I understand personal freedom and not wanting to give in to the haters or whatever sort of mentality is a thing, but it’s also no hassle, no sense whatsoever that there are hateful people in the fandom unless someone brings it to my attention, because I can post as much nonsense as I like and I get left alone because I’m not in the main tags except the ones I want to be in, and I am always making sure I’d have the moral high ground in an argument with snivelling internet people :P

The last time I got some weirdass hate it was because my post about Sam and the plastic reindeer having a staring competition got reblogged by canonspngifs, and they *even tagged it as ships for ts* which we all know is code for “need to tag this for the destiel haters because no one else gives a fuck what I reblog or gives me shit about it because they know this blog is just a library of neutral canon gifs” and so the hate blog went PAST that warning (hello, both me and Gifs being on the moral high ground to start with :P) and THEN reblogged it to bitch about how Destiel fans are the scum of the earth and shipping plastic reindeer bestiality now or something. But I mean my response to that could then be HOLY SHIT IT’S NOT THAT DEEP IT WAS A JOKE and block them, because I didn’t want to go any more rounds with someone who was making that strawman, but it was too funny to not show people what had just happened. And in every respect I’d done nothing wrong including that they didn’t even find the post through my blog.

(I really hope that “thinks the plastic reindeer is destiel proof” is something they strawman Destiel shippers with though. Please tell me if anyone ever sees them use that in an argument because I’d be delighted to know :P)

Anyway, I don’t see making some concessions to have a quiet life as letting them gain any ground, but I also don’t really measure how canon Destiel is or not based on how angry the people who hate it are :P I KNOW we’re right, so they’re infinitely uninteresting people to me.

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Hi! I have a few questions re BFU. Why do people say that Shane has a thing for feet? Is there a video or something? Why do folks also say that Shane writes ff? Are there any blogs that solely post BFU stuff? What made people ship Shyan? Cos I was just minding my business watching this show, then one day I came across you guys and bam! I'm now like hmmm, okay okay. And yes, I've read some fic, don't judge. :P

hey anon!! the feet thing started here when my pal jocelyn made this post abt ryan’s ig story im pre sure!! i have,,,no idea why people say shane writes fan fiction?? im assuming that was a shitpost made by someone?? and there’s so many blogs that are just bfu! a few of my favs (and friends) include:






people ship shyan bcs of shane and ryan’s chemistry! they’re obviously not dating and both have girlfriends but it’s just a cool lil ship people have !! and im not here 2 judge reading shyan fics bcs i’ve done it too :’)) 


Ruby is delicate.
Yoshiko is not.
And yet Ruby loves her anyway.

Ao3: (x)  FFnet: (x)

A/N: Apparently I love YohaRuby so much to suddenly wake up at 4am and write a messy drabble thingy and then post it for the world to see




Delicate isn’t the word that Yoshiko would use to describe herself.

She’s not necessarily made of sharp edges either. No, she would describe herself as someone made of rough unsure jagged pieces held together with a lot of grandiose pride. She was loud, out-there, and admittedly strange at times but unafraid to express that she wouldn’t simply settle for plain or ordinary.

(Or maybe it was less the fact that she wouldn’t settle and more that she was afraid of facing the possibility that was all she could be.)

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armageddon done for another year :D

had a really awesome time this year, and my art sold well, which is always a bonus. thank you to anyone who came to buy something!!! super appreciated

now i just have a question: if i sold some of my leftover armageddon stock here, would you be interested? you can see what i have here

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Hiya!! You ship Bokuro very strongly and I was wondering if you could take the time to explain why? I'm not a hardcore shipper of anything (except iwaoi. and maybe daisuga?) and I wanted to know the reasoning. I'm basically on board with any ship as long as it's cute and if it makes sense really. I'm swayed very easily lol. Thanks so much!! You're art is very cute and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside <33

Oh man isn’t this an hard question now. Uhm. Let’s see, the easy answer would be “the way I see them is how I draw them and that makes me happy and warm”, but I realize that’s not much of an explaination (lol). 

To be completely honest with you, if your question is “why between all the things you ship BoKuro is your otp”, the answer is that they may as well be my favourite characters, I like them individually a lot, which is why once you combine them they become my fave ship too - but if you’re asking why I ship BoKuro instead of, say, k[uroke]n or b[okuak]a, the short answer would be that, as far as I understand them as characters, imho they’d have one of the steadiest and happiest relationships without forgetting to have the most fun while at it, which is something I feel both Kuroo and Bokuto would need to actually find a relationship fulfilling since they’re both utter dorks.

As far as the long answer goes, let’s hope I’ll be able to properly word this

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so how exactly do u feel about destiel right now? do u think/feel it'll be canon in season 10 or 11?? are u positive or negative

I am positive in that no matter what happens it’s one hell of a love story and they’re prying all the almost-canon that already exists out of my cold dead hands (side note: this reply is going to make you pretty aware I really don’t like the word or even concept of “canon” :P). I AM a canon optimist despite this political stance (the two being different discussions really), but I’m not sure how much is me being an upbeat optimistic person by default. When I engage a more critical mindset than my day-to-day pootling around this site saying it’ll be canon without actually contemplating what that means, this is what I come up with for a more complex answer:

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a long post about ichiruki cos why the fuck not

i’m usually not interested in talking about ichiruki bc tbh it’s very boring to me. It’s a very boring, generic, underdeveloped, poorly written pairing, and i can’t find the motivation to talk about it even when i want to cos holy fuck it’s soooo boring im actually asleep. But with only a few days to go until the ending, i want to put my thoughts and feelings about ichiruki into words, and why exactly I don’t think it can be canon, so here goes

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      Alright, so somehow, I’ve hit 800+ followers on this blog - a blog that I booted up back in mid-November, with low expectations, because it was just a character I’d made. Plus, he had no faceclaim, and was purely an original design, and I wasn’t too confident that anyone would come to enjoy him. Yet, here we are - it’s now June, and I’m over 800. I’m honestly speechless about the entire thing, for it’s still difficult for me to recognize that other people do, in fact, enjoy Lucian. I cannot express how honoured I am, either, that so many of you have come and decided to stay, especially with this recent rough patch I’ve gone through in my life. 

      If you are not on this list, please do not be upset. I love every single follower I have, and every single person I follow. You are all important to me, for you are the people who have kept me here when I wanted nothing more than to give up and admit that I cannot create anything worthwhile.

      Without further ado: here is Lasi’s 800+ Follow Forever.


vanagloria-superbia: Pretty sure everyone knew this shoutout was coming, haha. If any of you know of that one person who you trust with everything, no matter the weight of it, and know you could trust them with your life, then you understand the sheer enormity of my love for this gorgeous being. Rabbit has become my closest friend over the past five years, even though we met via deviantArt. She has done nothing but support me throughout all of my endeavours, and encourage me to continue doing what I love. Rabbit also makes some of the most well thought-out OCs I’ve EVER seen, Benjiman included! Not only that, but she designs them all herself, too - and then draws them, with her PERFECT art style! I look up to her work so much, no lie. She always listens to my dumb ideas, provides me feedback, and talks with me until the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything. This girl taught me to trust others again, by showing me that there truly are golden-hearted, perfect human beings out there in the world. Hell, she even writes and draws things for me randomly, just to make me smile, and I cannot even express my gratitude for such things! I love you, Rabbit, so very dearly - I can’t wait to see you again. ♥ You are, and forever will be, the Benjiman to my Lucian, and the Niall to my Bao. You’re my sister, and that will never, ever change. tl;dr: FOLLOW MY RABBIT BABY BECAUSE SHE IS THE CUTEST MOST PRECIOUS SWEETHEART ON THE PLANET.

dragneelsroar: At first, I was too scared to talk to, or even FOLLOW, this lovely lady - which is shocking, considering how much we have in common. Nicole is such a kind and approachable person, it’s insane: she’s up for talking about anything from the weather to hardcore ships. She always proves herself to be there for her friends, and takes time out of her day to remind people that she loves them, because she recognizes that sometimes, people need reassurance - and that it’s OKAY to. Not to mention her insane amount of talent - Nicole can write, man. Her replies and drabbles are always so eloquent and well done, it’s incredible. It’s obvious, too, from her amount of followers that her portrayal of Natsu is spot-on: she looks into all of the facets of his personality, rather than focusing her attention solely on one. Even though we’re close friends, I still look up to her, and I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to meet her through the role-playing community! Love you, sweetie! 

broken-golden-heart: Okay, so this girl was someone I admired for a long time - from back when I had my Kanda blog, actually! She messaged me regarding an OOC post I’d made, and we gradually began talking after that. Now, we talk basically every single day, and I’m so, so ridiculously grateful that I’ve gotten to know her. Miki is, by far, one of the most kind-hearted and open people I’ve ever met, which is why she’s on this shoutout list. She may live 12 hours ahead of me, but that doesn’t stop us from pestering each other, haha!  Her dorky little pictures of Yvanya and Lucian being nerds always manage to lift my spirits and make me laugh. Her OC, Yvanya, is portrayed so wonderfully, retaining some semblance of innocence despite her ultimate job in life - to guide those who have died. She is a brilliant and amazingly talented girl, and I really think you should all give her a follow and see what I’m talking about! I love you, Mikibae!


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