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Someone hug him pls!

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Hi! I'm a big fan and I have a strange ask if you don't mind answering it. I'm an artist myself; I'm making a portfolio for art school but lately it's been difficult for me to produce work. I feel intimidated to start sketchbooks in fear of messing up and digital art because I suck at it. Anything else I put too much thought into planning and getting it right the first try that I end up making nothing. Do you have any tips on how to overcome what I'm going through? Has it happened to you before?

Strangely, I have felt this numerous times. Right now especially. It’s kind of like art block, but I think its more about fear of ‘making mistakes’ and being in a rut of creativity.

As a kid, I used to draw RELENTLESSLY. All day, everyday, whenever I could, wherever I could: in class, in textbooks, in exercise books. It didn’t matter. I was always drawing from this constant stream of seemingly endless creativity and imagination. I loved it.

When I first picked up watercolour, I decided to get a sketchbook so I could start sketching pictures and practicing watercolour by painting things, not really putting much planning or thought into it. I would just sketch and practice freely in this sketchbook, because I wanted to document my progression, mistakes, successes, experiments – all of it!
Then when that one was finished, I started my next one, my ‘2016′ one. And with every sketchbook since, I have increasingly become more careful with my ‘sketches.’ These sketchbooks are becoming less of a sketchbook, and more like an artbook. It’s gotten to that point where I’m scared of messing up a sketch and it’s terrifying. I admit, it’s also because all of a sudden I feel this pressure to show not stuff-up, and hide my flaws. I even sometimes plan or think out what I’m going to draw, and I hate that, because it’s not my natural workflow. Sometimes, like you, I can’t get it right so I end up making nothing too, and that frustrates me so DAMN much!

To tackle it, recently I’ve decided to step back a bit, and start from scratch, to sketch like I used to as a kid. I bought a crappy little small sketchbook, and I’ve been doing just quick pencil sketches and trying to let my mind run free like it used to. I give myself a few hours to plug in, and just draw whatever in hopes I can  get over my fear of ‘being perfect’ and of making mistakes. These are after all, meant to be sketches. My mind isn’t as wild as it used to, its legs are maybe a bit worn out from not exercising as much. 

But, I think if you, and I, keep exercising our creative brains again and give ourselves the time to let them wander through pencil and paper, we can start filling up those sketchbooks again like we used to!

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I didn't realize Iruka was that young and now I'm having even more Iruka&Naruto feels because Iruka is barely an adult and still tries to watch over this little fucker because the legit adults are being morons and I have all of the feelings now.

Right? There’s only 12 years between them. Iruka started teaching at 16, and within a handful of years had overcome an extremely reasonable and deep-seated fear to become a surrogate brother to Naruto. I might not love how he’s written in fics for the most part, but Iruka himself is pretty damn impressive. 

Whenever I see Hope do a solo dance, I’m always struck by the fact that Hope could easily outshine pretty much all of the rest of BTS in a second as far as dancing goes.  IF he wanted to.  But he doesn’t want, he’s part of a team so he dances to make the team look good, he dances to show off the group not himself -  which shows so much about his personality and his maturity level. But when he’s dancing solo and he can make the team shine by letting himself go and dance as hard as he can, his abilities are just awe inspiring.  

an ode to you - ot5

~1.6k words, pg, bandverse. sappy/emotional ot5 fluff.

this is a small, onew-centric fic that i just came up with whilst very overcome with ot5 feels. this is also in celebration of shinee’s seventh anniversary. thank you so much, shinee, for existing. your bond is strength for so many, including myself. it is an honor to call myself your fan, to have been able to watch as you all grew together. you are strength, you are faith, you are inspiration. thank you for being our song. <3

Jinki’s chest hurts.

His throat is tight and he can barely breathe, can’t even risk blinking his eyes too hard else he’s bound to let out an onslaught of tears that have been building up since they set foot on that stage the first day. And now it’s day three, d-day as far as the comeback is concerned, and he’s sitting on the bench with his members around as they wait for Jonghyun to finish up with his show they just guested on.

He can do it. Hold it in, Leader.

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hi boarace I am sorry to bother you in this trying time but I'm kind of having a hard time right now and some words of wisdom or encouragement would be very appreciated?

Sometimes This Big Boar Boy Think

What If There’s Is No Muds Today Or A Snow Mound Or Twig To Find And Then Sniff

But After That I Usualy Find A Grape And Then I Feels Better But More Imboartantly You Must Realize

Horace Of The Fjord Beleaves You Can Do It

Because If This Mighty Swine Can Overcome Doubt And Find A Grape Then So Can Any Other Creature Of Feeble Flesh And Blood

  • me: *goes on tumblr*
  • shamelesstv: This time, the penultimate episode sees the Army finally catching up to Ian, but we have a feeling the military will be the least of Ian’s problems. Is it possible this may be the one hurdle Gallavich will be unable to overcome or will they be able to weather an even bigger storm on the horizon?
  • me:
  • me: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
bts 150521 jung joon young's shimshimtapa radio: Jimin's story
  • JJY: How did Jimin-sshi get into BTS?
  • (some talk about Jimin being from Geumjeong District in Busan, and Haeundae District.)
  • Jimin: Ah yes, near Haeundae, there. I got in through private auditions.
  • JJY: Like "don't get me twisted" (singing Jimin's part in danger)?
  • Jimin: No, at that time I was a bit, I had that pitiful feeling.
  • V: At that time he was a bit bloated.
  • Jhope: A bit plump.
  • Jimin: Yes, plump, with a pitiful feeling.
  • Rapmon: Yeah, you had that pitiful feel.
  • Jhope: He was cuter than now.
  • Jimin: Before I came I heard that the members all saw my audition tape.
  • JJY: Ah so you joined the team very late?
  • BTS: Yes, yes.
  • Jimin: I heard the members were very dissatisfied with me.
  • JJY: Why, why?
  • Jimin: I don't know either, I heard they scolded me.
  • Suga: Ah, definitely, it's definitely right. You know it very well. I'm just kidding, it's just. At the time he was a bit hard to handle (literally 'messy' or 'difficult to arrange'). He's the kind of person who, towards dance and other areas, overcomes all his flaws with hard work. Now he's a person we can't do without.
  • Jimin: Suga-hyung giving an explanation, it feels really different.
  • Jhope: Why is it so awkward.
  • JJY: It's been two years already, but he only says this now.

Being a writer is such a surreal experience

Like, whenever I realize some major thing I’ve been missing and everything just fits so well when I put the pieces together

Or I anticipate and just can’t wait to write a specific scene and wow the feeling my heart gets

And writing characters that I love and my heart soars when I get to do amazing things with them

I just

Being an writer rocks

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I just watched The Hunt (Jagten) and I'm a total mess.. I am so angry and sad. I have been crying for over an hour now. Do you have any tips on overcoming this after film depression? Like seriously? :'d Sorry for bothering you with such thing. How did you feel after watching it? Oh god. I'm still not over Hannibal and now this..

omg no come here ;~; 

yeah Jagten is the worst… hmmmm a surefire method for me is to watch The Green Butchers right after (or Men & Chicken now maybe) xD or possibly Sorbet, because that’s arguably one of the happiest and funniest Hannibal episodes. Or a couple funny/cute Mads interviews! Like thisthis or this.

ooooor look at any of those really stupidly hilarious photos of him.

whatever you do though, don’t watch Prag. Or The Salvation, or Flammen og Citronen, or Michael Kohlhaas…..

(protip: these are actual depression coping strategies I’ve used)

I’m really happy right now, overly happy. I’m definitely not looking furtively — I like to look around at [things]. I feel great. I’m not overcoming fear right now. I was scared of so many things. I was not overcompensating but just compensating. Now, I really have no apprehension about anything, which is great. I can get behind all of my creative endeavors more so than ever before. I’m super happy and challenged and inspired and relaxed.
—  Kristen Stewart | USA Today (October 2014)

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I'm a bi girl in a small town in rural Michigan and there are so many Trump supporters here, wearing their Trump t-shirts and taunting the people who they know were Hillary supporters. I feel kinda helpless and I regret leaving Chicago behind. What the hell do I do now?

Trying to keep yourself safe is your top priority right now. Helplessness is a horrible feeling, but you can overcome it. You are strong and you can get through this. Support other people and look after yourself. Our communities are strongest when we are together.

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Hey, man, how are you? I need your help with something. The other day, Otto and I rescued a lago teenager from a pack of space mercenaries that were keeping him as a slave. We took him in, but I'm thinking he really needs therapy to overcome all the things he's suffered through. I was thinking on the possibility of he living with you for some time so you can help him. I'll pay for his treatment, room and board. Can I bring him in so you can take a look at the situation?

“Wow, the poor thing, I’d be happy to help him out.. I’d tell you you don’t even hafta pay, but I have a feeling you’ll insist. I should really come to where you guys are and meet him before we take him to my place. Right now I’m a stranger to him, if you bring him here he’s gonna be meeting a stranger in a strange place, that might be stressful for him and cause him to shut me out. If I meet him in a place he’s more comfortable with he might be more at ease around me. Where are you guys? I can head out right away.”

today i went to dinner with a girl i have been best friends with since grade school and then we hung out for a little and took a trip to get coffee. We were in the same class from kindergarten until we graduated high school and we’ve always been really close. when we were out tonight we were talking about some old friends of ours and every time i see her she always mentions a new person who asks how i’m doing by asking her, “Is Brittany still miserable?” or “Is Brittany still always angry?” “Does Brittany still have a bug up her ass?” and I fucking laugh because obviously these people knew nothing about me at all. 

It is hysterical to me that people really looked at me and associated me with anger and misery and believed I was a fucking heartless train wreck. Everyone assumed I was a fucking bitch. Truth be told, I was miserable in high school yeah sure! high school fucking sucked  for me! But it wasn’t anyones fault, I’m not even going to blame it on myself! I was miserable, and I was angry but thats because everyday I was struggling with my mental health. I was crying in bathroom stalls and cutting and trying to survive. I was wondering why the hell I could not be happy like everyone else it was so fucking frustrating. I won’t blame them for associating me with anger and misery, it’s their pure ignorance that astonishes me. I never showed outwards symptoms of depression, so no one assumed I was anxious, suicidal, or depressed.

So, forever I will be labeled as the miserable bitch. That’s fine with me, because in the middle of my senior year I started to get better. 

I can thank my AP English teacher so basically saving my life, and helping me tell my parents that I wanted to kill myself. And I can thank my parents for supporting me in my journey to get better and not discouraging me to try medication, without prozac I would be dead and that is a fact. It did not change me in the slightest, it just gave me a push to make it through my days, it helped me become human again. I can also thank the people that came into my life and destroyed me and showed me that I didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly and that I cannot blame myself for the way that they treated me. It wasn’t my fault that they treated me like shit, it was only theirs. I will forever wonder why they did, but no matter, because they gave me the kick ass confidence that i have today. I can also thank the friends that i have made, and the friends I already had that stuck by my side while I dealt with my shit and figured out who the hell I really am, without their love and patience I doubt that I would have made it through. 

This is the best that I have ever felt in my life, and the only place that I can go from here is up. Life is always going to beat me down sometimes, but I will overcome whatever obstacle gets in my way. I’ve made it this far and I’m going to make it even further. I am so proud of myself and the person i have become. I could cry right now I am so glad to be alive. 

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I'm sorry to bother you, but I was curious about how you keep yourself motivated to do rendering and illustrations. I'm currently in my final year of doing a bachelor in creative media but lately when I look at my illustrations I feel turned off from doing them, that they just look too hard, or just the painting itself doesn't look good enough/right, have you ever had to deal with overcoming artblock/no motivation/self doubt?

Hello there! No not a bother at all, thanks for the message! I’m really sorry you are in a tricky situation right now I will try my best to help you get through!

When fighting artblock, what I do is forget about doing things perfectly. Do the opposite of what you usually do. If you are someone who does intricate detailings to your art, try playing with an idea that doesn’t require all the detailings. If you do simplistic art, fill your drawings with lots lots of random patterns. That’s what usually got me through artblock, you could try it and see if it helps!

The thing with drawing is that, we shouldn’t feel bound to only one way of doing it. When things don’t go your way, turn it around, let loose and go the opposite way. Sometimes a drawing doesn’t have to have a ‘completed’ look to it, if you feel like that’s it, then that’s it! If people tell you otherwise, then that’s just a matter of preference.

As for motivation part, I think it’s really important that you are actually enjoying the whole drawing process. Self discipline is more reliable when it comes to this because motivation come and go whenever it wants.

Wahh sorry it got so long, I hope you will find the answer here and wishing you all the best through out your final year! *w*//

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Hi Sharee! Right now I'm in the process of losing 135 pounds to get to my goal weight but I just get so frustrated and angry at myself for not starting earlier ( 21 now) and I don't know how to just let it go and not affect my progress, did you ever have feelings like that when you started your journey if you did how did you overcome them?

You learn from the past, but you don’t live in it.
Sure it’s seems so frustrating to think “ugh if only I started last year…” And all those thoughts. But why waste your energy on something you can’t change? You can’t change the past. But you can take charge of your present and help shape your future.

And in all honesty, if you were not ready to accept the change and challenge of losing 135 pounds, my guess is that it didn’t matter When you started, you were not going to be successful.
So NOW you’re ready and you can take on those challenges. The best time to start is RIGHT NOW. You can do this.

Focus on what you can control.


Hi everyone, my name is Lucila and I own a tiny tiny blog hidden in the depths of Tumblr. I have been a fan of One Direction since September 2011 and last week was really hard for me. So I decided to make this little appreciation thingy for every blog that has helped me -through art, analysis, deductions, fics or anything, really- overcome the week from hell.

I am truly thankful for the following people:

tomlinzn, birdonahotdog, lornasaurusrex, cyrilliart, lapelosa, harrybirthdaytoya, mizzwilde, larryappreciation, hiddensymposiarch, pass-the-pencilhe-got-the-dagger-tho, appreciatelouis, prettytruthsandlies, bromanceshmomance, birdonahotdog, dickcasterlouis, fooolsgolds, zarah5, bulletproofhalo, gagmeniall, and many more I can’t remember right now.

And I hope you like flowers, because if I could, I would send each of you something like this:

I hope you have a wonderful day/night. Thank you again.

All the love, Lu.


I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now, really. I know that I am so, so, so, sooo incredibly happy that my first ever OTP has finally sailed (there wasn’t a doubt about it).

It’s just that… I’ve been shipping SasuSaku for so long, and I did believe that they would eventually end up being canon. It just feels so… I don’t even know how to describe it — it feels so unreal that that day has finally arrived? Where they did end up becoming officially canon.

After reading the forehead poking scene, I just literally stared at my laptop. Mixed emotions — I can’t even explain it.

This feeling in my chest could either be my heart bursting from happiness, or it aching because of the fact that Naruto has ended (the storyline, I mean — I get that we have the new era & that we also have The Last movie, but I will miss actually seeing him and the rest of the cast go on ninja missions, and overcoming different obstacles). 

But anyway, don’t mind me. I think this is just the lack of sleep talking (I stayed up all night for these 2 chapters, so I feel quite exhausted). Not to worry though, after I take a nap, I will no doubt be in a partying/celebratory mood.

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I'm getting to a point in my life where as my art gets better, I'm also increasingly bitter that I'm still not good. People that inspire me now make me feel envious too. Was there ever a time where you had to overcome a similar feeling? How did you do it?

Embrace the darkness!! Harness that envy! Use it to examine your own art and force it to grow! Being envious exposes your true desires, and sometimes it’s a more direct way of finding out what you want than asking yourself a million questions.

You are in the right place, emotionally. I am actually getting excited, because what you’re feeling is similar to what I feel right before I sit down and start something because DAMNIT if they can do it so can I!!