i'm out of high school

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Let me tell you what it’s been like being asexual.


When you’re twelve or so, and in a classroom full of tittering preteens, you finally get an explanation of what this ‘sex’ stuff actually is.  At last, the elusive knowledge of where babies come from!  But that’s also when you start to think about your sexual future.  Will you do this sex stuff one day?  It sounded like you wouldn’t have a choice—it was presented as something that everyone does.

Since your classroom happens to be in a building attached to a Church, you only learn about heterosexual sex that day, and the only real teaching apart from what it is is that you aren’t supposed to do it until you’re married.

Okay, you think, because you are twelve, and you ardently do not care.


When you’re thirteen or so, and at a sleepover, a girl tells a joke.  “What do you call a girl who doesn’t masturbate?”

“I don’t know.”

“A liar.”

And the people around you laugh, but you don’t, because now you wonder what it is that you missed.  You didn’t get the joke.


When you’re fourteen or so, and among friends, a boy talks about what he did in the restroom with a girl.  You listen because you’re a little curious.  But others are awed.

You disapprove, because you’re in eighth grade for crying out loud, why would you do something so stupidly risky?  Was it really so fun to be worth it?

You tell yourself that they’re just stupid, but then you wonder why your friends seem so fascinated by this boy’s vaguely uncomfortable descriptions.


When you’re fifteen or so, you start high school, and the social signs are telling you the time has arrived to join the dating scene.  You’ve got better things to do, but when a boy surprises you with a clumsy but well-intended text asking you out, you give it consideration.  You don’t really know this kid, but you’re curious about dating and don’t want to be that forever alone person.  You accept.

You don’t hate dating, but it doesn’t really do much for you.  After a little while, you’ve more or less forgotten that there’s someone you call your boyfriend.  When someone makes a passing remark about your presumed sexual relations, you are shocked by the wave of revulsion that smacks into you at the very suggestion.  Never in a million years, you think vehemently, and then you marvel at how you managed to ‘date’ the same person for four months without the thought of sex with them ever crossing your mind.

He tries to kiss you.  You don’t want to.  You know this isn’t going to work out.  You break it off.

You feel relieved and liberated.


When you’re sixteen or so, you’re happily single.  You love your friends dearly, your best friend most of all.  You love her far more than you ever…well, you never really loved your ex.  You wonder if you might be gay for her, but you don’t want to kiss her or anything, just squish her in a big hug on a daily basis to let her know you love her and put a smile on her face.

You have a fleeting crush on a boy.  You get over it, thankful it never amounted to anything, because what were you thinking ew!  Then you have another one, similar but different, and thank goodness that never happened either because it would have been so awkward.  You start to wonder if you’re just not cut out for dating, or maybe you’re gay.  You don’t know how to feel about that.  It’d be so much simpler and easier if you were just normal.


When you’re seventeen or so, you make a new friend, a really pleasant guy.  You are just friends, and that is perfect.  It lasts about five months, and then one of your friends pulls him aside and hints heavily that he ought to ask you out.

He does.  You have no compunctions about saying yes, because you like him a lot, and he’s taking you to see the new Hobbit movie even though he’s not a fan and he had to watch twelve hours of movies in preparation for this date so that he’d be able to understand your interest.

You have a great time, and so does he.

About a month later, he kisses you.  It was your first kiss, exciting for the seventeen years of buildup and pleasant for having happened on acceptable terms with a more-than-acceptable person.

In the following months, neither of you brings up the topic of sex.  After all, you’re both to be found in the pews on Sunday mornings.  That’s fine by you.  More than fine, actually.  The idea of sex frightens you, which you attribute to your inexperience.  You would only ever consider attempting it with someone you really trusted, on level with a spouse.


When you’re eighteen or so, and at a sleepover, a girl cuddles casually with you as you talk in the hushed tones reserved for the hours after midnight.  She laments the lack of available girls at your school.

You mention that you would date a girl.  You instantly have everyone’s attention.

“Is there something you want to tell us?” your cuddle-buddy asks.

You say again that you’d date a girl.  Not now, of course, because you have a boyfriend, but yeah, you’d have no problem with it.  You probably wouldn’t sleep with a girl, but then you really don’t like the idea of sleeping with a boy either.  So you don’t really care about the configuration of genitals you don’t intend to see.  You just want the company of some lovely dork who will marathon Lord of the Rings with you and frequent the city’s best ice cream parlors.

Because your cuddle-buddy is a member of the queer community, she’s much more informed about sexualities and designations and spectrums than you are.  She suggests “panromantic asexual” and you understand both of those terms.  You’d seen them before, but never really thought you qualified.  Hearing her say it makes it somehow more concrete.

You accept that you are panromantic asexual.  You feel so light now that a couple of your closest friends know and accept you as you are.

You tell your mom a little while later on a whim.  You regret it because she doesn’t even bother listening to you and doesn’t respect your trust.  You hear her the next day telling your sister about how you said you might be a lesbian, and you’re so frustrated with her you want to hit something.

You decide not to tell anyone else.  Your dad is pretty homophobic—actually, that’d be most of the adults in your family—and you have no idea how your boyfriend would take it.  Your peers might not be welcoming or understanding—you just don’t know.  You realize that you are sort of in a closet.

You start a blog on Tumblr and blog about your problems #ace #asexual #lgbtqa

You spend way too much time on the internet, looking for the magical solution for coming out to the rest of your loved ones.  But since you don’t actually have any intention of coming out in the near future, you know you’re wasting your time.

Somehow your disinterest in sex has moved to occupy the forefront of your mind, not because it requires lots of attention in order to comprehend, but because it makes you different, and that is distracting.

One day, while you’re reading fanfiction, you come across an explicitly asexual character, and you realize that this is a first.  You cannot think of a single time in your entire life up to this point when you had seen an explicitly asexual character, and that surprises you.  Then it bothers you.  Maybe you could have avoided a couple years of uncertainty and anxiety if you had been able to identify in yourself the familiar characteristics of another asexual.

You realize you don’t know anyone else in your life who’s asexual.

That’s a sobering, isolating realization.


When you’re nineteen or so, you presumably go to college.  You start trying to navigate life with some semblance of independence.  You probably feel a little more secure in how you identify yourself.  You might even be all the way out of the closet.

Or at least that’s what eighteen-year-old you hopes.


Female Characters Meme: A female character you relate to → Betty Cooper (Riverdale)

“If we don’t face the reality of who and what we are, if we keep lying to ourselves and keeping secrets from each other, then what happened to Jason could happen again. Or God forbid, something even worse. Riverdale must do better. We must do better.”

What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker


My Camp Camp High school AU ((ft. Japanese settings because I’m trash for this)). I only did Comedy Trio and
Stage Trio as I didn’t have time, but I will probably update more if possible.

• Comedy Trio:

- Max: Second year. He was the type of student who usually skipped classes, got into fights and even stole things from people due to his parents’ neglect. However, after being caught pick-pocketing a woman, Max was forced to work with David to help other clubs in the school ‘till the end of his third year as a punishment. He did improve his relationship with other people tho ((and secretly felt not so bad about that)).

- Nikki: Member of Sports Club, same class with Max. They got along quite well, and she usually helped him play truant whenever possible, sometimes went along with him ((if she felt like it)). 24/7 hyped as fuck. Not only was she good at sports, Nikki was also a pro in fighting and stuff, and because hardly anyone could beat up a beast like her, bullies are terrified of her and scared to went near her. Her bffs and gf were proud.

- Neil: Also Max’s classmate, head of Science Club, which was the youngest president in the club’s history so far. He enjoyed doing experiments, firmly believed in physical laws and such things. Even though Neil knew that his friends skipped class a lot, he tried to cover up for them and helped them with distracting the teachers. Also having a love-hate relationship with Magic Club’s member, Harrison, but terrible at dealing with it.

• Stage Trio:

- Preston: Third year, Drama Club President. He was loud and acted dramatically to most things, also criticised people a lot ((but for their own ((and the play)) good)). Preston used to be bullied in his second year, which affected him severely, but Max - a first year at that time - saved him and they knew each other since ((I’m a Maxpres trash just kill me))

- Harrison: Second year. Member of Magic Club. An arrogant guy on the outside, but actually harmless and gentle inside. Got along with Nerris and Preston - who were his childhood friends. He often seen argued pretty much with Nerris ((and Neil, too, if they were on the same spot)), mostly about his magic being great and wonderful ((and real)), which Preston had to stand between them so many times that he eventually got sick of it.

- Nerris: Member of Board Games Club. She was a huge nerd in DnD, also video games with dating sims or action genre. She also loved cosplaying ((especially dressing as a “mahou shoujo” - magical girl)) and often asked her gf aka Nikki to be a model for her. Nikki didn’t like girly stuff that much but the idea of being a warrior seemed cool to her ((and also for her gf)), so she agreed anyway.

P/s: Yes I am a Comedy Trio x Stage Trio shipper and I don’t regret anything about that.




High School AU Ideas #6

-When Bruce and Joker become somewhat friends they start to bring a bunch of junk food and sit at this really old playground where Bruce used to go to as a kid.

-Joker is sort of underweight and Bruce notices how he doesn’t eat very well. Bruce starts bringing good food that Alfred made to him. Imagine two high school boys having a weird picnic together. 

-Joker doesn’t mess with Bruce anymore once they start talking and everyone starts noticing the two whispering things to each other between and after classes, writing and doodling on each others papers, and sneaking off when there are assemblies. No one outright says anything. 

-Bruce’s following starts to disperse when they realize Bruce’s new closeness to Joker and the strange thing to most people is that Bruce seems a lot happier this way.  

-Bruce doesn’t completely lighten up and still is a quiet person around most but, when he’s with Joker, the two both become really loud and open and excited.

-Joker is still obsessed with Batman but his mind begins to be more on Bruce. It comes as a big shock.

-Joker realizes he’ll be gone soon due to Bruce being a senior and Joker a junior and he starts to worry about Bruce forgetting about him. In his distress, Joker tries to cause a lot of trouble again. Bruce and Joker have a huge fight about this.

-Their fight resulted in Bruce comforting his friend and the two having their first kiss. It isn’t passionate or very long. It’s quick and as awkward as anyone could imagine a very inexperienced kiss would be. 

-Bruce and Joker don’t become an openly affectionate couple at all after this. The two try to avoid conversation about it because they are so emotionally confused about themselves. They don’t know how to even handle the thought of being together in that way. At least not yet. 

(Feel free to submit your own headcanons about this AU :3)

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lancey28lance  asked:

So I want to be a voice actor yet I have no idea how to get there. I have a college picked out and I'm ready to work hard all throughout high school (I'm in 8th grade) but I don't know what classes I should take to get there. Advice?

This - https://iwanttobeavoiceactor.com

Start here. Dee is a master of the craft and gives tons of info on his site.

In addition, I have a few pieces of advice:

1. Study acting - Voice acting at its core, is acting. The same concepts of story/character/arc all apply, and the more uninhibited you are with not only your voice, but your body, the more characters you will be able to create. Just because we mainly use our voices in VO doesn’t mean that all of the other tenets of face/body performance no longer apply.

2. Sing - Singing is yoga for the voice. Even if you suck, do it anyway. It will help you with breathing control, dexterity, endurance, pitch, timing; it’s one of the best things you can do as a voice actor.

3. Improv - you need to be able to think on your feet and not be afraid to take risks and be silly.

4. Cold Reading - cold reading is the single most important skill you can have as a VA. Sometimes you get the script minutes before you’re expected to give a fully realized performance. Get comfortable picking up anything and reading it out loud.

  • Lance: Keith and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Pidge: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Lance: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!

Soft high school tips from a recently (2 months ago) graduated person:

  • NEVER announce that you have food and/or gum unless you want to get mobbed and lose all food and/or gum
  • This is probably a given, but if your milk machine sells cheese like mine does, don’t buy it. It’s probably gross.
  • Always keep emergency cash in a place that’s not your wallet. Your phone case works well.
  • Sometimes caf food actually tastes good. But ask people’s opinions first or try their food.
  • Sometimes you will have bake sales. Never feel guilty for eating baked goods.
  • Try to join all the clubs that interest you. If you don’t like the vibe in the first three sessions, bail. Also: try not to swamp yourself with extracurriculars. School should still be your priority.
  • People who menstruate: don’t be afraid to ask for pads/tampons. People will 97% of the time lend you one without a second thought.
  • If someone at school offers you drugs or anything of the sort, politely decline. They’re really not going to care if you don’t want to do what they do.
  • Keep your pencils close and your ball pens closer.
  • especially in art class
  • looking at you Kean you little shit
  • You know when they have those back to school sales at Walmart? Yeah, buy at least 2 packs of lined paper. It’ll last you your entire high school life. 
  • Stay organized. Get those dividers, binders, use your agenda, put reminders on your phone, take notes even when the teacher doesn’t tell you to. Anything. Just stay organized.
  • Try to get as many of your classmates’ phone numbers/emails. It’s handy and will help you in the long run. (It’s also nice to he able to scroll through your contacts and see a lot of people, even if you only talk to like 5 of them)
  • Keep a plastic bag and tissues in your bag. You’ll never know what you’ll spill or have to carry home safely. 
  • especially in art class
  • You may not need this in Gr. 9/10 unless you do sports but bring an extra bag. Preferably the foldable ones or the nice ones you can get at the grocery. Use it to take some weight off your back that’s already being strained by 3 textbooks.
  • Speaking of textbooks, whenever it’s assigned for homework or reading I usually just take a picture of all the pages I need. This way you won’t have to take the book home. hacks
  • Don’t be that asshole that stands in the middle of the hallway in between classes. 
  • be nice to your teachers and they’ll be nice to you
  • If your school has a breakfast cart and offers free Cheerios, take the free Cheerios. 
  • When people ask you if you’re going to vote for them for grade/publicity/etc. rep just say yes to everyone.
  • spirit week’s pretty fun, just get into it y’all
  • something that helped: I was once told that at the beginning of the school year, everyone starts at 100%, not 0. It’s up to you to maintain that 100%, not try to climb your way up from 0.