i'm out having real life adventures

ahh I just found a pupper in the street he was so good & pure he was so smart too when I tried to put a leash on him the 1st time he was like “UMM I Love you but you’re not my People” & I was like it’s ok pal we’re going on an Adventure to find your People & we Did apparently he got out of the yard after they put him there bc he was sick && I’m just ?? he was feelin like trash & he was still so sweet to me & givin me kisses & letting me hug on him what a Golden boy

i never thought i’d hear a person say “Ta!” in real life. i have a hard enough time even imagining it. Ta?? but today, a real, live, little british lady said “Ta!” out loud, in real life, to me, and boy, was that an Experience

“Thanks, love. Ta!” And then she whipped off in her magical british ways, leaving me swooning and dazed in the dust