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Part 13 (final part)


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anonymous asked:

If I can ask , what is paladin's real age ? I saw the post with page and Keth's real age but if I can ask for the others? I would be really happy if you answerd me. I love your art and I think that you're an amazing person^^

the ages were listed in the paladin’s handbook. supposedly it is:

shiro - 25 
keith - 18
hunk/lance - 17 
pidge - 15

allura is unknown still [but personally i think she’s either in her very late teens, possibly very early 20′s?]

…welp i started rambling about discourse again so i’mma drop it under the cut, since you literally didn’t ask for it :’D sorry.

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but by the grace of god go we

( Kandreil fic for @knox-moreau‘s contest! set post-canon, all schmoop. also available on ao3. )

( also please check out the sweet turn out for this contest. great ship fics galore. )

The first time Kevin kissed Neil was after Neil told Kevin that their performance in the Spring Championships upped their national ranking from the worst Class I team to the fourth best. Kevin dropped his gym bag, grabbed Neil by the shoulders, and reeled him in for a cruising, albeit closed-lip, kiss.

It was a tinsy bit shocking.

Though a gesture that would have sent a fourteen year old him stumbling in delight, now that he knew what Kevin Day was really like off a filmed stage, it made him question Kevin’s health. Once Kevin leaned away - not smiling in a soft, happy way, but grinning, like in victory, like in delight, like a crocodile at an unaware gazelle’s approach -, Neil bluntly asked, “Are you ill?”

Kevin did not take that well.

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Tumblr is very, very, VERY bitter lately

It’s getting harder and harder for me to come here and enjoy the stuff I enjoy, because it’s all about the problems and the characters you guys don’t like and JUST HAVE to shit on.

anonymous asked:

I agree with that other anon that said about you being comforting. It's not like the things you post are soothing, but i'll see you on my dash and i'm like "there's aili comcastkills out there being a lesbian and lorax blogging and dragging capitalism for filth. at least one small thing is right in the world." It's nice to know you're there.



Derek sat on the step of his front porch, staring at really nothing, as he curled in on himself a little bit more. His body was still recovering, his mind even more so… How long was he even there? He looked at the date this morning but he didn’t really remember. Halloween? That might be it. Everything felt stiff and off still. 

Hearing someone approaching his driveway, Derek stiffened and looked up, almost ready to growl or fight whoever came towards him. It took a few minutes for him to relax, remembering that he wasn’t chained. His face remained impassive as the newcomer made their presence known to him. “Who’s there?” He snapped, his eyes narrowing.