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The Storm

Request: Numbers 1, 16, 17, for the top thing. Theydon’t have to be in the same fic.

1.“I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

17.“The power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.”

Request: hi! idk if you’ve already done this (im sorry if you have!) but it would be cute if peter and the reader could have a movie marathon? like hp or something. i know its not much but I hope you could find somewhere to go with it!

A/N: I decided to combine these two requests because I thought I could make some magic with them. Also sorry, I know nothing about Harry Potter so I didn’t really include much of it in the fic. ~Also, let me know if you want a part 2 to this, (I am open to writing smut guys)~

Word Count: 1355

Warnings: N/A

Part 2


Peter Parker was one of your best friends. Ned always called him the love of your life, jokingly of course. But, Ned was right. Kind of? You were in love with Peter.

Usually every Friday night, you, Peter, and Ned would ave movie night. Peter would come home early from being Spiderman and you would all watch movies at one of your houses.

Today you were supposed to go to Ned’s house, but he went away with his parents for the weekend so you and Peter had yet to decide what your plans were.

You and Pete were sitting in chemistry working on a lab when your nudged him “Hey Parker what are we doing tonight,”

“Christ, Y/N, you almost made me spill this sulphuric acid,”

You looked up to Peter who had his googles on and was holding a test tube filled with sulphuric acid, going to pour it into a beaker. (Lol I’ve spilt sulphuric acid on my hands multiple times cause my science teacher would never give us gloves to wear during labs).

“Whoops, sorry,”

“You can come over to my house tonight. Aunt May’s out with friends for the weekend so we’ll have the place to ourselves,” Peter said

“Perfect. I’ll come over around 6pm? And, being the generous friend I am, i’ll bring the pizza,”

“Sounds good,”

After school, you went home and tried to do some of your homework, but you couldn’t focus. Movie nights with Peter (and Ned) were the best part of your week. If Peter didn’t have to go out and be Spiderman you would already be at Peter’s apartment, sitting together watching movies.

But since that wasn’t the case. You patiently waited a few hours before heading to Peter’s.

Before leaving you threw your pjs, and some movies into your backpack. Regretting the decision of promising Peter pizza, you decided to just order some to his apartment.

When you arrived at Peter’s apartment, you knew he would have left the door unlocked for you so you walked right in.

“Honey, I’m home!” You said, walking inside. You dropped your things and walking over to join Peter on the couch.

“Man, its pouring outside,” you continued.

“Welcome home, honey. Yeah, the rain had kind of prevented me from being Spidey tonight. You could have come over earlier,”

“Well thanks for the heads up Parker,”

“Sorry. But did you bring anything for me?” Peter asked

“Bring you anything like what?”

“Well, i’m very hungry,”

“Well if you’re horny I could definitely help you out with that, but I thought we were going to have a movie marathon?”

“Oh my god Y/N. I said I’m hungry, not horny. But now that you mention it…”

You opened your mouth to respond, but before you could get a word out there was a knock at the door.

“Pizza’s here. Looks like that’ll solve one of your problems,”

You grabbed your wallet, paid the pizza man and then brought the box over to Peter on the couch.

“What movies are we watching tonight?”

“I put Harry Potter in the dvd player. You feel like watching that?”

“Sure,” you nodded.

Peter turned on the movie and the two of you sat on the couch. You only made it 20 minutes into the movie when the lights started flickering.

“That doesn’t seem good,” you said.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Peter said, moving his attention back to the movie.

You rolled your eyes, knowing a storm like this would most definitely knock out the power.

Sure enough, a few minutes later the power went out.

The apartment went silent as the tv shut off. You could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. It was pitch black besides the occasional flash of lightning outside.

“Told you,” you muttered.

You didn’t have to see Peter to know he was rolling his eyes.

“What now?” Your asked.

“Well, the power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.” Peter said.

“I mean, we already explored the idea of sex so that seems like the best idea. I’m down,”

“If Ned were here would that still be the best idea?” Peter asked

“I mean, if Ned wouldn’t mind sitting out here while we fuck in your bedroom, then sure,” you joked.

Peter laughed “Back to the Future?”

“Sure,” you agreed.

Peter disappeared for a moment, making his way to his bedroom to find his laptop.

There was a loud bang and you heard Peter say “Fuck,”

You laughed, knowing Peter must have walked into something.

“Thanks for asking if I’m okay,” Peter said, walking back into the room.

“You’re spiderman. I’m supposed to be worried about you walking in the dark now?”

“A little concern would be nice,”

Peter came and sat down beside you. You were leaning on him, as he placed his laptop on his lap and looked for the movie.

“Hey Pete,”

“Mmhmm,” Peter mumbled, still searching his laptop.

“You know I wasn’t lying when I said I was down,”

“What?” Peter asked

“I wasn’t lying when I said I was down,”

“No, I heard what you said I just… I don’t believe you,”

“You don’t believe me?”


“Why not?” You asked.

You felt like you had made a fool of yourself to Peter. You had just admitted that you would be open to doing things with Peter and all he had to say was that he thought you were lying.

“Come on, Y/N. We joke about this all the time. We joke about sex and being in a relationship and living happily ever after one day. But we joke, I’ve accepted that that’s not actually going to happen because we’re just friends and you don’t feel that way about me,”

“Have you ever thought that maybe I actually do feel that way about you?”

“Don’t joke about that Y/N, you could never like someone like me,”

“What on earth are you talking about Peter?”

“I mean you’re so amazing, how on earth could you actually like me? You’re just fucking with me. It’s really not that funny,”

“Peter i’m not fucking with you, but I would like to fuck you. Jesus Christ, Peter. I have feelings for you,”

“Wait… you do?” Peter asked

“Yes!” You exclaimed.

“I have feelings for you too, Y/N,”

“So about that ‘best idea’…” you said, raising your eyebrows in a suggestive way.

Peter laughed “I mean, like you said, I’m down,”

“Then what are you waiting for Parker?”

Peter quickly placed his laptop on the coffee table in front of him and leaned down to kiss you. He moved his lips against yours, using his teeth to lightly nip at your bottom lip.

He moved his hands to your waist, so they were slightly riding up your shirt.

You pulled away, “You could at least take me to your bedroom before you tried to take your clothes off,”

Peter laughed, “As you wish, my dear,”

Peter stood up and offered you his hand. You graciously took it and let him lead you to his bedroom.

“Man I am so happy Ned’s away this weekend,” You said.

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Being the daughter of Wendy darling and falling in love with Harry Hook would include? (Sorry if that's too specific omg I love all your stuff)

  • obviously you know every single one of your mother’s stories by heart

  • especially the horrors she’s told you about captain hook

  • you’re close friends with ben so when he asks you to be a part of showing the new kids around you say yes

  • the first time you see him you’re pretty sure your heart stops beating

    • holy crap he’s hot

  • the glare of the sun off of the hook in his hand snaps you back into the reality that this is the son of your mom’s worst enemy. 

    • but like

      • jesus just look at him

  • ben pairs off the VKs with the other AKs and lo and behold you’re with Harry.

    • mental note; make sure to hang ben from the flag pole after this

  • so like you take harry around the grounds, pointing out the significant details as you try and ignore the constant feeling of his eyes on you

  • “So if you don’t mine me asking, who’s your parent?”

    • oh lord 

  • “Wendy Darling.”

    • you could practically hear the smirk on his face

  • “We’re gonna have fun together, love.”

  • to your surprise (but literally everyone else knew it was bound to happen) you and harry became fast friends

  • like harry comes up with any and every excuse to spend time with you

  • you and harry are at your favorite spot on campus one day about two and a half months after he arrived when he asks you out

    • obvi you say yes bc like you’d be crazy not to

  • and when you guys come walking hand in hand up to the dorms multiple amounts of money are exchanged between multiple pairs of people including mal & ben

  • you’ve only been together for like a month but you could feel yourself falling for him and that’s scary enough never mind the fact that more than half the people at school still don’t trust any of the VKs and consider you a traitor (and the other way around for some of the VKs towards harry)

  • everything’s perfect until one day a stupid prince ‘accidentally’ lets it slip that harry’s only using you to get to Neverland so he can avenge his father

  • like your entire world comes crashing down as your standing in the middle of the cafeteria 

    • because as much as you try not to you can’t help the fact that the thought that harry’s using you from some reason has crossed your mind a few times

  • so the only thing your able to do is drop your tray onto the ground and all but run out of the cafeteria.

  • harry sees this, he stands up from his table in the corner and against uma’s wishes follows you out the door

    • not before ‘accidentally’ hitting the prince in the head with his hook.

  • he knows exactly where you’re going as soon as he saw you leave so he doesn’t waste time trying to find you. 

  • and in all honesty harry doesn’t really know how to approach this situation bc on the isle relationships didn’t last this long or if they did no one questioned them everyone just kinda did their own thing.

  • but he sees you with your head in your knees leaning against the tree where he took you on your guys’ first date and his heart drops further than he ever thought possible.

    • although he still doesn’t know what to say so he just sits down next to you and puts his arms around your shoulders to try and comfort you the best way he can

    • the lil smile that appears on his face when you lean into his shoulder because then he knows you’re not mad at him 

  • “what he said isn’t true love, c’mon, deep down you know that.”

  • although he claims he doesn’t know how to handle these types of situations he’s able to make you laugh and smile and feel better 

  • “you know i grew up on the isle and everything, and i really…i really don’t know what love is but Y/N i think i’m falling in love with you and i don’t want some stupid prince to ruin that.”

  • you smile, pulling his lips down onto yours and closing your eyes 

  • “harry hook, i’m falling in love with you, no stupid prince will ruin that.”

Felicity Smoak Gifs 13/?: She was made of earth and fire. Of wishes cast on shooting stars. She was a brand new solar system. Unlike the ones they’d known so far. - E.H (source)


Y’all, I get about 4 request questions every day asking if I could draw this and that and whatnot. I was talking to my sister about it (while also complaining that I’m in a major art funk and have no inspiration for anything atm) and she came up with this idea. So I’m opening up requests, (honestly, anything and everything, as long as it’s appropriate) and she’s gonna go through them and help me decide which ones to draw. SO SEND THEM IN NOW! I’m only going to keep them open until Friday, so get them in while you can. And please, my sister is 13, so try to keep them appropriate! Thanks buds! Can’t wait to see what you request! =)

I just watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E (yeah, a little late to the party) and what do you know; I’m in love with Armie Hammer! So I guess you should expect some real Illya Kuryakin love from now on. #sorrynotsorry

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You should do some Gladiolus angst! 👍💔👍 Pwease!! 😸

*Opens door* *Clears Throat* I’m back! *Closed door* xD Sorry, goofy time’s over. Let’s get serious! 

My Angsty friend! I’m here for you! Hope you like it!! 

Be With Me Part III (Gladio x Reader) | SFW 

Previous Parts  I | II

A/N: This is the last part of Be With Me (That actually made it to become a small series xD ) Thanks for all the love you’ve shown it, and me! 

Words: 1627

Warnings: Angst , Death of a character

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Draco Malfoy aesthetic.


character/ship aesthetic meme: ma-121 requested: roxas

“if there is something in there—inside us— then we’d feel it, wouldn’t we?”

Preference #3

Preference for when its your birthday?



Steve had truly been listening to you when you were gushing about the beach, even when you were sure that he wasn’t. So when his motorcycle rolled onto the soft messy mass of sand, you couldn’t contain your happiness and you threw your arms around him and kissed him repeatedly out of gratitude. He wrapped his arms around you as you took in the sight of the light reflecting off the water.

“Happy birthday,” he muttered into your ear, burying his face into the crook of your neck.

“Race you,” you challenged. He smirked as he took off down the beach, his hair flying in the wind. You huffed in frustration and took off after him, yelling that he was cheating.


“Special delivery for this lovely person,” Kieth announced while placing a large glass filled with your favorite milkshake in the center of the table. You fumbled as you tried to pulled a straw out of the container sitting on the table. You smiled as the the cool drink slide down your throat and settled into your stomach. You looked up, feeling the eyes of your boyfriend bore into your soul.

“Yes,” you had hardly a chance to finish your sentence before he leaned in and planted a kiss on your lips. You giggled, as you dipped your finger into the shake and smear some on the tip of his nose. He struggled to stretch his tongue out enough to lick his nose for a while until he gave up and wiped it off with his hand. You gasped when he too dipped his finger into the shake and smeared some on your cheek. You wiped it off and discretely slathered it on the back of his jacket. You watched as he grabbed a straw for himself and began sucking down your drink. You stared shocked that he would challenge you to such a thing and grabbed another straw, placing both in your mouth as you sucked hard, your mouth filling with the drink. You glanced up at him to see an astounded expression placed upon your boyfriends face. You snorted, your mouth full of the creamy shake. He broke from his trance and broke out into a huge grin as you covered your mouth to keep the liquid from pouring out.


You twirled, your hair swishing around your face. You smiled back at Soda, as snowflakes floated from the sky and settled on your hair. He smiled, and dug his hands deeper into his pockets as he approached you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, swaying slightly with you as you stared at the snow covered streets.

“Why can’t every night be as beautiful as this one?” you wondered aloud. You raised your eyebrows in surprise as he spun you around and placed on hand on your waist and another in your hand. You giggle as he hums a song to himself as he spins you both in circles.

“Because if every night was as beautiful as this one, it’d lose its beautiful demeanor,” he whispered into your ear. You shivered at his words and pressed your body closer to his. He smiled as he spun you out of his arms, one hand still gripping yours and pulled you back in to his chest.

“Do you trust me,” he asked with a smirk. I nodded cautiously, worried of his intentions. He grinned and started to dip you backwards. Your hand that was laying on his shoulder ached to clench shut on his coat to keep you balanced but you placed your faith in his and dipped your head back as he steadily brought you up.  You smiled when you were back on your two feet and leaned in to kiss him.

“Happy Birthday,” he muttered just before your lips merge together in a passionate kiss.


You pressed your nose to the glass as the sharks swam by the glass once again. You were jumping with joy as you held one of your hands back, Johnny taking the hint and catching it in his own hand and walking to join you by the glass.

“Aren’t they just beautiful? They are so majestic” you gushed, your eyes frantically grazing over each  marine animal that swam by the glass.

“Yeah, they sure are something else,” Johnny replied, but you could tell by the tone of his voice, that he wasn’t just talking about the animals. You pried your gaze away from the animals to see your boyfriend, entranced by your presence. You shot him a small smile as you mind wandered back over to the large animals swimming in the tank in front of you. You blushed brightly as he brought your intertwined hands up to his lips, placing a kiss on your knuckles. You slipped your hand from out of his grip and wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you for bringing me here. I love it,” you breathed into his chest. He wrapped one arm around your shoulders and kissed the top of your head.

“Anything for you,” he said sweetly. You smiled and pecked his lips as the beautiful scenery in front of you proved to be the best birthday you could have ever hoped for.


“Stick together,” you asked, smirking at his crumbled form on the ice. You held out your hand,as a gesture to help him up.

“Stick together,” he agreed as he clambered up to his feet using your hand to balance him. You held his hand as you pushed off and  pulled a hesitant Ponyboy to a slow start. After a few laps around the rink, he finally took the lead and began dragging you around. You warned him telling him that he shouldn’t be going so fast since he was still starting out. You shut your eyes not wanting to see when you two were going to crash and burn.

“Pony, maybe we- ahhh,” you screamed as you and Pony both lurched forward and fell to the ground. You couldn’t help the bursts of giggles that escaped your mouth, and soon you and Pony were laying in the middle of the rink clutching your stomachs as your laughs could be heard throughout the entire building.


You listened diligently as Darry hummed your guys’s song to himself, but it echoed throughout the empty room through the silence. You watched him as his back muscles flex slightly as his reaches up to paint the upper corner of the wall. You bit your lip as you carefully stepped towards him, dipping your paint roller in the paint one more time before you quickly spread it down his back. He stopped when he was doing, a playful yet shocked smile on his face. He lunged for you and you squealed, jumping back.

“Come here you little,” he grunted as you sidestepped his grab for you. You turn to run away when you feel two arms sneak around your waist and pull you into a hard body. You shrink down and giggle as you struggled to break free. He took his brush and rolled it down the front of your shirt as well as your pants. You gasped as your pushed him away and slapped his chest lightly. He placed his roller on the stool as he walked towards you. He lunged for you and this time you let him grab you. He pulls you close to him and kisses you on your lips, his breaths coming short and shallow. Your wrap your arms around his neck, your roller still in your hand. You hadn’t realized you two had been propelling backwards until you slipped on your ‘Happy Birthday’ banner and clenched your eyes waiting for the impact. You realized you were still standing when you heard the relieved breath Darry above you. He had caught you by sliding his hands to the small of your back and using his every growing strength to steady the both of you.  

“Really,” he questioned, mocking you for your clumsiness.

“Well I don’t know why that’s there,” you replied, shooting him an accusing look. He smiled cheekily and you placed your hand on the back of his neck, bringing him down a bit to kiss him. You two make out like that until Darry’s legs go weak and sends the both of your tumbling to the ground. You laugh from your spot on the ground, as you look over at Darry, whose cheeks were flushed from the intense make out session. You rolled on top of him and straddled him.

“I know what I want for my birthday,” you whispered in his ear. You grinned as he gulped and nodded, biting his lip in anticipation.


“Dally you didn’t have to do that,” you said, not bothering to shut the car door. He shrugged as he walked towards the abandoned brick building, leaning against it and staring ahead. You crossed your arms and he sighed.

“He wasn’t going to get away with saying what he did about you. Besides,” he lit a cigarette and took a drag, “it’s your birthday.” You stared shocked at him as you processed his words.

“You remembered,” you stated astonished. Then as if your body was catching up with what he had previously said, your cheeks blushed a bright pink.

“Why would you think I would forget,” he accused, his eyes narrowing. You stared at him and studied his face.

“Because I know we’re kind of an on and off thing, I didn’t think you would acknowledge it,” you confessed. He nodded, and swiped away the hair that had fallen across his face away.

You chewed on your bottom lip as he took another drag. His eyes flicked down to you as he raised an eyebrow. He smirked, an amused sparkle in his eyes. He blew the smoke into your face and you swatted at the air. When the smoke cleared, you shoved him and rolled your eyes annoyed at him.

You rocked on your heels, staring at the sunset, while the silence drove you mad. You could feel Dally’s intense glare on you and it made your heart thump hard in your chest. You turned hearing the sizzle of cigarette bud being smothered and before you could, your lips collided with Dally’s. You instinctively, wrap your arms around him and pull him closer. His breath reeked of tobacco, but it always did. You felt your stomach clench as he wrapped his arms around you tightly. Dally hated touching, he just wasn’t affectionate like that. You bite his bottom lip, making him growl into your mouth. You felt your skin radiate a glow as he moved his hands down to your bum and hoisted you up onto his car, which you hadn’t realized you had reeled toward. He plopped you down on the hood of the car, and kissed down your neck.

“I didn’t get you anything, perhaps this’ll make up for it,” he muttered against your throat, tickling your skin.

“Oh this is a present,” you replied,“perhaps it’s time for me to unwrap it.”


“I’m sorry I couldn’t take you out today,” Tim says for the thirtieth time today. You roll your eyes and place your hand over his mouth, shushing him.

“Enough of that,” you scolded, your eyes fluttering a bit in surprise as one of the boys skated up the ramp and past you, making your hair fly up into your face. Tim chuckled as he raised his hands to your hair and untangled it from your face. You flashed him a thankful smile as his fingers remained in your hair, twirling it around his fingers. Your hands, as if by second nature, trailed to Tim’s hair and you ran your hands through it, feeling your hands melt into the smooth texture of it.

You narrowed your eyes at Tim as he opened his mouth to speak. Knowing what was coming you leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips. He kissed you back, his free hand finding yours.

“I’d rather spend this day with you, than out at some extravagant restaurant where I wouldn’t be able to speak aloud without the fear of being too loud. I love you, and would spend everyday just like this. Just me and you,” you stated, looking him in the eyes to indicate your sincerity.

“And us,” one of the boys yelled to you two. You shake your head, laughing as Tim studied your face.

“I love you too,” he replied. Your eyes shot up to him, your eyes wide and teary. You smiled and leaned down and kissed his face repeatedly. Your heart savored the feeling of having him say it back for the first time ever. He laughed as you smothered him.

“Happy Birthday,” he manages to get out through the kisses.


“What’s going on in there,” you asked your best friend. There was a loud pop and the sound of something clattering to the floor in the gymnasium. She flung her hair over her shoulder and cleared her throat as though she was anticipating this question.

“Nothing,” she squeaked. You stopped walking and turned to look at her. You blink at her and the high pitch startling you, but also indicated that she was lying.

“Really,” you raised an eyebrow at her. She stared at you, her eyes wide as she nodded vigorously. “Of all people why would the put you up to lie to me, you can’t lie,” you rolled your eyes. She gasped as though she were offended but then nodded casually in agreement. You turned and went to go open the doors to the gym. You licked your lips as your best friend jumped in front of you, blocking the door.

“Are you gonna maybe just slide on out of my way,” you tried to reason with her. She smiled nervously and crossed her arms.

“No,” she said, although it came out as though it were a question. You crossed your arms and tapped your foot, wanting to stop the party construction before it was too late. You had already asked not to have a party.

“Please,” you asked kindly.

“No really there is nothing in her-,” your best friend tried to stall. You uncrossed your arms and walked around her. You opened the doors and gasped at all the balloons and all the streamers hanging from the ceiling. You heard a chorus of items dropping on the floor. You turned to see the entire crew blush a faint pink as the party director continued on her instructions.

“What are you guys lo-” the bright red haired director stopped and turned, frowning at the sight of you. She placed her clipboard in the table and rubbed her temples. The group of people scattered, some hiding behind the bleachers, others just flat out just left.

“I thought I asked you to keep her out at all costs,” Cherry asked menacingly calm. Your best friend gulped and you stepped in front of her.

“She tried her best to keep me out,” I was just persistent,“ you defended. Cherry sighed and nodded in agreement.

“Well that is beyond known, but still. I wanted this to be a surprise,” she admitted, defeated.

“Cherry, you know I don’t care for big parties,” you replied rubbing your hand up and down her arm reassuringly. She have you a side smile and nodded, advertise her gaze.

“Hey,” you said, placing your thumb under her chin and turning to towards you, “I’d much rather spend the day together with you.”

She blushed and searched yours eyes, finding nothing but the truth. She nodded and looked around.

“I guess we should take this down,” she stated.

“Probably. But first,” you started as she turned to look at you, urging you to continue, but that was the end of the sentence. You wrapped your arm around her waist and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. She melted into it like she did with every other kiss you two had together. You blushed and pulled Cherry closer to you as your friends came out and cheered for you two, throwing confetti at you two.

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You guys! I'm so glad your request is open, i admire your writing so much. Would you be willing to write a scenario on how Akaashi and Semi would spend their free time with their own s/o. Like where/how would they spend their time together e.g. walking around the city or just sitting the part and how they would show subtle signs of affection to each other. Basically, a fluff with a chill vibe. Btw, I really want to thank you for your efforts. I hope you guys have a nice day!

this was a little difficult to make a whole scenario out of because i had a few ideas, so i decided to go with headcanons instead. i hope that’s okay?

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!

- admin may


  • Reading books, man. You guys would organize reading dates at each other’s house and just curl up on the couch or the bed or even the floor, reading at your own paces. There would be cookies or other snacks and glasses of juice or mugs of tea and coffee to keep you guys company as you read. There were times when either of you made an audible or facial reaction and you would ask what happened in the story. You two would compare the books you just read and the date turned into a two-person book club lol
  • stargazing is also a headcanon of mine for him. Just imagine, lying on a blanket under a summer night, somewhere you can clearly see the stars. You guys would just point to random stars and make up weird constellations
  • talking about your clubs. For akaashi , most of his stories would involve bokuto, unsurprisingly and since you love the childlike ace you always wanted to hear his recent antics. Akaashi would listen to anything you say—any gossip, any random stuff happening in your club or classroom would pass your lips and akaashi would take it all in.


  • shopping. Since semi has an abysmal sense of fashion, you would often arrange a day when you can shop for clothes that actually suit him and go together—like however he would arrange them they would still all go together. Semi could really do without, but you were making an effort and sometimes had fun modeling the clothes you picked out for him
  • watching films. Old movies on DVD/VCR (ssshhh semi’s family still has one of those players) or new films showing in theatres. You guys would arrange a movie marathon, given enough time, in the company of chips, sweets, sodas, and any and all unhealthy food. Horror films were your go-to, though, and you guys would sometimes laugh at the weird monsters or the stupid decisions the victims made. Sometimes you guys would fall asleep that way, leaned against each other on the couch with the player on standby
  • sleeping. Everyone needs sleep and you guys are no different. If you weren’t watching movies or shopping, you guys would be at each other’s house and curled up together on the bed. It was nice for the two of you to sleep with each other. (and watching semi’s face while he dreamed was always entertaining.)
  • seven: mc
  • seven: ...
  • seven: mc
  • mc: what????
  • mc:
  • mc: . . .
  • seven: go tO sLEEp
  • mc: but you called me
  • seven: sLEEP cHILd

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I'm so happy I found you guys have the request box open- might I get reactions for Whirl, Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, & Swerve for a human s/o that likes to call them cutesy terms? (i.e honey, babe, sweetheart) please and thank you!


  • The first time you call him “darling” he scoffs and says he ain’t no darling, and he doesn’t do sappy. 
  • You keep trying out different pet names and he starts to get a little embarrassed, laughing nervously if you use them in public. 
  • He grows to enjoy the terms of endearment, especially “precious” and “beloved”. It makes him feel special. 
  • Eventually he’s okay with you using the names in public- prefers it even. It reminds people that he’s yours and you’re his. 
  • He likes calling you “tater tot”


  • He chuckles when you call him “babe” because he’s hardly a babe anymore, but he’s blushing.
  • He puffs his chest out when you use pet names in public, giving you goo-goo eyes. 
  • If someone teases him for it he hits them with a wrench. They’re just jealous.
  • He calls you “sweetheart”

Ultra Magnus

  • He’s a total blushy mess. He keeps dropping things and stuttering. 
  • As long as it’s not at a meeting or something like that, he lets you call him whatever you want in public. He’s super embarrassed, but he likes it too much to ask you to stop. 
  • If he’s working himself too hard all you have to do is kiss him and call him “sweetness” and he’s all yours.
  • He goes through a lot of cringe-y pet names for you until he settles on “dearest”


  • Swerve lives for this kind of thing. Drown him in your mushy-gushy affection.
  • You two try to come up with the most sickeningly sweet nicknames for each other. “Pookie bear, Suga’pie honey bunch, pudding pop”
  • You quickly become “that couple.” You know the one; always all over each other and talking about how much you LOVE each other.
  • Chromedome and Rewind think you’re over-the-top. That’s how bad you guys are.

Someone requested a part two for my merman!Luke blurb, so here we go :) here is part one You waited anxiously at the foot of the pool in the cove, biting your lip nervously. Luke was running late. Another month had passed, another full moon arisen, and it was time for him to be here, to get a night with you before he had to depart once more, back to the sea. But you had been here for half an hour, and he was nowhere to be seen. “Please, please,” you whispered, your eyes burning at the possibility that they’d forbidden Luke to see you again. You didn’t know how you would handle it if they had. There was a churning feeling in your stomach, uneasy and vicious thoughts biting at your brain. You buried your face in your hands, sinking to your knees and feeling the first few tears fall. This was it. This was how the story of you and Luke ended, with him vanishing and neither of you ever seeing one another again. You sobbed. Suddenly there was a splash, followed by a series of violent coughs. Your head snapped up, red eyes wide as your perceived Luke’s broad torso gleaming with water, droplets beading on his shoulders. His blonde hair was matted down and he was hacking, trying to get the water out of his mouth and his system. Except… Except Luke had never coughed because of water. He was born to live in it, and he had no trouble breathing under the surface. He’d never had to expel it from his system, because it was a part of him. He was half-fish, for God’s sake! “Luke!” You cried, leaning down and grabbing his face. Within a moment, you’d brought his salty lips to yours, relishing the feel of his hands gripping the sides of your head and tangling in your hair like he never wanted to let go. “Sorry I’m late,” he choked out once you’d broken apart. You sat back on your heels and waited for him to pull himself up and sit on the edge of the pool, ready to admire his kaleidoscopic tail. Luke placed his palms on the rocky turf of the cove and hoisted himself up, and you stopped breathing. Where his tail should have been—refracting light and shifting between colours—was a simple peachy shade matching that of his torso. Your eyes widened as your gaze swept over the bottom half of his body—he had a V-line, he had knees, he had legs. “Luke,” you breathed, utterly speechless. He stood, mounting to a full height—over six feet—with wobbly knees, trying to get the hang of standing. He leaned against the damp wall and took several deep breaths before pushing off and balancing all by himself. You knelt a few feet away, looking up at him in awe. “What the fuck,” you breathed, unable to believe that he was here, he was completely naked—but also completely human. “I’m here,” he looked at you shyly, “I'm—I’m just like you. Now we can—” You rose to your feet as he spoke, taking several strides towards him. You stopped in front of him as he continued to babble on nervously, “—and we can spend all our time together and see each other every day and—” You cut him off, grabbing his cheeks in your hands roughly and connecting your lips in a passionate embrace. You licked at his bottom lip and he granted you an entrance, your tongues sliding along each other in a heated tango. Luke tasted like salt—which was appropriate—but also like mint, surprising you slightly. You breathed hotly against his plump lips when you pulled back, closing your eyes and relaxing. “Make love to me Luke,” you whispered. Luke’s thumb stroked along your cheek soothingly, and you looked up into his eyes, their colour matching the sea from which he’d been born. His neck and chest were flushed a light tinge of pink and he was breathless from your actions. Luke looked at you, his head tilting to the side as he studied every detail of your face, from the twinkle in your eyes to the way your nostrils flared slightly as you inhaled. And then he leaned down and kissed you again. ~*~ “How did you do it?” You murmured, your left hand coming up to brush Luke’s now-dry and fluffy hair away from his face. He propped himself up on his left elbow, his right hand trailing up and down your bare side; you both lay on the pebbled and moist ground of the cove, and your clothes were spread out underneath the both of you as best they could be. Luke’s perceptive eyes bore into your own before his sighed. He began to speak, his hand never leaving your body. You noticed that he seemed to have this need to always be touching you, and every time you reflected on the theory, warmth pooled in your stomach. “I bargained with them,” he started tentatively, “And they gave me legs. Now I can be with you.” You waited for him to say more, but he kept his mouth shut. You leaned forward, watching him expectantly, “But there’s always a catch,” you prodded, hoping that he would tell you more. Your plan worked, because Luke closed his eyes and nodded. “There’s always a catch,” he agreed, “Every month I have to come here—our spot—and I have to take a swim. I’ll change back one night every month.” “The full moon?” You asked. He nodded and you giggled, “You’re like a werewolf.” He smiled tiredly, partially spent from your endless hours of love-making, but it seemed as though he was stressed, there was more to the story that he wasn’t so willing to tell. “If I don’t,” he began hesitantly, “If I miss a month—baby, if I miss a month, I die.” Your lips parted in surprise, not expecting the last bit of information to be so bleak and miserable. Immediately tears pooled in your eyes, and you brought your left hand up to smack Luke’s arm, “You fucking idiot! Why would you wager that?” You sat up, raking your fingers through your hair anxiously. Luke followed you, pulling you into a tight embrace despite your half-hearted protests. “We’ll just have to be careful,” he said gently, trying to calm you, “No plans that night, no trips that week, all that jazz. We can come here and have our own night, our own privacy.” “Luke,” you whispered, grabbing his shoulders and staring into his electric eyes, “You could die.” You stressed the last word, your voice cracking. “But I won’t,” he assured you, leaning in and resting his forehead against yours, “Because we can handle it. We can make it work—,” he paused, letting the words sink in, “—okay?” You closed your eyes, debating. You had to admit, it didn’t sound too bad. All you had to do was make sure you were free the night of the full moon every month. That seemed easy enough. Sacrificing one night every month so that you could spend the rest of your life with the man you loved. Your eyes flashed open. “Okay,” you mumbled, nuzzling your head into Luke’s neck and breathing in his scent. He sighed, sounding relieved, “I love you.” “I love you more,” you whispered, pressing a swift kiss to his lips, loving the fact that you’d be able to do that whenever you wanted. Luke grinned once you pulled away. “Not possible.”