i'm only watching this to write a tamiya and sam fic and now i'm just

Watching Final Round, and remembered something that really chills me during the part just after William’s been possessed by the Schpyzoa.

This part right here.

I mean, look at his face. The movement of his arms as he raises his sword is jerky and unnatural, like he’s being pulled by strings, and he’s got this complete expression of pleading/desperation/helplessness - and you just know that’s he's completely aware at this point, seeing his own limbs move without him having any control over them, and he’s actually completely fucking terrified that everything’s gone wrong so quickly, suddenly he’s not sure what’s going to happen at all except that Jérémie, Aelita etc. are really panicking, and all their warnings are ringing in his ears retroactively, and he’s regretting so so badly not listening to Aelita