i'm only watching this show for you

If Sweet/Vicious gets cancelled I’m gonna blame tumblr like ffs it’s everything tumblr wants in a show??

you got a rape survivor and a bi girl as the two main characters who both became vigilantes to fight rapists on campus, a woc and moc as two more badass characters, awesome fights, great humor (it’s not a heavy show!!) and you got female show writers taking shit seriously and portraying it all accurately for once and showing how the system is messed up, and who also promised a female love interest for the main character in s2 if they get it?? like wyd?? go watch it

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,


The Young Pope: Episode 2 vs. Episode 3

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You’ve heard of Bara Oblige, now get ready for the Great Bara Arrior

they Herd Sheep together

“i’m brave because you showed me how to be”

:/ :/ :/ :/

ok suuuuure…………… the white martian that broke rank and betrayed and killed her own people to save as many green martians as she could, the one whose treachery is legend among the white martians left on mars. she’s only brave because last week a man who just revealed he has man feelings for her showed her how to be.

Why you should watch ‘The Long Long Holiday’ as a way to improve your second language:
  • It’s available on Netflix in Spanish, French, German and English (and probably more languages depending on the region)
  • It’s a kids’ show so it’s easy to follow but at the same time the story revolves around WWII which makes it engaging to adults/teenagers too
  • The animation is beautiful
  • I’ve cried four times already (and I’m only on episode 3)

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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Day6 Watching Kdramas
  • Submitted by @jeli17,thank you!
  • Jae: pretends he hates romcoms but secretly those are the only kind he watches. acts like the emotional moments don't get to him but also cries every time. screams at kiss scenes.
  • Sungjin: gets way too invested. once he starts a drama don't touch him till he's done. gets really emotionally caught up in the show but then forgets what happened like two days later.
  • Young K: rarely finishes anything because he gets bored super easily. watches like six dramas at once and then gets confused because he can't keep up with all the plots. likes action more than romance.
  • Wonpil: you know the friend who never shuts up when you watch something with them? Wonpil is that friend. also during emotional moments he's either crying his eyes out or laughing inappropriately hard.
  • Dowoon: drama snob. it honestly seems like he's watched every drama in existence. a pro at binge watching and balancing dramas with responsibility. relates everything in life back to a kdrama scene.

So short recap of my trip to coupe du printemps:

My first time watching a competition live! I was so excited! I only took pics during warm up because I wanted to enjoy his performance.

First there was some chaos. I had to get to the rink by bus and there was some marathon and the road was blocked. Apparently this was news to the bus driver because he promptly turned back, stopped and told us to get out. Great. Just walk. For 4 km. Along the highway. Fortunately there were 2 guys I could share a taxi with and one of them was the choreographer for the Gala event!

Arrival: I was not prepared for how close you get to the skaters I mean after I just bought my ticket I went for coffee and Takahito passed me. And when I sat down there were Shoma and Mihoko chilling in the corner. I almost spat out my latte.

I managed to meet up with @fyshomauno so we could watch the event together! It was fun and she’s really nice. Thank you for watching the competition with me.

Warmup: Takahito looking good. I hadn’t seen much of him before but I liked him. Shoma falling on his ass worrying striking terror into my heart.

5 skaters is really not a lot for a competition.

Ok the new costume doesn’t look that bad irl. I actually like it. Not as much as the regular one but he’s so sparkly! Also new hairstyle! We’ve come so far since the asian success perm.

He is so fast. You don’t really see it on the broadcasts because the camera follows but watching live and in direct comparison with the other skaters he speeds across the ice like lightning.

I totally teared up during his performance and I was not the only one. No clean skate (Will we ever see it happen? Fingers crossed for worlds) but still amazing to see him live. And I felt like he put on some extra touches to the program expression wise.

Holy shit 300 points! WTF. I did not expect that.

Shoma mysteriously disappearing during the award ceremony and then sprinting back like the hounds of hell were on his heels, to get to the ice was so funny. The series of medal ceremony mishaps continues.

Feeling like I’ll probably know the japanese anthem by heart at the end of the day.

Taking photos of skaters is hard. I only got the hang of it after the men’s competition T_T Focusing on jumps was a mistake. Now I got a bazillion pics of Shoma either a) wearing a facial expression of excruciating pain b) with his limbs in the most awkward positions or c) like he’s facing a 1000 mph jet blast. Strangely the pics of Takahito turned out fine.

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Watching Nancy and Normani on Monday makes me think Nancy will adopt her lol. She was so cute and kept holding her hand. I love a mother/daughter bond

The mutual respect is palpable. I think Mani got the awestruck of the legendary skating Olympian sickness that was going around lol One and probably the only reason I liked that Normani danced first on the premiere night was that once she was finished she had the opportunity to just hang out for the rest of the show. My future five got so much screen time because she was practically just chilling backstage. We got many glimpses into her personality Monday, it was cute for sure

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Yes to that, it was absolutely a cop out (JTS) sad but true. And it worked, because everyone is all gushing about he kissed her, they had the sex!! When he was literally less than an hour prior being an absolute ass. But all is fixed says Japril'ers. Sorry not doing. He got a lot to answer for! They need the talk and apologies galore. Guys, no way she would say yes if he asked her right now. Real hearts were broken. We already know he can have sex w her easy *cough* Harriett.. Not the same

Well my friend, Japril’s going to be nonexistent the next 4 episodes so, the apology we’ve been waiting from Jackson won’t happen cuz Shonda doesn’t know how to write linear storylines anymore. This season has been shit. Absolute shit.

@watch-you-work-the-room @ciscoramonwrites OK SO TWO MINUTE WAY TO SET UP VIBE:

they’re already doing darkseid. just show a little location blurb so we know where you’re going and film a ONE MINUTE SCENE in Detroit. the other minute is for editing. you don’t even have to show Cisco and Dante talking to Armando just show Armando dying and make sure we know he’s the first victim of the invasion. that’s it. please.

My true loves @butternutstyles and @veryniceandgood tagged me in a Whats Six Movies You Can Watch at Any Time type deal. The facts are these.

- A Knight’s Tale
- When Harry Met Sally
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- Chicago
- Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

I’m afraid my answer to this is lame but TV shows might be more illuminating, I don’t rewatch a lot of movies often?? Is that weird???