i'm only trolling a little bit

anonymous asked:

Do me a fever just died you don't care people being abuse this is another person but I hop you fucking died I have sex with your mom and sister if you have one and they love it your gonna be piss right I will rape you and your parents hate you fuck off and jump off a bridge cause it make me happy they will not find another door cause they nothing you are shitless and do not call them darling I'm calling the police on you freak just go home and died please I fucking hate you

If anything was murdered on that day, it’s obviously English grammar. Since you asked, this is the only thing that made me cry a little in this ask.
You may want to up your trolling game by the way, so far it’s a bit weak.
You’ll possibly get there one day, and with a bit of luck you may even realise all the time and efforts you’ve wasted that could have been put to better use.
Alright, that was an effort in futility, I’ll go ahead and stop feeding the trolls.
I’ll still wish you happiness though, you sound like you really need some!
All the best my dear, try not to get lost in all this darkness, we’d hate to lose such a lyricist genius :)