i'm only sixteen


"I have a friend who doesn’t get football. He always asks me, ‘Why are countries so proud of their football team? Especially when they score; it sounds like a third world war with all the cheering and yelling.’ I admit, it can be dangerous mixing football and nationalism together. Yet somehow, they go together perfectly. That feeling of pride when your country scores. There’s nothing better, my friend. Absolutely nothing."

imagine your favourite character getting fatally wounded after protecting you in battle. you frantically try and stop the bleeding but it’s too late. they never even get to finish their last sentence before they die, shirt soaked in their own blood, hand grasped tightly around yours

look at me im sandra dee lousy with virginity

nothing is more terrifying than realizing that you’re almost eighteen and have no money or work experience. 

I’m so in love with you, that even when you take too long to reply to a text it kind of hurts in the pit of my stomach. You make me feel on top of the world, but you also have the power to make me feel absolutely worthless.

I know I’m incredibly too young to understand the concept of love, but I believe that’s what I’m feeling towards you. You make me feel elated, but you also have the power to ruin my day in mere seconds.

Thinking about you makes me smile, brings a glimmer to my eyes, makes my throat feel tight because I’m trying to hold back tears over how much you’re royally fucking me up.

Your kisses make me dizzy, and your touch makes my heart flutter. You make me lose my morals in a second. You’re going to be the death of me.

Love is painful and beautiful, all at the same time. But I’m so glad to be able to experience it with you.

Things I Wish Adults Would Stop Asking Me About

1) Where I’m going to college
2) What my career will be
3) Whether I’m getting a job this summer
4) When I’m getting my driver’s license